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Nico's Playground

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=#ff7003>Nico's</color> Playground</align></size=45></b>
  3. <color=#ff7003>IP:</color>
  4. <color=#ff7003>Port:</color> 7777
  5. <color=#ff7003>Location:</color> Germany, Falkenstein
  7. <size=15>Discord: <link="https://discord.gg/kjXesBc"><u><b><i>https://discord.gg/kjXesBc</i></b></u></link></size=15>
  9. <size=20><b>Rules:</b></size=20>
  10. 1. Do not harass other users
  11. 2. Do not discriminate other's gender/race/nationality or any physical or mental characteristic of a player. Everyone is welcome!
  12. 3. English and Serbian Only!
  13. 4. No Hacking!
  14. 5. No Ear-rape in the form of spamming your mic or playing very loud and horrible music
  15. 6. Stray away from saying racial slurs and insults (N-word, hard R, you know what I mean)
  16. 7. No Advertising other services!
  17. 8. Have fun
  19. <size=8><align="center"><color=#858585>It is our duty that we know of any Issues or Cheaters, So please do not hesitate to message about an issue or cheater in the Discord Server.</color></align></size>
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