(MLO) Beloved: Ch2

Mar 29th, 2013
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  1. Warning: Clop
  3. >Beloved Chapter 2
  4. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  5. >Wake up feeling like P-Diddy
  6. >Reach over to grab your glasses
  7. >’Cause you about to hit that city!
  8. >…
  9. >Where the buck did that come from!?
  10. >You clear your head and think about the day
  11. “Right! Today is the day. I’m going to Cloudsdale!”
  12. >With a triumphal cry you set about preparing
  14. >It is now several hours later
  15. >And after a spa trip, a quick gossip session with Rarity, and a could walking spell, you are in Cloudsdale
  16. “Okay… let’s see”
  17. >You levitate out a list from your saddle bags as you walk down the street
  18. “List of things to bring, check. Madame Lovemore’s “How to please a stallion”, check. Bottle of scented lotion, check. Six pack of… con…”
  19. >Looking around you notice that every pegasus near you is looking at you
  20. >Your face becomes beet red as you laugh it off and quickly run away
  21. >Eventually you get to Blitz’s house
  22. >It’s a smaller affair crammed near several others on a side street
  23. “Okay Twilight, you can do this..”
  24. >*KNOCK KNOCK*
  25. >After a few moments the door opened
  26. “Hello…”
  27. >The rest of your words fail as a rather tall and blue stallion stands in the door frame
  28. >His mane is a rainbow of color cut short and a lean muscular frame that shows off his athletic aesthetic
  29. >Also he looks A LOT like Rainbow…
  30. >”Hey, what’s up?”
  31. “Huu…”
  32. >You shake your head
  33. “I mean hello. My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I came all the way from P0nyville-“
  34. >”Wait wait wait, are you one of those Lunar Witnesses?”
  35. “Huh? No! Oh no no no!”
  36. >You reach back into your saddle bags only to spill the bottle of lotion
  37. “Horseapples. I’m not! I’m actually here for a reason…”
  38. >He gives you a skeptical look as you try to clean up the pink gooey mess
  39. “I’m Rainbow Dash’s friend, and I came here to see you.”
  40. >”Oh yea, you’re Celestia’s student or something right? Come on in, I was just preparing dinner.”
  42. >The Next Morning
  43. >You are sitting on a chariot on the way back to P0nyville
  44. >Everything on you is sore, your flank, your hooves, your jaw
  45. >Last night was… intense
  46. >You haven’t been bucked that hard since…
  47. >…
  48. >You can’t remember ever getting bucked that hard
  49. >Such is the life as a dedicated academic
  50. >As you lean back you recall the events of the night
  51. >After he invited you in he offered some of what he was eating
  52. >Pasta, beans, and beer; not a very elegant meal
  53. >His house showed he still lived the life of a bachelor
  54. >After a bit of light conversation he finally asked
  55. >”So, what brings you here to Cloudsdale?”
  56. >Heat rushed up to your cheeks
  57. “Well, you see… Dash and I… umm… after this time we went to a party… er…”
  58. >This was getting real awkward real fast
  59. >You never quite imagined on how you were going to tell Blitz that you were his present
  60. >”Oh! I get it; you don’t have to say anything”
  61. “You do!? That’s a relief”
  62. >”Yea. I never cared which way my little Dash’s barn door swung, I’m just glad she finally found somep0ny”
  63. >Wait, what?
  64. “Nonono! That wasn’t- I don’t- hold on”
  65. >You take a deep breath and look at the table
  66. >It was a very small thing, the two plates and drinks barely fit on it
  67. >With another swig from the beer he had you tried again
  68. “Okay. So Father’s Day. Did Dash get you anything?”
  69. >His head cocked to the side in a look of mild confusion
  70. >Then he lets out a light chuckle
  71. >”Well no. Not this year. Why are you asking?”
