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The Knight and the Alchemist Ch.2

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Dec 8th, 2013
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  1. The knight gave a large yawn as he awoke the next morning. His head felt like it was full of cotton. He didn't really remember a lot of last night, just a lot of warmth and drinking something hot and salty, but not much else. He felt himself holding onto something warm... Suddenly his eyes shot wide open as he realized he was cuddling someone.
  3. The Alchemist shifted slightly in his sleep when the Knight stirred. He moved his weight slightly onto him while at the same time his tail coiled around the Knight's changed form.
  5. The Knight blinked hard as he felt something wrap around him and he began to shiver with a pleasure he didn't understand. Why was he acting like this? He began to squirm his way out of it's grasp, but his body was having trouble listening to him.
  7. The sleeping Alchemist pulled the struggling knight back into his grasp and began to lick him like a mother cat with a restless kitten. Even in his sleep he seemed to know just that right spot behind the ear.
  9. The Knight let out a gasp as he was dragged right back in and began to be licked behind a spot near the top of his head. He felt something being touched there, but the feeling only made him shiver as he felt his body calm down.. an odd 'mew' escaping his mouth without him realizing it. He continued to mewl ineffectually as he was held in his grasp. Why was his body so weak? It was embarrassing!
  11. The licking continued for a time until the Alchemist awoke. There was an awkward silence then. He was afraid to move lest he offend whoever this was in his arms. Finally he spoke, hesitantly asking "I don't mean to be rude but...what exactly happened last night?"
  13. The Knight looked up at the bigger alchemist and spoke out. "H-how am I suppose to know! All I know is I woke up being held like that and you-!" He stuttered, his voice light, Cute even. It caused him to blush for some dumb reason.
  15. "I..I'm afraid I don't remember much..." said the Alchemist, frowning in concentration. "The last thing I recall is showing you some of the samples in my traveling case and then...oh dear. I'm afraid I may have taken advantage of you." Suddenly he leaped up, acutely embarrassed. "I, I, I have to go pee. I'll be right back," He stammered out, diving behind a tree.
  17. The Knight lay there, confused, when he was finally let go. He blinked hard and hastily tried to get up, noticing his hands were much different.. lacking their weathered, calloused look. They were soft and.. delicate. "W-what exactly did you do to me!" he asked, almost pleading. "I sound like a girl!"
  19. "I don't know," came the reply from behind the tree. "I think there were some unintended consequences from taking multiple potions in rapid succession like that. The fact that one of them was meant to have a permanent effect seems to have made the mistake itself permanent as well. I can try to mix an antidote for you but I'll need a proper lab. My traveling case simply doesn't have what I'll need."
  21. The little knight flopped on his back, his bubble butt serving as a proper cushion, and did his best to fight against his emotions. He was so much weaker now, the pack was far to big to carry and where once was a manly knight sat a cute little twink with a nice juicy cock. "W-well," he stammered, "hopefully we find a way to fix this then! It's embarrassing!"
  23. "Well one thing is for certain," said the Alchemist coming back into sight once he had concluded his morning business. "We can't go wandering around naked. I can put your pack on my horse. Can you still fit into your armour?"
  25. When the alchemist came into view it was obvious what the answer was. The plates looked silly on his slender frame, the pauldrons had slipped to his arms and he was clinging onto them and his pants desperately. He was trying to hold back the embarrassment but the nekomimi twink of a knight was blushing red now like his new hair.
  27. "Oh dear, oh dear," tisked the Alchemist, biting his finger and trying not to laugh. "You are simply too cute for words. I'm afraid we'll have to find you something more suitable. In the meanwhile if you will lend me your armour I can store it for you."
  29. "I-I am not cute!" declared the knight loudly as he tried to be threatening, sounding more like a child than a man. The lip pouting probably didn't help. Still, after a while he relented and gave the alchemist his favourite armour against his better judgement. He blushed as he tried to cover his naked little body even his new tail tried to cover him up a bit.
  31. "I'm afraid the evidence speaks for itself in this case," replied the alchemist with a smile. "Here, take this." He dug in the sample case, still open from last night, and handed him the mirror that his customers usually used to look at their new selves. Meanwhile he began methodically dressing himself in the knight's armour. It was heavier than he was used to but then he wouldn't be wearing it for long.
  33. The Knight took the mirror quickly as it was offered to him. He started to go pale as his tail fluffed out in fright. "M-mu-my muscles! My body! I l-look like a little whimp! A g-girl! A-a little sissy boy!" His eyes were starting to tear up a little as he found himself becoming scared. He tried his best not to whimper, trying to keep some dignity, but for some reason, his body would not have it. He held tightly to his fluffy tail.
  35. "Yes," replied the alchemist, "please take no offense, but I was just thinking that myself. In fact you look so much like a girl that I think you may be able to pass as one." As he was saying this the Alchemist tightened the last strap on the armour and concentrated. The armour vanished into the Æther, leaving the alchemist naked once more. Another moment's focus and soon another article of clothing appeared out of the Æther. This time it was a summer dress, cut mid-thigh on the alchemist's tall frame and leaving his shoulders exposed. He took it off as soon as it appeared but it looked as though it had been tailored specifically to fit him. "This may be too big for you as well," he said, slightly abashed at this revelation, "but I'm confident I can take it in to fit. At the very least it will be easier to adjust than the armour." He held out the offered scrap of cloth for the knight to accept.
