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  1. id;Kanji;"# of On";"On within Joyo";"Translation of On"
  2. 1;亜;1;a;"rank next come after Asia sub- -ous (in acids)"
  3. 2;哀;1;ai;"pity have mercy on sympathize with"
  4. 3;挨;1;ai;"push open"
  5. 4;愛;1;ai;"love affection favorite"
  6. 5;曖;1;ai;"dark; not clear"
  7. 7;握;1;aku;"grasp hold; make (sushi balls); assume (power); make (money); get (proof)"
  8. 8;圧;1;atsu;"press oppress dominate overwhelm"
  9. 12;安;1;an;"be rested feel at ease be relieved repose"
  10. 13;案;1;an;"proposition suggestion plan idea; opinion; expectation; bill draft measure; table"
  11. 14;暗;1;an;dark
  12. 15;以;1;i;"with by by means of; because; in view of"
  13. 16;衣;1;i;garment
  14. 17;位;1;i;"rank place grade"
  15. 18;囲;1;i;enclosure
  16. 19;医;1;i;"medicine the healing art; doctor"
  17. 21;委;1;i;"entrust to discard"
  18. 22;威;1;i;"dignity majesty authority"
  19. 23;為;1;i;"change; be of use; reach to"
  20. 24;畏;1;i;"fear be overawed be apprehensive"
  21. 25;胃;1;i;"stomach; paunch crop craw"
  22. 26;尉;1;i;"jailer; old man; rank; company officer"
  23. 27;異;1;i;"uncommonness strangeness queerness; difference"
  24. 28;移;1;i;"move change shift pass into drift; soak in; be infected catch (a cold); catch fire spread"
  25. 29;萎;1;i;"wither droop weaken; be paralyzed be lame"
  26. 30;偉;1;i;greatness
  27. 31;椅;1;i;chair
  28. 32;彙;1;i;"same kind"
  29. 33;意;1;i;"mind heart; care; liking taste; inclination will intention; thought idea; desire"
  30. 34;違;1;i;"differ vary; disagree with; be mistaken; cross or pass (someone); No (negation)"
  31. 35;維;1;i;"tie rope"
  32. 36;慰;1;i;"amuse oneself; make sport of; seduce"
  33. 38;緯;1;i;"woof; horizontal; left and right; parallels of latitude; latitude"
  34. 39;域;1;iki;"region; limits; stage level"
  35. 40;育;1;iku;"be raised be brought up grow grow up"
  36. 42;壱;1;ichi;one
  37. 43;逸;1;itsu;"idleness leisure"
  38. 46;引;1;in;"draw pull haul tug jerk drag trail bend attract; lead (horses or captives); draw (lines); admit; install (utilities); quote refer to; look up (words); subtract reduce; apply daub on; blunt (a sword); patronize; choose; draw (a line); catch (a cold); retreat withdraw retire; subside"
  39. 47;印;1;in;"seal stamp mark"
  40. 48;因;1;in;"cause factor"
  41. 49;咽;1;in;"be choked be smothered"
  42. 50;姻;1;in;marry
  43. 51;員;1;in;"member; number; the one in charge"
  44. 52;院;1;in;"mansion; temple; palace; hospital; school; institution; congress; ex-emperor"
  45. 53;淫;1;in;"lewdness licentiousness"
  46. 54;陰;1;in;"the yin principle; negative; melancholy; north side of a mountain; sex organs; secret; shadow; south side of a river; negative electrode; earth; bottom; back; inactivity; nighttime; moon"
  47. 55;飲;1;in;"drinking; feast"
  48. 56;隠;1;in;"hide conceal cover veil cloak disguise"
  49. 57;韻;1;in;"rhyme; elegance; tone"
  50. 59;宇;1;u;"eaves; roof; house; heaven"
  51. 60;羽;1;u;feather
  52. 61;雨;1;u;"rain fainfall"
  53. 63;鬱;1;utsu;"gloom depression melancholy"
  54. 66;運;1;un;"destiny fate lot fortune luck"
  55. 67;雲;1;un;cloud
  56. 68;永;1;ei;"long lengthy"
  57. 69;泳;1;ei;"swim; totter; keep afloat get along"
  58. 70;英;1;ei;"England Britain; gifted person; wit"
  59. 71;映;1;ei;"reflecting; projection"
  60. 72;栄;1;ei;"prosperity glory splendor honor"
  61. 73;営;1;ei;"camp performing"
  62. 74;詠;1;ei;"poem; song; singing; composing"
  63. 75;影;1;ei;shadow
  64. 76;鋭;1;ei;"sharpness; edge; (sharp) weapon; picked men (soldiers) the pick"
  65. 77;衛;1;ei;protection
  66. 81;液;1;eki;"liquid fluid juice sap secretion"
  67. 82;駅;1;eki;"post town; stage; station"
  68. 83;悦;1;etsu;"joy rapture ecstasy amusement"
  69. 84;越;1;etsu;"cross; pass; spend; tide over; outrun; exceed; surpass; move; go; come"
  70. 85;謁;1;etsu;"audience (with a ruler)"
  71. 86;閲;1;etsu;"inspection revision"
  72. 87;円;1;en;"circle; yen"
  73. 88;延;1;en;stretching
  74. 89;沿;1;en;"following along"
  75. 90;炎;1;en;inflammation
  76. 92;宴;1;en;"feast banquet party entertainment"
  77. 93;媛;1;en;"princess; young lady of noble birth"
  78. 94;援;1;en;"help save"
  79. 95;園;1;en;"garden yard plantation farm"
  80. 96;煙;1;en;smoke
  81. 97;猿;1;en;monkey
  82. 99;鉛;1;en;lead(metal)
  83. 100;塩;1;en;salt
  84. 101;演;1;en;"perform play act enact render stage put on"
  85. 102;縁;1;en;"relation connection affinity ties bond; blood relation; karma relation; fate destiny; chance; marriage; acquaintance; marriage alliance; veranda balcony"
  86. 103;艶;1;en;"luster glaze polish; charm"
  87. 104;汚;1;o;"make dirty stain pollute defile contaminate; disgrace dishonor; rape"
  88. 105;王;1;oo;"king rule magnate baron"
  89. 106;凹;1;oo;"hollow sunken"
  90. 107;央;1;oo;middle
  91. 108;応;1;oo;"yes all right"
  92. 109;往;1;oo;"let go; chase away"
  93. 110;押;1;oo;"push shove; press squash compress; stamp seal; do in spite of"
  94. 111;旺;1;oo;"flourishing successful; beautiful; vigorous"
  95. 112;欧;1;oo;Europe
  96. 113;殴;1;oo;"hit beat thrash"
  97. 114;桜;1;oo;"flowering cherry; cherry blossoms; pink color; horse meat"
  98. 115;翁;1;oo;"old man venerable"
  99. 116;奥;1;oo;"heart interior"
  100. 117;横;1;oo;horizontal
  101. 119;屋;1;oku;"house roof"
  102. 120;億;1;oku;100 0 0
  103. 121;憶;1;oku;"think remember"
  104. 122;臆;1;oku;"timidity; breast heart mind"
  105. 124;乙;1;otsu;"B second; the latter; duplicate"
  106. 128;恩;1;on;"kindness goodness favor mercy blessing benefit"
  107. 129;温;1;on;"warm heat"
  108. 130;穏;1;on;"calm quiet peace; moderation"
  109. 133;火;1;ka;"fire Tuesday"
  110. 135;可;1;ka;"good passable; approval; safe to say ability to do"
  111. 137;何;1;ka;what
  112. 138;花;1;ka;flower
  113. 139;佳;1;ka;"good excellent beautiful"
  114. 140;価;1;ka;"price cost value worth"
  115. 141;果;1;ka;"fruit reward"
  116. 142;河;1;ka;"river stream"
  117. 143;苛;1;ka;"torment scold chastise"
  118. 144;科;1;ka;"course branch department faculty school college; arm (of defense); family (in biology)"
  119. 145;架;1;ka;"frame mount stand support; hang up; shelf"
  120. 148;荷;1;ka;"shoulder-pole load"
  121. 150;菓;1;ka;"cakes; fruit"
  122. 151;貨;1;ka;"property freight goods"
  123. 152;渦;1;ka;"eddy whirlpool vortex"
  124. 153;過;1;ka;"excess; error"
  125. 154;嫁;1;ka;"marry (a man); be married to; blame"
  126. 155;暇;1;ka;"rest leisure"
  127. 156;禍;1;ka;"calamity misfortune"
  128. 157;靴;1;ka;shoes
  129. 158;寡;1;ka;"minority few minimum; widow "
  130. 159;歌;1;ka;sing" recite chant carol"
  131. 160;箇;1;ka;"counters for things"
  132. 161;稼;1;ka;"work earn money"
  133. 162;課;1;ka;"lesson; section department; allotment division"
  134. 165;瓦;1;ga;tile
  135. 166;我;1;ga;"ego self selfishness egotism"
  136. 168;芽;1;ga;"sprout spear germ"
  137. 169;賀;1;ga;"congratulations felicitations compliments joy of the occasion"
  138. 170;雅;1;ga;"elegance refined taste"
  139. 171;餓;1;ga;"be hungry starve thirst"
  140. 172;介;1;kai;"shell shellfish"
  141. 174;灰;1;kai;ashes
  142. 176;快;1;kai;"pleasure enjoyment"
  143. 177;戒;1;kai;"commandment; admonition"
  144. 178;改;1;kai;"change modify convert; renew renovate; reform mend rectify; amend revise improve; examine inspect search"
  145. 179;怪;1;kai;"mystery; apparition"
  146. 180;拐;1;kai;"falsify kidnap"
  147. 181;悔;1;kai;"repend regret"
  148. 182;海;1;kai;"sea ocean"
  149. 183;界;1;kai;"circle world boundary limits"
  150. 184;皆;1;kai;"all everybody everything"
  151. 185;械;1;kai;"fetters; machine; instrument"
  152. 187;開;1;kai;opening
  153. 188;階;1;kai;"stair staircase; round; step; grade; story floor; counter for stories (in a building)"
  154. 189;塊;1;kai;"lump chunk clod mass clot ingot"
  155. 190;楷;1;kai;"square-character style; straight tree; correctness rule model"
  156. 192;潰;1;kai;"crush smash break; dissipate; waste(time); kill butcher; demolish; melt down"
  157. 193;壊;1;kai;break
  158. 194;懐;1;kai;"heart feeling"
  159. 195;諧;1;kai;"harmony order suitability"
  160. 198;劾;1;gai;"criminal investigation"
  161. 199;害;1;gai;"injury harm damage mischief interference"
  162. 200;崖;1;gai;"cliff bluff precipice"
  163. 201;涯;1;gai;shore
  164. 203;慨;1;gai;"be sad"
  165. 204;蓋;1;gai;cover
  166. 205;該;1;gai;"the said"
  167. 206;概;1;gai;"approximation; condition situation"
  168. 207;骸;1;gai;"bone body"
  169. 210;各;1;kaku;each
  170. 211;角;1;kaku;"angle; corner; square; squared timber; target"
  171. 212;拡;1;kaku;"expand enlarge widen; unfurl; open (arms or a package) stretch spread"
  172. 213;革;1;kaku;"tanned leather"
  173. 215;核;1;kaku;"nucleus core seed kernel"
  174. 216;殻;1;kaku;"husk hull nutshell; cast-off skin; tofu refuse; corpse; earth's crust"
  175. 217;郭;1;kaku;"enclosure; quarters"
  176. 218;覚;1;kaku;"remember memorize; learn perceive; feel experience know; expect"
  177. 219;較;1;kaku;"compare balance contrast"
  178. 220;隔;1;kaku;"distance every other alternate "
  179. 221;閣;1;kaku;"tower tall building palace cabinet (of a government)"
  180. 222;確;1;kaku;"firm tight hard solid"
  181. 223;獲;1;kaku;"get acquire find earn win gain receive; can be able to may; commit (sin)"
  182. 224;嚇;1;kaku;"threaten; frighten; intimidate"
  183. 225;穫;1;kaku;"harvest reap"
  184. 226;学;1;gaku;"learning study science scholarship erudition"
  185. 227;岳;1;gaku;"peak mountain"
  186. 229;額;1;gaku;"tablet plaque framed picture; sum quantity amount volume; denomination"
  187. 230;顎;1;gaku;jaw
  188. 233;括;1;katsu;"tie up hang (someone); arrest; fasten"
  189. 234;活;1;katsu;"living; being helped; resuscitation"
  190. 235;喝;1;katsu;"scold get hoarse"
  191. 236;渇;1;katsu;thirst
  192. 237;割;1;katsu;"divide cut halve; separate; split rip; break crack smash; dilute"
  193. 238;葛;1;katsu;"arrowroot a strong-fiber vine"
  194. 240;褐;1;katsu;"woolen kimono"
  195. 241;轄;1;katsu;wedge
  196. 247;干;1;kan;"parch get dry; ebb recede"
  197. 248;刊;1;kan;"publishig; carve engrave"
  198. 249;甘;1;kan;"presume upon take advantage of; coax"
  199. 250;汗;1;kan;"be sweaty"
  200. 251;缶;1;kan;can
  201. 252;完;1;kan;"comletion end"
  202. 253;肝;1;kan;liver
  203. 254;官;1;kan;"the Government the authorities; the Court"
  204. 255;冠;1;kan;"crown diadem; first best peerless"
  205. 256;巻;1;kan;"volume book part; reel"
  206. 257;看;1;kan;see
  207. 258;陥;1;kan;"fall into get into slide into lapse into; cave in sink; fall (a fort)"
  208. 259;乾;1;kan;"heaven; emperor"
  209. 260;勘;1;kan;"perception intuition; the sixth sense"
  210. 261;患;1;kan;disease
  211. 262;貫;1;kan;"8.3/1 pounds"
  212. 263;寒;1;kan;"midwinter coldest season"
  213. 264;喚;1;kan;"cry scream yell shout clamor"
  214. 265;堪;1;kan;"endure; support; withstand resist brave weather; be fit for be equal to"
  215. 266;換;1;kan;"change turn convert exchange renew substitute replace"
  216. 267;敢;1;kan;"sad tragic pitiful; frail feeble; fleeting; unkind"
  217. 268;棺;1;kan;"casket coffin"
  218. 269;款;1;kan;"article section; goodwill friendship; collusion"
  219. 271;閑;1;kan;leisure
  220. 272;勧;1;kan;"recommend advise encourage; offer (wine) "
  221. 273;寛;1;kan;"leniency generosity"
  222. 274;幹;1;kan;"(tree) trunk"
  223. 275;感;1;kan;"feeling sensation sentiment; sense; emotion; impression; intuition"
  224. 276;漢;1;kan;"Han (Dynasty); (old name for China) masculine suffix"
  225. 277;慣;1;kan;"experience; become a habit"
  226. 278;管;1;kan;"pipe tube; (brush) holder; wind instrument"
  227. 279;関;1;kan;"barrier gateway"
  228. 280;歓;1;kan;"joy pleasure"
  229. 281;監;1;kan;"office government office; director head official"
  230. 282;緩;1;kan;"loosen lessen; relax; be unguarded; be moderate"
  231. 283;憾;1;kan;"regret be sorry for"
  232. 284;還;1;kan;"return; take one's leave; come again; come around (time)"
  233. 285;館;1;kan;"mansion large building hall"
  234. 286;環;1;kan;ring
  235. 287;簡;1;kan;"brevity simplicity"
  236. 288;観;1;kan;"look appearance; spectacle; condition; view outlook"
  237. 289;韓;1;kan;Korea
  238. 290;艦;1;kan;warship
  239. 291;鑑;1;kan;"take warning from learn a lesson from "
  240. 292;丸;1;gan;"full (month); perfection; purity; the ship-name suffix anciently used after the name of a sword or a child"
  241. 293;含;1;gan;"hold in the mouth; bear in mind understand; cherish harbor; contain comprise have hold include embrace; be charged or loaded with be dripping with be full of be suffused with"
  242. 294;岸;1;gan;"bank shore coast brink"
  243. 295;岩;1;gan;"rock crag; reef"
  244. 296;玩;1;gan;"play; take pleasure in; play (on an instrument); play with; make sport of; trifle with (affections)"
  245. 298;頑;1;gan;"stubborn; foolish"
  246. 299;顔;1;gan;"face countenance"
  247. 300;願;1;gan;"prayer petition vow"
  248. 301;企;1;ki;"plan plot propose design intend contemplate; attempt undertake"
  249. 302;伎;1;ki;"deed skill"
  250. 303;危;1;ki;"be afraid of feel uneasy about shrink from"
  251. 304;机;1;ki;"desk table"
  252. 306;岐;1;ki;"forking road; street; scene; quarters; arena theater"
  253. 307;希;1;ki;Greece
  254. 308;忌;1;ki;"mourning; death anniversary; something detestable"
  255. 309;汽;1;ki;"vapor steam"
  256. 310;奇;1;ki;"strangeness curiosity eccentricity"
  257. 311;祈;1;ki;"pray; wish"
  258. 312;季;1;ki;season
  259. 313;紀;1;ki;"account narrative history annals geological period"
  260. 314;軌;1;ki;"wheel track; railway; orbit; rut; rule; model; road way of doing"
  261. 315;既;1;ki;"previously; already long ago; on the point of; actually"
  262. 316;記;1;ki;"account narrative history annals; remembering; writing; the Kojiki"
  263. 317;起;1;ki;"get up rise awake; occur; (a fire) is kindled "
  264. 318;飢;1;ki;"be hungry starve"
  265. 319;鬼;1;ki;"devil demon; spirits of the dead"
  266. 320;帰;1;ki;"return; take one's leave; come again; come around (time)"
  267. 321;基;1;ki;"radical (in chemistry); counter for lanterns wreaths motors silos and heavy machines; foundation; fundamentals; basis"
  268. 322;寄;1;ki;"let approach bring near; gather collect summon muster; add up; push aside; attack; send a letter; contribute to; become dependent on take refuge with"
  269. 323;規;1;ki;"standard; measure"
  270. 324;亀;1;ki;"turtle tortoise"
  271. 325;喜;1;ki;"rejoice be glad be pleased"
  272. 326;幾;1;ki;"how many how much; how far how long; so much per; however(difficult)"
  273. 327;揮;1;ki;"shake wield brandish; be invigorated be spirited flourish"
  274. 329;棋;1;ki;"Japanese chess"
  275. 330;貴;1;ki;"value prize esteem; respect honor revere"
  276. 331;棄;1;ki;"throw away discard abandon desert give up; renounce relinquish; resign; lay down (one’s life); part with; sacrifice; reject condemn"
  277. 332;毀;1;ki;"break destroy demolish"
  278. 333;旗;1;ki;"flag banner standard ensign pennant streamer"
  279. 334;器;1;ki;"container; utensil instrument tool apparatus; set; ability"
  280. 335;畿;1;ki;"capital; capital suburbs"
  281. 336;輝;1;ki;"shine sparkle gleam twinkle; brilliant radiant bright"
  282. 337;機;1;ki;"opportunity; occasion time; machine airplane"
  283. 338;騎;1;ki;"riding on horses; counter for horsemen"
  284. 339;技;1;gi;"art craft; ability skill feat performance"
  285. 340;宜;1;gi;"good good-natured; pleasing; precious; noble; lovely beautiful fine; lucky; efficacious; right; suitable justifiable; appropriate satisfactory; better; all right; unnecessary; no objection; intimate friendly; easy; well; desirous"
  286. 341;偽;1;gi;"lie falsity; deceive; pretend; cheat"
  287. 342;欺;1;gi;"deceive cheat delude"
  288. 343;義;1;gi;"justice righteousness morality; humanity; integrity honor loyalty chivalry devotion; meaning significance"
  289. 344;疑;1;gi;"doubt; distrust; be suspicious of"
  290. 345;儀;1;gi;"rule; ceremony; case affair a matter "
  291. 346;戯;1;gi;"play sport frolic joke; flirt with"
  292. 347;擬;1;gi;"aim (a gun) at; nominate for office; imitate mimic; compare"
  293. 348;犠;1;gi;sacrifice
  294. 349;議;1;gi;"consultation deliberation debate; consideration proposal suggestion"
  295. 350;菊;1;kiku;chrysanthemum
  296. 352;喫;1;kitsu;"eat drink smoke; receive (a blow etc.)"