  72. “Actually she did”
  73. >Then you leaned over and kissed him
  74. >At first he was surprised, nearly falling over and pulling you down with him
  75. >But he soon switched gears and began to lean back into it, putting your efforts to shame
  76. >The rest of the night flew by in a blur
  78. >Very vivid moments appear in your psyche as you can feel yourself warming up again
  79. >Blitz throwing you on the table with his lips locked onto yours
  80. >The taste of his tongue
  81. >Rolling a sleeve of latex onto his length as he breathes deeply in your ear
  82. >Sounds of flesh slapping against each other in a frantic rhythm
  83. >Two pairs of strong hooves grabbing your flanks and massaging them as his mouth works on your intimacy
  84. >”Ju-Just. Call. Me. Daddy. Unf. Say it! Say it!”
  85. >At one point you were pretty sure he had a collar on you, and then later that collar was on him
  86. >Also you do remember wearing socks as you tried to rub him to a finish sometime during the night
  87. >Finishing…
  88. >You look around the chariot bus and hope no one noticed you thinking such lewd things
  89. >The taste of a salty musk in your mouth after a few tender moments of bobbing your head in his crotch
  90. >The pulsing of his member between your thighs as he released another load on your stomach
  91. >A grunt and a thrust as he pulled his hips to meet yours, followed by a desperate kiss and throbbing inside of you
  92. “Wow…”
  93. >Blitz sure has a LOT of stamina
  94. >For the next few minutes you basked in the afterglow of the night you had
  95. “*YAWN* …I should probably take a nap“
  96. >A single memory interrupted your thought process
  97. >Blitz was underneath you, thrusting away
  98. >In the heat of the moment you could hear him moan
  99. >”Ohhh Dashie…”
  100. “Huh… maybe he was just… thanking her?”
  101. >You muttered under your breath, before another memory hit you
  102. >He was nibbling on your ear, with your back to his chest
  103. >In a low fevered whisper you heard him
  104. >”Let daddy make you feel good, champ”
  105. “That… probably doesn’t mean anything…”
  107. >The next day
  108. “The intricacies of the Hoofington school of economics is lost upon common comparison to the Mid-Empire era of practices-“
  109. >”Hey Twi.”
  110. “-which mostly are made due to attempting to paint-“
  111. >”Twi? Hellllo?”
  112. “-their foes as under-“
  113. >”TWI!”
  114. “GAHHH”
  115. >You didn’t realize it, but Dash walked in on your studying, and is now yelling in your ear
  116. >”Sorry, just tryin’ to get your attention”
  117. “Oh, no problem
  118. >”So, do you have the new Daring Doo?”
  119. “Yeah it’s over here…”
  120. >The two of you walk over to a recently unpacked box
  121. “Also, I wanted to thank you.”
  122. >Rainbow looks on in slight confusion as she reaches for the levitated book
  123. >”Huh? For what?”
  124. “Well, for the Father’s Day gift. It was an… experience”
  125. >Your face started to blush as Dash’s turned to confusion
  126. “It was also a bit of a gift for me as well…”
  127. >Then in an instant realization hit her
  128. >”Wait... Twilight, did you buck my dad?”
  129. “…Yes?”
  130. >Anger took over her
  131. >”WHAT!? What were you thinking?!”
  132. >The next few minutes were spent with her yelling at you
  133. >”He’s my DAD! Why would you do that?”
  134. >”Do you know how old he is? He’s old enough to be YOUR dad!”
  135. >”What if he asks me about you? What should I say?”
  136. >”That was a joke we were having that night! A JOKE! I didn’t actually want you to screw my dad!”
  137. >”You BUCKED him Twilight!”
  138. >She pauses for a moment after that last statement
  139. >”…you bucked him?”
  140. “…yes…”
  141. >”But he didn’t have anyp0ny in years… wait, seriously? You did?”