  37. "W-what?" asked the knight in shock, his face began to blush. "I c-can't dress like a girl! I have my dignity as a ma~eep!" He quickly covered his eyes as he saw the naked nekomimi man offer him the dress, trying to avert his eyes from the swinging flesh dangling between his legs.
  39. "What's worse, though?" replied out the alchemist. "Letting people know what you've become by being yourself or dressing as a girl they've never met before?"
  41. "F-fine, just... fine. P-please put some clothes on, though.." With that, he shyly took the dress, making sure not to make eye contact as he found a bush behind which to dress and take care of his morning business.
  43. As the little man scurried off to change he looked down at his naked body and finally realized that he had been prancing around naked and then popping in and out of clothes for the past several minutes. "Oh dear, oh dear," he chided himself. "I'd better cover up as well, hadn't I?" With another moment's concentration he was soon dressed once more this time in skin-tight leather pants and a colourful shirt with puffy sleeves.
  45. "F-fine! So I should what, act cute and girly while I wear this too?" asked the knight, carefully putting it on. He blushed at the feel of the dress as he came out of the bush. "Ok, I'm ready to~eep!" He squeaked once more as the tight leather pants caught his eyes almost immediately. "T-that's not m-much better!" The former knight squeaked. He couldn't seem to look away.
  47. "Well of course, You wouldn't want to get caught, would you?" asked the knight unconcernedly .
  49. "H-how would I do that?! I-I have no experience being cute or girly!" Asked the knight, shaking.
  51. As the shivering form of the knight came out from the bush the Alchemist gave him his most winning smile. "What's wrong with this outfit?" he asked innocently "This is standard bardic wear, isn't it? Are you saying I look different from any other bard?"
  53. "Yes! I mean no! I don't look at bards often or.. in detail.." It was obvious the poor little knight was flustered beyond approach here as he squirmed a bit. "Those pants just look.. too tight."
  55. "Oh my, That sounds like another side affect to me. Well if you're going to act more lady-like I must tell you it's not polite to stare in mixed company."
  57. He looked ashamed for a moment as he looked at the ground, blushing at that comment.. "Y-yes sir.. I didn't want to.. they are just.. they leave little to the imagination, that's all!"
  59. "Merely a sales trick, my boy. Oh, I do apologize, young lady. When the customer is distracted, or indeed intimidated, it often makes it much easier to make a sale."
  61. The little knight felt a tingle run through him at being called a lady. He spoke a bit softer. "I-I guess that makes sense... are there any other things I need to learn?"
  63. "It would probably for the best if you just observed the other young ladies and take your cues from them. I'm not sure I could teach you everything there is to know. If I were to give you one major tip, though, it would be to keep your legs together. You don't want to accidentally show off what you've got."
  65. He blushed hard at that as he quickly pulled his legs together to hide his manhood from sight as he felt slightly ashamed about that. "Yes sir... I'll make sure to do so."
  67. "You might want to be careful not to get too...excited, as well. I don't have any restraining garments, not really my style, but if you like I can find you someone who sells them on the way. Now, get on my horse, we're burning daylight and it's time we were on our way."
  69. "R-right.." Giving a quick nod, he hopped onto the back of the horse. He had wondered if he'd be walking or not. Riding would probably be easier. He tugged the skirt down to try to hide himself as he settled into the saddle.
  71. The Alchemist swung himself up onto the horse right behind the knight. He fit snugly between the bag and the swell of his traveling companion's buttocks. He reached his arms around him and grabbed hold of the reigns, shouting "Yah!" and bringing it up to a trot.
  73. The little knight gave a small mew of surprise as he felt those long arms encircle him and the warmth from those tight pants so close to his bum. Without noticing, he slowly inched a bit closer to him, his tail trying to wrap around him for support.
  75. Everything finally in order the two rode up to the road and began searching out a town with a suitable alchemy lab. After a long day of riding the sight of smoke over the next hill indicated the presence of civilization.
  77. As they reached the top there was a sigh of disappointment from the alchemist. "This town is far too small to have much in the way of alchemist's gear," he said "I wouldn't be surprised if they imported whatever potions they sell in the stores. All the same, if we keep riding today who knows if we'll find another place to stay. I think we should stop here."
  79. The little knight's eyes grew wide at the thought that they finally managed to make it to civilization, but his mood went down when he was told that this was not the town they were looking for. Giving a small sigh, he began to shrug. "Well.. I guess a place to sleep indoors is better than sleeping outdoors."
  81. "Speaking of which..You, er, you wouldn't happen to have any money on you, would you?" The Alchemists hated to admit it but he had spent most of his earnings on potion ingredients and the very last of his coin had gone towards the string of sausages they had shared for dinner the previous evening.
  83. The little knight blinked a bit as he looked at the alchemist. "Maaaybe a little. Enough for some bread. I used to hunt when I was desperate for food so I don't think it's enough to rent a room at the inn."
  85. "Then we're going to need to earn some coin before we can rest. Do you remember my offer last night? You can help me demonstrate my potions and in exchange I'll cut you in on the profits."
  87. He gave the alchemist a look before giving in. "Alright.. not like it could get any worse for me."
  89. "I'm not sure the muscle growth potion is the right choice of product given your current appearance." contemplated the situation aloud. "Besides, that's what started all of this. Maybe we should advertise the bust growth product for the ladies?"
