Anons - [Nameless] [Anon/SILLY/Flowertart/Butterscotch/nsfw]

Mar 24th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Anonymous, Hexferry, Flower Tart, Butterscotch, silly, group write, bat, bats, lewd, nsfw, not porn
  3. >You are Anonymous
  4. >and you are unsure why you are in this situation
  5. >there's a mothpony sitting on your face
  6. >She looks at you, twitching her antennae
  7. >"Anoooon~ Did you hear me?"
  8. >What had she said? You can't remember, so you ask her to repeat herself.
  9. >"Hmmmph. Anon, you dummy. I sai-"
  10. >you tune the moth pony out
  11. >'damn, this moth has a perky butt' you think
  12. >you give her butt a nice squeeze
  13. >suddenly you feel a pair of thighs give your head a firm squeeze
  14. >"Anon pay attention!"
  15. >too bad for her you were a bit unprepared and her little action so you fall off of your chair with the moth
  16. >you feel dizzy because you fell on your head
  17. >at least you have a nice, warm moth chest fluff buried in your face
  18. >"Anooooooooon! G-get your face o-out of my fluff and stop being so lewd! This is important!"
  19. >you decide to ignore the moth and keep your face buried in her fluff
  20. >but then, an idea comes to your head
  21. >"A-anon what are y-"
  22. >you put your finger on her muzzle, that might just be her eyelid for all you know
  23. >"Shush, little moth. Let me handle this."
  24. >so you pick her up with your hand on her butt, and unsteadily rise up from the ground
  25. >And then you assume the position of inserting your finger in her butt
  26. >but as you are about to explore the cave the moth growls angrily and delivers a kick to your face
  27. >you let go of the moth instantly and she takes flight and hovers before you, giving you a death glare
  28. >"As much as I'd love to Anon, we have a situation here."
  29. >you rub your chin and look at her questioningly, urging her to continue
  30. >"Anyway, the bats came by and we might need your help. Tarkin asked me to get everyone I can find."
  31. >"I'd love to help but..."
  32. >you grasp the zipper of your Anon mask and undo your disguise
  33. >"...I am a bat pony!"
  35. >"W-what did you do to Anon?"
  36. >"Tell me where you took my fuckbuddy! He owes me next week's rent!"
  37. >you look at the mothpony mare with shock
  38. >"You've had sex with the human? Isn't that illegal in some parts of Equestria?"
  39. >The mothpony mare blushes and looks at the ground while fiddling with her hooves in mid flight
  40. >"He's pretty good though." you mumble, just barely audible
  41. >you shake your head and glare at her
  43. >you raise an eyebrow at the mothmare
  44. >"Uh... You know there's never been any Anon. It's always been me wearing the suit and pretending I'm an anonymous"
  45. >the mothmare seems so shocked she falls to the ground
  46. >you check up on the moth mare
  47. >welp, she's down for awhile
  48. >you wonder if she's still willing to get it on with your bat dick later, once all of this blows over
  49. >You undo the zipper of your batpony outfit
  50. >"I wonder if I took the joke too far..."
  51. >you eye the curvy unconscious mate
  52. >you reach out and run your hands over her luscious hips and end at her perky butt and give it nice squeeze
  53. >your dick twitches but you ignore it for later...
  54. >you set her on your bed, and set off for the town square to meet with everyone else for whatever it is that the bats want
  55. >as you reach the town center you find that everyone is already there
  56. >you decide to make a nice first impression and slap the butt of the closest batpony you see
  57. >which is a stallion
  58. >which surprised you, he sure looked like a girl, with his nice butt and soft features
  59. >his black-maned friend tried to stand up to you, but he sputtered and eventually quieted down
  60. >Tarkin and a two-toned bat pony with a siren on her head looked at you with disapproval
  61. >You flip them off and decide to find Hexferry
  62. >after searching for a bit and ignoring important conversations you find her
  63. >You sneakily get behind her
  64. >you take her by the thighs and motorboat her butt cheeks
  65. >you black out and find yourself behind the makeshift stand, with your head aching horribly
  66. >you hear snippets of the announcement, main words being fruit export, friendship day and cultural trade off
  67. >You decide to start jacking off right there to get rid of all these lustful thoughts
  68. >as you near your climax you suddenly hear something next to you and turn to look
  69. >Flower Tart is looking at you with confusion on her face
  70. >you cum just as she comes near you and ask what your doing
  71. >it shoots straight into your eye
  72. >you're now stuck in a compromising position, with Flower Tart looking at you, jizz all over your face and eye and your dick out in the open
  73. >"Hey Anon have you seen Flo..."
  74. >There is a shocked gasp and you feel cold dread as it dawns to you who just walked in to see this questionable condition
  75. >"Hi Ms. Butterscotch, Anon's doing weird stuff again"
  76. >"This isn't what you think..."
  77. >Butters just picks up Flower tart and trots away
  78. >she was looking in your direction the entire time, not looking away, not even blinking
  79. >You clean up the best you can given your circumstance and get up
  80. >You decide to go back and maybe listen to what is going on if Butters has not spilled the beans yet, in which case you're screwed
  81. >As you step into the village square you find it to be completely empty
  82. >but for a few bats and moths that got left behind, clearly making friends
  83. >better them than no one
  84. >you walk up to them to ask what happened when the two-tone blue bat pony from earlier tackled you to the ground
  85. >Suddenly rocks fall on everyone and everyone dies
  87. Mentioned: Tarkin
  88. Referenced: Hekesuh
  89. Would-be spoilers: Anon was not phone, bad end
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