Futaba Sakura Audition

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  2. 1) Are you over the age of 17? Yep!
  4. 2) How do you wish to be address by the management outside of character? [This means both in title and via how to contact you!] Outside of character, the name I tend to go by is "Yuri."
  6. 3) What are the best free days for you to be involved in group rps? (This is for scheduling group rps, nothing more!) I work most weekends and then a couple of days during the actual week. My schedule is different each week, but my shifts are usually short, and I do know two weeks in advance! Most Saturdays and Sundays though, I am completely tied up.
  8. 4) What timezone are you in? Eastern.
  10. 5) Were you recruited by a member? If yes, who? That's a 'no' from me!
  13. 1) What character are you auditioning for? Futaba Sakura.
  15. 2) Why does this character interest you?
  16. I think there are multiple sides/faces of Futaba's character to be comprehended and elaborated upon. Personally, I see aspects of myself in each. At face value, Futaba may come across as a cliche character. She's an evident geek, a child prodigy, a hacker shut-in with little experience in social interaction; She's not the FIRST character in media with these qualities. However, what personally drew me to her character are the aspects that make her so much more real to those who have experienced the game: She's someone who has been so devastatingly effected by trauma, and the way she handles that trauma is so vivid and in-line with how a real person might respond to being in a similar situation. Furthermore, her greatest conflicts are found within herself, rather than an external entity or antagonist. She is her own worst enemy. You could argue that those who forged her mother's suicide note are, but it is ultimately Futaba herself that presents the greatest obstacle to her recovery. By the time Futaba contacts the Phantom Thieves as Alibaba, she is so desperate to free herself of the pain she feels that she is willing to have her heart changed by their unknown methods. Seeing how she steadily recovers from the emotions and thoughts that have haunted her for years, I believe that Futaba is the strongest character in the game -- and that does not solely include party members.
  18. 3) What are some minor headcanons you have for them?
  19. 1. Futaba has a habit of regularly conversing with her figurines. This was especially true before her change of heart, as she was a shut-in who interacted solely with her father figure. At times, Sojiro would come home only to hear her having private conversations with them in her room: Like a child would with an imaginary friend. Sometimes, before ever knocking on her door to let her know he was home, he'd stand quietly and just... listen. The things she'd say when she thought no one was listening would break his heart.
  21. 2. Futaba and Akechi are biological half-siblings. Being previously affiliated with Masayoshi Shido, Wakaba Isshiki was threatened for her research even while still living (as Shido's desire to obtain that research led to Akechi prompting her mental shutdown.) There is reason to believe that he forcibly took Wakaba, unwittingly impregnating her. Keep in mind, you first encounter Shido in-game attempting to force a young woman into his car. He could and would use his power to take advantage of a woman. Given that Sojiro knew Shido personally as well, Wakaba never spoke to him regarding Futaba's father. No one ever knew, and she'd dare not tell a soul.
  23. 3. Some of her favorite movies include "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," "Back to the Future," and most recently: "Ready Player 1." She's also totally that person that freaks out in the group chat if someone spoils movies/series'/games for her.
  25. 4. She likes to doodle in Yusuke's sketchbooks, because she knows it'll tick him off. The look on his face when he flips through the pages, only to find they've all somehow been sullied by such "abhorrent creations;" It's too priceless to pass up! Likewise, if he threatens to touch the prized merch in her room, she's quick to either throw a tantrum or issue an all-out war with him.
  27. 5. Futaba isn't at all religious, and that is strongly due to the fact that Wakaba was not either. She was not raised to believe in higher powers or rely upon them; Only logic, reasoning and science, albeit in tandem with the human psyche, which Wakaba clearly believed was powerful on its own.
  29. 4) What would you think is their tragic flaw?
  30. It's a little harder for me to define this, as what I feel set the course for Futaba's downfall was what she conquered in order to achieve her Persona. However, I will elaborate upon that, and then highlight a potential tragic flaw that I feel could inhibit her following the conclusion of the game. Initially, Futaba's tragic flaw is self-blame or self-loathing. Despite knowing full well that her mother loved her dearly, she carries the burden of presumably causing her death well before the game even begins. This aspect of her character is a huge part of not only what subjects her psyche to constant deterioration, but why she has developed her technological skills to such a great extent. While Futaba was reasonably influenced by other family members and those who forged Wakaba's suicide note, she completely discarded the truth and allowed those lies to torment her. Futaba felt like she deserved this: for being a selfish child, for wanting so much of her mother's attention. By the point in which she seeks out the aid of the Phantom Thieves, this girl feels as though she deserves death. In which case, had the thieves been unable to steal her heart, a likely conclusion is that Futaba would simply wither away. Thus, this would have been her tragic flaw by definition. However, let me explore some alternatives, as Futaba did manage to overcome this! Following the game's conclusion, after Futaba's successful character development, I feel as though her greatest flaw would be her dependency on others: Most notably, the protagonist. One of the goals that Futaba seeks to accomplish during her confidant entails her being able to function independently without his constant presence. To an extent, she accomplishes this as seen through her non-romantic confidant (Referencing the non-romantic, because in the romantic version, she doesn't necessarily have to live independently of the protagonist.) However, it is still evident that she depends on the protagonist or views him as a security blanket or home base, if you will. Once the Phantom Thieves disband, worst case scenario might entail her not fully knowing where to go with her life in the aftermath. She has friends and an improved outlook on society, but realistically, it could still be possible for someone like her to relapse into old habits. It may not be a quick progression, but still plausible!