  91. The little knight gave a dead pan stare at that. "You.. you can't be serious. ..Right?" he asks, afraid of the answer.
  93. "What, you got a better idea? Besides, your delicious flat chest is the perfect canvas to show off what that potion can do."
  95. He blushed deeply at that. "F-fair enough.. you owe me for this.. and.. and my chest isn't delicious..."
  97. "Oh come now," said the alchemist, jostling his passenger in a jovial way. "You can't be so shy. It's alright to show off once in a while."
  99. "B-but I don't have anything to show off! I mean, what exactly do I show them?"
  101. "Oh, that part is simple enough. We just parade you out somewhere nice and public, preferably somewhere with lots of ladies, and then we have you drink a dose of the potion."
  103. The little knight held his tongue for a moment before giving a tsk. "F-fine.. but this is for the money and so we have a place to sleep tonight. G-got it?"
  105. "Oh of course, of course," said the Alchemist as he patted the knight on the back reassuringly. "In fact, I'll even let you pick the place."
  107. He gave a little purr as his back was touched. He tried to find a proper place which wasn't too bad.. before his 'softer' side picked a rather girly place full of customers.. and a few cute guys much to the little knight's embarrassment.
  109. "Ah, a fine choice for a first time salesman," said the Alchemist as he hopped spryly down from the horse. Landing smoothly he turned and offered his hand like a true gentleman to help the lady down from the horse.
  111. Trying not to let the compliment get to him too much, the knight remembered he was suppose to act.. girly so no one could find out and thus accepted his hand.. that and the horse was rather high up. He didn't want to hurt himself.
  113. Once the horse was tied up the alchemist once again summoned his case out of the Æther and set it on the ground. At the pull of a small unobtrusive lever it soon unfolded into a small but serviceable stage. Stepping up on the stage the Alchemist suddenly shifted into sales mode. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" he shouted "COME ONE COME ALL! I HAVE HERE POTIONS AND ELIXIRS TO ASTOUND AND AMAZE!"
  115. The little knight waited beside the display, standing demurely, legs tight together as he blushed at the attention. Moving some stray strands of hairs from his face.
  117. "YOU THERE! FINE YOUNG LADY!" called the alchemist turning his attention to the knight as if he'd never met him before. "YES, YOU! STEP RIGHT UP ON THIS HERE STAGE AND I'LL SHOW YOU A THING WORTH SEEING!"
  119. Blushing a bit at the 'lady comment', he quickly got on stage with the alchemist as he went along with the show.
  123. Giving a nod here and there as he went along with the performance he gingerly took the flask and, as daintily as he could, took a sip from it. No sooner had he sipped from the flask did he feel the swelling beneath the unfamiliar fabric he was wearing. The temporary stitching the alchemist had done popped loose as the bountiful bosom beneath grew into existence. There were more than a few gasps from the crowd at the sight. A small feminine squeak accompanied the arrival of the breasts as the knight did his best to keep them from being too lewd.. though it really came off as more cute than anything else.. his face was ablaze as he showed off the potion's effects.
  125. It wasn't long before they had customers lining up. Several women and a few men too. Some of the women were very forward and wanted to touch his breasts to see that they felt real. He quietly allowed the ladies to give them a feel, looking away to try and not focus on them and focus on other people.. like the men! Wait no..
  127. The Alchemist noticed the knight's distress and his wandering gaze and gave him a wink of encouragement. After all they were making a good number of sales here. It wouldn't be long before they had enough for a room.
  129. While his eyes wandered a bit, the little knight noticed the wink of approval and felt warmth course through his body as he kept up with his part of the work.. even if it was embarrassing.
  131. Once they had enough for a room that night the alchemist began to feel like going for broke. After all, they still needed money to pay for the use of a professional alchemist's lab. Unfortunately it looked like the knight was in danger of losing control.
  133. The little knight's face was bright red at this point as he managed to keep his horrible secret under control, keeping it under lock and key.. even though it was difficult, deflecting any comment aimed at him. Just a bit more.. soon he'd be away from this crowd.
  135. Detecting his partner's distress the Alchemist finally bid his client adieu. "TELL YOUR FRIENDS, FOLKS!" he shouted, "YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN I MIGHT PASS BY AGAIN!" And with that he suddenly grabbed the buxom little knight by the wrist and dragged him almost too forcibly from the stage. He pulled the lever on the case in the other direction and the stage collapsed into it once more. Not bothering to get back onto the horse this time he simply took the reigns in his other hand and dragged them both to the inn.
  137. Giving a tiny 'eep' as he was taken, the buxom little knight quickly followed behind him, embarrassed and feeling funny about someone rescuing HIM for a change. He gave a small "T-thank you sir," for the save and then kept quiet.
  139. "I'm sorry I let it get that far, my friend, but I had to get enough for your treatment. After all we have to keep our goals in mind, don't we? At any rate I'm sure you're hungry. We haven't had anything to eat today but old bread. I'm sure the Inn will have something...or maybe even room service. I tell you what, I sure could use a soft bed after a long day of being jostled around on a horse."
  141. "Ummmm.. it's alright. I mean we got what we needed, right? A nice fluffy bed will feel good. My body feels stiff from riding the horse. I'm not use to it in this body.. did I at least do well today?"
