Isokaze ga Chinjufu ni Chakunin shimashita [untypeset]

Dec 7th, 2015
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  1. Isokaze ga Chinjufu ni Chakunin shimashita Translation
  2. From
  4. [Important Characters]
  5. >[Isokaze: this story's protagonist. Although she's a destroyer, she holds herself like an adult.]
  6. >[Hamakaze: A member of the 17thDesDiv with Isokaze, the desserts she makes are very popular. Part of her armor makes her seem unlike a destroyer. Very large.]
  7. >[Urakaze: a member of the 17thDesDiv with Isokaze. Her Hiroshima accent is very cute. A part of her armor makes her seem (ry (note: what?)]
  8. >[Tanikaze: a fellow part of the 17thDesDiv. An onee-san with an Edo air.]
  9. >[Akagi: the stomach king and everyone's older sister. It's because of her appetite that she becomes dragged into this...?]
  10. >[Kaga: the Secretary Ship and the Admiral's assistant. Sometimes she will say some shocking things. Married (please consult previous work)]
  11. >[Hibiki: Secretary Ship #2. Although she's small, as a secretary ship she's competent all-around. She's already married (please see previous work)]
  12. >[Inazuma, Akatsuki, Ikazuchi (the 6thDesDiv): Hibiki's sister ships, the four form the 6thDesDiv. They do everything together. Recently the admiral and Kaga have found themselves involved.]
  13. >[Admiral: Everyone's Commander. Likes the naval district's unique bath hall. Recently he's been seen together, thick as thieves with the 6thDesDiv.]
  15. >2015 >A certain day in February
  16. >Truk Island Waters
  17. >Although everything's gone smoothly thus far, everything's going a little too smoothly.
  18. >That bastard...according to reports, two more battleships appear in the final form.
  19. >Plus even if we sink one of the Wo, those annoying carrier planes are still around.
  20. >Their air power in the final form is stronger than two Wo combined.
  21. >So...should I increase the carriers?
  22. >No, if we do that attack power will-
  24. >12th ship of the Kagerou-class Destroyers, Isokaze.
  25. >Banzai~~~ It's Isokaze~~~~
  26. >Operation complete! Let's go home!
  27. >Eh, hold on.... U-uh....
  28. >[Ehh....what about me...?]
  29. >2nd Ship of the Unryuu Class, Amagi
  31. >And so, it's been 3 days since that drop.
  32. >The operation has ended safely as well.
  33. >[Onee-san!]
  34. >[Amagi...!]
  35. >Really...shouting "Operation Complete" like that all of a cared me.
  36. >Sorry sorry!
  37. >Well then, when will be the next time we sortie?
  38. >Unfortunately, we cannot sortie at the moment.
  39. >Eh?!
  40. >After such large scale operations, our resource stockpiles have are virtually depleted. Right now our priority is resupplying.
  41. >Ah, well, that's the reason. Sorry, Isokaze.
  43. >Come and >Practice with me.
  44. >Sure, we could do that. But why?
  45. >It's so boring.
  46. >Boring...
  47. >Well that's not right, I was half lying there.
  48. >I've been here for the last several days
  49. >but I haven't even had a chance to sortie.
  51. >While I'll be able to sortie when the supply stockpile returns to acceptable levels,
  52. >The Admiral was really looking forwards to your arrival, Isokaze (not to say we weren't).
  53. >And so, it would be a bother to everybody if I failed spectacularly in front of everyone on my first sortie.
  54. >As such, I would like to accumulate some experience before that.
  55. >Okay,
  56. >I'll train with you.
  58. >Eh, Isokaze and Urakaze went traiing?
  59. >Mm, I saw them going to the practice ground with their rigging.
  60. >Those two...just by their experience, it's clear who'll come out on top.
  61. >[Tasty tasty]
  62. >As expected, Hamakaze thinks so too.
  63. > got beat up bad.
  64. >Hmhm...
  65. >Well, Urakaze said she'd give it all, so this is what happened.
  66. >
  68. >So will you be heading to the docks next?
  69. >Mm
  70. >There's snacks!
  71. >Don't need it.
  72. >Hamakaze made it, you know?
  73. >She said she wanted to let you try it.
  74. >...I understand.
