[MLP:SiM] - Anon Gets Enslaved by Rarara

May 27th, 2015
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  1. Anon Gets Enslaved By Rarara
  2. AKA: Anon Loses A Bet With Rarity
  4. Note that this story was not written by me, and I'm only posting it here so that a copy of this story can be found and read without searching through the thread archives. I've done my best to include all relevant information.
  6. Written By Writeslut !gMhsKvcgOE
  7. Archived by Tumultuous
  9. https://archive.moe/mlp/thread/20510451/#20514677
  11. Writeslut !gMhsKvcgOE Thu 06 Nov 2014 10:12:34
  13. Anon gets enslaved by Rarara
  15. >Be Anon.
  16. >Day 0 of your bet.
  17. >See, you had made a bet on a drinking contest with Rarity.
  18. >If you won that bet, you would have sex with her one night.
  19. >No ifs, ands or buts.
  20. >But if you lost that bet, you would be forced to become Rarity's 'slave' for a week, starting tonight.
  21. >Obviously, you won that bet.
  22. >...okay fine, you lost it.
  23. >God dammit, Rarity stronk
  24. >So now you were at the Carousel Boutique.
  25. >Knock knock, it's a brand new car!
  26. >Door opens.
  27. >"Good evening, Anon."
  28. "Evening."
  29. >"Come in."
  30. >You do so.
  31. >And you follow Rarity to the basement.
  32. >No backing out of it now.
  33. >"So, as we know, you've agreed to be my personal servant- slave is such a crude word -for seven days. Tonight, the process will begin, but your week starts tomorrow."
  34. >Great.
  35. >"And as such, I have a list of rules I'd like you to read."
  36. >She hands you a flashcard.
  37. >You read over them.
  39. 1. While not gagged, refer to Rarity as 'Mistress' or 'Mistress Rarity' at all times.
  40. 2. You will do anything that Mistress asks of you.
  41. 3. You will let Mistress do anything to you as she pleases.
  42. 4. Breaking any of these rules will result in punishment.
  44. >Of course.
  45. >"Do you understand?"
  46. >You nod.
  47. >"Good, now I just need to make a couple of adjustments..."
  48. >She takes off every piece of clothing you had on.
  49. >And installs a collar.
  50. >"Just so no pony forgets."
  51. >Great.
  52. >"And now, finishing touches."
  53. >She levitates a ball gag onto your mouth.
  54. >Now you couldn't speak out, even if you wanted to.
  55. >"Voila! Now...about sleeping arrangements."
  56. >This was gonna suck.
  57. >Possibly literally.
  59. >Day 1
  60. >Be a very enslaved Anonymous
  61. >You've had to sleep on a cot in some sort of cage last night.
  62. >Shit bed/10
  63. >"Anooon~ Time to wake u~up!"
  64. >And it's time to wake up.
  65. "Urnnggh..mrrrrnnn rrrrtii..."
  66. >"..I beg your pardon, what was that?"
  67. "hhh...mrrrnn-nn mtthhhtrsss."
  68. >"Care to repeat that?"
  69. >You blink, and look down.
  70. >Ah, right, you had been gagged.
  71. >And it's locked so you can't remove it unless Rarity- I'm sorry, MISTRESS Rarity -decided to.
  72. >"That's right."
  73. >Urgh.
  74. >She gives you some clothes.
  75. >A fucking Maid outfit.
  76. >"Put those on for me, would you?"
  77. >You comply.
  78. >Once the outfit is on, she smiles.
  79. >"Very good. Now, would you be a dear and make some breakfast for me and Sweetie Belle?"
  80. >You start to head up to make some breakfast for Rarity and her sister.
  81. >"Oh, before you make some, I would like a buttered croissant with a glass of orange juice. Sweetie would like some cereal with milk. In the bowl, if you'd please."
  82. >You sigh.
  83. >"What was that?"
  84. >You start heading up the stairs to make Rarity- no sorry, MISTRESS Rarity -her breakfast.
  85. >Now where did she put the orange juice?
  87. >You finish up breakfast for the two ponies.
  88. >And you, willingly as ever, place it down on the dining table.
  89. >Your snarky response is unavailable due to not being able to say it.
  90. >You wonder why that is.
  91. >"Mmmmmmmmm...Anon, you make a rather decent croissant."
  92. >You nod.
  93. >"I'm not so sure about the cereal, Rarity. It feels kinda dry."
  94. >You were certain you put milk in it.
  95. >"Oh, Sweetie, it can't be -that- dry."
  96. >"I mean, it's the Clearios that bug me."
  97. >You struggle to hold a laugh in.
  98. >"Anonnnn.."
  99. >Crap.
  100. >You hold it in.
  101. >Don't wanna incur the wrath of Rarity.
  102. >"Well, I'm headed to school! See ya, Rarity!"
  103. >"Be safe~"
  104. >And Sweetie rushes out the door, leaving you alone with your 'Mistress'.
  106. >Rarity scowled at you.
  107. >"I guess this is partly my fault for not informing you that Sweetie enjoys a lot of milk in her cereal."
  108. >Useful information for before.
  109. >"But anyhow, you are to accompany me in visiting Princess Twilight."
  110. >You nod.
  111. >She gathers her bags and starts heading over to Friendship Castle.
  112. >You follow her.
  114. >"Good morning, Rarity! And, well, morning, Anon."
  115. >You grunt in response.
  116. >Another glare from Rarity.
  117. >"How's Anon doing on his first day?"
  118. >"Well, he's doing rather decent. There are a few things we need to work on, but we'll cross that bridge before long~"
  119. >You remain silent.
  120. >"May we come in?" Rarity asks.
  121. >"Of course!"
  122. >The two of you enter the castle.
  123. >Rarity looks at you.
  124. >"Anon, get on your knees."
  125. >You do so.
  126. >"You are not to move from this spot until I give you permission. Am I clear?"
  127. >You nod.
  128. >"Good."
  129. >And she walks off to see her friend, leaving you to sit still.
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