MGE Side III Asura Mythra's Mansion

Nov 26th, 2020
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  1. Asura Mythra's Mansion
  2. The name of the Queen Diana comes from the fact that there are six towers forming a ring around the central tower where we are now, resembling a royal crown, and so it is named after “The Queen of Diana”... Is what I was told by my dear friend the Queen♥
  3. This room was originally the Queen’s room back when she was a human, but she said she doesn’t need it, so I got it♥
  5. This place is my workshop, I apologize for all the potions, magic tools, and such scattered all over.
  6. I’m called the Witch of the Depths, and this is where I do my work♥
  7. In the past, I was a naughty witch who sunk a lot of ships♪
  8. But now I’m a super, super nice witch that grants the wishes of those in trouble through magic and song♪
  9. It's true you know? Ever since Court Alf was formed, I haven’t seen many ships I feel like sinking, and I’ve been diligently granting the wishes of those in need. However, in exchange, I receive compensation...♥
  11. Also, with this crystal ball, I search for those in need, and tell troubled people from far away that if they come to me, I’ll do something about it with my magic♪
  12. Ufufu♥ I’m also good at fortune-telling. In truth, fortune-telling is how I first came to know about you♥
  13. When I was a very, very little girl, I lived at the bottom of a sea far, far deeper than this one.
  14. I didn’t have a husband, but one day, I picked up a broken piece of mirror from a ship that had sunk into the sea.
  16. Reflected in that mirror was the image of a man I didn’t know that shouldn’t have been there...
  18. At the bottom of the sea deeper than here, the men had “various appearances”, and everyone was always connected, feeling good♥
  19. A burly man grabbing his wife with his thick arms and feeling even better, or a wonderful man who penetrates his wife with a lot of tentacles. However, the man reflected in the mirror was a lot cooler than any of them...♥
  20. When I thought about him, little me’s little womb went all “kyun~♥”...♥
  21. It was at that time, the one who would be connected with me was decided♪
  22. Yes, and since then, for hundreds of years now, I’ve been waiting for you...♥
  24. That was surely the first divination I performed and discovered who it was that was fated to be married to me... so when you were finally born into this world, I felt my very soul shiver♥
  25. Ufufu♥ The first time I believed it was correct is when you first came into this room...♥
  26. Just like that time, my womb went “Kyun~♥”♥
  27. The second time was the moment I held you close, and connected with you like this...♥
  28. The third time was when you poured your semen into my womb...♥
  29. Sorry♥ Like I said, even if you say you want to pull out, my body is already obeying my womb, and I can’t pull it out willingly♥
  30. Besides, where I’m from, a man has not once been seen pulling out...♥
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