  32. 5) What do you think are their greatest strengths?
  33. I feel as though Futaba's most beneficial traits are her determination, perseverance, and courage despite the odds being stacked against her (granted, those odds are also aspects of her character that she must overcome.) Following her change of heart, Futaba is very eager to work towards her transformation. During the events of her confidant, Futaba expresses wanting to become a better navigator for the party as well. She's fully aware of how socially inept she is and does put her best foot forward in her self-given quest to take back her life and future. Part of why I feel these are Futaba's greatest strengths are because it isn't as though she is moving forward fearlessly. Her anxiety and fears are still evident throughout the course of her confidant, but you get to see those subside as she progresses on her very personal journey. To me, being courageous or brave does not mean charging into your obstacles without fear; It's doing so even when you're scared and still have doubts. Following her change of heart, these traits are what really allow Futaba to, as she says, "Branch out!"
  35. 6) What do you think they fear most?
  36. Honestly, strange as it may sound, I feel like what Futaba may fear most is herself. It may not even be something she is fully conscious of, but consider it this way: As stated several times already, Futaba's greatest obstacles stem from within her. While there are several other aspects playing into how Futaba responds to the trauma she has endured, it is Futaba's own self-loathing and regret that allows her to succumb to despair. Futaba personally acknowledges this, and recognizes where she is at fault. Her conversations with her shadows, her apology to her mother, through these, she makes it clear that she still knew the truth and yet did not look past the lies that had been forced onto her. You could say that Futaba fears total independence, losing her newfound family, and while these things are true, they aren't what she fears more than anything else. To me, what really gets Futaba are things that are in her own head, which she previously had no means of escaping. You can't run from yourself or your own mind. While Futaba intentionally traps herself in her bedroom, I think it's safe to say that she herself feels trapped regardless. Because the things that haunt and terrify her: her memories, her hallucinations, and her suicidal thoughts are all things that exist within her. Fighting with an external entity is one thing, fighting a foe that is apart of you is another.
  38. 7) If YOU could give them advice, what would it be?
  39. "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." I use that quote so many times, even just for myself. I can imagine that being something Wakaba would have said to Futaba often during her childhood. Futaba's central conflict, as opposed to those of the other characters, is much more so a conflict with fear and the self. Thus, I feel the best advice that could be given to Futaba would be something that encourages faith in herself: A reminder that she is much stronger and much more capable than she gives herself credit for.
  44. 2) Please write an rp sample (at least 3 paragraphs) in a dark tone.
  46. CONTEXT FOR THE SAMPLE: This takes place two years following the game's conclusion. Futaba has essentially relapsed and fallen back onto old habits, the cause being that she refuses to accept that the Metaverse - as well as a former confidant - have disappeared from existence. Having gone by her mother's research and resolving to continue it, she may be given a chance to solve several questions left unanswered. She feels compelled to enter the cognitive world once more, even if part of her feels guilty for even wanting to after everything she has experienced until now. She may very well receive that opportunity...
  49. Diligent tips pressed away at her keyboard in quick succession, meticulously adding onto extensive documentation. Unusual terms and phrases were woven together into what another might consider a perplexing 𝘮𝘦𝘴𝘴; A convoluted effort made towards understanding concepts that even Wakaba Isshiki hadn't fully grasped. An illuminated screen, plastered in a growing wall of text, reflected within the surface of her spectacles. A single digit is briefly relieved of its daunting task, if only to mildly adjust Futaba's glasses. A slight push of the vital piece supported by her nose, and she was right back at it! Those associated with Yongen's discreet eccentric wouldn't expect any different, especially in recent weeks in which her hikikomori status was re-established.
  51. Two years had passed since then. But she didn't move on like the others. For a while, it seemed like she really had made good on her promise list! But without realizing it, Futaba had undergone a near total relapse. She didn't go out anymore. She had only ever left home to visit Leblanc while Sojiro was working, and that was solely because she could only make that cheap, instant coffee on her own. It was abhorrent compared to the 'real deal.' Even when she was present, she didn't speak much, keeping to the edge of the counter or secluding herself to isolated corners. And all the while, she ceaselessly contributed to unspecified works on her laptop, rarely looking up from her private endeavors to indulge in reality for a moment or two. Because reality sucked, and at it's best was still questionable.
