DefconRPG Races

Mar 15th, 2016
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  1. Defcon Races list
  3. Humans:
  4. The ones who started the end of the world are still around afterwards, returning to their nomadic roots they wander the wastes insearch of supplies and refuge.
  5. Personality:
  6. Humans adapt, they do what they must to survive. Arguably the most diverse when it comes to attitudes, humans tend to fall into one of two catagories within the wasteland, friendly or hostile. Those that settle down are often paranoid and distrustful of outsiders. While those on the move are often welcoming and eager to trade though neither is true 100% of the time.
  7. Physical description:
  8. Humans average around 5 feet tall with few that get taller than 6 feet and they can weigh from 120 to 260 on average, Men tend to be noticably taller and heavier than women. Humans are a myriad of shapes and sizes from short to tall, skinny to fat, muscular to lithe.
  9. Languange:
  10. Humans speak whatever language they learned in life but have a keen ability to pick up languages fast.
  11. Human Racial Traits:
  12. - Humans are adaptable by nature they gain an extra 5 skill points at creation and gain an additional point for every level thereafter
  13. -Humans pick up languages quickly They gain the ability to learn 1 additional language at creation
  15. Hutants:
  16. After the bombs fell, large swathes of land became bathed in massive ammouts of radiation. As a resuly, slight mutations occured in human children to help them adapt to the new world. Hutants are the decendants of mutants that have stablized the often radical deformities that plague their more wild bretheren.
  17. Personality:
  18. Hutants are more aggressive than humans, an atribute they carry from their mutant ancestry. After drinking they become highly sociable, going so far as to accept total strangers into their clans on a whim. However their social structure is determined by prowess or how well they can do tasks. Chiefs of hutant clans are often craftsmen or specialists.
  19. Physical description:
  20. Due to the radical nature of the mutations Hutants can stand anywhere between 5 feet to 8 feet and can weigh anywhere from 100lbs to over 400lbs. Their outward appearence is often defined by their lack of noses and ears, a heavy orange coloration to their skin, eyes and hair and thick ganglely limbs. Inwardly they have increased muscle mass, denser bones and stronger stomachs. Making them inherently stronger and more durable to the wastes.
  21. Language:
  22. Hutants speak English but they can sometimes speak Mutish; the language hutants use when speaking to eachother and to mutants that are capable of speech.
  23. Notes:
  24. Hutants are not welcomed everywhere, often a result of their ferral cousins constant harassment. As a result Hutants have tight knit families and develop strong bonds to their own kind. (-1 to Negotiate, Get Intel, and Sense Motive)
  25. Hutant Racial Traits:
  26. -Hutants are physically stronger and more resilient than humans but have reduced mental capabilities (+1 Endurance, +1 Might, -1 Intellegence)
  27. -Hutants are well adapted to fighting without weapons (+1 to Melee skill)
  29. Peelers:
  30. Some human were cooked by the heat of the atomic blasts and their entire bobies were turned into a single massive scab. This significantly slowed the aging process and has given Peelers a very long lifespan.
  31. Personality:
  32. Peelers are often wiser than humans and hutants. Having lived for so long means they have a better understanding of how things work. Besides that they act similar to humans in just about everyway. They also tend to use recreational dugs and drink heavily. Most attibute this to peelers having exposed muscle tissues. Peelers attribute it to having expierienced much that they would rather forget.
  33. Physical description:
  34. Peelers are similar to humans in terms of proportions, the main difference is that their flesh falls off in pieces and their remaining skin is dry, cracked and patchy where new skin has attempted to grow. Sometimes Peelers will wrap their limbs in bandages to keep the exposed sections of muscle and bone from the elements. Constantly maintaining their bodies from falling appart has made them skilled medics and doctors.(+2 to First Aid)
  35. Notes:
  36. Peelers live for a very long time, the radiation that caused their skin to fall off also haulted the aging process. Most Peelers are over 200 years old, some remember the world before the bombs dropped and the chaos that ensued shortly after.
  37. Languange:
  38. Peelers speak whatever language they learned before the war and can learn other languages.
  39. Peeler Racial traits:
  40. -Peelers are not physically strong or agile but have learned much from centuries of being alive.(+2 Intellegence, -1 Might, -1 Dexterity)
  41. -Peelers have +2 to Motive and Negotiate checks
  43. Rachas:
  44. The radiation wasn't horrible for everyone, The cockroaches in particular, thrived while bathed in atomic fallout. Evolving rapidly to quickly fill in the niches of now extinct species, gaining sapience, language and tool building capabilites. Rachas see themselves as the best thing that ever happened to the wasteland.
  45. Personality:
  46. While not very intellegent or strong, this species makes up for it with enhanced reflexes and speed. Their main choice of attack revolves around disabling their opponents and then assualting in large numbers, They are peaceful only when outnumbered or when it suits them. If at all possible Rachas avoid fair fights, to them its "Life fur da best". They value food and water above all, even their own kind are only a barganing tool when it comes to food. If no food is present Rachas will fight a 'loser tournament' where the winners are rewarded with not having to fight the next round,. The tournament ends with the weakest being feasted upon by the others.
  47. Physical description:
  48. Rachas stand anywhere from a little over a foot to slightly over 3 feet tall and can weigh from 70 to 120 pounds. Females tend to be larger than their male counterparts. Rachas appear similar to cockroaches except they stand on two legs, using their other four apendages for manipulating objects. They are covered top to bottom in chitin and occasionally wear loose, often torn clothing, most likely harvested from corpses.
  49. Language:
  50. Rachas speak sloppy, broken english mixed with inscetoid chittering, it is the only language they speak. They don't care about grammer or speaking clearly; so long as they can understand other Rachas, they don't need another language.
  51. Notes:
  52. Rachas dont paticularily care for social conventions or even politics, opting for blunt, harsh truths and brutally honest statements. Lying to them is unnessecary and a waste of time when simply stating what one wants is enough. As a result they're terrible negotiators and often make very poor trades. If a Rachas feels cheated they will employ violent, and often lethal means of reconciliation. For them; its not an eye for an eye, but an arm for an eye.
  53. Rachas Racial traits:
  54. -Rachas are physically weak and intelectually dim. They make up for it by being quite agile and perceptive to aviod danger.(+2 Agility, +1 Perception, -1 Intellegence -1 Endurance)
  55. -Rachas have a + 1 to camoflauge and scavenge skills
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