  297. 353;詰;1;kitsu;"be pressed in be packed become close; be checkmated"
  298. 354;却;1;kyaku;"instead on the contrary; rather all the more"
  299. 357;逆;1;gyaku;"reverse inverse opposite unnatural; wicked; traitorous"
  300. 358;虐;1;gyaku;"oppress tyrannixe"
  301. 361;及;1;kyuu;"exert exercise cause"
  302. 362;弓;1;kyuu;"bow; violin bow"
  303. 363;丘;1;kyuu;"hill knoll rising ground"
  304. 364;旧;1;kyuu;"old things; old times; old friend; old calendar; former ex-"
  305. 365;休;1;kyuu;"rest; take a day off; be absent; retire sleep"
  306. 366;吸;1;kyuu;"inhale; imbibe sip; suck suck out"
  307. 367;朽;1;kyuu;"decay rot; remain in seclusion"
  308. 368;臼;1;kyuu;"mortar hand mill"
  309. 369;求;1;kyuu;"want wish for request demand; seek search for; pursue (pleasure); hunt (a job); buy"
  310. 370;究;1;kyuu;"investigate thoroly master; carry to extremes"
  311. 371;泣;1;kyuu;"cry weep wail moan"
  312. 372;急;1;kyuu;"emergency; suddenness; danger; haste; steep"
  313. 373;級;1;kyuu;"grade class rank; steps; decapitated head"
  314. 374;糾;1;kyuu;"ask demand question; investigate ascertain verify"
  315. 376;救;1;kyuu;"save help rescue relieve (suffering); redeem reclaim"
  316. 377;球;1;kyuu;"globe sphere ball; bulb; (radio) tube"
  317. 378;給;1;kyuu;"wage; gift; wage grade"
  318. 379;嗅;1;kyuu;"smell sniff scent"
  319. 380;窮;1;kyuu;"be destitute; suffer; be perplexed; be cornered"
  320. 381;牛;1;gyuu;"beef cow"
  321. 383;巨;1;kyo;"big large great"
  322. 384;居;1;kyo;residence
  323. 385;拒;1;kyo;"refuse reject decline; repudiate; resist oppose prevent; deny"
  324. 387;挙;1;kyo;"plan project; behavior; actions; step"
  325. 389;許;1;kyo;"permit approve; authorize; acknowledge; confide in; forgive pardon; release acquit; overlook "
  326. 390;距;1;kyo;"be distant"
  327. 391;魚;1;gyo;fish
  328. 394;凶;1;kyoo;"evil; bad luck; disaster; bad harvest"
  329. 395;共;1;kyoo;"both; neither (with neg.); all; and as well as; including; with together with; plural ending"
  330. 396;叫;1;kyoo;"shout exclaim cry yell roar howl; cry for clamor for advocate"
  331. 397;狂;1;kyoo;lunatic
  332. 399;享;1;kyoo;"receive take get obtain; accept; catch (a ball); stop (a blow) parry; answer (the phone); undergo (an operation); take (an exam); sustain (a loss); be exposed to (ridicule); face front on; inherit; catch the public fancy"
  333. 401;協;1;kyoo;cooperation
  334. 402;況;1;kyoo;"still more still less (neg.)"
  335. 403;峡;1;kyoo;"gorge ravine"
  336. 404;挟;1;kyoo;"put between hold between; insert jam into; nip; interpose"
  337. 405;狭;1;kyoo;"narrow contract reduce"
  338. 406;恐;1;kyoo;"fear dread be afraid; be overawed; be apprehensive"
  339. 407;恭;1;kyoo;"respectful reverent"
  340. 408;胸;1;kyoo;"chest breast bosom; heart mind feelings"
  341. 409;脅;1;kyoo;"threaten; coerce"
  342. 411;教;1;kyoo;faith
  343. 414;橋;1;kyoo;bridge
  344. 415;矯;1;kyoo;"straighten; correct reform cure; control (one's feelings); pretend falsify; aim"
  345. 416;鏡;1;kyoo;"mirror; speculum; barrelhead; round rice-cake offering"
  346. 418;響;1;kyoo;"sound resound reverberate echo ring vibrate; grate on; affect find an echo in; become known"
  347. 419;驚;1;kyoo;"be surprised; be frightened be taken aback; be appalled; be amazed"
  348. 421;暁;1;gyoo;"dawn daybrake; in the event (of)"
  349. 423;凝;1;gyoo;"freeze congeal"
  350. 424;曲;1;kyoku;"music tone melody composition; fault"
  351. 425;局;1;kyoku;"bureau board office; central; post office; affair; duty; situation; conclusion"
  352. 427;玉;1;gyoku;"gem jewel precious stone jade"
  353. 428;巾;1;kin;towel
  354. 429;斤;1;kin;"1.1/3 pounds catty; axe"
  355. 430;均;1;kin;"to level to average"
  356. 431;近;1;kin;"early immediate; near short (road) close by; akin to; nearby bordering on verge of tantamount to; intimate friendly"
  357. 433;菌;1;kin;"fungus germ bacteria"
  358. 435;琴;1;kin;harp
  359. 436;筋;1;kin;"muscle sinew tendon"
  360. 437;僅;1;kin;"a little a small quantity"
  361. 438;禁;1;kin;"prohibition ban embargo; law"
  362. 439;緊;1;kin;"hard solid; reliable; tight"
  363. 440;錦;1;kin;"brocade; fine dress; honors"
  364. 441;謹;1;kin;"be discreet be careful be prudent be cautious; restrain oneself be moderate"
  365. 442;襟;1;kin;"neck neckband collar lapel"
  366. 443;吟;1;gin;"singing; recital; song; poem"
  367. 444;銀;1;gin;silver
  368. 445;区;1;ku;"ward district section"
  369. 446;句;1;ku;"phrase clause sentence passage paragraph; expression; line verse stanza; 17-syllable poem"
  370. 447;苦;1;ku;"suffering trial worry trouble hardship difficulty toil"
  371. 448;駆;1;ku;"run gallop; advance"
  372. 449;具;1;gu;"tool; vessel; means; ingredients (in a dish); counter for armor suits sets of furniture"
  373. 450;惧;1;gu;"fear be overawed be apprehensive"
  374. 451;愚;1;gu;"folly foolishness absurdity; fool"
  375. 452;空;1;kuu;"air sky; emptiness; vanity unreality; hollow; void"
  376. 453;偶;1;guu;"even number; couple man and wife; friend; same kind; doll"
  377. 454;遇;1;guu;"treat entertain receive deal with"
  378. 455;隅;1;guu;corner
  379. 457;屈;1;kutsu;"bend bend over; give in submit to yield to; flinch"
  380. 458;掘;1;kutsu;"dig delve; core; excavate; sink (wells); dig up; scoop out; pick (the ear); probe"
  381. 459;窟;1;kutsu;cavern
  382. 462;君;1;kun;"mister (familiar)"
  383. 463;訓;1;kun;"Japanese reading (of a character); explanation of a character; lesson; regulation; rule"
  384. 464;勲;1;kun;"merit order of merit"
  385. 465;薫;1;kun;"send forth fragrance be scented impregnate with"
  386. 466;軍;1;gun;"army force troops"
  387. 467;郡;1;gun;"county district"
  388. 468;群;1;gun;"group crowd gang herd swarm flock; common run"
  389. 470;刑;1;kei;"penalty sentence punishment"
  390. 472;系;1;kei;"system; lineage; faction group; zone; corollary; connection"
  391. 473;径;1;kei;"path; diameter; method"
  392. 474;茎;1;kei;"stem stalk"
  393. 475;係;1;kei;"duty; person in charge"
  394. 476;型;1;kei;"model mold matrix impression; style type pattern make; set form; usage"
  395. 477;契;1;kei;"pledge vow swear promise"
  396. 478;計;1;kei;"plan scheme trick; total; meter gauge "
  397. 480;啓;1;kei;"open say"
  398. 481;掲;1;kei;"put up hang out hoist display; publish insert; describe; mention"
  399. 482;渓;1;kei;valley
  400. 484;蛍;1;kei;firefly
  401. 485;敬;1;kei;"respect honor revere"
  402. 486;景;1;kei;"view scene"
  403. 487;軽;1;kei;"light; trifling unimportant; simple easy; plain or light (meal); undignified"
  404. 488;傾;1;kei;"lean incline tilt list tip careen lurch"
  405. 489;携;1;kei;"carry (in the hand); be armed with; carry along bring (someone) along"
  406. 490;継;1;kei;"succeed to inherit; follow; patch; graft (trees); tell"
  407. 491;詣;1;kei;"visit a temple or shrine"
  408. 492;慶;1;kei;congratulate
  409. 493;憬;1;kei;"long for"
  410. 494;稽;1;kei;"think consider; quarrel"
  411. 495;憩;1;kei;"rest relax repose"
  412. 496;警;1;kei;"admonish warn prohibit"
  413. 497;鶏;1;kei;chicken
  414. 498;芸;1;gei;"art craft; artistic accomplishment; performance acting; trick stunt feat"
  415. 499;迎;1;gei;"meet greet welcome; invite engage"
  416. 500;鯨;1;gei;whale
  417. 501;隙;1;geki;"crevice fissure chink; discord; opportunity"
  418. 502;劇;1;geki;"drama play"
  419. 503;撃;1;geki;"attack defeat destroy conquer"
  420. 504;激;1;geki;"get excited be agitated be enraged be exasperated chafe; urge encourage incite"
  421. 506;欠;1;ketsu;"lack gap"
  422. 507;穴;1;ketsu;"hole aperture slit; gap stop (of musical instrument); eyelet; cavity; socket; cave; den; hiding place; pit; fault defect; deficit; grave; dark horse"
  423. 508;血;1;ketsu;blood
  424. 509;決;1;ketsu;"decision vote"
  425. 510;結;1;ketsu;"tie bind; tie a knot; make (contracts treaties and friendships); join; finish wind up; unite with; organize"
  426. 511;傑;1;ketsu;excellent
  427. 512;潔;1;ketsu;"pure clean righteous; manly gallant sportsmanlike"
  428. 514;犬;1;ken;dog
  429. 515;件;1;ken;"matter case item"
  430. 516;見;1;ken;"hopes chances; ideas opinion"
  431. 517;券;1;ken;"ticket coupon bond certificate"
  432. 518;肩;1;ken;shoulder
  433. 520;研;1;ken;"sharpen grind scour hone polish; wash (rice)"
  434. 521;県;1;ken;"prefecture; district (in China)"
  435. 522;倹;1;ken;economy
  436. 523;兼;1;ken;"and in addition concurrently"
  437. 524;剣;1;ken;"sword saber blade bayonet; sting; clock hand"
  438. 525;拳;1;ken;fist
  439. 526;軒;1;ken;"house counter"
  440. 527;健;1;ken;"health strength; stick-to-itiveness"
  441. 528;険;1;ken;"inaccessible place impregnable pass strategic position; steep place; sharp (eyes); sinister (look)"
  442. 529;圏;1;ken;"sphere circle range radius"
  443. 530;堅;1;ken;"hard solid; tough rigid; tight; steady firm; strict; safe reliable upright; chaste constant; stiff; bookish; classical; stubborn"
  444. 531;検;1;ken;investigation
  445. 534;絹;1;ken;"silk silk thread"
  446. 535;遣;1;ken;"send dispatch; give donate bestow on; do for (someone)"
  447. 537;憲;1;ken;law
  448. 538;賢;1;ken;"wisdom cleverness"
  449. 539;謙;1;ken;"humble oneself condescend be modest"
  450. 540;鍵;1;ken;(piano)key
  451. 541;繭;1;ken;cocoon
  452. 542;顕;1;ken;"appear emerge come in sight show up; be revealed be discovered; be mentioned; become famous"
  453. 546;幻;1;gen;"vision dream; illusion apparition"
  454. 547;玄;1;gen;"occultness mystery black"
  455. 549;弦;1;gen;"bowstring; chord (in geometry); hypotenuse; crescent (moon); bowstring; string (of an instrument)"
  456. 550;限;1;gen;"limit restrict confine"
  457. 551;原;1;gen;"original primitive"
  458. 552;現;1;gen;"present exciting actual"
  459. 553;舷;1;gen;gunwale
  460. 554;減;1;gen;"decrease decline"
  461. 555;源;1;gen;"source origin"
  462. 558;戸;1;ko;"house; door; family; counter for houses"
  463. 559;古;1;ko;old
  464. 560;呼;1;ko;"call call out to; invoke; summon; invite; attract; send for; name designate; bring about"
  465. 561;固;1;ko;"harden stiffen solidify set settle congeal clot curdle conglomerate; get together; be devoted to; settle down (weather) "
  466. 562;股;1;ko;"thigh crotch; yarn; strand; ply"
  467. 563;虎;1;ko;"tiger drunkard"
  468. 564;孤;1;ko;orphan
  469. 565;弧;1;ko;"arc; arch; bow"
  470. 566;故;1;ko;"reason cause; circumstances"
  471. 567;枯;1;ko;"wither die be dead; age; be seasoned; fog up"
  472. 568;個;1;ko;"individual; article counter"
  473. 570;湖;1;ko;lake
  474. 571;雇;1;ko;"employ hire"
  475. 572;誇;1;ko;"boast of be proud of"
  476. 573;鼓;1;ko;drum
  477. 574;錮;1;ko;"to tie"
  478. 575;顧;1;ko;"look back; turn around look back upon review; examine oneself; take notice of"
  479. 576;五;1;go;five
  480. 577;互;1;go;"mutually reciprocally together"