  143. Oh, my dear, you did fantastically. Normally I'd have switch up to a second potion or at least hit up more than one venue to pull down this much coin at once. Your beauty is a stunning attractant. Almost as good as a potion."
  145. He.. didn't know what to say as a small purr began to rumble from him as he leaned closer. He obviously was pleased by the compliment, but he tried to hide it. Admitting he was good at being girly would be bad! ..right?
  147. When they finally arrived at the inn the alchemist tied the horse up once more and threw his arm around his traveling companion. He threw open the door and strode into the inn as though he owned the place. "Greetings, fair innkeeper!" he called out. "My wife and I would like a room for the night and if you have a kitchen we would like to purchase some evening supper."
  149. Once again, the poor little buxom knight was stunned greatly as the alchemist called him his 'wife'. He tried to speak up, but the voice was gone from his throat as his heart raced. He was a man! A manly man! Not a cute.. little wife to a well hung man.. it felt warm in here.
  151. The innkeeper looked up as the couple entered. He hadn't been expecting such a well endowed woman to enter his shop and suddenly found himself locking eyes with her ample melons. "Certainly, he said. taking the man's money without ever looking away. You can have the corner room upstairs. The number is on the key, you can't miss it."
  153. The moment he got the key, the Knight hid behind the Alchemist, holding his hands to avoid that leer. "T-thank you very much sir. C-come along dear.. let's head to our room."
  155. "Of course dear," replied the alchemist, embracing him in a very marital way as he guided him up the stairs. "Let's not waste any more of this fine gentleman's time."
  157. A small giggle escaped from the buxom little knight's lips as he was embraced. He 'went along' with the act... but it felt good too to be held so securely as he went to their room together.
  159. The Alchemist turned the key in the lock and opened the door, revealing a single bed. Well of course that was to be expected in such a small town. It was such a tiny bed, though. "Heh heh," chuckled the alchemist, "I guess we're sharing."
  161. The buxom little knight gave a sigh of relief, glad he could finally drop the act, before realizing that the room only had one, small bed. His face was warm as his erection finally bloomed fully, released against his will. He tried to shrug it off. "Aheh.. I guess you're right there.." His body was rather stiff as he tried not to make any sudden moves.
  163. The Alchemist suddenly stopped just inside the doorway causing the erection forming behind him to prod him right in the buttock. "Oh, oh my. Well perhaps it won't be so bad after all," he said "I was afraid things were going to be...awkward."
  165. "A-awkward? Awkward how?" asked the knight, giving a little gulp as his heart raced and his stiffness throbbed. What he said both scared and excited him.
  167. "There's no need to be shy," said the alchemist, turning around. He leaned in close and swung the door closed. "It's just you and I in this room. No one else will see."
  169. "W-what do you plan to do~?" asked the buxom little knight nervously. A shiver crossed through his spine as he moved so close and closed the door.. he smelled kinda nice and was rather warm...
  171. With his prey in his grasp the alchemist sought even more liberty as his tongue thrust between those luscious lips. Pushing deeper into the warm wet cavern within. Almost subconsciously he brought his other hand around and cupped those ample buttocks.
  173. The buxom little knight began to purr happily as he was invaded further. His lips parted easily to the intruder's as his tongue passively licked and rubbed against his, while his butt bucked into the alchemists waiting hands, electing a giggle as pleasure coursed through it. He had to admit, being the prey.. felt sorta good..
  175. The Alchemist's caresses soon became harder as he really worked the swells of the knight's butt. After a while he brought his arms up and turned it into a full embrace as they continued to duel with their tongues.
  177. The buxom little knight gave a little moan as he felt his bubble rump being worked over as he started to embrace him in earnest. His face was burning up as he started to feel like he was powerless. He tried to win the kiss, only to find his resolve waver slightly, giving the alchemist an edge.
  179. Without breaking their contact the Alchemist started to guide his partner further into the room. Finding a chair he carefully pushed the knight down onto his rump. Not daring to interrupt their kiss he sat right down upon his lap feeling the knight's erection struggling with the fabric of the dress as he did so.
  181. This elicits a small gasp. As he was sat down and then sat upon, the buxom little knight began to squirm. He felt the warmth and weight of his kisser upon him as he continued his advance. At this point, his tongue was losing ground and the alchemist managed to enter his mouth proper, eliciting little gasps here and there.
  183. Finally breaking contact the Alchemist inhaled deeply like a pearl diver after a particularly rewarding dive. He smiled at the buxom little knight and asked him, "There, that wasn't so bad, now, was it?"
  185. As their lips broke, the buxom little knight gave a quiet whimper before snapping out of it. His face was red and he just couldn't look him directly in the eyes. "Y-yeah.. I guess so. It did feel nice.."
  187. "You know what I think? You're too tense. It's understandable of course. You've had such a stressful day. You just sit right there and I'll massage those shoulders for you. The Alchemist rose from the buxom little knight's lap with a smile and glided around behind him with what could only be called feline grace.
  189. Of course, while he was thinking about his back, he felt the alchemist's bulge rub up against his face and he caught a whiff of his male scent through the fabric and felt it's warmth touch his skin. He shivered quietly as it finally passed by, both glad and disappointed that it was gone.
  191. The Alchemist rested his large hands on the buxom little knight's shoulders. He began to squeeze the soft and gentle flesh, bare and exposed by the dress he was wearing. From this angle he could see right down into the cleavage within. "My, my, those breasts we gave you certainly do look heavy," he said as he began to press and kneed. "Your back must simply be in agony from carrying them all around town.
