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  1. -Thermal armors now work with temperature liners
  2. -Completed Dungeon Loot Tables
  3. -EnderIO basic conduits available at Gil Shop
  4. -Fixed tree chopping glitch when not enough durability... I think
  5. -Added recipe for EZStorage crafting box
  6. -Added Mini Coal and Mini Charcoal
  7. -Fixed Solder Bucket recipe
  8. -Addes Storage Drawer Key recipes
  9. -Added EZStorage Crafting Box recipe
  10. -Increased capacity of EZStorage Box
  11. -Oredicted Artisan Tool quests
  12. -Removed various strainer recipes until loot tables are configured
  13. -Slightly increased strainer durability
  14. -Fixed Parts Quest requesting unused tools
  15. -Reduced cost of EZStorage blocks
  16. -Added Rats (You're gonna love em!)
  17. -Reduced Purified Water cost of Obsidian recipe
  18. -Adjusted some quantities and costs for Gil Trades
  19. -Added Prismarine Furnace and Storage Drawer to Gil Trades
  20. -Added better way to grind dusts
  21. -Increased Redstone strainer output
  22. -Added way to smelt alloy blends
  23. -Tweaked Strainer outputs-(less prismarine)
  24. -Gold Rocky Chunks now drop properly from sluiced dirt and sand
  25. -Fixed recipes not working due to ore dicted hoppers
  26. -Reduced Creosote cost on some recipes
  27. -Reduced Molten Solder bucket cost
  28. -Added a new food items to get early game
  29. -Added "Boolys Brew"- combines Haste, Water Breathing, and Vision
  30. -Leaves now have more uses
  31. -Increaed Durability on some Artisan Tools
  32. -Increased Wooden Shears durability
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