  481. 578;午;1;go;"11 a.m.-1 p.m.; 7th zodiac sign"
  482. 579;呉;1;go;"give; do (something) for"
  483. 581;娯;1;go;pleasure
  484. 582;悟;1;go;"perceive discern realize understand comprehend; attain enlightenment find one's philosophy"
  485. 583;碁;1;go;"Japanese checkers"
  486. 584;語;1;go;"word speech language term"
  487. 585;誤;1;go;"err be mistaken; do wrong mislead"
  488. 586;護;1;go;"defend protect; keep observe obey; abide by; stick to; be true to"
  489. 589;公;1;koo;"public duke lord; public"
  490. 590;勾;1;koo;"to bent"
  491. 591;孔;1;koo;"hole aperture slit; gap stop (of musical instrument); eyelet; cavity; socket; cave; den; hiding place; pit; fault defect; deficit; grave; dark horse"
  492. 593;巧;1;koo;skilled
  493. 594;広;1;koo;"spread out extend reach to"
  494. 596;交;1;koo;"coming and going association; change of seasons"
  495. 597;光;1;koo;light
  496. 598;向;1;koo;"face confront; oppose defy; proceed to; get tend toward; approach"
  497. 599;后;1;koo;"after; behind; back; later"
  498. 600;好;1;koo;"like be fond of"
  499. 601;江;1;koo;"inlet bay"
  500. 602;考;1;koo;"thought consideration; research treatise "
  501. 604;坑;1;koo;"pit hole"
  502. 605;孝;1;koo;"filial piety"
  503. 606;抗;1;koo;"resist defy oppose antagonize"
  504. 607;攻;1;koo;"attack assault"
  505. 608;更;1;koo;"a watch of the night"
  506. 609;効;1;koo;"efficacy benefit; efficiency; effect result; success"
  507. 610;幸;1;koo;"happiness fortune"
  508. 611;拘;1;koo;"seize arrest"
  509. 612;肯;1;koo;"agree to consent comply with undertake"
  510. 613;侯;1;koo;"marquis; load daimyo"
  511. 614;厚;1;koo;"very thick; heavy"
  512. 615;恒;1;koo;always
  513. 616;洪;1;koo;"flood vast"
  514. 619;荒;1;koo;"rough rude wild harsh violent gruff fierce "
  515. 620;郊;1;koo;"suburbs; rural area"
  516. 622;候;1;koo;"season weather"
  517. 623;校;1;koo;"school; (printing) proof; comparison; correction; investigation"
  518. 624;耕;1;koo;"plow cultivate"
  519. 625;航;1;koo;"navigation; cross over"
  520. 627;降;1;koo;"going down; surrender"
  521. 628;高;1;koo;high
  522. 629;康;1;koo;peace
  523. 630;控;1;koo;"draw in; hold back suspend (judgment); refrain from; be moderate; write make notes; wait; have; moderate (a report)"
  524. 631;梗;1;koo;"for the most part; close up"
  525. 633;喉;1;koo;"throat voice"
  526. 634;慌;1;koo;"be confused lose one's head be hurried be hasty"
  527. 635;港;1;koo;"port harbor"
  528. 636;硬;1;koo;"hard solid; tough rigid; tight; steady firm; strict; safe reliable upright; chaste constant; stiff; bookish; classical; stubborn"
  529. 637;絞;1;koo;"strangle constrict wring"
  530. 638;項;1;koo;"clause paragraph; item; term (in math); argument (in math or linguistics) "
  531. 639;溝;1;koo;"ditch gutter sewer drain "
  532. 640;鉱;1;koo;ore
  533. 641;構;1;koo;"build; keep house; take a posture; assume an attitude; pose as; be ready for; feign pretend; set up (camp) "
  534. 642;綱;1;koo;"class (in zoology)"
  535. 643;酵;1;koo;fermentation
  536. 644;稿;1;koo;"copy manuscript draft; crest (of waves)"
  537. 646;衡;1;koo;"measuring rod; scales"
  538. 647;鋼;1;koo;steel
  539. 648;講;1;koo;"lecture club association "
  540. 649;購;1;koo;buy
  541. 651;号;1;goo;"number; item title pseudonym; Buddhist name "
  542. 653;拷;1;goo;"beat torture"
  543. 654;剛;1;goo;strength
  544. 655;傲;1;goo;"be proud"
  545. 656;豪;1;goo;"great powerful excelling"
  546. 657;克;1;koku;"win; prevail predominate surpass "
  547. 658;告;1;koku;"tell inform announce proclaim; bid order "
  548. 659;谷;1;koku;"valley dale ravine; trough (of a wave); trough (in atmospheric pressure) "
  549. 660;刻;1;koku;"time; carving engraving cutting "
  550. 661;国;1;koku;country
  551. 662;黒;1;koku;"black; dark"
  552. 663;穀;1;koku;"cereals grain"
  553. 664;酷;1;koku;"severity cruelty"
  554. 665;獄;1;goku;"prison jail"
  555. 666;骨;1;kotsu;"bone; remains; knack"
  556. 671;困;1;kon;"be distressed be in trouble be destitute be embarrassed be perplexed be annoyed "
  557. 672;昆;1;kon;"descendants elder brother"
  558. 673;恨;1;kon;"bear a grudge show resentment"
  559. 674;根;1;kon;"root (of a plant); root radical (in science and math); stamina "
  560. 675;婚;1;kon;marriage
  561. 676;混;1;kon;"mix; blend; adulterate; confound confuse "
  562. 677;痕;1;kon;"mark; footprint"
  563. 678;紺;1;kon;"dark blue navy blue"
  564. 679;魂;1;kon;"soul spirit"
  565. 680;墾;1;kon;"open up farmland"
  566. 681;懇;1;kon;"kind courteous hospitable cordial"
  567. 682;左;1;sa;"left; the following"
  568. 683;佐;1;sa;help
  569. 684;沙;1;sa;sand
  570. 685;査;1;sa;investigate
  571. 687;唆;1;sa;"tempt seduce; instigate; promote"
  572. 688;差;1;sa;"difference variation; discrepancy; margin; balance; remainder (in subtraction) "
  573. 689;詐;1;sa;"lie falsify; deceive; pretend; deceive cheat "
  574. 690;鎖;1;sa;"chain; irons; connection"
  575. 691;座;1;za;"seat cushion; throne; a gathering; stand pedestal platform; (metal) washer; theater; troupe; constellation "
  576. 692;挫;1;za;"crush break sprain dislocate; frustrate; unnerve; dampen(spirits)"
  577. 693;才;1;sai;"ability talent aptitude genius acumen intelligence wit; cubic foot; year age; time; occasion; opportunity; limit; vicinity "
  578. 695;災;1;sai;"calamity misfortune woe evil curse"
  579. 696;妻;1;sai;"(my) wife"
  580. 697;采;1;sai;"dice; form appearance"
  581. 698;砕;1;sai;"break smash crush; pulverize; tax (one's ingenuity); explain simply "
  582. 699;宰;1;sai;"manager; rule"
  583. 700;栽;1;sai;planting
  584. 701;彩;1;sai;"color paint make up"
  585. 702;採;1;sai;"take hold seize catch capture; fetch; receive procure obtain; adopt (a measure); engage (graduates); choose; order (foodstuffs); pick pluck; make produce; eat set up (camp); charge; administer; transact; take (pains); make out (the meaning); remove; take off (one's hat); take out (spots); strike out (words); weed catch (fish); deprive of; steal; capture (territory) annex; need require; reserve (rooms); subscribe to; press (a point home); take (a picture); possess"
  586. 703;済;1;sai;"end; do without; avoid; be excusable; need not"
  587. 704;祭;1;sai;"offer prayers; celebrate; deify; enshrine; worship"
  588. 705;斎;1;sai;"Buddhist food; room"
  589. 706;細;1;sai;"get thin; taper off"
  590. 707;菜;1;sai;"side dish; greens; vegetables"
  591. 708;最;1;sai;most
  592. 709;裁;1;sai;judge
  593. 710;債;1;sai;"debt loan"
  594. 711;催;1;sai;"hold (a meeting); give (a dinner); feel; show signs of develop symptoms of feel (sick) "
  595. 714;載;1;sai;"ride board mount; get up on; spread (paints); be taken in; share in join; be found in (a dictionary); feel like doing; be mentioned in; be in harmony with "
  596. 715;際;1;sai;"time occasion; when "
  597. 717;在;1;zai;"outskirts suburbs country "
  598. 718;材;1;zai;"log; timber lumber wood; material; talent "
  599. 719;剤;1;zai;"medicine drug dose"
  600. 721;罪;1;zai;"sin crime offense guilt blame fault misconduct "
  601. 724;削;1;saku;"plane sharpen whittle pare shave (leather); scrape off; cross out; reduce curtail "
  602. 725;昨;1;saku;"the past; yesterday last (year)"
  603. 726;柵;1;saku;"stockade fence palisade"
  604. 727;索;1;saku;"rope cord "
  605. 728;策;1;saku;"plan scheme policy; step means; whip"
  606. 729;酢;1;saku;vinegar
  607. 730;搾;1;saku;"wring squeeze press extract; milk; close tight; extort; scold "
  608. 731;錯;1;saku;"mix be in discorder"
  609. 734;札;1;satsu;"paper money counter for bonds etc"
  610. 735;刷;1;satsu;print
  611. 737;拶;1;satsu;"be imminent"
  612. 739;察;1;satsu;"presume surmise; judge; realize understand; imaging suppose; sympathize with "
  613. 740;撮;1;satsu;"pick pinch; hold in the fingers; summarize "
  614. 741;擦;1;satsu;"rub scour scrub scratch scrape brush "
  615. 744;三;1;san;three
  616. 745;山;1;san;"mount mountain"
  617. 746;参;1;san;"three; going; coming; visiting"
  618. 747;桟;1;san;"crosspiece cleat frame door bolt; shelf; jetty; suspension bridge"
  619. 748;蚕;1;san;"silk worm"
  620. 750;産;1;san;"childbirth; product; native (of a place); fortune property "
  621. 751;傘;1;san;"umbrella parasol"
  622. 752;散;1;san;"scatter disperse; spend squander; dispel dissipate chase away "
  623. 753;算;1;san;"divining (block); calculation; number; abacus; plan; probability"
  624. 754;酸;1;san;"acid; bitterness"
  625. 755;賛;1;san;"praise; title or brief inscription on picture; agreement"
  626. 756;残;1;zan;"remainder; balance"
  627. 757;斬;1;zan;beheading
  628. 758;暫;1;zan;"for a while for a moment; for a long time"
  629. 759;士;1;shi;"samurai; man gentleman; scholar"
  630. 761;支;1;shi;branch
  631. 762;止;1;shi;"stop halt stand still pull up; cease be interrupted be discontinued; be choked; alight on perch roost; be held in position"
  632. 763;氏;1;shi;"Mr.; family clan "
  633. 765;史;1;shi;"history chronicles; historian; book"
  634. 766;司;1;shi;"official; government office"
  635. 767;四;1;shi;four
  636. 768;市;1;shi;"city town; market"
  637. 769;矢;1;shi;arrow
  638. 770;旨;1;shi;"relish show a liking for "
  639. 771;死;1;shi;death
  640. 772;糸;1;shi;"thread; one ten-thousandth of a hair"
  641. 773;至;1;shi;"go proceed come; arrive reach attain; result in lead to "
  642. 774;伺;1;shi;"visit; ask inquire question; hear be told; implore (a good for an oracle) "
  643. 775;志;1;shi;"record; shilling; will intention motive; determination; aim; ambition hopes; gift; kindness; offering (Buddhist) "
  644. 776;私;1;shi;"I; private affairs"
  645. 777;使;1;shi;"use; messenger"
  646. 778;刺;1;shi;"calling card"
  647. 779;始;1;shi;beginning
  648. 780;姉;1;shi;"elder sister"
  649. 781;枝;1;shi;"branch bow twig limb"
  650. 782;祉;1;shi;happiness
  651. 783;肢;1;shi;"limbs arms and legs"
  652. 784;姿;1;shi;"figure form shape; appearance attire; posture; oneself; portrait; aspect"
  653. 785;思;1;shi;"think believe judge esteem; consider realize; feel like; regard as; anticipate; imagine suppose guess; mistake for; recall; intend; desire; love care for yearn after; wonder; suspect "
  654. 786;指;1;shi;finger
  655. 788;師;1;shi;"teacher master; exemplary person; army; war"
  656. 789;恣;1;shi;"self-indulgent wayward selfish arbitrary"
  657. 790;紙;1;shi;paper
  658. 791;脂;1;shi;"fat rouge"
  659. 792;視;1;shi;"regard as"
  660. 793;紫;1;shi;"purple violet"
  661. 794;詞;1;shi;"words; poetry"
  662. 795;歯;1;shi;"tooth; age"
  663. 796;嗣;1;shi;heir
  664. 797;試;1;shi;testing
  665. 798;詩;1;shi;"poem poetry"
  666. 799;資;1;shi;"resources capital funds; materials; data; quality disposition; help "
  667. 800;飼;1;shi;"raising (animals)"
  668. 801;誌;1;shi;"records; document; magazine"
  669. 802;雌;1;shi;female
  670. 803;摯;1;shi;"gift seriousness"