  193. Those big strong hands felt nice against the buxom little knight's shoulders, eliciting a happy little moan as he worked them over properly and removed those troublesome knots. "Y-yeah.. this s-stupid body is way too weak and these really are a pain. I wish I had my old body.."
  195. "I bet your old body didn't turn nearly as many heads, did it? Did you see how those women flocked to the stage? They all wanted to be you, I wager. There's a lot of people who would give a lot of things to be as cute as you are."
  197. He felt a twinge of pride as he was told how cute he was. "I-I'm not that cute!" he protested. He was a knight! A manly man! However, with the sudden compliments and the wonderful massage, his retort was half hearted at best.
  199. "Don't be silly, of course you are. That innkeeper, for one, couldn't take his eyes off of you. It's not even just the breasts either. I saw several men looking at you before we began the demonstration. You might not have noticed but they certainly had the look in their eyes. After all, who could resist a face like yours?" he asked, holding the little knight's head against his abdomen and stroking his soft hair.
  201. A quite mewl escaped his lips and he felt the Alchemist's hand run through his hair as he was complimented on his cu-err unmanly body. Still, to feel all that attention.. it made his heart thump loudly in his chest. "I-I guess that makes sense and it did help boost sales, but is my face really that cute?"
  203. "That it did," said the Alchemist kindly. "You were very helpful and brave." He came around the chair once more and knelt down to look the buxom little knight in the face. "Oh yes, you definitely have the cutest little face, the cutest little voice and,the cutest little kitty ears," he said, reaching out to scratch that special spot behind the ear as he spoke.
  205. He smiled at the compliment. It was nice to be considered helpful and brave even though he was so weak. He could see how being cute could have it's advantages, but when he tried to think about the downside, he felt a pleasurable tingle come from his ear as he started to purr. "Ahhhhnn~ s-sir, they feel really sensitive~!"
  207. "It feels good though, right," asked the Alchemist, unrelenting. "I've always said; nothing beats a good scratch right behind the ears." Always getting along before he did, the alchemist's tail had started to creep up on the buxom little knight again. This time it started at his ankles and started to squirm its way up under the dress.
  209. He nodded quickly as his purring grew. "Hnnnn, yes sir. It feels really good. Can I please have some more?" He didn't really notice the tail aside from the soft feeling coursing up his leg. He was simply too focused on the alchemist's words and the ear scratches.
  211. As the tail wormed its way up his prey's leg the Alchemist came in for another kiss. He planted one on each of the buxom little knight's cheeks and one on his cute little button nose.
  213. He blushed frantically as his cheeks and nose were assailed by the light kisses while his leg continues to feel something slide up it. Deciding to try and return the 'favour', he decides to kiss the alchemist's cheeks and nose in return.
  215. The alchemist is surprised at this return of affection but smiles warmly at his prey. "Such a good boy," he says. "We're going to have to reward you for coming along so well. What would you like?"
  217. He felt a giggle escape his lips as he heard the compliment. It felt.. nice to be praised in such a way and a reward as well. Though he was confused by the coming along part. "Ummmm, how about more of those ear scratches? I kinda liked being called a good boy too... if that's not too weird."
  219. "Oh my poor dear,' chided the Alchemist kindly. "There's really no such thing as too weird. People may try to shame you because they are jealous or uncomfortable but that's really their own fault. You should never feel ashamed in a safe place such as this." The alchemist reached over his head and scritched both of his ears as he spoke in that calm soothing voice.
  221. His eyes began to relax as he listened to those words and enjoyed those ear rubs. "Y-yeah... I want to feel good. I don't want to feel bad, just good, happy feelings..."
  223. "That's right," said the alchemist, "you should ne~" Just then came a knock at the door. The innkeeper had brought their food and their conversation was put on hold temporarily. "Well, at least we can eat. Be a darling and go and get the door, would you?"
  225. He blushed a bit as the knocking suddenly caught him off guard. He was a bit hungry and, giving a little nod, he said, "Y-yes, darling~" and proceeded to open the door and receive the food. While the innkeeper was still leering at him, it just made him blush and feel funny this time.
  227. The Alchemist paid and thanked the innkeeper for the food He then firmly saw him out the door and closed it. Finally getting a decent meal after a days ride was enough of a boon after a hard days ride to excuse the interruption and it wasn't long before they were well fed and able to relax again.
  229. The buxom little knight sighed happily as he finally managed to fill his empty stomach, giving a happy sigh as he sat down on the Alchemist's lap, before looking up at him like a puppy waiting for another treat. "Ummm.. can I please have more of my reward sir?"
  231. "But of course, my dear." said the alchemist smiling down like a kindly teacher. What would you like to do next?"
  233. "Hmmmmm, could you massage me some more please? I don't want to have any stiff spots in me."
  235. "I can apply my magical fingers anywhere you like. Where is it that you're feeling stiff?"
  237. He blushed a bit when he thought about it.. but he did say he shouldn't deny it... "Ummmm... my neck, m-my chest.. and. ummm.. my penis?"
  239. "Oh dear, oh dear, that sounds serious. We'd better get to that right away," said the alchemist as he took hold of the buxom little knight and worked his thumbs into that tight neck tissue.
