Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon "Dex" Entries

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  1. Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon "Dex" Entries:
  3. Dragonite: A very amiable Pokemon with a kind heart, it is said that it will rescue stranded people and Pokemon and bring them to safety. Despite its bulky physique, it can circle the globe in just 16 hours. Legend has it that there is an island where only Dragonite live, but it has yet to be discovered. Though it is a friendly Pokemon, if enraged, it will rampage and destroy everything around it.
  5. Tyranitar: This Pokemon is a walking disaster, destroying anything and everything in its wake, toppling mountains and burying rivers in doing so. Maps often have to be redrawn after this Pokemon's rampage. It constantly seeks powerful opponents to battle, but will ignore any opponent it does not consider worthy. Its thick hide is impenetrable and impossible to break, and it uses toppled mountains as its nest. It is commonly seen battling in the mountains with Duraludon.
  7. Salamence: As a result of a never-ending dream of flying, Salamence developed wings. In its great joy over finally realizing its dream, it constantly soars the skies and spews flames in happiness until it tires itself out. If enraged, it will ravage all in its wake with shredding claws and burning flames. It engages in midair battles with Garchomp over food.
  9. Metagross: It is a fusion of two Metang, or four Beldum. With its four brains, it possesses exceptional intelligence rivaling a supercomputer. It will analyze its opponents deftly via parallel processing and make moves based on analysis, making it a formidable opponent. Because it is so intelligent and exceptional at calculation, it is very composed. It will often crush its prey under its immense weight, then gobble them down with the big mouth on its stomach.
  11. Garchomp: Its fine scales reduce drag, allowing it to fly at speeds faster than a jet plane. These scales also possess sharp edges, which make them painful to the touch. It will chase down flocks of birds then gulp them down in one swoop. Its immense speed ensures that any prey that it encounters will never escape. When it runs, its wings create wind blades that slice down trees around it and damage nearby organisms, if not slice them into pieces. Its head possesses sonar sensors that allow it to detect prey from a distance. It engages in midair battles with Salamence over food.
  13. Hydreigon: A completely savage Pokemon, its only concern is destroying anything that moves. It sees anything that is remotely alive as an opponent and will not hesitate to attack. Despite its appearance, the heads on its side have no brains: it operates on a single conscience.
  15. Goodra: This Pokemon is incredibly friendly, and will affectionately hug a Trainer it grows close to, often leaving them covered with sticky slime. However, if left alone for too long, it will break down into tears out of loneliness. It is often mocked for its meek appearance, but such appearance is deceptive, as Goodra possesses vast physical strength, being able to throw a punch with the force of 100 professional boxers, as well as being able to swing its thick tail and horns to deal damage. It is guarded by a layer of goo as well as thick fat underneath which make it incredibly resilient, allowing attacks to bounce right off of it without so much as a flinch.
  17. Kommo-o: It has the heart of a warrior, and seeks opponents valiantly. It will attempt to intimidate its potential opponents by clanging its scales, which will send any weak opponents fleeing in a frenzy. Its scales are an excellent offense and defense, and it excels in delivering uppercuts. After defeating its opponents, it howls proudly to its comrades. Its scales were once used to forge weapons and commodities. Legends say that said scales are intended for Kommo-o to fight off a lurking darkness in the world.
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