  671. 804;賜;1;shi;"deign to grant give bestow on honor with "
  672. 805;諮;1;shi;"consult with"
  673. 807;字;1;ji;"character letter word handwriting"
  674. 808;寺;1;ji;temple
  675. 810;耳;1;ji;ear
  676. 812;似;1;ji;resemble
  677. 815;侍;1;ji;"wait upon serve"
  678. 817;持;1;ji;"hold entertain maintain observe (principles)"
  679. 818;時;1;ji;"hour o'clock time; Buddhist sect originating in the thirteenth century "
  680. 819;滋;1;ji;"more and more; be luxuriant; planting; turbidity"
  681. 820;慈;1;ji;"love be affectionate to; pity"
  682. 821;辞;1;ji;"word term expression; sentence; an address"
  683. 822;磁;1;ji;"magnetism; porcelain"
  684. 823;餌;1;ji;food
  685. 824;璽;1;ji;"emperor's seal"
  686. 826;式;1;shiki;"ceremony rite function; method system; style form type plan; formula expression (in math); model; law; standard "
  687. 827;識;1;shiki;"know discriminate write"
  688. 828;軸;1;jiku;"axis; axle; spindle; shaft; pivot; stem stalk; (pen) holder; scroll picture "
  689. 829;七;1;shichi;seven
  690. 830;叱;1;shitsu;"scold reprove"
  691. 831;失;1;shitsu;"error; fault; disadvantage; loss; demerit"
  692. 832;室;1;shitsu;"room apartment compartment chamber"
  693. 833;疾;1;shitsu;"illness disease"
  694. 835;湿;1;shitsu;"dampness moisture; itch "
  695. 836;嫉;1;shitsu;"be jealous envy"
  696. 837;漆;1;shitsu;"lacquer varnish"
  697. 839;実;1;jitsu;"truth reality; sincerity fidelity; kindness; faith; substance essence "
  698. 841;写;1;sha;"be photographed; be projected (on a screen); (light or shadows) fall on"
  699. 842;社;1;sha;"Shinto shrine; association; firm company office "
  700. 843;車;1;sha;"vehicle a vehicle load"
  701. 844;舎;1;sha;"inn; hut house mansion"
  702. 845;者;1;sha;"person; thing"
  703. 846;射;1;sha;"archery; shooting"
  704. 847;捨;1;sha;"throw away discard abandon desert give up; renounce relinquish; resign; lay down (one's life); part with; sacrifice; reject condemn "
  705. 848;赦;1;sha;forgiveness
  706. 849;斜;1;sha;"slanting oblique"
  707. 850;煮;1;sha;"boil cook be cooked be boiled "
  708. 851;遮;1;sha;"interrupt obstruct intercept"
  709. 852;謝;1;sha;"thank; apologize; decline refuse; take one's leave "
  710. 853;邪;1;ja;"injustice unrighteousness wickedness"
  711. 855;尺;1;shaku;"Japanese foot; rule; measure scale; length"
  712. 856;借;1;shaku;borrowing
  713. 857;酌;1;shaku;"serving sake; the server"
  714. 858;釈;1;shaku;explanation
  715. 859;爵;1;shaku;"peerage court rank"
  716. 861;弱;1;jaku;"weakness; the weak"
  717. 863;手;1;shu;"hand arm; help; handwriting; handle means; trick snare; skill; kind; direction side; trouble care; control management; possession; connection; injury"
  718. 866;朱;1;shu;"cinnabar; vermilion"
  719. 867;取;1;shu;"take hold seize catch capture; fetch; receive procure obtain; adopt (a measure); engage (graduates); choose; order (foodstuffs); pick pluck; make produce; eat; set up (camp); charge; administer; transact; take (pains); make out (the meaning); remove; take off (one's hat); take out (spots); strike out (words); weed catch (fish); deprive of; steal; capture (territory) annex; need require; reserve (rooms); subscribe to; press (a point home); take (a picture); possess"
  720. 868;狩;1;shu;hunt
  721. 869;首;1;shu;"head; neck; beginning the first; poem and song counter"
  722. 870;殊;1;shu;"especially exceptionally above all "
  723. 871;珠;1;shu;"gem jewel"
  724. 872;酒;1;shu;"sake rice wine alcoholic liquor"
  725. 873;腫;1;shu;"tumor swelling"
  726. 874;種;1;shu;"kind class variety; seed; species"
  727. 875;趣;1;shu;"proceed to; become; tend toward"
  728. 876;寿;1;ju;"age; one's natural life; longevity; congratulations"
  729. 877;受;1;ju;receive
  730. 878;呪;1;ju;"spell curse incantation"
  731. 879;授;1;ju;"give grant"
  732. 880;需;1;ju;"request need"
  733. 881;儒;1;ju;"Confucianism; Confucianist; Chinese scholar"
  734. 882;樹;1;ju;"tree wood"
  735. 883;収;1;shuu;income
  736. 884;囚;1;shuu;"criminal arrest"
  737. 885;州;1;shuu;"province state; continent"
  738. 886;舟;1;shuu;boat
  739. 887;秀;1;shuu;"excellence; beauty"
  740. 888;周;1;shuu;"circuit lap circumference vicinity; Chou (dynasty) "
  741. 891;秋;1;shuu;autumn
  742. 892;臭;1;shuu;"odor savor fragrance "
  743. 894;袖;1;shuu;"sleeve sleeve pocket; wing(of a building); extension(of a table)"
  744. 895;終;1;shuu;end
  745. 896;羞;1;shuu;"feel ashamed"
  746. 897;習;1;shuu;"learn be taught take lessons practice"
  747. 898;週;1;shuu;week
  748. 901;集;1;shuu;"collection gathering"
  749. 902;愁;1;shuu;"grieve lament be anxious"
  750. 903;酬;1;shuu;"reward retribution"
  751. 904;醜;1;shuu;"ugliness; uncleanness; shame"
  752. 905;蹴;1;shuu;kick
  753. 906;襲;1;shuu;attack
  754. 908;汁;1;juu;juice
  755. 909;充;1;juu;fill
  756. 910;住;1;juu;"dwelling living"
  757. 914;渋;1;juu;"hesitate be reluctant; have loose painful bowel movements "
  758. 915;銃;1;juu;"gun arms"
  759. 916;獣;1;juu;"animal beast"
  760. 917;縦;1;juu;"length height"
  761. 918;叔;1;shuku;"uncle; youth"
  762. 920;宿;1;shuku;"lodging inn post town relay station stage "
  763. 921;淑;1;shuku;"graceful polite gentle pure"
  764. 922;粛;1;shuku;"quietly softly solemnly"
  765. 923;縮;1;shuku;"shrink contract shrivel wrinkle"
  766. 924;塾;1;juku;"private school; boarding school; gate house"
  767. 925;熟;1;juku;"ripen mellow mature; acquire skill; be ripe for; become popular (as a word)"
  768. 927;述;1;jutsu;"state speak relate"
  769. 928;術;1;jutsu;"art technique skill; means; artifice trick stratagem; resources; magic conjury "
  770. 929;俊;1;shun;"excellence genius"
  771. 930;春;1;shun;spring
  772. 931;瞬;1;shun;"wink blink"
  773. 933;巡;1;jun;"going around; circumference"
  774. 934;盾;1;jun;"shield buckler escutcheon; pretext"
  775. 935;准;1;jun;"quasi- semi- associate"
  776. 936;殉;1;jun;"die a martyr follow (someone) by committing suicide; follow in resigning"
  777. 937;純;1;jun;"purity innocence; net (profit)"
  778. 938;循;1;jun;follow
  779. 939;順;1;jun;"order; turn; right; docility obedience; occasion "
  780. 940;準;1;jun;"apply correspondingly correspond to be proportionate to conform to "
  781. 941;潤;1;jun;"be watered; profit by receive benefits become rich "
  782. 942;遵;1;jun;"follow obey; learn"
  783. 943;処;1;sho;"manage deal with; sentence condemn; act behave; conduct oneself (well) "
  784. 944;初;1;sho;"beginning first"
  785. 945;所;1;sho;place
  786. 946;書;1;sho;"handwriting; letter note; book"
  787. 947;庶;1;sho;"all; illegitimate child"
  788. 948;暑;1;sho;"summer heat"
  789. 949;署;1;sho;"government office (police) station"
  790. 951;諸;1;sho;"many several various all"
  791. 954;助;1;jo;"help rescue"
  792. 955;序;1;jo;"beginning; preface; order precedence; farewell address; curtain raiser "
  793. 956;叙;1;jo;"relate narrate describe write; confer (a rank); write a preface"
  794. 957;徐;1;jo;"slowly deliberately gently"
  795. 959;小;1;shoo;"smallness; minor; small. humility prefix small "
  796. 960;升;1;shoo;"1.8 liter"
  797. 961;少;1;shoo;"few; small; young"
  798. 962;召;1;shoo;"call send for; wear put on; take (a bath); ride in; buy; eat drink; catch (a cold) "
  799. 963;匠;1;shoo;"workman artisan; means; idea"
  800. 964;床;1;shoo;"bed floor"
  801. 965;抄;1;shoo;"selection summary; one tenth of a shaku(勺) "
  802. 966;肖;1;shoo;resemble
  803. 967;尚;1;shoo;"further furthermore still still more yet; just like"
  804. 968;招;1;shoo;"beckon to invite summon; engage (someone) call (a doctor); incur cause"
  805. 969;承;1;shoo;"receive accept take get obtain; catch (a ball); stop (a blow) parry; answer (the phone); undergo (an operation); take (an exam); sustain (a loss); be exposed to (ridicule); face front of; inherit; catch the public fancy"
  806. 970;昇;1;shoo;"rise ascend go up climb; go to (the capital); add up to; be promoted; advance (in price); sail up; come up (on the agenda) "
  807. 971;松;1;shoo;pine
  808. 972;沼;1;shoo;"swamp lake"
  809. 973;昭;1;shoo;"clear bright"
  810. 974;宵;1;shoo;"evening early night hours"
  811. 975;将;1;shoo;"commander general admiral"
  812. 976;消;1;shoo;"extinguish blow out; turn off erase cross out; neutralize (odors or poisons); deaden (noise); cancel (in fractions) "
  813. 977;症;1;shoo;"illness; condition of a patient; nature of a disease symptoms"
  814. 978;祥;1;shoo;happiness
  815. 979;称;1;shoo;"name title; fame; praise"
  816. 980;笑;1;shoo;laughter
  817. 981;唱;1;shoo;"recite chant; call upon; cry yell (banzai); advocate preach; quote (prices) "
  818. 982;商;1;shoo;"trade merchant quotient"
  819. 983;渉;1;shoo;"cross ford ferry; be imported; change hands; make one's way through life; sweep across; migrate; be provided"
  820. 984;章;1;shoo;"chapter; composition; poem; badge mark sign; design"
  821. 985;紹;1;shoo;"inherit help"
  822. 986;訟;1;shoo;accuse
  823. 987;勝;1;shoo;"victory beauty spot"
  824. 988;掌;1;shoo;"rule administer conduct"
  825. 989;晶;1;shoo;"clear crystal"
  826. 990;焼;1;shoo;burning
  827. 991;焦;1;shoo;"burn scorch singe char"
  828. 992;硝;1;shoo;saltpeter
  829. 993;粧;1;shoo;"adorn (one's person)"
  830. 994;詔;1;shoo;"imperial edict"
  831. 995;証;1;shoo;"proof evidence; certificate"
  832. 997;傷;1;shoo;"wound injury"
  833. 998;奨;1;shoo;"urge encourage"
  834. 999;照;1;shoo;shine
  835. 1000;詳;1;shoo;"full detailed minute accurate; versed in well-informed on"
  836. 1001;彰;1;shoo;clear
  837. 1002;障;1;shoo;"hinder interfere with; affect hurt harm"
  838. 1003;憧;1;shoo;"yearn after long for; thirst for; aspire to; admire adore"
  839. 1004;衝;1;shoo;"brunt; opposition (in astronomy); highway; collision; important point"
  840. 1005;賞;1;shoo;"prize reward praise"
  841. 1006;償;1;shoo;"make up for recompense redeem (one's faults) compensate for indemnify atone for"
  842. 1007;礁;1;shoo;"sunken rock"
  843. 1008;鐘;1;shoo;"bell gong chimes carillon"
  844. 1010;丈;1;joo;"10 feet; length measure; Mr. or Mrs. (re: artists)"
  845. 1011;冗;1;joo;uselessness
  846. 1012;条;1;joo;"article clause item; line stripe streak; column (of smoke); ray (of light)"
  847. 1013;状;1;joo;"condition circumstances; form appearances; letter"
  848. 1014;乗;1;joo;"power (in math); multiplication; record; vehicle; vehicle counter"
  849. 1015;城;1;joo;castle
  850. 1016;浄;1;joo;"clean clear; pure innocent noble"
  851. 1017;剰;1;joo;besides
  852. 1018;常;1;joo;"normal conditions regular course of events; one's habit"
  853. 1020;場;1;joo;"place grounds links range course track ring"
  854. 1021;畳;1;joo;"mat counter"
  855. 1022;蒸;1;joo;"steam heat up (with steam); be close be sultry; foment poultice "
  856. 1023;縄;1;joo;"rope cord"
  857. 1024;壌;1;joo;"earth soil"
  858. 1025;嬢;1;joo;"girl daughter young lady; Miss."
