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  1. Mindfuck        71%  Local Chief
  2. Jizzy           16%  Bruglione
  3. Donumicore      300% Bruglione
  4. Bugzymalone     ca. 47% Swindler
  5. Missbitch       ca. 89% Soldier
  7. Position Strategy:
  8. Action:         Ing:        When:               why:
  9. Family Creation     Mindfuck    on start
  10. Don change      Donumicore  after he joined         100+ % = Capodecina
  11. Sotto Change        Mindfuck    after don change        top3
  12. Consig Change       Jizzy       after he joined         because Bugzymalone is no high rank
  13. Don Change      Jizzy       when he reached 100%        because we rotate
  14. Consig change       Donumicore  after don change        because we rotate
  15. Capo change     Mindfuck    when we bought capospot     boosting for Godfather
  16. Sotto change        Bugzymalone after capo change       because he is top3
  17. Don change      Donumicore  after a while           because we rotate
  18. Consig change       Jizzy       after don change        because we rotate
  19. Don change      Mindfuck    when ready for GF       because we need a Godfather
  20. Capo change     Missbitch   after don change        because she will be first real capo
  21. Sotto change        Donumicore  after don change        because he's top3 and we rotate
  23. from here on it's not sure yet :)
  25. Unlockables strategy:
  26.     What unlockable:    Why:
  27. 1.  Capospot        to boost
  28. 2.  HQ Size         to grow
  29. 3.  Capospot        to be able to boost and/or to have more than 1 capo
  30. 4.  Crusher
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