  53. ' Day three. I caught him this time. He's been crushing sleeping pills and letting them dissolve in my coffee. Not a bad move, Sojiro... But I can't afford to sleep. '
  55. Day three, going on four, and she had yet to slip from consciousness. She slept at odd intervals. Not that she didn't subject her body to a horrid rest schedule already. Only now, instead of sleeping for days at a time, she'd been keeping herself awake for as long as possible. She hadn't so much as touched the steaming beverage sitting alongside her makeshift work space, tempting as it may be... One more dose of that medicine, and she'd be out like a light. Sojiro continually eyed her as he polished Leblanc's ceramic mugs, but she didn't feel pressured by his scrutiny.
  57. ' I'm not an insomniac without reason! I know what I'm doing, he just doesn't get that! He keeps telling me that he'll listen; that I can talk to him about anything. But I don't even know if I wanna talk... '
  59. Even when she did succumb to slumber, she'd regret it upon waking. Every time she fell asleep, she heard... voices that she didn't want to hear. Or the sound of a single gunshot, preceding a lingering sense of dread over the sudden lack of a familiar presence. Futaba would wake up shaking, arms secured around her person like a security blanket. It was inevitable that she would only continue to experience these nightly terrors until closure had been achieved. Thus, the darkening bags beneath her eyes stood as a testament of both willpower and fear.
  61. "You haven't touched your coffee." In the midst of her intense focus, her caretaker had managed to sneak behind her. His voice over her shoulder caused her to jump, emitting a sharp ' squeak! ' as she did. Futaba was just as quick to close her laptop: a little too roughly, at that. Tucking the device beneath her arm, she hopped from the bar stool, scurrying towards the dual exit and entry.
  63. "Sorry! Not feeling like coffee tonight. I'm heading home, so I'll see you when you get off!" The signature 'chime' of the overhanging bell bid her farewell, and into the narrow streets, she practically stumbled. The foreboding presence of storm clouds loomed overhead, releasing their contents into the ether in the form of small, frigid drops. Those that fell against Futaba's face caused her to momentarily flinch, just before the hood of her jacket was raised to conceal her.
  65. "Rain again? Geez... It's not like I really go outside anymore, but still!" The short-statured hacker grumbled, now holding her laptop tightly against her chest as an extra protective measure. "Can't be helped. Gotta run!" The thick soles of her boots clashed with the wet pavement, splashing through puddles as she rushed home. By the time she reached the Sakura residence, she was dizzy and out of breath. Crouching at her doorstep, she struggled to steady her own breathing. No improvements had been made to her physical health in the past couple of years. If anything, it had only suffered further deterioration due to her inability to properly care for herself. Eventually, she regained her footing, if only to unlock the door and permit her entrance.
  67. The house was dark, and she wouldn't bother to turn on any lights. Her eyes easily adjusted to the dim setting, as she was accustomed to it. Opting not to make the short trek towards her bedroom, she pressed her back to the door, fingertips twisting the small knob to lock it as she did. Slowly, laptop still held against her, she slid down the surface until she was seated on the floor directly in front of it. She remained in this position, maintaining silence for a while longer. It was beginning to rain harder now, the sound of vehement drops created an oddly soothing symphony against the window. She briefly recalled an event in which she and her mother sat in this very room, listening to the sound of the rain while Sojiro cooked in the kitchen. Futaba was in her mother's lap, trembling due to the deafening echo of thunder outside.
  69. ' Don't be scared, Futaba. Thunder is only a sound. Loud noises have always frightened you, silly girl... '
  71. Even now, the booming interruption caused her to flinch. Even if she no longer quivered within the confines of her shelter, she still didn't enjoy loud noises. Retrieving the device secured against her, she placed it onto her lap before opening it again. The glowing screen illuminated her seated figure, her unfinished document still open as she left it. Adjusting her glasses once more, she continued her work.
  73. ' We already know that there's a cognitive world that exists beyond normal human perception. My mom already concluded that. What she didn't know was that this world had a name. Morgana called it "The Metaverse." While it's obvious that the Metaverse is influenced by cognition, I still have more questions about it than answers. For example: What becomes of those who die in the cognitive world? Do they just progressively fade from reality? Do they even exist anymore in a world that supposedly disappeared entirely? All I know is that I lost... a friend in there, and I couldn't move on from it like everyone else. I have to know what happened. It's been eating away at me for two years, and I know it's wrong, but I feel like I have to go back! '
  75. Futaba removed her cellphone from a pocket in her jacket, raising the device to examine the contents on her screen. Her eyes immediately become fixated upon the crimson icon that would either enable her to complete her self-given mission, or lead to unspeakable consequence. She had spent enough time preparing... and honestly, she didn't have anything left to lose.
  77. ' One thing's for sure: The Metaverse didn't disappear. And now, I have a way back in. I don't know what I'll find when I get there. I don't even know if my powers still work... But if I don't come back, this will be my testament.
  79. I'm sorry... '
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