  859. 1026;錠;1;joo;"lock padlock latch; pill; close up counter for pills"
  860. 1027;譲;1;joo;"turn over hand over transfer convey assign deed bequeath give away give up; sell dispose of; yield to; be inferior to; defer postpone "
  861. 1028;醸;1;joo;"brew cause give rise to"
  862. 1030;拭;1;shoku;"wipe mop swab"
  863. 1032;植;1;shoku;planting
  864. 1033;殖;1;shoku;increase
  865. 1034;飾;1;shoku;"ornament decorate adorn embellish; exhibit be ostentatious; whitewash"
  866. 1035;触;1;shoku;touching
  867. 1036;嘱;1;shoku;requesting
  868. 1038;職;1;shoku;"employment work job office"
  869. 1039;辱;1;joku;"humiliate put to shame disgrace insult; rape assault"
  870. 1041;心;1;shin;"heart mind spirit; motive sense (of duty); padding; wick; core; marrow; vitality "
  871. 1042;申;1;shin;"have the honor to; say tell talk speak declare; call term name"
  872. 1043;伸;1;shin;stretching
  873. 1045;芯;1;shin;wick
  874. 1046;身;1;shin;"body; person; the quick; one's station in life; self; heart soul mind; ability; flesh meat; life; blade; container; garment width "
  875. 1047;辛;1;shin;"H eighth"
  876. 1048;侵;1;shin;"invate raid; violate trespass intrude on"
  877. 1049;信;1;shin;"truth; faith fidelity sincerity; trust confidence reliance "
  878. 1050;津;1;shin;"port harbor; ferry"
  879. 1052;唇;1;shin;lip
  880. 1053;娠;1;shin;pregnancy
  881. 1054;振;1;shin;"wave wag swing shake; sprinkle; brandish; jilt reject; attach allot"
  882. 1055;浸;1;shin;"soak dip steep immerse moisten wet dunk drench"
  883. 1056;真;1;shin;"truth; reality; genuineness; Buddhist sect originating in the thirteenth century"
  884. 1057;針;1;shin;needle
  885. 1058;深;1;shin;deep
  886. 1059;紳;1;shin;"good belt; gentleman"
  887. 1060;進;1;shin;advancing
  888. 1061;森;1;shin;"woods grove"
  889. 1062;診;1;shin;"seeing; diagnosing"
  890. 1063;寝;1;shin;"sleeping; resting; bed"
  891. 1064;慎;1;shin;"be discreet be careful be prudent be cautious; restrain oneself be moderate"
  892. 1065;新;1;shin;"newness novelty. new modern novel fresh neo-"
  893. 1066;審;1;shin;"hearing trial investigation"
  894. 1067;震;1;shin;"shake tremble quiver shiver shudder; vibrate"
  895. 1068;薪;1;shin;firewood
  896. 1069;親;1;shin;"intimacy; parents; relative"
  897. 1071;刃;1;jin;"blade sword cutting tool"
  898. 1073;尽;1;jin;"use up run out of exhaust; serve befriend work for endeavor do (one's duty). last day of the month"
  899. 1074;迅;1;jin;fast
  900. 1075;甚;1;jin;exceedingly
  901. 1076;陣;1;jin;"battle array ranks; camp; position"
  902. 1077;尋;1;jin;fathom
  903. 1078;腎;1;jin;kidney
  904. 1079;須;1;su;"by all means necessarily"
  905. 1081;水;1;sui;"water; ice water; Wednesday"
  906. 1082;吹;1;sui;"breathe blow; play (a wind instrument); emit; smelt; mint; brag "
  907. 1083;垂;1;sui;"suspend hang down; slouch"
  908. 1084;炊;1;sui;"cook boil"
  909. 1085;帥;1;sui;"leading (troops)"
  910. 1086;粋;1;sui;"purity essence pith cream pick elite choice; elegance; fashion; taste; gracefulness; considerateness"
  911. 1087;衰;1;sui;"decline wane weaken abate decay wither waste away"
  912. 1088;推;1;sui;conjecture
  913. 1089;酔;1;sui;"get drunk; feel sick; be poisoned; be elated be spellbound"
  914. 1090;遂;1;sui;"accomplish attain commit (suicide)"
  915. 1091;睡;1;sui;"sleep die"
  916. 1092;穂;1;sui;"ear head (of grain); crest (of waves)"
  917. 1093;随;1;zui;"at the mercy of (the waves)"
  918. 1094;髄;1;zui;"marrow pith"
  919. 1095;枢;1;suu;"pivot; door"
  920. 1096;崇;1;suu;high
  921. 1101;寸;1;sun;"one-tenth of a foot; measure"
  922. 1103;是;1;ze;"right justice"
  923. 1111;制;1;sei;"system organization; imperial command; laws regulation. control govern suppress restrain hold back; establish "
  924. 1113;征;1;sei;"attack the rebellious; collect taxes"
  925. 1116;斉;1;sei;"equal similar"
  926. 1119;牲;1;sei;"sacrifice offering gift"
  927. 1121;凄;1;sei;threaten
  928. 1122;逝;1;sei;"die pass away"
  929. 1125;婿;1;sei;son-in-law
  930. 1126;晴;1;sei;"clear up (doubts) vanish be refreshed"
  931. 1127;勢;1;sei;"energy; military strength"
  932. 1128;聖;1;sei;"saint; sage; great master; holiness"
  933. 1129;誠;1;sei;"admonish warn; prohibit"
  934. 1131;製;1;sei;"make manufacture"
  935. 1132;誓;1;sei;"swear plegde vow"
  936. 1135;整;1;sei;arranging
  937. 1136;醒;1;sei;"awake; be disillusioned; sober up"
  938. 1137;税;1;zei;"tax duty"
  939. 1138;夕;1;seki;evening
  940. 1139;斥;1;seki;"retreat recede withdraw"
  941. 1143;析;1;seki;"divide; tear; analyze"
  942. 1144;席;1;seki;"seat; mat; a place room occasion"
  943. 1145;脊;1;seki;"stature height"
  944. 1146;隻;1;seki;"counter for ships fish birds arrows etc. and one of a pair"
  945. 1147;惜;1;seki;"be sparing of; be frugal with; be stingy with; regret; value prize; be reluctant "
  946. 1148;戚;1;seki;"relative sadness"
  947. 1149;責;1;seki;"condemn blame censure criticize take to task; torture persecute; urge tease (to do something) "
  948. 1150;跡;1;seki;"mark print impression; trace track trail; wake; marks traces evidence; scar; ruins precedent"
  949. 1151;積;1;seki;"product (in math); acreage contents measurement"
  950. 1152;績;1;seki;"exploits unreeling cocoons"
  951. 1153;籍;1;seki;"domiciliary register; membership"
  952. 1155;折;1;setsu;"break snap fracture knock out (teeth); fold turn down; bend; make (a paper toy); yield (oneself) give in"
  953. 1156;拙;1;setsu;"clumsy unskillful"
  954. 1157;窃;1;setsu;steal
  955. 1158;接;1;setsu;"touch contact; adjoin; receive (visitors); be in receipt of; encounter experience; draw near "
  956. 1159;設;1;setsu;"prepare provide; establish found set up organize; enact lay down (rules); get (a child)"
  957. 1160;雪;1;setsu;"snow snowfall"
  958. 1161;摂;1;setsu;"act in place of; carry on in addition to"
  959. 1164;舌;1;zetsu;"tongue; reed; clapper"
  960. 1165;絶;1;zetsu;"be beyond (words)"
  961. 1166;千;1;sen;"thousand many"
  962. 1167;川;1;sen;"river stream brook"
  963. 1168;仙;1;sen;"hermit wizard"
  964. 1169;占;1;sen;"occupy hold have get take (a seat)"
  965. 1170;先;1;sen;"the future; priority precedence"
  966. 1171;宣;1;sen;"be pleased to say say"
  967. 1172;専;1;sen;"mainly sorely "
  968. 1173;泉;1;sen;"spring fountain (head) source"
  969. 1174;浅;1;sen;"shallow; superficial; short (time); slight (connection); pale light (color)"
  970. 1175;洗;1;sen;"wash; inquire into probe "
  971. 1176;染;1;sen;"be dyed be imbued with be tainted with"
  972. 1177;扇;1;sen;fan
  973. 1178;栓;1;sen;"bolt stopper cork plug ear plug bung faucet peg "
  974. 1179;旋;1;sen;"go around"
  975. 1180;船;1;sen;ship
  976. 1181;戦;1;sen;"war; battle; game match"
  977. 1182;煎;1;sen;"broil parch roast fire (tea) boil down (in oil)"
  978. 1183;羨;1;sen;"be envious be jealous covet"
  979. 1184;腺;1;sen;gland
  980. 1185;詮;1;sen;"discussion; selection; methods called for; result effect"
  981. 1186;践;1;sen;"step on trample on stamp on; carry through practice; appraise; set foot on; evade payment"
  982. 1187;箋;1;sen;"paper; label; letter; composition"
  983. 1188;銭;1;sen;"one-hundredth of a yen; coin"
  984. 1189;潜;1;sen;"conceal hide; lower (the voice)"
  985. 1190;線;1;sen;"line; track route wire"
  986. 1191;遷;1;sen;"move change shift; pass into drift; soak in; be infected catch (a cold); catch fire spread "
  987. 1192;選;1;sen;"selection choice"
  988. 1193;薦;1;sen;"recommendation advice encouragement "
  989. 1194;繊;1;sen;"fine slender; thin kimono"
  990. 1195;鮮;1;sen;Korea
  991. 1196;全;1;zen;all
  992. 1197;前;1;zen;before
  993. 1198;善;1;zen;"good goodness right virtue"
  994. 1200;禅;1;zen;"silent meditation; Buddhist sect originating in the twelfth century"
  995. 1201;漸;1;zen;"gradually advancing"
  996. 1202;膳;1;zen;"small low table; tray"
  997. 1203;繕;1;zen;"repair mend darn; trim tidy up adjust"
  998. 1204;狙;1;so;"aim at sight; watch for shadow stalk"
  999. 1205;阻;1;so;"separate from; prevent stop"
  1000. 1206;祖;1;so;"ancestor founder originator pioneer"
  1001. 1207;租;1;so;"crop tax borrowing"
  1002. 1209;措;1;so;"give up suspend discontinue lay aside set apart; except"
  1003. 1210;粗;1;so;"roughness coarseness not fine; neglect; careless"
  1004. 1211;組;1;so;"take part in; be implicated in; side with; support"
  1005. 1212;疎;1;so;"rough sparseness estrangement"
  1006. 1213;訴;1;so;"sue; complain of (pain); appeal to; have recourse to"
  1007. 1214;塑;1;so;"modeling molding"
  1008. 1215;遡;1;so;"go upstream; retrace the past"
  1009. 1216;礎;1;so;"foundation stone cornerstone"
  1010. 1217;双;1;soo;"a pair; a set; comparison; counter for pairs"
  1011. 1218;壮;1;soo;"manhood; prosperity"
  1012. 1220;争;1;soo;"dispute argue; be at variance; compete"
  1013. 1221;走;1;soo;"run rush flee; turn to become; go to excess"
  1014. 1222;奏;1;soo;"play (an instrument)"
  1015. 1224;荘;1;soo;"villa inn"
  1016. 1225;草;1;soo;"grass; grass hand (writing); weeds; herbs plants pasture"
  1017. 1226;送;1;soo;sending
  1018. 1227;倉;1;soo;storehouse
  1019. 1228;捜;1;soo;"search look for locate; glean"
  1020. 1229;挿;1;soo;"insert put in; graft (a branch); wear (a sword); carry (in the belt)"
  1021. 1230;桑;1;soo;mulberry
  1022. 1231;巣;1;soo;"nest rookery breeding place beehive cobweb; den haunt"
  1023. 1232;掃;1;soo;"sweep; brush; gather up"
  1024. 1233;曹;1;soo;friend
  1025. 1235;爽;1;soo;"refreshing bracing; clear resonant sweet(voice); fluent"
  1026. 1236;窓;1;soo;window
  1027. 1237;創;1;soo;"wound injury hurt; cut gash bruise scratch; scar; weak point"
  1028. 1238;喪;1;soo;mourning
  1029. 1239;痩;1;soo;"get thin"
  1030. 1240;葬;1;soo;"bury shelve"
  1031. 1242;僧;1;soo;"monk priest"
  1032. 1244;層;1;soo;"(social) class; stratum layer seam bed formation; story floor; course (of stones)"
  1033. 1245;総;1;soo;"whole all general gross total full"
  1034. 1246;遭;1;soo;"meet interview"
  1035. 1247;槽;1;soo;"tub tank vat"
  1036. 1248;踪;1;soo;"remains (of something); clue footprint"
  1037. 1249;操;1;soo;"manipulate operate steer; pull strings"
  1038. 1250;燥;1;soo;"dry up"
  1039. 1251;霜;1;soo;frost
  1040. 1252;騒;1;soo;"make a noise be boisterous shout clamor; raise an uproar; be excited be agitated; bustle around; make a fuss about; make merry go on a spree"
  1041. 1253;藻;1;soo;"duckweed seaweed"
  1042. 1254;造;1;zoo;"make create manufacture prepare draw up write compose; build; coin; cultivate; organize establish; make up (a face) trim (a tree); fabricate; prepare food; commit (sin) "
  1043. 1255;像;1;zoo;"image statue figure picture portrait"
  1044. 1256;増;1;zoo;increase
  1045. 1257;憎;1;zoo;"hate detest"
  1046. 1258;蔵;1;zoo;"storehoure warehouse godown; cellar; depository treasury; granary elevator"
  1047. 1260;臓;1;zoo;"viscera bowels"
  1048. 1261;即;1;soku;"namely as is"
  1049. 1262;束;1;soku;"bundle sheaf ream (of paper)"
  1050. 1263;足;1;soku;"foot; leg; counter for pairs of footwear"
  1051. 1264;促;1;soku;"urge press demand; stimulate; incite; quicken; invite (attention to)"
  1052. 1265;則;1;soku;"follow (precedent) be based on go by; live up to; model after; be in accordance with"
  1053. 1266;息;1;soku;"son; interest (on money)"
  1054. 1267;捉;1;soku;"catch arrest capture"
  1055. 1268;速;1;soku;"speedy prompt swift"
  1056. 1269;側;1;soku;"lean to one side oppose look aside regret"
  1057. 1270;測;1;soku;"measure gauge weigh; fathom sound; compute estimate"
  1058. 1271;俗;1;zoku;"customs manners; the world; worldliness; vulgarity; mundane things; the laity"
  1059. 1272;族;1;zoku;"family relatives clan tribe race"
  1060. 1273;属;1;zoku;"genus; subordinate official"
  1061. 1274;賊;1;zoku;"robber; rebel; traitor"
  1062. 1275;続;1;zoku;"continuation second series"
  1063. 1276;卒;1;sotsu;"graduate soldier private"
  1064. 1279;村;1;son;"village hamlet"
  1065. 1280;孫;1;son;descendants
  1066. 1281;尊;1;son;"value prize esteem; respect honor revere"
  1067. 1282;損;1;son;"loss; disadvantage handicap"
  1068. 1283;遜;1;son;"humble oneself condescend be modest"
  1069. 1284;他;1;ta;"another the other others another thing; the rest; another place"
  1070. 1285;多;1;ta;much
  1071. 1286;汰;1;ta;"luxury; select"
  1072. 1287;打;1;da;striking
  1073. 1288;妥;1;da;"peace; depravity"
  1074. 1289;唾;1;da;"sputum; saliva"
  1075. 1290;堕;1;da;"descend to lapse into degenerate"
  1076. 1291;惰;1;da;laziness
  1077. 1292;駄;1;da;"horse load; pack horse; sending by horses"
  1078. 1296;耐;1;tai;enduring
  1079. 1297;待;1;tai;waiting
  1080. 1298;怠;1;tai;"laziness neglect"
  1081. 1299;胎;1;tai;"womb uterus"
  1082. 1300;退;1;tai;"retreat withdraw; retire resign"
  1083. 1301;帯;1;tai;"belt; zone"
  1084. 1302;泰;1;tai;"calm peace; easy; large wide"
  1085. 1303;堆;1;tai;"piled high"
  1086. 1304;袋;1;tai;"bag; bag counter"
  1087. 1305;逮;1;tai;chase
  1088. 1306;替;1;tai;"change turn convert exchange renew substitute replace "
  1089. 1307;貸;1;tai;"lend; hire out rent lease; give credit to "
  1090. 1308;隊;1;tai;"party company corps squad crew band posse force unit"
  1091. 1309;滞;1;tai;stopping
  1092. 1310;態;1;tai;"condition figure appearance; voice (of verbs)"
  1093. 1311;戴;1;tai;"be crowned with wear; live under (a ruler); install ( a president); receive accept; buy; take eat drink (humble) "
  1094. 1315;第;1;dai;"residence. number (1 2 3 etc.)"
  1095. 1316;題;1;dai;"subject theme topic; title caption heading; question problem"
  1096. 1318;宅;1;taku;"home house residence; our home; my husband"
  1097. 1319;択;1;taku;"choose select; cull out; elect; prefer; decide on"
  1098. 1320;沢;1;taku;"swamp; blessing"
  1099. 1321;卓;1;taku;"table desk; high"
  1100. 1322;拓;1;taku;"open clear break up (land)"
  1101. 1323;託;1;taku;"requesting entrusting with"
  1102. 1324;濯;1;taku;"wash pour on rinse"
  1103. 1325;諾;1;daku;"assent consent agreement"
  1104. 1326;濁;1;daku;"uncleanness; wrong; muddiness impurity; voicing marks; voiced sound voiced consonant; unrefined sake"
  1105. 1328;達;1;tatsu;"reach arrive at attain; amount to; become expert be versed in; accomplish; notify"
  1106. 1329;脱;1;datsu;removing
  1107. 1330;奪;1;datsu;"take by force snatch away oust deprive of disposess plunder usurp; absorb (attention); fascinate"
  1108. 1333;丹;1;tan;"red red lead; pills"
  1109. 1334;旦;1;"tan dan";"dawn early moring"
  1110. 1335;担;1;tan;"carry; raise"
  1111. 1336;単;1;tan;"one single simple singular individual"
  1112. 1337;炭;1;tan;"charcoal; coal"
  1113. 1338;胆;1;tan;"gall bladder; courage"
  1114. 1339;探;1;tan;"search look for; explore; spy upon sound out; probe (a wound)"
  1115. 1340;淡;1;tan;"light faint pale fleeting; a little"
  1116. 1341;短;1;tan;"shortness brevity; fault defect demerit weak point"
  1117. 1342;嘆;1;tan;sigh
  1118. 1343;端;1;tan;"origin; end; point"
  1119. 1344;綻;1;tan;"be rent be ripped; unravel run; begin to open; smile"
  1120. 1345;誕;1;tan;"be born; deceive; lie; be arbitrary"
  1121. 1346;鍛;1;tan;"forge temper; drill train practice"
  1122. 1349;段;1;dan;"steps stair flight of stairs; column; paragraph; act scene; case question; grade class rank level; degree extent "
  1123. 1350;断;1;dan;"decision judgment; cutting"
  1124. 1351;弾;1;dan;bullet
  1125. 1352;暖;1;dan;warmth
  1126. 1353;談;1;dan;"conversation talk"
  1127. 1356;池;1;chi;"pond pool cistern basin reservoir"
  1128. 1357;知;1;chi;"know acquaintance sense"
  1129. 1358;値;1;chi;"price cost value"
  1130. 1359;恥;1;chi;"shame dishonor disgrace humiliation insult "
  1131. 1360;致;1;chi;"do; send forward; incur cause; render (assistance); exert (oneself); engage call in (a doctor)"
  1132. 1361;遅;1;chi;"be late be delayed be overdue; lag behind; (clocks) lose"
  1133. 1362;痴;1;chi;foolish
  1134. 1363;稚;1;chi;young
  1135. 1364;置;1;chi;"place put set deposit lay; leave behind; keep have leave; establish; employ; appoint; post station; pawn; skip (one day). be formed (dew)"
  1136. 1365;緻;1;chi;"fine (not coarse)"
  1137. 1366;竹;1;chiku;bamboo
  1138. 1367;畜;1;chiku;"domesticated fowl and animals"
  1139. 1368;逐;1;chiku;"drive away; chase; drive (cattle); follow pursue (pleasure)"
  1140. 1369;蓄;1;chiku;"store hoard savings"
  1141. 1370;築;1;chiku;"build construct"
  1142. 1371;秩;1;chitsu;"salary; order"
  1143. 1372;窒;1;chitsu;"plug up obstruct"
  1144. 1375;嫡;1;chaku;"legitimacy; legitimate child; legitimate wife; direct descent"
  1145. 1376;中;1;"chuu [jyuu]";"center middle; middle (course); (golden) mean; medium mediocrity average; second volume (of three) "
  1146. 1377;仲;1;chuu;"relation relationship"
  1147. 1378;虫;1;chuu;"worm vermin bug insect; temper; nervousness peevishness; bad company "
  1148. 1379;沖;1;chuu;"offing open sea"
  1149. 1380;宙;1;chuu;"air space mid-air sky heaven; memorization; interval of time"
  1150. 1381;忠;1;chuu;"loyalty devotion fidelity faithfulness"
  1151. 1382;抽;1;chuu;"pull; extract; excel"
  1152. 1383;注;1;chuu;"notes comment; N.B."