  241. "Ahhhhn~ thank you sir~!" He sighed happily as he got right to work, feeling his tension fade bit by bit as he rubbed out those tough knots.
  243. The Alchemist felt the tension un-knot and relax as he worked. Soon he wrapped his arms around the buxom little knight's thin frame to grab hold of his swollen breasts. He placed tiny little kisses on his neck as he kneaded and tweaked.
  245. He squirmed slightly as he felt his nipples tweaked and his breasts played with. He even gave a lewd little moan as he began to heat. "Ahhhm~ sir, those are s-sensitive!"
  247. "Yes, I just bet they are after growing and stretching so quickly," whispered the alchemist in his ear. Reach down into the fabric of the dress he pulled one of the bountiful melons loose and circled the nipple with his tongue.
  249. The buxom little knight gasped loudly as he felt the alchemist's tongue played with his nipple.. it felt so lewd but so nice... "Sir~ p-please!"
  251. "Please don't make the other one jealous? I wouldn't dream of it," said the Alchemist, changing sides and giving the other melon the same treatment. "Large breasts like these are a nice treat even if they don't come along every day."
  253. This elicited another gasp as the fresh nipple was played with. This wasn't what he wanted, but it was much better. "Ahhhhn thank you sir~ it feels so GOOD~!"
  255. "That just leaves one thing you asked for, doesn't it?"
  257. His head was a bit foggy from the double assault, but a little lewd grin started to spread on the buxom little knight's face. "Yes sir~ please work my stiff cock."
  259. The Alchemist could see how the buxom little knight's erection was struggling with the confines of the dress. It was only right that he release it. He hiked the dress up over his thighs with one hand and grabbed hold of the throbbing meat hidden there with the other.
  261. It felt so nice to feel his trapped member being released from its confines as his partner got straight to work on stroking it. Happy mewls of joy came freely as he felt it being worked.
  263. "That's right," Whispered the alchemist in his ear. "It feels good to get what we want, doesn't it? Besides, who know best how to really touch it but another man?" As he spoke he gently fondled the buxom knights tender sac and worked the skin of his shaft up and down, exposing the sensitive head to the air.
  265. He nodded happily as he leaned back and nuzzled the alchemist His cock began to leak pre-cum in earnest. He was right, this was way better than any woman he dealt with. Who needs them when he's got the alchemist? "Ahhhn~ sir, you're the best~!"
  267. "oh my, flattery will get you everywhere," said the alchemist, pleased. "Tell me what you want and I can do it for you. Anything you desire is yours for the asking." As he spoke he rubbed the pre-cum from the knight's shaft and head and slicked his fingers before stroking him some more.
  269. He thought of it for a while, but it was frustrating he did so much for him, but he can't think of more things either. "Ummmm... I've sorta ran out of ideas sir.. can you please help me? I don't know what to do!"
  271. "Well that's to be expected. You're hardly experienced after all. If this feels good for you do you think you might enjoy returning the favour?"
  273. He nodded happily as he felt the hand work his dick. "Yes sir~ anything you want~! I want more and more~! Teach me everything you know!"
  275. "Do you feel this?" asked the alchemist, spreading his legs and allowing the buxom little knight to feel the bulge in his tight leather pants.
  277. He gave a little gulp as he nodded. "Y-yes sir. Do you want me to massage it for you?"
  279. "To start with.."
  281. He nodded as he got off his lap and onto his hands and knees as he worked to undo his pants. "What do you want after that sir?"
  283. "Oh you don't need to do that," he said. "I learned some very useful magic in my studies." He concentrated for a moment and suddenly all of his clothing vanished into the Æther. "There, much more convenient, isn't it?"
  285. The buxom little knight jolted back as the Alchemist's clothes vanished in the blink of the eye. His tail fluffed up and his eyes widened as he looked at the naked alchemist, and his hard pole of flesh, in shock and wonder. "A-amazing sir..!"
  287. "It's only a bit of magic," he said dismissively. "Now what are you going to do with it?" He leaned back in his seat and spread his legs invitingly.
  289. He gulped quietly as he wiggled closer to him and began stroking the alchemist's hardness in earnest. It was really warm.. and looked a little tasty.
  291. "yes," said the Alchemist with a slight shudder, "That feels good but isn't there anything else you'd like to do with it?
  293. He looked up to him for a moment, shy about about what he is about to do before he leaned down and proceeded to lick the alchemist's hot fleshy rod, curious about what it tasted like.
  295. The Alchemist's hips twitched as he felt the tongue contact. He kept himself under control, however, not wanting to scare the buxom little knight away from his task. "Yes, that's a good start," said the alchemist. "I can see you're a quick learner."
  297. He smiled happily at the praise and kept licking. "T-thank you sir~! I'm doing my best!" With the warmth of praise, he began to lick and stroke in earnest, starting to enjoy the taste before he gulped in nervousness and began sucking on the tip.
  299. "Oh yes. You're a good little boy," he said as he felt the warm wetness on his big spongy tip. He hissed slightly and grabbed hold of his pointy little ears again.
  301. The buxom little knight giggled and purred as the praise and the touch egged him further on. Carefully, he began to fondle the Alchemist's balls while sucking more and more of his tasty girth.
  303. Taking control he gently but firmly pulled him down by his ears onto his raging hardness. "You can do it," he whispered. "Work it like the amazing little thing that you are."
