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Feb 18th, 2021
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  4. NEW
  6. - Added bullet protection system.
  7. - Reduced the engine force & total speed of going in reverse with a car.
  11. - Added server option: DenyLoginOnOverloadedServer. Default value for this option is true.
  12. - Implemented startPacket() and sendPacket() functions for PlayerDownloadServer. This functions can send packets without lock UdpConnection.bufferLock. This is need for the "PlayerDownloadServer" thread can be able send packets independently by "main" thread.
  13. - Added packetLength to MPStatistic. This field contains length of queue of packets.
  14. - Added GameServer.MainLoopPlayerUpdate hash map. This hash map contains data from PlayerUpdate packet from last packet. Server sends only last predictions of positions for players. Server does not add PlayerUpdate packets to queue.
  15. - Added GameServer.MainLoopNetDataHighPrioritet array. This array contain queue of income packets.
  16. - Implemented blocking access to server if the server is busy.
  18. SYNC
  20. - Combat and hits sync code slightly reworked
  21. - States and actions transitions debug log messages added
  22. - Zombies health sync is added
  23. - Preliminary car tow syncing work - test plz!
  25. - Added new state for PVP.
  26. - Stop stun locking in PVP, now new state hitreactionplayer can be a substate of movement/etc.
  27. - Can now chain hit reaction, always as substate.
  28. - Can now always move if hit.
  29. - Better bone masking of the hitreaction pvp.
  31. - Teleport superzed fix! (EDIT: reader it was not fixed)
  32. - Zombie action state changes now synced
  33. - Ownership change is synced instantly
  34. - Health of newly created zombies is synced
  35. - State debug info is added
  37. - Added HitPacket class for hit info network encapsulation
  38. - FakeClient stop movement reaction is added
  39. - AbstractPacket class changed on INetworkPacket interface
  41. ENGINE
  43. - Savegame compression optimization from Turbo
  44. - Performance improvements to BoneTransform calculations for a 2x boost to animation system.
  45. - IsoObject now implements the Thumpable interface. This was needed to allow zombies to thump on breakable non-IsoThumpable fences.
  46. Usually you should call getThumpableFor(chr) to determine if an object is thumpable, instead of only checking "instanceof Thumpable".
  47. Short fences are thumpable to crawlers but not walking zombies.
  49. SAVE CHANGES (will break saves again)
  51. - Refactored and tidied up WorldDictionary.
  52. - Server now sends the WorldDictionary data to clients when connecting.
  53. - Client now only saves WorldDictionaryReadable.lua in game folder.
  54. - WorldDictionary now respects Core.noSave.
  55. - World loading should now abort correctly if any problems are found with the dictionary.
  56. - Added method getModID(), getModName() and isVanilla() to InventoryItem.
  57. - Added the mod name which added the item, and optionally any overrides, to item tooltip.
  60. FIXES
  62. - Fixed PVP not taking clothing protection in calcul.
  63. - Fixed removing glass from windows not being synced.
  64. - Fixed not being able to click on closed garage doors when behind them.
  65. - Fixed Corpses teleports for cases of lacking hit sync
  66. - Fixed bug with stuck crawling zombies
  67. - Fixed NullPointerException for getting VehicleID in GameClient.playerTimeout
  68. - Fixed the "flying vehicles" bug by adding a limitation of acceleration
  69. - Fixed entering a car as passenger then switching to driver not giving control of the car to the new driver.
  70. - Fixed thread-unsafe removal of elements in BitHeader concurrent deque's
  71. - Fixed saving corpses as items in inventory.
  72. - Fixed HelperFunctions.CreateFromQuaternion() typo causing zombie models to balloon.
  73. - Fixed crash in preupdate due to missing networkAI.
  74. - Fixed not giving control of the car to server when leaving it (if not being towed tho)
  75. - Fixed driver in a car being towed not having updated interpolation.
  76. - Fixed various issues with towing in MP, should behave more correctly now.
  77. - Fixed (hopefully) cars that pirouette on corpses.
  78. - Fixed crawling zombies getting stuck while moving near walls.
  79. - Fixed crawling zombies not thumping fences like they do with doors.
  80. - Fixed crawling zombies trying to go through open windows.
  81. - Fixed crawling zombies trying to crawl through fences when there is a nearby way around.
  82. - Fixed zombies sometimes thumping on wall frames that they can climb through.
  83. - Fixed duplicate items in hands when dying.
  84. - Fixed duplicate items attached in hotbar when dying.
  85. - Fixed duplicate item attached on back when dying.
  86. - fixed WorldDictionary ID's not being reset uppon new game.
  87. - fixed the 'campfire bug'. in some cases sprite were not being set properly on IsoObject, this may have also affected erosion objects.
  88. - Fixed Remote vehicles do not turn wheels.
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