Katawa Shoujo General FAQ

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  1. Welcome to the Katawa Shoujo General FAQ. Please read through this before asking a question in the thread, as it may be answered here.
  4. --Questions about Katawa Shoujo--
  5. >What is Katawa Shoujo?
  6. Put simply, it's a visual novel about crippled girls.
  7. You read about the protagonist, Hisao Nakai, being diagnosed with a heart condition and sent to a school for people with disabilities or who may need special attention at a moment's notice. You follow his life as he adjusts to his new surroundings and finds out that people with disabilities are just that-- regular people with disabilities. You see how five different girls cope with the things that set them back. He finds companionship, and, hopefully, love.
  9. >Who can I romance?
  10. You can romance 5 different girls. Emi Ibarazaki the runner with no legs, Hanako Ikezawa who was burned in a fire, Lilly Satou who was born blind, Rin Tezuka the painter with no arms, and Shizune Hakamichi who is deaf and mute.
  12. >Does it cost anything?
  13. It's completely free.
  15. >Is there lewd content?
  16. Yes, but you are given the option to turn that off.
  18. >How old are these girls?
  19. They're all 18-19.
  21. >What does "Katawa Shoujo" mean in English?
  22. Roughly translated, it means "Crippled Girl"
  24. >How do you pronounce Katawa Shoujo? How do you pronounce the girls' names?
  25. Check the pastebin in the OP for Vocaroo links showing you just that.
  27. >Where can I get it?
  28. Katawa Shoujo is a free download on its website,
  30. >I just downloaded Katawa Shoujo, what am I in for?
  31. You're in for an interesting story with pretty good writing and pretty good art. It's definitely not the best VN out there, but it's good enough to attract a relatively large fanbase. You will also most likely experience more than one highly touching scenes that may or may not make you cry manly tears.
  33. >I finished Katawa Shoujo and I'd like to play more VNs! What should I play?
  34. Check the OP in the VN generals for a recommendation chart filled with visual novels for you to "play"
  37. --Questions about the threads--
  38. >What do you fags even talk about anymore?
  39. Lots of things, actually. Sometimes it's about the game itself, sometimes it's us chatting as a community brought together by our shared interest in fucking crippled bitches. We also have a large amount of fan art and fanfiction, as well as people who have taken up new hobbies since playing the game, such as running, art, chess, tea drinking, and more.
  41. >Is crapawa shitjo even a game?
  42. Technically no, it's a visual novel. However, it says in the /vg/ rules that English visual novels are allowed on this board.
  44. >Gosh, I sure do hate seeing these threads. What can I do about that?
  45. Well dear shitposter, that is what the filter function in 4chanx is made for!
  47. >I just finished Katawa Shoujo and I would like to post, but I'm nervous. What do I do?
  48. Just post! We're a highly welcoming community, we don't bite.
  50. >The people in KSG are using terms I don't understand! What do they mean?
  51. There are a few terms used in here that may be confusing to the newcomers. Here's a brief list of KSG terminology, I'll add more as I see fit.
  52. -Din dins: sex
  53. -Swaggervest: Hisao's sweatervest
  54. -Salty Tears, Love Despite, Spaghetti Studios, Mentaru Shoujo/Missing Stars: These are all VNs in production by KSG-goers.
  55. -Shizoon: a nickname for Shizune, playing off a mispronunciation of her name.
  56. -Suzu/Snoozu: A background character seen here,, in the classroom CG. She's often confused with Shizune and has gathered a good amount of fans due to a few fanfictions and pseudoroutes in production. Check the writebin in the OP for her stories.
  57. -Saki and Rika: two characters from an April Fool's joke by the developers. They also both have good fanfictions and pseudoroutes which are, as always, in the writebin.
  58. -Burger o'clock: A tripfriend Aster posts a picture of Misha eating a hamburger every night at the same time. This is burger o'clock
  59. >Katawa dick: an unusual phenomenon where one loses the will or ability to masturbate after playing Katawa Shoujo.
  61. >Are you people really autistic enough to still be talking about this since January?
  62. Yes and no. It's not all people who were around in January, many new people come and old people leave. In fact, people who've stuck around from the start are in the minority.
  65. --Thank you for reading through the FAQ. If you have any unanswered questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the threads.--
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