  305. His eyes opened wide as he was forced further down, but then slowly relaxed as the new position allowed him to suck and lick more of the delicious treat. He purred happily as he kept up his work. It felt so good to be praised and just having to worry about what's in front of him.
  307. "That's right, take it all in," commanded the Alchemist. "It feels good to let someone else be in control, doesn't it? You like doing what you're told and pleasing me like a good little pet, don't you?"
  309. He did as he was asked~ ordered to do with gusto as he took in all that he could and he listened intently while working. Small shudders of pleasure coursed through him when he told him the facts, but.. being called a pet? It made him feel funny as he looked up at the alchemist confused, but still licking eagerly.
  311. "You're doing so well," praised the Alchemist as his pre-cum started to flow. "Can you taste that sweet sensation on your tongue? That's your reward for a job well done."
  313. He gave a little 'mrr?" before his tongue tasted the delicious pre-cum on the tip. It was good, but he wanted more and began to suck quicker to milk his ma~ the alchemist's delicious nectar.
  315. As the buxom little knight started to suck with more gusto the Alchemist felt himself nearing completion. "I'm going to cum," he declared, almost conversationally, "and you're going to drink it for me, like a good little pet, aren't you?"
  317. His eyes focused on the Alchemist as he began to back up to avoid swallowing the cum.. but stopped. He'd had such nice words of praise for him and it would be rude to just stop... but he wasn't a pet, right? He was cute, obedient, liked dick, pre-cum, and taking commands from the strong.. handsome alchemist, but he wasn't a pet.. right? Yet he continued sucking eagerly.
  319. "Why do you hesitate? Don't you want it?" asked the alchemist. "You want to taste it. You want to please your master because it feels good to feel good." As the alchemist spoke his modest balls began to tighten in their sac. He was on the edge now and he allowed himself to go over. As his seed poured forth he gave something between a moan of pleasure and a sigh of relief. He had been holding this back all day.
  321. It was hard to resist. He was right.. it did feel good to feel good and he had been making him feel really good. As the flow of cum finally came, he excepted it.. and was not disappointed by the flavour as he began to swallow it. Hesitantly at first, but quickly enough he was sucking down every bit of seed he could, trying to please his.... master.
  323. "Oh, and swallowing every drop," said the Alchemist hazily. "You're doing such a good job." As he spoke he dug into his case with one hand and pulled out one of his potions of vigor. He was going to need it before this night was over.
  325. The buxom little knight blushed quietly as he slowly slid his mouth off of the spent flesh, giving the tip a kiss before cuddling into the Alchemist. "T-thank you.. master."
  327. The Alchemist embraced him warmly and held him against his chest. Looking down he saw that the buxom little knight's member was still stiff and wanting. He reached down and took hold of it once more, saying, "It looks like you're not quite finished yet, my darling."
  329. Nuzzling and purring against his chest, he responded in a quiet, meek voice. "No.. umm, can you help me with it Master?"
  331. "Of course I can my pet. I can do anything you ask. What do you want to feel?"
  333. He blushed shyly at him as he felt him looking at his needy erection. "Well.. I was wondering, I mean, I would like to feel master's dick.. inside me. Can we do that please?"
  335. "Inside of you?" asked the Alchemist, tilting his head. Between the potion and the mention of this new lurid act his softening member was beginning to twitch with anticipation and began to stiffen once more. "That's surprisingly forward of you. Where did you hear of such a thing?"
  337. He blushed quietly as he remembered where. "I.. I heard it from some men. T-they say that the bigger man sticks his cock into the weaker man to show him his place and ummm.. where he belongs.."
  339. "Oh my," said the Alchemist, rising with the smaller knight still wrapped in his strong arms "That's certainly one way of doing it. Well, if you really want it you're going to have to show me. Why don't you get up on the bed here."
  341. "Y-yes sir." He gave a small gulp as he positioned himself on the bed, legs outstretched. "Like this?"
  343. "Yes, That will do nicely," said the Alchemist, reaching his hand between the buxom little knight's legs to grab hold of his dangling erection. "Now we just need to get you ready."
  345. He gave a small gasp as he was grasped by his master as it began to twitch in his hands. "R-ready sir?"
  347. "You don't think this," said the Alchemist, slapping him on his round bubble butt with his heavy member on the word this, "will fit inside without lots of lubrication and stretching, do you?"
  349. He gave a little "Eep!" As his little bubble butt was spanked, causing his throbbing erection to twitch and dribble pre-cum. "Y-you are going to use my own pre-cum to.. lube my ass up?"
  351. "Of course," said the Alchemist, smacking the other cheek of that big, round, inviting backside with his weighty manhood to even things up. "What else am I going to use?" Even as he said this he began to rub their stiff members together, spreading the pre-cum over his own shaft as it dripped.
  353. A second "Eep!" escaped from his mouth as the second cheek received a smack before his tense hardness was rubbed against his master's slightly bigger one. He gave a quiet little moan as he felt the pre-cum leak quicker from him at the humiliation and position.
  355. Now that the flow was coming at a steadier rate the Alchemist began to scoop up the drooling fluid from his pet. He grabbed hold of his tail right near the base and began to smear it directly into his tight little hole.
  357. He shivered as his tail was grabbed and his ass was coated thoroughly by his own milked pre-cum. He could only moan in need as his rear was being prepared for master.
  359. Once he had enough to work with the Alchemist gently took the tip of his finger and worked it into his pet's twitching hole. Once he had it all the way in he turned it and pressed upon his prostate.
