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  1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. <ruleset name="bdrops Standard" namespace="bdrops\CS\Standard">
  3.     <description>bdrops PHPCS coding standards</description>
  4.     <rule ref="PSR2">
  5.         <exclude name="PSR1.Methods.CamelCapsMethodName"/>
  6.     </rule>
  7.     <rule ref="Symfony">
  8.         <exclude name="Symfony.Commenting.License" />
  9.         <exclude name="Symfony.Functions.Arguments" />
  10.     </rule>
  11.     <exclude-pattern>*/tests/*</exclude-pattern>
  12.     <exclude-pattern>*/var/*</exclude-pattern>
  13.     <exclude-pattern>*/vendor/*</exclude-pattern>
  14.     <exclude-pattern>*/bin/*</exclude-pattern>
  15.     <exclude-pattern>*/src/Entity/*</exclude-pattern>
  16. </ruleset>
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