  1153. 1384;昼;1;chuu;"daytime midday"
  1154. 1385;柱;1;chuu;"cylinder supports for strings on a lute; pillar post"
  1155. 1386;衷;1;chuu;"heart mind; inside"
  1156. 1387;酎;1;chuu;sak_
  1157. 1388;鋳;1;chuu;casting
  1158. 1389;駐;1;chuu;"stop reside in"
  1159. 1390;著;1;cho;"literary work"
  1160. 1391;貯;1;cho;"store lay in stock save keep wear (a mustache)"
  1161. 1393;弔;1;choo;mourning
  1162. 1394;庁;1;choo;"government office"
  1163. 1395;兆;1;choo;"sign omen indication portent; trillion"
  1164. 1396;町;1;choo;"town; block; street; 2.45 acres; 119 yards"
  1165. 1397;長;1;choo;"head chief headman commander director manager; merit forte advantage; superiority; length "
  1166. 1398;挑;1;choo;"challenge; contend for; make love to"
  1167. 1399;帳;1;choo;"notebook; account book; register; album; curtain dividing a room"
  1168. 1400;張;1;choo;"counter for bows and stringed instruments"
  1169. 1401;彫;1;choo;carving
  1170. 1402;眺;1;choo;"watch look at see; scrutinize"
  1171. 1403;釣;1;choo;"angle fish catch; decoy allure "
  1172. 1404;頂;1;choo;"head; top of the head; top summit peak; spire "
  1173. 1405;鳥;1;choo;bird
  1174. 1406;朝;1;choo;"dynasty; reign regime; period epoch; the court "
  1175. 1407;貼;1;choo;"counter for medicine packages"
  1176. 1408;超;1;choo;"super- ultra-"
  1177. 1409;腸;1;choo;"intestines bowels entrails; digestive system in lower animals"
  1178. 1410;跳;1;choo;"leap spring up; hop; jerk prance buck; bound; spatter splash; snap crack sputter; close be over "
  1179. 1411;徴;1;choo;"sign symptom omen"
  1180. 1412;嘲;1;choo;"rudicule insult"
  1181. 1413;潮;1;choo;"tide; salt water; opportunity"
  1182. 1414;澄;1;choo;"be clear become clear clarify"
  1183. 1415;調;1;choo;"tune tone meter; key (in music); style of writing; tax in kind "
  1184. 1416;聴;1;choo;"careful inquiry"
  1185. 1417;懲;1;choo;"chastise punish discipline"
  1186. 1419;勅;1;choku;"imperial decree"
  1187. 1420;捗;1;choku;"make progress"
  1188. 1421;沈;1;chin;aloes
  1189. 1422;珍;1;chin;"rare curious strange"
  1190. 1423;朕;1;chin;"imperial we"
  1191. 1424;陳;1;chin;"state relate explain"
  1192. 1425;賃;1;chin;"hire rent wages fare freight charge fee"
  1193. 1426;鎮;1;chin;"ancient garrisons for peace-preservation"
  1194. 1427;追;1;tsui;"drive away; chase; drive (cattle); follow persue (pleasure)"
  1195. 1428;椎;1;tsui;"hammer mallet"
  1196. 1429;墜;1;tsui;fall
  1197. 1431;痛;1;tsuu;pain
  1198. 1436;鶴;1;tsuru;"crane stork"
  1199. 1437;低;1;tei;low
  1200. 1438;呈;1;tei;"offer present; send (a letter); exhibit; develop (symptoms); assume (airs)"
  1201. 1439;廷;1;tei;"imperial court government office"
  1202. 1442;底;1;tei;"bottom base; kind sort "
  1203. 1443;抵;1;tei;"touch reach resist"
  1204. 1444;邸;1;tei;"mansion residence"
  1205. 1445;亭;1;tei;"restaurant; mansion; arbor; cottage; vaudeville music hall stage name"
  1206. 1446;貞;1;tei;"chastity; constancy; righteousness"
  1207. 1447;帝;1;tei;"emperor; the god of heaven; the creator"
  1208. 1448;訂;1;tei;"correct; decide"
  1209. 1449;庭;1;tei;"yard courtyard garden"
  1210. 1450;逓;1;tei;"in turn; sending (parcels) in feudal times"
  1211. 1451;停;1;tei;stopping
  1212. 1452;偵;1;tei;spy
  1213. 1453;堤;1;tei;"dike bank embankment"
  1214. 1454;提;1;tei;"take along carry in the hand"
  1215. 1455;程;1;tei;"degree; law; formula; distance"
  1216. 1456;艇;1;tei;"small boat"
  1217. 1457;締;1;tei;"tie tighten; wring constrict strangle; shut; total; control strictly; rebuke "
  1218. 1458;諦;1;tei;"abandon give up resign to be reconciled to"
  1219. 1459;泥;1;dei;"mud mire"
  1220. 1460;的;1;teki;"mark target; object; the point. adjective ending"
  1221. 1461;笛;1;teki;flute
  1222. 1462;摘;1;teki;"pick pinch; hold in the fingers; summarize"
  1223. 1463;滴;1;teki;drop
  1224. 1464;適;1;teki;suitable
  1225. 1465;敵;1;teki;"enemy foe opponent"
  1226. 1466;溺;1;deki;"drown indulge in"
  1227. 1467;迭;1;tetsu;alternation
  1228. 1468;哲;1;tetsu;clear
  1229. 1469;鉄;1;tetsu;"iron steel; reddish black iron blue"
  1230. 1470;徹;1;tetsu;clear
  1231. 1471;撤;1;tetsu;"withdraw; disarm (a ship); dismantle (a fort); remove reject exclude"
  1232. 1472;天;1;ten;"sky air heavens celestial sphere firmament; heaven Providence God Nature; destiny; weather; top; beginning "
  1233. 1473;典;1;ten;"ceremony celebration; law code"
  1234. 1474;店;1;ten;"shop store"
  1235. 1475;点;1;ten;"point; mark; score run; speck; stain; defect; a detail; standpoint; items pieces; decimal point; vote"
  1236. 1476;展;1;ten;expand
  1237. 1477;添;1;ten;"accompany; marry; be added to; suit meet satisfy be adjusted to"
  1238. 1478;転;1;ten;"turn remove change"
  1239. 1479;填;1;ten;"go into fit into; fall into plunge into; be deceived"
  1240. 1480;田;1;den;"rice field paddy field"
  1241. 1481;伝;1;den;"legend tradition; life biography; commentary; communicating "
  1242. 1483;電;1;den;electricity
  1243. 1484;斗;1;to;"ten sho (1 to = 4.8 gallons (U.S.)= 18 liters); a one-to measure; sake ladle; the Big Dipper"
  1244. 1485;吐;1;to;"disgorge vomit; belch emit; give vent to; confess; tell (lies) speak "
  1245. 1486;妬;1;to;"be jealous of be envious of"
  1246. 1487;徒;1;to;"party set gang companions; people"
  1247. 1488;途;1;to;"way road"
  1248. 1490;渡;1;to;"cross ford ferry; be imported; change hands; make one's way through life; sweep across; migrate; be provided "
  1249. 1491;塗;1;to;"paint; plaster; daub lacquer "
  1250. 1492;賭;1;to;gambling
  1251. 1494;奴;1;do;"manservant slave; fellow"
  1252. 1495;努;1;do;"serve fill a post serve under; exert oneself endeavor work be diligent; play (the part of) "
  1253. 1497;怒;1;do;"become angry be offended become excited "
  1254. 1498;刀;1;too;"sword saber knife engraving tool"
  1255. 1499;冬;1;too;winter
  1256. 1500;灯;1;too;"lamp light; counter for lights"
  1257. 1501;当;1;too;"right appropriateness fairness; himself; itself; at the time "
  1258. 1502;投;1;too;throw
  1259. 1504;東;1;too;east
  1260. 1505;到;1;too;"go proceed come; arrive reach attain; result in lead to "
  1261. 1506;逃;1;too;"flee run away escape; shirk evade back out "
  1262. 1507;倒;1;too;"fall collapse drop; break down die succumb to; fall senseless; be ruined; have a bad debt "
  1263. 1508;凍;1;too;"freeze be frozen over; congeal"
  1264. 1509;唐;1;too;"Tang (dynasty); China; foreign countries. Chinese; Korean; Foreign"
  1265. 1510;島;1;too;island
  1266. 1511;桃;1;too;peach
  1267. 1512;討;1;too;"attack defeat destroy conquer"
  1268. 1513;透;1;too;"permeate penetrate "
  1269. 1514;党;1;too;"party faction clique; companions"
  1270. 1515;悼;1;too;"grieve over"
  1271. 1516;盗;1;too;thief
  1272. 1517;陶;1;too;"porcelain pottery"
  1273. 1518;塔;1;too;"tower pagoda steeple obelisk monument"
  1274. 1519;搭;1;too;"load (a vehicle); ride"
  1275. 1520;棟;1;too;"ridge ridgepole; counter for buildings"
  1276. 1521;湯;1;too;"hot water"
  1277. 1522;痘;1;too;smallpox
  1278. 1524;答;1;too;answer
  1279. 1525;等;1;too;"class grade degree"
  1280. 1526;筒;1;too;"pipette tube"
  1281. 1527;統;1;too;"relationship; lineage; beginning"
  1282. 1528;稲;1;too;"rice plant"
  1283. 1529;踏;1;too;"step on trample on stamp on; carry through practice; appraise; set foot on; evade payment "
  1284. 1530;糖;1;too;sugar
  1285. 1532;謄;1;too;copy
  1286. 1533;藤;1;too;wisteria
  1287. 1534;闘;1;too;fighting
  1288. 1535;騰;1;too;"rising; price rise"
  1289. 1536;同;1;doo;"the same the said ibid"
  1290. 1537;洞;1;doo;cavity
  1291. 1538;胴;1;doo;"torso trunk (of a body); body armor; body (of a suit); drum (of a machine); barrel (of a horse); cylinder (of a drum); bulge (of a bucket); hull (of a ship); hub (of a wheel)"
  1292. 1539;動;1;doo;"motion; change; confusion"
  1293. 1540;堂;1;doo;"temple; shrine; hall; reception room; firm; state chamber. shop store"
  1294. 1541;童;1;doo;child
  1295. 1543;働;1;doo;"work labor; do act commit practice; work on; come into play; be conjugated; reduce the price "
  1296. 1544;銅;1;doo;copper
  1297. 1545;導;1;doo;leading
  1298. 1546;瞳;1;doo;"pupil of the eye"
  1299. 1548;匿;1;toku;"shelter shield hide"
  1300. 1549;特;1;toku;special
  1301. 1550;得;1;toku;"profit advantage benefit"
  1302. 1551;督;1;toku;"command lead supervise; urge"
  1303. 1552;徳;1;toku;"virtue goodness; good; gain; power to command respect"
  1304. 1553;篤;1;toku;"kind cordial fervent affectionate; serious (illness)"
  1305. 1554;毒;1;doku;"poison; virus venom germ toxin; harm injury; malice spite"
  1306. 1555;独;1;doku;alone
  1307. 1558;凸;1;totsu;"projecting beetle brow"
  1308. 1559;突;1;totsu;"protruding thrusting"
  1309. 1561;屯;1;ton;"police station; camp"
  1310. 1562;豚;1;ton;hog
  1311. 1563;頓;1;ton;"suddenly in a hurry immediately"
  1312. 1564;貪;1;don;coveting
  1313. 1565;鈍;1;don;"dullness slowness foolishness"
  1314. 1566;曇;1;don;"cloud up; fog up become dim be blurred; be gloomy "
  1315. 1568;那;1;na;what
  1316. 1569;奈;1;na;what
  1317. 1575;軟;1;nan;soft
  1318. 1576;難;1;nan;"trouble difficulty; accident disaster; defect; criticism "
  1319. 1577;二;1;ni;"two second"
  1320. 1578;尼;1;ni;nun
  1321. 1579;弐;1;ni;"two second"
  1322. 1581;肉;1;niku;"flesh muscles; meat; the flesh; seal pad ink pad; thickness succulence "
  1323. 1584;入;1;nyuu;"go in come in; flow into; set; set in "
  1324. 1585;乳;1;nyuu;"milk; the breasts; loop"
  1325. 1586;尿;1;nyoo;urine
  1326. 1587;任;1;nin;"duty responsibility; office; mission; term "
  1327. 1588;妊;1;nin;"become pregnant; be pregnant; be filled with"
  1328. 1589;忍;1;nin;"bear endure put up with; hide (oneself) "
  1329. 1590;認;1;nin;"witness; sight; discern authorize recognize; appreciate; approve of; judge conclude; believe; regard as "
  1330. 1591;寧;1;nei;preferably
  1331. 1592;熱;1;netsu;"heat warmth; temperature; fever; mania fad; enthusiasm; passion "
  1332. 1593;年;1;nen;"year; term of service"
  1333. 1594;念;1;nen;"sense idea thought; feeling; desire; concern attention care "
  1334. 1595;捻;1;nen;"pinch (of salt); small gift of money; a twist"
  1335. 1596;粘;1;nen;"be sticky be glutinous be greasy; persevere"
  1336. 1597;燃;1;nen;burn
  1337. 1598;悩;1;noo;"distress illness"
  1338. 1600;能;1;noo;"ability talent skill capacity; noh play classical drama"
  1339. 1601;脳;1;noo;"brain memory"
  1340. 1602;農;1;noo;"agriculture; farmers"
  1341. 1603;濃;1;noo;"dark thick undiluted"
  1342. 1604;把;1;ha;"bundle bunch sheaf coil"
  1343. 1605;波;1;ha;wave
  1344. 1606;派;1;ha;"group party clique; faction sect; school (of art etc.)"