  361. He flinched a bit as he felt the finger enter his hole. It was indeed tight, but as he worked it further in, he began to gasp as he hit.. something which seemed to cause pleasure to course through him. "W-what was that?"
  363. "That, my sweet little pet, was pleasure. If you liked that there will be more to follow. Just.. relax." The Alchemist's voice had taken on that hypnotic tone again as he said this. He took another palm-full of pre-cum and applied it to his remaining fingers. Before long he was able to apply a second and then a third.
  365. His tension slowly faded from his body as he relaxed him, he could feel the fingers coming into him, one by one, each striking at that sweet spot and causing that pleasure to course through him.
  367. "Good, good. You're such a good little pet," crooned the alchemist as he finally fit a fourth finger into that tight hot hole. "I can see you're almost ready for me."
  369. He moaned happily both at the praise and at the fourth finger entering and playing with his insides. "Ahhhhn... I l~love being a g~good pet~"
  371. "That's right," said the Alchemist, milking his own pre-cum and mixing them together. "You want to be my pet forever, don't you?" As he spoke he spread the sticky shiny fluid all over his throbbing hardness, readying it for penetration.
  373. He gave a small gulp as he watched him prepare. "Y-yes master.."
  375. He pulled his fingers from that hot little hole with a popping noise, leaving it to gape for a moment in anticipation. Finally he pressed the tip of his questing hardness to that waiting hole. It resisted for a moment, but only for a moment, before he felt it pop inside. The opening was so tight that it immediately pushed the foreskin down his throbbing shaft and exposed the sensitive head to the silken walls within. "Your master has given himself to you, my pet," said the alchemist as he thrust inside. "I have given you what you have asked for. Tell me how grateful you are."
  377. As he felt the fingers slide out of his hole, he had only a moment of relief before he felt the serpent plunge deep within him, filling him up and causing his prostate to be struck anew. Moaning wildly, he did as he was told willingly. "Ahhhhn~! Thank you master! It feels so good! Thank you so m~much for filling me and making me your pet~!"
  379. "That's right," said the alchemist as he began to thrust. "From now on you will travel everywhere with me. Whenever I put on a demonstration you're going to be on that stage. When the bandits attack you will strike at my command because you are my loyal pet."
  381. He panted as he listened to his words. He tried to move with each thrust as it came. "Y~yes ahhhn~ sir. I'll travel by your side and do whatever you want because I'm you're your loyal pet~!"
  383. "And when you're a good boy you'll get rewards. You like to be rewarded, don't you?" As he spoke the alchemist's tail wrapped around his pets stiffness, encircling it in fuzzy softness.
  385. The buxom little knight nodded frantically as his own hardness was being worked over by his master's tail. His eyes were full of need. Both for pleasure, and to please. "Yes Master~! I'll be the best pet for you!"
  387. "And like a good little pet you'll be there to meet your master's needs," said the alchemist, punctuating each sentence with a thrust to the very depths. "When your master needs his dick sucked you will suck it. When your master needs his pussy licked you'll lick it. When your master needs a tasty treat you'll keep your cock hard and waiting."
  389. It was getting hard to think for the poor little knight. Each thrust jumbled his mind as he absorbed the knowledge about his new role. Only his nodding head and the submissive sounding 'Yes~'s indicated that he was listening as his straining hardness pulsed and leaked pre-cum constantly.
  391. The alchemist leaned low over his pet, his hands pawing at the bountiful breasts filling his grasp. He gave them a squeeze as he brought his face lower and nibbled the buxom little knight right on the neck.
  393. He leaned back into his embrace as two more fronts were being played. He felt helpless in his grasp as his nipples were tweaked while the neck nibbling showed him his place. He couldn't be happier. "Please sir~! Complete me~! Claim me~! Make me master's pet completely~!"
  395. "Are you prepared to take your master's load once more?" asked the alchemist as he came up for air. He continued to milk those juicy melons as his tail stroked and manipulated his pet to utmost ecstasy.
  397. The thrusts within had grown more insistent and the duel attack on his prostate and his stiff penis were reaching a crescendo. He was at the edge.. so close, SO CLOSE that he could feel it waiting. Giving a shiver of excitement, he quietly responded. "Y-yes master, I'm ready~"
  399. "Yes, yesss, YES!" grunted out the alchemist as his plunging rod started to twitch and spasm with the onset of orgasm. "Your master is very pleased. You have done well this night, my pet." His cum was flowing with abandon into the welcoming silky warmth of the buxom little knight's hole.
  401. As his body finally felt his master let loose his seed inside of him, he gave a passionate scream and he finally got the release he desired for so long. All of his pent up cum cascaded all over himself as he was wracked head to toe in his own climax. In the end, he looked at his master with a loving, lusty smile as he let the pleasure coursed through him. "T-thank you," he whispered.
  403. The Alchemist held his pet's hips firmly as the last of his cum was milked by the buxom little knights spasms of orgasm. He smiled softly down on his pet and whispered to him gently. "Tomorrow we will have to outfit you for your new life. Rest well, my pet, your future is bright."
  405. He gave a small yawn and nod as he wrapped his arms around his master, cuddling into his chest before drifting to sleep.
  407. Feeling his pet's warmth so closely the Alchemist snuggled into him and stroked him as he drifted off to sleep.
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