Swordigo 2 story

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  1. sorry couldn't flesh out all the details. This rn here is the short version:
  3. after you defeat what you thought was the master of chaos, a cut scene shows that the real master of chaos was actually on a cliff overhead, and was watching your battle. He decides that even though you won the fight you have no where near enough power to stop his plans, only delay the inevitable. The master of chaos is seen walking into a room with an ominous glow and in a burst of light you wake up from a nightmare to a strong earthquake. You go outside your village house to find that everyone is being absorbed by cold, dark, heartless versions of themselves. Clearly, looks like you haven't finished off the chaos so you head back, and you discover that there was a hidden door(at the spot you beat the fake master of chaos in). You see an entire world filled with chaotic looking versions of buildings, multiple monsters fighting among each other and consuming one another. You go to the highest tower trying to avoid them as they give chase only to be met by the actual master of chaos. You are instantly overpowered and forced to run but you trip down a hole and fall unconscious. You come around and you see an odd scene: under the darkness of the cave, a shadowy figure sits in a chair not moving. You instantly get up preparing to defend yourself from them but fall back down in pain before you get the chance. However, you startle them and they fall down backwards on the chair.
  5. You hear laughter so with the last bit of mana you summon a fireball to defend yourself and see them clearly; you see a human girl. A human girl who looks about your own age, has short pink hair, pale skin that hasn't seen the sun in a long time, and is wearing black long pants along with a black coat. She hops back up and introduces herself[you get to choose the name]. She starts telling you about how she's been living with the others in this dimension trying to figure out a way to get revenge on the master of chaos and free the dimensions that he's taken over. She notices your confusion and instead decides to introduce you to the others. as you open the door what you see shocks you: You see 5 other figures, the first one that catches your eye is a neon colored geometrically shaped humanoid (robot but he doesn't know that), a flying spirit that leaves a glowing trail of blue behind, a giant who's head reaches the cave ceiling, a large fish that sits in a glass box full of water, and finally, in the corner: a chaos spawn
  7. As you start to attack the chaos spawn, you are instantly stopped by the girl and she tells you its a friend. She explains that each one of those people's dimensions were overtaken by the master of chaos, and that the master of chaos has been working on a plan to take over all the dimensions and rule them with an iron fist. You tell her that you thought you defeated the master of chaos but apparently you were tricked. She tells you that the only thing that they are missing in order to defeat the master of chaos is the mageblade. You raise your mageblade and everyone in the group is amazed at the view. She then explains that now you will need to travel to each dimension, and defeated the corrupted dimension guardian, and when you free them of the corruption they will grant you a power that you need to defeat the master of chaos, and so, the adventure begins
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