  142. “Rainbow, I-I thought that was a serious deal that night. I’m sorry, I didn’t know”
  143. >”Just… yea… I know… I know…”
  144. >Any trace of anger left her face as she brought you in for a hug
  145. >”Just give me a bit. I really wasn’t expecting you to actually go and do that…”
  146. >With that she took the book and left
  148. >You are now Rainbow Dash
  149. >And you are feeling a bit angry
  150. >But you know you shouldn’t be that mad
  151. >Dad is his own person, who are you to say what or who he does
  152. >And he finally got laid in Celestia knows how many years
  153. >You sigh
  154. “And it’s not like anything she did actually affected me…”
  155. >As you sat on a cloud overlooking the town you came to a conclusion
  156. >The rational side of you said that there was no reason to be mad at her
  157. >But the more emotional and hormonal side said you should still get some sort of revenge
  158. >…Or to just complete the deal you had with Twilight
  159. >Dusk Sparkle
  160. >You remember him from a few visits to Canterlot
  161. >A little bookish, a little shy
  162. >And already married
  163. >…A little competition never hurt anyp0ny did it?
  164. >With a goal in mind you set off into town
  165. >Later that night you were in Canterlot
  166. >Walking down a part of town that was fancier than P0nyville, but not as ‘glamorous’ as the noble districts
  167. >You were “prettied up” according to what you thought that meant
  168. >Which meant a shower, lipstick, and combing your mane down a bit
  169. “117… 117… one one seven…”
  170. >Eventually you came to a rather small but beautifully constructed house near a large park
  171. > The Sparkle Household
  173. >”Can I help you?”
  174. >A light gray mare with a stripped purple and gray mane was looking at you from the doorway
  175. “Ehh Yea. I’m Rainbow Dash.”
  176. >Crap
  177. >You blush a bit as you realize a bit of a problem
  178. >How are you going to buck her dad while her mom is here?
  179. “I’m friends with Twilight”
  180. >She brightens up a bit
  181. >”Oh! I remember you! Please, come on in”
  182. >The interior could be best described as cozy mixed with a frenzied writer’s workshop
  183. >”How have you been?”
  184. “Oh, pretty good”
  185. >The next few minutes were occupied by the two of you talking about stuff
  186. >P0nyville, food, weather, friends
  187. >”Haha, I remember that. It was in the papers. Grand Galloping Gala ruined!”
  188. “Yea… it was a lot more fun pigging out afterwards in a donut shop”
  189. >”Hmm… so what brings you to Canterlot?”
  190. >She asked as she started to pour two cups of tea
  191. “Well…”
  192. >Your hoof nervously rubbed the back of your head
  193. “It’s about Father’s Day”
  194. >”Oh?”
  195. >She takes a sip before continuing
  196. >”Did Twilight get Dusk something this year?”
  197. “Yea… haha… she did, sort of”
  198. >”…Okay? Are you here to deliver it then?”
  199. “You can say that”
  200. >”Oh, that’s wonderful. Dusk spent all day in his study, I’m sure he would like a break.”
  201. >Twilight’s mom gets up and looks you over
  202. >”So, where is it?”
  203. “Where’s what?”
