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  1. Attack 1:
  2. 10m Pebble bomb Right ADT + Lower MB
  3. 5m Twig Left MB
  4. 1 Dave + 1 zaf from the South
  5. Get PUTTY ready
  6. PUTTY 10 sabnox, 10 balthazar, 18 valgos from top drop spot
  7. Drop 5 valgos
  9. Attack 2:
  10. 10m Pebble Bomb Right ADT
  11. 5m Twig Right Bunker (Or Marilyn Monstroe, if Monstroe is level 10)
  12. XX Slimeatticus to clear landing in the north
  13. XX Eye-ra to wall by North ADT if the valgos did not completely clear it
  15. Attack 3:
  16. Cata Right ADT if needed
  17. PUTTIED FDZ by Left ADT
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