  75. >I will eat after my bath.
  77. >[THanks, Hamakaze.]
  79. >We got held up helping the Commander sort out data.
  80. >I'm really hungry nanodesu~
  81. >Ah, elementary schoolers
  82. >You here to eat lunch?
  83. >That's right.
  85. >Ah~ you were helping the Admiral sort his files.
  86. >That's quite...
  87. >Aw crap!
  88. >Oy oy, what's going on here?!
  89. >It's a moida scene!
  91. >Uuu~ahhh~
  92. >Uwaahh...what a pitiable expression...
  93. >Well, whatever the case, let's get you to the sickbay.
  94. >Urrrrghhhhh
  95. >There's no way I can tow a standard carrier outside of the sea after all...
  96. >We won't be able to move her.
  97. >I'll go and get an adult.
  99. >So loud, what's gonig on?!
  100. >Kaga onee-san
  101. >It's great that you're here.
  102. >Akagii~~~?!
  103. >W-ww-w-w--w-w-what's goin on?!
  104. >W-what happened?!
  105. >This is the first time I've seen Kaga nee-san this panicked.
  107. >[Akagi~ get it together~]
  108. >It looks like she ate this.
  109. >[...what is this.]
  110. >[It feels like something inedible, something cursed.]
  111. >[Eh, hold on.]
  112. >[This...this cursed feeling...]
  113. >[If Tanikaze's memory hasnt' failed her, this is...]
  114. >[So loud]
  115. >What's going on?
  117. >Infirmary
  118. >So that's what happened...Akagi-san ate that...?
  119. >I didn't notice
  120. >I shouldn't have left that stuff out.
  121. >So, what is that supposed to be?
  122. >...they're takoyaki (note: PROBABLY. "丸子" could indicate any meatball.)
  123. >[Takoyaki?]
  124. >There wasn't any elasticity to it!
  126. >So those were takoyaki.
  127. >[I thought it was some kind of cracker.]
  128. >Akagi!
  129. >Sorry, I've worried you.
  130. >Wonderful! You're awake now!
  131. >Sorry, leaving out a failure like that....
  132. >That's not true.
  133. >It's my fault for eating it without telling anyone.
  135. >But...
  136. >That takoyaki, is it still there?
  137. > EH
  138. >[Indeed...]
  139. >You should take it for recycling before someone sees it.
  140. >I-is that so.
  141. >That's right.
  143. >I can't believe it actually knocked someone out...
  144. >As expected, Isokaze can't cook...
  145. >Eh, wha....?
  146. >It's not here!
  147. >It can't be....
  148. >did someone take it?!
  150. >Isokaze will be fine, right...?
  151. >[For it to be able to knock out the eater...]
  152. >[I was shocked too.]
  153. >[I'll need to cheer her up.]
  154. >T-that's Akagi nee-san's]
  155. >[How delicious!]
  156. >[Don't even try to trick Tanikaze's eyes!]
  157. >How should I make her feel better...
  158. >Tanikaze!
  159. >Have you seen that takoyaki from earlier?
  160. >Eh?
  161. >I went to look for it, but even the bowl's gone missing
  162. >Eh?!
  164. >Oy oy, what's going on? So noisy.
  165. >Commander...
  166. >[Why's Akagi sleeping?]
  167. >Hm?!
  168. >Ah!!!
  169. >T-that! Why...?!
  170. >This?
  171. >Well, somebody left it outside the cafeteria, so I took it...
  172. >Want some?
  173. >We'll pass.
  174. >U-um, commander! You're fine after eating it?
  176. >I'm fine, why?
  177. >S-so
  178. >This guy is really shocking... he's the first person I've seen whose eaten Isokaze's food without suffering some kind of debilitating illness.
  179. >Ah~ so Isokaze made it.
  180. >Well then, make a bit more for me sometime!
  181. >Wait for me, Commander!
  182. >I'll make it now!
  183. >Admiral...make sure to eat it all.
  184. >Oh? Oh....
  185. >[You're kidding...]
  186. >[What kind of sarlacc pit of a stomach is that...]
  188. >[How is it, Commander, is it good?]
  189. >[I-if the A-admiral can eat it, I can eat it too...!]
  190. >[AKagi! Don't push yourself!]
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