  204. >”The present”
  205. “Oh… well… you see…”
  206. >She stares you down for a moment before her eyes light up
  207. >”…I see…”
  208. >Then she takes a few steps to your side, speaking in a low hushed tone
  209. >”I would never have thought my little Twilight would go and get something like this…”
  210. “I-I think I made a mistake-“
  211. >Her hoof shushes you
  212. >”It’s okay…”
  213. >Leaning in she whispered into your ear
  214. >”As long as I get to watch”
  215. >Blood rushed to your muscles as your wings started to unfurl
  218. >After a short walk you two found yourselves in Dusk’s study
  219. >It was a place filled with books and scrawled upon scrolls
  220. >Dusk was sitting on a floor-pillow-chair-thing, reading something that looked twice as old as him
  221. >”Dear, we have a guest”
  222. >He looks up with a start
  223. >”Huh? Oh, hello”
  224. “Hey, I’m-“
  225. >”Rainbow Dash, yea. I remember you. One of Twilight’s friends…”
  226. >Twilight’s mom walked out of the room saying something about getting some snacks
  227. >”Sorry, my place is a little messy”
  228. “It’s alright”
  229. >The two of you spent the next fifteen minutes talking about whatever
  230. >Books read, life in P0nyville, adventures from being an Element of Harmony
  231. >Soon she came back
  232. >With a platter full of stuff
  233. >Some sort of sweet biscuit things, a bottle of wine, some crackers with Celestia’s cutie mark on them, cheese that you could smell from across the room
  234. >The rest of the night went along swimmingly
  235. >Conversations drifted with the wine, topics changed from the absurd to the casual
  236. >Along the way you started to get to know Dusk a bit more
  237. >Twilight obviously got her reclusiveness from him
  238. >Whenever your eyes met his he turned away and smiled a bit
  239. >Around the fifth glass of wine you realized that Dusk is pretty cute
  240. >Grabbing another cracker and the bottle of wine you noticed that Twilight’s mom was nuzzling Dusk
  241. >And whispering something into his ear
  242. >Few words you were able to make out
  243. >”…present from Twilight…”
  244. >”…come on, live a little…”
  245. >”…won’t leave, I’ll still be here for you…”
  247. >Your wine glass is levitated out of your hoof as Dusk is nudged towards you
  248. >”H-Hey…”
  249. >He mumbles something and blushes, looking at his hooves
  250. “…Yea, you are pretty cute”
  251. >”W-what?”
  252. >Taking the initiative you wrap your hooves around his neck and pull him close to you
  253. >Then you plant your lips against his and run your tongue along his mouth, savoring his taste
  254. >He melts in your touch
  255. >The rest of the night flows out from that
  256. >You gently push him onto his chair thing and slide your hips along his
  257. >His reaction can be felt through your coat
  258. >A warm meaty length growing underneath your grinding
  259. >”Dash… ohh….”
  260. >With agonizing slowness you ran your slit against his member
  261. >Eventually reaching the end
  262. >And then you ran backwards, this time feeling him enter you
  263. >Inch by inch, heartbeat by heartbeat
  264. >By the time you bottomed out he was moaning and rubbing your cutie mark
  265. >Twilight’s mom was nearby, sitting on the ground
  266. >Rubbing herself while she was staring at the two of you
  268. >You lifted up and slammed down against him, earning a light squeal
  269. >”Da- Ahhh!”
  270. >Then you repeated that, over and over again
  271. >His hips started to thrust on their own accord, meeting you as the sound of your lovemaking filled the study
  272. >Any form of restrain evaporates as his organ begins providing its own wetness
  273. >You gasp as he leans forward, trying to kiss you, only for you to push back down on him and begin gyrating your hip
  274. >Your combined thrusting continues for a bit before Miss Sparkle appears behind him
  275. >She grabs and pulls his back to her chest
  276. >Then she starts nibbling on his ear and whispering something into it
  277. >”…about Twilight, hmm?”
  278. >He groans before growing more frantic in his thrusts into you
  279. >A tension starts to boil inside of you, growing in intensity
  280. >Your eyes roll back as you begin to contract, riding a wet orgasm
  281. >Dusk responds with another thrust making him hilt you
  282. >And then he starts twitching in return
  283. >Releasing a flood of warmth inside of you
  284. >You were still riding your peak as he collapsed under you
  286. >After calming down you remove Dusk from yourself
  287. >Liquid drips down your thighs
  288. >”Hmm… did you enjoy your present dear?”
  289. >Dusk’s eyes were closed and his breathing shallow
  290. “Is he alright?”
  291. >”Yea, I think you just rode him a bit too hard. Don’t worry, this isn’t the first time this has happened”
  292. >With that you were shown a guest bedroom to crash in
  293. >While cleaning up in a shower you started to think about what just happened
  294. >You walked into a couple’s house and bucked them senseless
  295. >Partly in retaliation for Twilight, partly in order to keep a deal, and partly for the heck of it
  296. “Haha, there’s no way AJ is going to believe this”
  297. >The moment you hit the bed you can feel the night’s wears and exhaustion hit you like a truck
  298. “*YAWN* Huh, Twilight sure has a weird family…”
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