  1345. 1607;破;1;ha;"tear rip rend; break crush destroy; violate transgress; defeat; baffle frustrate "
  1346. 1608;覇;1;ha;"supremacy leadership domination hegemony; supreme ruler; champion"
  1347. 1609;馬;1;ba;horse
  1348. 1610;婆;1;ba;"old woman; grandmother"
  1349. 1611;罵;1;ba;"abuse insult speak ill of"
  1350. 1612;拝;1;hai;worship
  1351. 1613;杯;1;hai;"cup glass; toast congratulatory cup; counter for cupfuls "
  1352. 1614;背;1;hai;"back behind"
  1353. 1615;肺;1;hai;lung
  1354. 1616;俳;1;hai;actor
  1355. 1617;配;1;hai;"distribute; spouse; exile; rationing"
  1356. 1618;排;1;hai;"exclude expel reject; push aside push open; defy; disregard; anti-(Japanese etc.) "
  1357. 1619;敗;1;hai;"defeat reversal"
  1358. 1620;廃;1;hai;"obsolescence; cessation; discarding"
  1359. 1621;輩;1;hai;"fellow people companion; line"
  1360. 1622;売;1;bai;selling
  1361. 1623;倍;1;bai;"double twice; times -fold"
  1362. 1624;梅;1;bai;"plum plum tree"
  1363. 1625;培;1;bai;"cultivate foster"
  1364. 1626;陪;1;bai;"follow accompany attend on"
  1365. 1627;媒;1;bai;go-between
  1366. 1628;買;1;bai;buying
  1367. 1629;賠;1;bai;indemnify
  1368. 1631;伯;1;haku;"count; earl; eldest brother; uncle; chief official"
  1369. 1633;泊;1;haku;"(three-day) stay"
  1370. 1634;迫;1;haku;"press for urge force spur on; approach; gain on close in on; be on the verge of; be imminent "
  1371. 1635;剥;1;haku;"come off peel off be worn off; fade discolor"
  1372. 1636;舶;1;haku;ship
  1373. 1638;薄;1;haku;"thin weak (tea) light pale faint scanty ungenerous "
  1374. 1639;麦;1;baku;"wheat barley oats rye"
  1375. 1640;漠;1;baku;"vague obscure; deserd; wide"
  1376. 1641;縛;1;baku;"arrest binding"
  1377. 1642;爆;1;baku;"burst open pop split"
  1378. 1647;八;1;hachi;eight
  1379. 1650;髪;1;hatsu;"the hair"
  1380. 1651;伐;1;batsu;"strike attack; punish"
  1381. 1652;抜;1;batsu;"extract unlock pull out; root up; unsheathe; pilfer; quote; remove; omit; capture; outrun; shoot through"
  1382. 1654;閥;1;batsu;"lineage pedigree; clique faction clan"
  1383. 1656;半;1;han;"half; odd number; semi- hemi- demi-"
  1384. 1657;氾;1;han;"spread out; wide"
  1385. 1658;犯;1;han;"offense crime; counter for criminal offenses "
  1386. 1659;帆;1;han;sail
  1387. 1660;汎;1;han;pan-
  1388. 1663;坂;1;han;"incline slope hill"
  1389. 1664;阪;1;han;slope
  1390. 1666;版;1;han;"printing block or plate; printing; edition impression; board; label"
  1391. 1667;班;1;han;"corps unite squad; party companions group; order"
  1392. 1668;畔;1;han;"rice-paddy ridge levee"
  1393. 1669;般;1;han;"carry; all"
  1394. 1670;販;1;han;"sell trade"
  1395. 1671;斑;1;han;spot
  1396. 1672;飯;1;han;"cooked rice; meal; food"
  1397. 1673;搬;1;han;"carry transport"
  1398. 1675;頒;1;han;"divide separate; share with; distinguish between"
  1399. 1676;範;1;han;"example model pattern; limit"
  1400. 1677;繁;1;han;"frequency complexity trouble "
  1401. 1678;藩;1;han;"feudal clan; enclosure"
  1402. 1679;晩;1;ban;"evening night; the end of all things; late"
  1403. 1680;番;1;ban;"watch guard; duty; number; order; size game round turn bout"
  1404. 1681;蛮;1;ban;barbarian
  1405. 1682;盤;1;ban;"shallow bowl platter tray tub; board; phonograph record"
  1406. 1683;比;1;hi;"ratio; comparison; an equal a match "
  1407. 1684;皮;1;hi;"skin; hide; leather; fur pelt; bark; peeling husk shell; film cream "
  1408. 1685;妃;1;hi;"queen princess"
  1409. 1686;否;1;hi;"no noes"
  1410. 1687;批;1;hi;strike
  1411. 1688;彼;1;hi;"he; that"
  1412. 1689;披;1;hi;open
  1413. 1690;肥;1;hi;"get fat; get fertile"
  1414. 1691;非;1;hi;"mistake; misdeed; injustice; wrong; non- un- anti-"
  1415. 1692;卑;1;hi;"humble; base mean vile vulgar; greedy "
  1416. 1693;飛;1;hi;"fly; skip (pages)"
  1417. 1694;疲;1;hi;"get tired grow weary "
  1418. 1695;秘;1;hi;secret
  1419. 1696;被;1;hi;receiving
  1420. 1697;悲;1;hi;"grieve be sad deplore mourn for regret "
  1421. 1698;扉;1;hi;"door; title page front page"
  1422. 1699;費;1;hi;"expenses cost"
  1423. 1700;碑;1;hi;"monument tombstone"
  1424. 1701;罷;1;hi;"end stop cease; subside calm down pass; die out be extinguished; leave go off; be abandoned "
  1425. 1702;避;1;hi;"avoid avert ward off keep aloof from stay away from; evade shirk shun "
  1426. 1703;尾;1;bi;"tail; end; counter for fish"
  1427. 1705;美;1;bi;"beauty grace charm"
  1428. 1706;備;1;bi;"be furnished with be endowed with possess; be among be one of "
  1429. 1707;微;1;bi;"minuteness; insignificance; vagueness; fewness"
  1430. 1708;鼻;1;bi;nasal
  1431. 1711;匹;1;hitsu;"head counter (small animals); roll of cloth "
  1432. 1712;必;1;hitsu;certainly
  1433. 1714;筆;1;hitsu;"writing brush paintbrush; writing drawing painting; the pen; handwriting penmanship; literary work "
  1434. 1716;百;1;hyaku;"hundred; a great number; all"
  1435. 1717;氷;1;hyoo;"freeze; be frozen over; congeal"
  1436. 1718;表;1;hyoo;"table schedule diagram chart list "
  1437. 1719;俵;1;hyoo;"bag bale sack; bag counter"
  1438. 1720;票;1;hyoo;"label; ballot; ticket; sign"
  1439. 1721;評;1;hyoo;"criticism comment "
  1440. 1722;漂;1;hyoo;"float (on the water)"
  1441. 1723;標;1;hyoo;"signpost; mark; target; designate"
  1442. 1724;苗;1;byoo;"seedling sapling shoot"
  1443. 1725;秒;1;byoo;"one-sixtieth og a minute (of time latitude degree etc.)"
  1444. 1727;描;1;byoo;"write compose; draw paint "
  1445. 1728;猫;1;byoo;cat
  1446. 1729;品;1;hin;"refinement dignity; article "
  1447. 1730;浜;1;hin;"beach seashore; fishing village"
  1448. 1732;賓;1;hin;guest
  1449. 1733;頻;1;hin;"repeat occur repeatedly"
  1450. 1734;敏;1;bin;"agility; alertness"
  1451. 1735;瓶;1;bin;"bottle vial jar flask"
  1452. 1738;父;1;fu;father
  1453. 1739;付;1;fu;"give to submit to refer to; affix attach append "
  1454. 1740;布;1;fu;cloth
  1455. 1741;扶;1;fu;"help; save rescue; give relief to; spare (life); reinforce; promote; abet"
  1456. 1742;府;1;fu;"urban prefecture; government office; representative body; storehouse"
  1457. 1743;怖;1;fu;"fear be frightened; be timid; get nervous "
  1458. 1744;阜;1;[fu];"hill; mound"
  1459. 1745;附;1;fu;"give to submit to refer to; affix attach append "
  1460. 1746;訃;1;fu;"obituary report of a death"
  1461. 1747;負;1;fu;"negative minus; minus sign "
  1462. 1748;赴;1;fu;"proceed to; get become tend toward"
  1463. 1749;浮;1;fu;"float be floated rise to the surface; be cheered up; be set on edge feel loose (teeth); be left over be saved "
  1464. 1750;婦;1;fu;"woman; wife; bride"
  1465. 1751;符;1;fu;"sign mark tally; charm amulet"
  1466. 1753;普;1;fu;"widely generally"
  1467. 1754;腐;1;fu;"rot decay; turn sour; fester; corrode; be corrupted; feel gloomy "
  1468. 1755;敷;1;fu;"spread; pave; sit (on a cushion); lay (a railway); gravel (a road); promulgate; draw up"
  1469. 1756;膚;1;fu;"skin body; grain texture; disposition"
  1470. 1757;賦;1;fu;"ode prose poem poetical prose; tribute exacted service; installment "
  1471. 1758;譜;1;fu;"music note staff score; album record table; genealogy"
  1472. 1759;侮;1;bu;"despise make light of"
  1473. 1761;部;1;bu;"department bureau section; faculty; division class category; part portion region; copy volume set"
  1474. 1762;舞;1;bu;"dance; flutter about flit; circle wheel "
  1475. 1765;伏;1;fuku;"bend down bow down lie prostrate "
  1476. 1766;服;1;fuku;"dress costume clothes garment suit uniform"
  1477. 1767;副;1;fuku;"duplicate copy; assistant associate "
  1478. 1768;幅;1;fuku;"hanging scroll picture; width; counter for scrolls "
  1479. 1769;復;1;fuku;"return to revert to be restored to resume (one's duties); revenge; reward "
  1480. 1770;福;1;fuku;"fortune blessing luck wealth; food which has been offered to gods"
  1481. 1771;腹;1;fuku;"belly stomach "
  1482. 1772;複;1;fuku;"double compound composite multiple"
  1483. 1773;覆;1;fuku;"overturn capsize; fall; be ruined "
  1484. 1774;払;1;futsu;"clear out sweep away wipe off brush off drive away banish; prune; parry; pay; dispose of; wield (a sword) sideways; show interest in "
  1485. 1775;沸;1;futsu;"boil get hot; ferment; seethe; be in an uproar; gush out; grow breed be hatched "
  1486. 1776;仏;1;butsu;"Buddha Buddhism"
  1487. 1778;粉;1;fun;"dust powder"
  1488. 1779;紛;1;fun;"be mistaken for be confused with; go astray; be diverted from "
  1489. 1780;雰;1;fun;fog
  1490. 1781;噴;1;fun;"spout emit flush out"
  1491. 1782;墳;1;fun;"mound; tomb"
  1492. 1783;憤;1;fun;"resent be indignant become angry "
  1493. 1784;奮;1;fun;"be invigorated be spirited flourish"
  1494. 1788;丙;1;hei;"C third"
  1495. 1791;併;1;hei;"get together unite "
  1496. 1792;並;1;hei;"line up be in a row; rank with rival equal "
  1497. 1793;柄;1;hei;"handle crank grip hilt shaft knob spoke (of steering wheel on a ship) "
  1498. 1794;陛;1;hei;"steps (of the throne)"
  1499. 1795;閉;1;hei;"shut close"
  1500. 1796;塀;1;hei;"wall fence"
  1501. 1797;幣;1;hei;"Shinto zigzag paper offerings; bad habit; humble prefix; gift"
  1502. 1798;弊;1;hei;"evil abuse vice bad custom; breakage; our (humble); Shinto zigzag paper offering; tribute "
  1503. 1799;蔽;1;hei;"cover covering; shade; mantle coat; hood bonnet; casing; awning"
  1504. 1800;餅;1;hei;"rice cake"
  1505. 1802;壁;1;heki;"wall; lining (of the stomach); fence; partition"
  1506. 1803;璧;1;heki;"ball bowl sphere bulb"
  1507. 1804;癖;1;heki;habit
  1508. 1805;別;1;betsu;"divide split separate; isolate; distribute share; distinguish; spare "
  1509. 1806;蔑;1;betsu;"ignore despise neglect ridicule"
  1510. 1807;片;1;hen;"leaf sheet petal flake"
  1511. 1808;辺;1;hen;"side; boundary border; beach; region district rural areas; vicinity; approximation "
  1512. 1809;返;1;hen;answer
  1513. 1810;変;1;hen;"change; accident calamity; uprising; something strange "
  1514. 1811;偏;1;hen;"side; left radical of a character; inclining"
  1515. 1812;遍;1;hen;times
  1516. 1813;編;1;hen;"compilation editing; completed poem; a book; a part of a book "
  1517. 1814;弁;1;ben;"braid. petal valve. discrimination. speech dialect; oratory "
  1518. 1816;勉;1;ben;"serve fill a post serve under; exert oneself endeavor work be diligent; play (the part of) "
  1519. 1818;保;1;ho;guarantee
  1520. 1819;哺;1;ho;"taking in the mouth"
  1521. 1820;捕;1;ho;"catch arrest capture "
  1522. 1821;補;1;ho;"assistant learner"
  1523. 1822;舗;1;ho;"shop store"
  1524. 1823;母;1;bo;"mother; cause; motive"
  1525. 1824;募;1;bo;"gather (contributions); campaign (for students); float (a loan); enlist (troops); grow violent"
  1526. 1825;墓;1;bo;"grave tomb"
  1527. 1826;慕;1;bo;"yearn for love dearly adore follow"
  1528. 1827;暮;1;bo;"live make a living; spend (one's time) "
  1529. 1828;簿;1;bo;"record book"
  1530. 1829;方;1;hoo;"direction way; side; part; square; way method means scheme process "
  1531. 1830;包;1;hoo;"wrap pack up; cover with; dress in; conceal "
  1532. 1831;芳;1;hoo;fragrance
  1533. 1832;邦;1;hoo;country
  1534. 1834;宝;1;hoo;treasure
  1535. 1835;抱;1;hoo;"hug embrace hold in the arms; sit (on eggs) "
  1536. 1836;放;1;hoo;"set free release fire shoot; circulate (rumors); emit give out; set fire to; banish "
  1537. 1838;泡;1;hoo;"bubble foam froth scum suds "
  1538. 1839;胞;1;hoo;"theca sac sheath case; placenta"
  1539. 1840;俸;1;hoo;salary
  1540. 1841;倣;1;hoo;"imitate follow emulate"
  1541. 1842;峰;1;hoo;"peak summit top; back (of a sword)"
  1542. 1843;砲;1;hoo;"gun cannon battery; gunnery ordnance artillery "
  1543. 1844;崩;1;hoo;die
  1544. 1845;訪;1;hoo;"visit call on"
  1545. 1846;報;1;hoo;"news report; reward retribution "
  1546. 1847;蜂;1;hoo;"bee wasp hornet"
  1547. 1848;豊;1;hoo;"abundant rich fruitful"
  1548. 1849;飽;1;hoo;"get tired of lose interest in have enough "
  1549. 1850;褒;1;hoo;"praise extol"
  1550. 1851;縫;1;hoo;"sew stich embroider"
  1551. 1853;乏;1;boo;"meager scarce limited; destitute hard up "
  1552. 1854;忙;1;boo;"busy occupied"
  1553. 1856;妨;1;boo;"disturb prevent hamper hinder obstruct"
  1554. 1857;忘;1;boo;"forget; be forgetful of; forget about; forget (an article)"
  1555. 1858;防;1;boo;"defend protect; resist; keep away shut out ward off; prevent"
  1556. 1859;房;1;boo;"house room; tassel"
  1557. 1860;肪;1;boo;fat
  1558. 1861;某;1;boo;"one a certain; that person; that thing "
  1559. 1862;冒;1;boo;"risk face defy dare; (diseases) attack; damage; desecrate; assume (a name) "
  1560. 1863;剖;1;boo;divide
  1561. 1864;紡;1;boo;"spin make yarn"
  1562. 1866;傍;1;boo;"side; besides; while"
  1563. 1867;帽;1;boo;"cap headgear"
  1564. 1868;棒;1;boo;"stick cane rod pole stake pile club bar; line dash"
  1565. 1869;貿;1;boo;exchange
  1566. 1870;貌;1;boo;"form appearance; countenance"
  1567. 1872;膨;1;boo;"get fat; get thick swell "
  1568. 1874;頬;1;hoo;cheek
  1569. 1875;北;1;hoku;north
  1570. 1877;朴;1;boku;"simple plain; docile"
  1571. 1878;牧;1;boku;"care for shepherd feed"
  1572. 1879;睦;1;boku;"friendly intimate harmonious"
  1573. 1880;僕;1;boku;"manservant I (used by male speakers) "
  1574. 1881;墨;1;boku;"India ink Chinese ink; ink stick; inked marking string; ink (of a squid) "
  1575. 1882;撲;1;boku;"strike hit beat knock slap punch thrash smite; clap (one's hands); beat (a drum); ring (a bell); (clocks) strike; impress touch; shoot; pound in (a nail); water sprinkle; braid; play (checkers); till (the soil); temper (a sword); prepare (buckwheat noodles); present (a play); cast (a net); pay (earnest money) "
