Magic rapier

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  1. 2 Million - (T3 Rapier) Aetherius - A weapon crafted with a most peculiar design . A beautifully crafted and ornate rapier handle wreathed in gold and silver. The craftsmanship of Arcadia's Silver Fairy recognizable to any familiar with her work. The silver and gold is finely polished and radiant. A guard with a mix of silver and gold wrapped around the handle to protect the wielders hand. A small chain with a cross is attached to the pommel of the rapier designating it to a holy weapon crafted for God. The most peculiar and note worthy part of the weapon is it's distinct lack of a blade, instead the handle has been infused and enchanted with light that enables the wielder to conjure a blade from their own spirit alone.
  2. (User must spend 200 essence per turn to manifest the spiritual blade of Aetherius)
  3. (User targets spirit defense with this blade and as a result is capable of ignoring Elemental Fusion and fighting enemies of said nature)
  4. (+2 tile range)
  5. (Trap: User can release and recreate their blade for 400 essence to attempt to bypass their opponents block or parry inflicting -10 reflex on the target)
  6. (32 Durability)
  7. (150 HP)
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