Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 2 (AB/DL 2/4)

Apr 6th, 2014
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  1. >You are still in Dash's nursery room with Dash and Fluttershy.
  2. >Applejack went to the kitchen to get ready for the day.
  3. >Despite that you said no at first she wants to help you get your property in good shape.
  4. >There is no saying no to Applejack that Mare is as stubborn as they come.
  5. >She's also a total workaholic.
  6. >But you appreciate that about her.
  7. >Day just got started and Rainbow Dash is already internally laughing at you.
  8. >She may have won the battle but she hasn't won the war.
  9. >And Dash has a lot of catching to do for yesterday.
  10. >But from the way things are going it looks like she will do just that.
  11. >Dash is just crawling around in a diaper and striped socks that Applejack got her.
  12. >Of course every once in a while she will give you that sadistic smile whenever you give her the stink eye or look in her direction.
  13. >Everyp0ny knows she is doing it too but they don't care.
  14. >You are the one at fault now for going overboard with her punishment.
  15. >What's funny is it seems looks like she is honestly enjoying herself.
  16. >Hard to say for sure it might be she is just enjoying herself because the ball is now in her court.
  17. >Or perhaps she actually enjoys having everything done for her like she was a Foal.
  18. >Or maybe because she lost her mind.
  19. >Gonna have to ask her about that later.
  21. >Fluttershy flies up to you and lightly nudges your shoulder in her typical adorable fashion.
  22. >”Now Anon what do you think a good caregiver would do now that Dash is change and out of bed?”
  23. “I dunno, spank her for ruining her pajamas?”
  24. >”No Anon! You need to work on your kindness!
  25. >You sigh.
  26. >”If you don't start being a good caregiver, you will be the one getting a good spanking by me.
  27. >Jokes on her spanking is your fetish.
  28. “Alright Fluttershy what do I need to do now?”
  29. >”You have to get breakfast ready for Dash like a good parental guardian!”
  30. “Oh…”
  31. >”Yes, no running off this time. I will of course be here for you.”
  32. >You head off to the kitchen but Fluttershy sighs
  33. >”Anon you can't leave Dash crawling around without anyp0ny to watch her”
  34. >You are really learning to hate how they always use anyp0ny around you.
  35. >Dash looks up to you and tries to give you a cute facial expression.
  36. >”Up, up”
  37. >You just mumble angrily to yourself.
  38. >”Uppie Daddy!
  39. >You pick up Dash and lay her down in the crib she instantly gets up and hangs on the bar with that ever present smirk.”
  40. >You walk off with Fluttershy to the Kitchen.
  42. >Applejack is already outside working.
  43. >That Pony will never stop working.
  44. >”Anon how you were with Rainbow Dash yesterday is unacceptable here.”
  45. >Oh geez here she goes again.
  46. >”Maybe mistreating others is okay with Dragons, Humans and Griffins but here we all help each other here.
  47. >If ponies had their way everyplace would be a giant hugbox.
  48. “Fluttershy I'm trying to help Dash and your way isn't always for the best.”
  49. >”I was able to start taking Discord down the path of redemption doing things my way Anon.”
  50. “You won't be bragging as soon as Discord starts to turn ponies into two dimensional beings again.”
  51. >You still don't trust Discord, he did recently give Applebloom a temporary cutie mark in front of Applejack.
  52. >The cutie mark was that of a sliced orange
  53. >Applejack had a massive panic attack that day.
  54. >Fluttershy gives you a stern look.
  55. “Fine we will continue to do things your way but don't blame me if she starts being a huge bully and starts hitting the alcohol hard again.”
  56. >Fluttershy takes out some foal milk and jarred foal food from the fridge
  57. >”Anon, being a big bully yourself isn't going to teach Dash to not be a bully. Besides me and Rarity think we found what happened.”
  58. “Good point and why do you think she has been acting like this?”
  59. >”Me and Rarity think Rainbow Dash got rejected from somepony she has feelings for, despite she makes herself out to be tough she can be quite sensitive at times.
  60. >That theory does explain a lot.
  61. “Yeah, you and Rarity might be on to something, and I guess since we did things mostly my way yesterday it is only fair to do things your way for today."
  63. >You and Fluttershy are still in the kitchen
  64. >You two are almost done preparing breakfast.
  65. >”I'm glad we came to an understanding Anon, me and my friends all think that Rainbow Dash has been under a lot of stress. As you recall she was a lot more cooperative after I took over for you.”
  66. “Oh that's right, I thought that was because you were being assertive to her, I guess there is a time and place for your way after all.”
  67. >Fluttershy gives you a proud look.
  68. “So, ready for me to bring Dashie for her breakfast?
  69. >Fluttershy nods.
  70. >Sure enough Dash is impatiently waiting in her crib,
  71. >looks like she is about to give you a smug look but she notices that something is bothering you
  72. >instead she gives you a genuinely concerned look
  73. >”Daddy?”
  74. >Dash says knowing she can't talk like an adult yet.
  75. >She looks so innocent right now.
  76. “Fluttershy gave me a good peace of mind and was right about everything. I should have been kinder to my bro. I'm really sorry for being too harsh Dash, I know times have been tough.”
  77. >It's hard to say but Dash looks a bit touched.
  78. >Pretty impressive considering her personality.
  79. “Alright, well lets get you out of that oversized crib and get you some breakfast this is no longer about getting even or winning.”
  80. >You pick her out of her crib she instantly gives you a warm hug.
  81. “Don't you go soft on me Dash.” you say as you return to the kitchen.
  82. >”Never!” she says forcibly.”
  83. >You know that foals don't use that word but you will let that one slide.
  85. >Neither you or Dash enjoys breakfast time.
  86. >She is completely repulsed by the jarred foal food and foal milk
  87. >Looks like somep0ny doesn't enjoy the Canterlot express taking a visit to tummy town.
  88. >She ends up getting the foal food everywhere.
  89. >Most of it somehow gets on you.
  90. >Thankfully with the help of Fluttershy you get the job done.
  91. >”Anon, why don't you have some playtime with Dashie
  92. >Oh shit, looks like things are about to get worse.
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