  1576. 1883;没;1;botsu;"sink set go down; hide be hidden fall into; disappear; die. rejection of manuscript; deceased "
  1577. 1884;勃;1;botsu;"suddenness; rise"
  1578. 1886;本;1;hon;"book; this the same the present the current; main; true; real; regular normal; counter for long things "
  1579. 1887;奔;1;hon;run
  1580. 1888;翻;1;hon;"turn over wave flutter "
  1581. 1890;盆;1;bon;"Lantern Festival; Festivals of the Dead; tray"
  1582. 1891;麻;1;ma;"flax hemp ramie jute linen"
  1583. 1892;摩;1;ma;"rub; rub off; polish; grind; graze; scrape; be equal to; be about to reach"
  1584. 1893;磨;1;ma;"polish scour; shine (shoes); brush (teeth); improve (skill) cultivate (character) train (the mind) "
  1585. 1894;魔;1;ma;"demon devil evil spirit"
  1586. 1895;毎;1;mai;"each every at an interval of whenever. Apiece"
  1587. 1896;妹;1;mai;"younger sister"
  1588. 1897;枚;1;mai;"counter for thin flat things page leaf (of a book) sheet"
  1589. 1898;昧;1;mai;"dark; foolish"
  1590. 1899;埋;1;mai;"be filled up be buried be imbedded in "
  1591. 1901;膜;1;maku;membrane
  1592. 1905;抹;1;matsu;"paint erase rub"
  1593. 1907;満;1;man;"fullness enough; pride. full fully fulfillment; a full (year); a full (five years) "
  1594. 1908;慢;1;man;"lazinss; ridicule"
  1595. 1909;漫;1;man;"involuntarily in spite of oneself"
  1596. 1910;未;1;mi;"not yet. un- not"
  1597. 1911;味;1;mi;"taste flavor dash; touch tinge; counter for foods and drinks "
  1598. 1912;魅;1;mi;"charm fascinate bewitch enchant "
  1599. 1914;密;1;mitsu;"secrecy denseness (of population); minuteness; carefulness; fineness "
  1600. 1915;蜜;1;mitsu;"honey nectar molasses honeydew"
  1601. 1916;脈;1;myaku;"vein (of ore); blood vessel; pulse; pulsation; hope"
  1602. 1917;妙;1;myoo;"strange queer; mystery miracle; cleverness "
  1603. 1918;民;1;min;"people nation subjects"
  1604. 1919;眠;1;min;sleep
  1605. 1920;矛;1;mu;"halberd; arms; festival car float "
  1606. 1921;務;1;mu;"serve fill a post serve under; exert oneself endeavor work be diligent; play (the part of) "
  1607. 1923;夢;1;mu;"dream vision; illusion delusion; reverie"
  1608. 1924;霧;1;mu;"mist fog spray"
  1609. 1929;迷;1;mei;"be perplexed be in doubt hesitate vacillate go astray err; be tempted; be infatuated; be misguided"
  1610. 1931;盟;1;mei;"oath; alliance"
  1611. 1932;銘;1;mei;"inscription signature (of an artisan); precept motto "
  1612. 1933;鳴;1;mei;"(animals and birds) cry bark chirp etc "
  1613. 1934;滅;1;metsu;"be ruined; perish"
  1614. 1935;免;1;men;dismissal
  1615. 1936;面;1;men;"face features; mask face guard; surface; plane; side facet; aspect phase corner (of a board); page "
  1616. 1937;綿;1;men;"cotton; cotton thread; cotton cloth"
  1617. 1938;麺;1;men;"noodles; wheat flour"
  1618. 1939;茂;1;mo;"grow thick be overgrown be luxuriant"
  1619. 1941;毛;1;moo;"hair tenth of a rin"
  1620. 1943;盲;1;moo;blindness
  1621. 1945;猛;1;moo;"wildness fierceness; strength"
  1622. 1946;網;1;moo;"net network"
  1623. 1948;黙;1;moku;"keeping silence"
  1624. 1949;門;1;mon;"gate gateway; private school; class; counter for cannon"
  1625. 1950;紋;1;mon;"crest; (textile) figures"
  1626. 1951;問;1;mon;"question problem subject discussion "
  1627. 1952;冶;1;ya;melting
  1628. 1953;夜;1;ya;night
  1629. 1954;野;1;ya;"field plain; the Opposition; civilian life; rustic"
  1630. 1956;厄;1;yaku;"misfortune bad luck evil disaster"
  1631. 1958;約;1;yaku;"promise vow; approximately; abridgment"
  1632. 1959;訳;1;yaku;translation
  1633. 1960;薬;1;yaku;medicine
  1634. 1961;躍;1;yaku;"dance; leap skip; throb (the heart); act as a cat's-paw; double (the interest on a debt)"
  1635. 1964;油;1;yu;oil
  1636. 1965;喩;1;yu;"compare illustrate speak figuratively"
  1637. 1966;愉;1;yu;rejoice
  1638. 1967;諭;1;yu;"admonish charge remonstrate with counsel persuade warn; make known to"
  1639. 1968;輸;1;yu;"send transport"
  1640. 1969;癒;1;yu;"heal cure; quench (thirst); wreak (vengeance)"
  1641. 1971;友;1;yuu;"friend companion pal"
  1642. 1973;勇;1;yuu;"bravery courage heroism"
  1643. 1974;幽;1;yuu;"confine to a room"
  1644. 1975;悠;1;yuu;"distant longtime; leisure"
  1645. 1976;郵;1;yuu;"stagecoach stop; mail"
  1646. 1977;湧;1;yuu;"boil get hot; ferment; seethe; be in an uproar; gush out; grow breed be hatched"
  1647. 1978;猶;1;yuu;"further furthermore still still more yet; just like "
  1648. 1979;裕;1;yuu;"abundant rich fruitful fertile"
  1649. 1981;雄;1;yuu;"male; hero; great leader; superiority excellence"
  1650. 1982;誘;1;yuu;"invite ask; call for; provoke cause; bring (tears); allure tempt seduce "
  1651. 1983;憂;1;yuu;"grieve lament be anxious"
  1652. 1984;融;1;yuu;"dissolve melt"
  1653. 1985;優;1;yuu;"actor; superiority; gentleness"
  1654. 1986;与;1;yo;"give award impart provide allot cause (pain or damage) "
  1655. 1987;予;1;yo;"I myself the writer"
  1656. 1988;余;1;yo;"I myself the writer; surplus other; remainder. over more than"
  1657. 1989;誉;1;yo;praise
  1658. 1990;預;1;yo;"place in custody deposit leave with entrust with commit to give "
  1659. 1991;幼;1;yoo;"infancy childhood; infants children"
  1660. 1992;用;1;yoo;"business work; function; errand; engagement; use service; expenses; call of nature. for used for "
  1661. 1993;羊;1;yoo;sheep
  1662. 1994;妖;1;yoo;"attractive bewitching; calamity"
  1663. 1995;洋;1;yoo;"ocean sea channel. foreign Western European"
  1664. 1996;要;1;yoo;"main point essence; aim; secret; need"
  1665. 1997;容;1;yoo;"form; looks"
  1666. 1998;庸;1;yoo;"ordinary; tax paid in labor; employment"
  1667. 1999;揚;1;yoo;praise
  1668. 2000;揺;1;yoo;"shake sway rock roll pitch tremble quake flicker vibrate jolt"
  1669. 2001;葉;1;yoo;"leaf; plane; lobe; counter for flat things"
  1670. 2002;陽;1;yoo;"young principle positive; male; heaven; daytime; sun; top; movement; facing the sun; sunshine; south face of a mountain; north side of a river; pride; positive electrode "
  1671. 2003;溶;1;yoo;"melt dissolve thaw"
  1672. 2004;腰;1;yoo;"hips waist loins pelvic region; small of the back; haunch; lower-panel wainscoting (lower wall only); stem (of a wine glass) "
  1673. 2005;様;1;yoo;"way manner method; kind class; (to that) effect "
  1674. 2006;瘍;1;yoo;"boil carbuncle"
  1675. 2007;踊;1;yoo;"dance; leap skip; throb (the heart); act as a cat's-paw; double (the interest on a debt)"
  1676. 2008;窯;1;yoo;"kiln oven furnace stove"
  1677. 2009;養;1;yoo;"bring up rear; adopt foster; support; promote (health); cultivate develop"
  1678. 2010;擁;1;yoo;"embrace hug; possess; protect; lead "
  1679. 2011;謡;1;yoo;chant
  1680. 2012;曜;1;yoo;"day of the week; light; shining"
  1681. 2013;抑;1;yoku;"stop check restrain pin down; suppress subdue control; catch arrest; govern; stop (the ears); withhold; attach seize; secure (evidence) estimate conservatively "
  1682. 2014;沃;1;yoku;"pour; fertility"
  1683. 2015;浴;1;yoku;"bathe be favored with; bask in "
  1684. 2016;欲;1;yoku;"covetousness; greed passion desire craving appetite "
  1685. 2017;翌;1;yoku;"next following"
  1686. 2018;翼;1;yoku;"wing; plane; flank"
  1687. 2019;拉;1;ra;Latin
  1688. 2020;裸;1;ra;"naked body nude; uncovered only partially clothed undressed; without investing; leafless; unpreparedness (for a wedding); unsaddled; denuded bare "
  1689. 2021;羅;1;ra;"silk gauze thin silk"
  1690. 2022;来;1;rai;"come. since (last month); for (ten days). next (year)"
  1691. 2023;雷;1;rai;thunder
  1692. 2024;頼;1;rai;"ask request entreat appeal; entrust to commission; employ call in; depend on have recourse to trust in "
  1693. 2025;絡;1;raku;"coil around get twisted; stick to; pick a quarrel"
  1694. 2026;落;1;raku;"fall drop come down go down; drip; collapse cave in; sink; fail (in exams); be missing; come off come out; flee; lose popularity; abate; flow into; be inferior; fall unconscious; fade; be captured be carried away by "
  1695. 2027;酪;1;raku;"whey broth fruit juice"
  1696. 2028;辣;1;ratsu;bitter
  1697. 2029;乱;1;ran;"riot rebellion war"
  1698. 2030;卵;1;ran;ovum
  1699. 2031;覧;1;ran;see
  1700. 2032;濫;1;ran;"overflow; spread over"
  1701. 2033;藍;1;ran;"indigo (blue); indigo plant"
  1702. 2034;欄;1;ran;"column (in a newspaper); blank; space; railing"
  1703. 2035;吏;1;ri;"an official"
  1704. 2036;利;1;ri;"advantage benefit gain; interest; victory"
  1705. 2037;里;1;ri;"village; a Japanese league 2.44 miles"
  1706. 2038;理;1;ri;"reason justice truth principle"
  1707. 2039;痢;1;ri;diarrhea
  1708. 2040;裏;1;ri;inside
  1709. 2041;履;1;ri;"trample on stamp on; carry through practice; appraise; set foot on; evade payment; step on"
  1710. 2042;璃;1;ri;"lapis lazuli"
  1711. 2043;離;1;ri;separation
  1712. 2044;陸;1;riku;land
  1713. 2047;慄;1;ritsu;"fear; shudder"
  1714. 2048;略;1;ryaku;"abbreviation abridgment; omission; outline "
  1715. 2049;柳;1;ryuu;willow
  1716. 2052;竜;1;ryuu;"dragon; imperial"
  1717. 2053;粒;1;ryuu;"grain drop"
  1718. 2054;隆;1;ryuu;"high noble prosperity"
  1719. 2055;硫;1;ryuu;sulphur
  1720. 2056;侶;1;ryo;"companion follower"
  1721. 2057;旅;1;ryo;"journey; go around"
  1722. 2058;虜;1;ryo;"captive; barbarian; low epithet for the enemy"
  1723. 2059;慮;1;ryo;"thought concern agreement"
  1724. 2060;了;1;ryoo;"finish complete; understand"
  1725. 2061;両;1;ryoo;"old Japanese coin; both; two; vehicle counter"
  1726. 2062;良;1;ryoo;"good fine"
  1727. 2063;料;1;ryoo;"charge rate fee; allowance; materials; measuring"
  1728. 2064;涼;1;ryoo;cool
  1729. 2065;猟;1;ryoo;"shooting hunting; game take bag "
  1730. 2066;陵;1;ryoo;"imperial tomb"
  1731. 2067;量;1;ryoo;"quantity amount volume; magnanimity; a measure "
  1732. 2068;僚;1;ryoo;"official; companion"
  1733. 2069;領;1;ryoo;"dominion territory possession fief; suit (of armor) "
  1734. 2070;寮;1;ryoo;"hostel dormitory; villa; tea pavilion "
  1735. 2071;療;1;ryoo;"heal cure"
  1736. 2072;瞭;1;ryoo;clear
  1737. 2076;林;1;rin;forest
  1738. 2077;厘;1;rin;"one-tenth of a sen; one-tenth of a bu"
  1739. 2078;倫;1;rin;companion
  1740. 2079;輪;1;rin;"ring circle; wheel; corolla; wheel counter "
  1741. 2080;隣;1;rin;neighboring
  1742. 2081;臨;1;rin;"face front on border on; meet; be confronted by; be on the verge of; attend assist at; deal with; rule over; command a view of; deign to; visit call on; come upon; come up to "
  1743. 2082;瑠;1;ru;"lapis lazuli"
  1744. 2083;涙;1;rui;"tear sympathy"
  1745. 2084;累;1;rui;"involvement trouble; tie up; pile up; continually "
  1746. 2085;塁;1;rui;"fort rampart walls; base (in baseball)"
  1747. 2086;類;1;rui;"kind variety class genus; description; parallel case an equal. resembling"
  1748. 2087;令;1;rei;"order command; ordinance law decree"
  1749. 2089;冷;1;rei;"cold cool "
  1750. 2090;励;1;rei;"be diligent"
  1751. 2091;戻;1;rei;"return turn back; revert to resume return to; be returned; go backward "
  1752. 2092;例;1;rei;"custom usage precedent; case example parallel illustration "
  1753. 2094;零;1;rei;"zero nothing cipher; fall"
  1754. 2096;隷;1;rei;"servant; criminal; prisoner; follower"
  1755. 2097;齢;1;rei;age
  1756. 2098;麗;1;rei;"beautiful bright and clear fine serene "
  1757. 2099;暦;1;reki;"calendar almanac"
  1758. 2100;歴;1;reki;"history; continuation; passing (of time)"
  1759. 2101;列;1;retsu;"row rank tier file column line; procession; queue "
  1760. 2102;劣;1;retsu;"be inferior to be worse than"
  1761. 2103;烈;1;retsu;"violent vehement furious severe acute intense extreme passionate heated stormy (applause); tempestuous (temperament); mighty "
  1762. 2104;裂;1;retsu;"split rend tear burst rip crack "
  1763. 2105;恋;1;ren;"be in love"
  1764. 2106;連;1;ren;"ream; set; party company gang clique; series counter "
  1765. 2107;廉;1;ren;"purity; honesty; low price; corner"
  1766. 2108;練;1;ren;"gloss soften; train drill; polish; refine "
  1767. 2109;錬;1;ren;"refine (metals); drill train; polish (sentences) "
  1768. 2110;呂;1;ro;backbone
  1769. 2111;炉;1;ro;"furnace kiln hearth; (nuclear) reactor"
  1770. 2112;賂;1;ro;bribe
  1771. 2113;路;1;ro;"road route path"
  1772. 2115;老;1;roo;"aging old age old people"
  1773. 2116;労;1;roo;"labor toil trouble"
  1774. 2117;弄;1;roo;"play with trifle with"
  1775. 2118;郎;1;roo;"man; husband; counter for sons"
  1776. 2119;朗;1;roo;"clear bright serene; melodious; cheerful sunny "
  1777. 2120;浪;1;roo;"waves billows"
  1778. 2121;廊;1;roo;"corridor hall lobby; tower; watchtower"
  1779. 2122;楼;1;roo;"tower turret lookout high building"
  1780. 2123;漏;1;roo;"leaking; water clock; time"
  1781. 2124;籠;1;roo;"be crowed; requiring (a lot of work)"
  1782. 2125;六;1;roku;six
  1783. 2126;録;1;roku;record
  1784. 2127;麓;1;roku;"foot of a mountain"
  1785. 2128;論;1;ron;"argument; discourse"
  1786. 2130;話;1;wa;"talk speak converse; tell; explain "
  1787. 2131;賄;1;wai;"board; supply; finance"
  1788. 2133;惑;1;waku;"be perplexed be in doubt hesitate vacillate go astray err; be tempted; be infatuated; be misguided "
  1789. 2135;湾;1;wan;"gulf bay inlet"
  1790. 2136;腕;1;wan;arm
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