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  2. -All Demons x Demons of the same Race will give you an Element-Race Demon.
  3. -Fusing an Element-Race Demon with another Demon will "Rank-up" the non-Element Demon (Except with a Zoma + Kaleido Softaware, wich results in Hisui).
  4. -Elements can't fuse with each other.
  5. -To get a Zoma, one must fuse a Demon with a Dolly Kadmon (Puchaseable at the Macca Exchange for 500 Macca).
  6. -Hero-Race demons (the result of Zoma x Demon) cannor fuse with anything except themselves
  7. -Rumor-Race demons and Hero-Race demons appear in the compedium but cannot be Summoned from it. You'll have to get the demons manually.
  8. -WARNING: I don't know if this is a glitch or intentional (90% sure it's a glitch) but some Touhou demons will NOT appear in the compedium despite being able to be registered (This has happened to me with Sekibanki and Wakasagihime). This means that if need to be careful with wich 2hu you fuse, as you'll have to re-fuse some of them.
  9. -Another 2hu thing (I don't think this mod mixes well with the Fusion System): When fusing an Element-Race Demon with a 2hu, the rank-up will result in a NORMAL SMT Demon of the same race, not another 2hu.
  10. -Some Demons have Races that don't appear here, This means that those Races are actually renamed. The list of renames is this:
  11. +Holy, Avatar, Wilder and Vermin (for some reason) are actually Beast
  12. +Night and Genma are Yoma
  13. +Undead, Haunt, Jaki, Spirit and Ghost are ALL Foul (Why does Foul have so much shit)
  14. +Reaper is Tyrant
  15. +Femme is Brute (Even if it sounds like a Lady-Race rename); Tsukumo (Unique Race of the Tsukumogami sisters from 2hu 14) is also it
  16. +Mermaid (Wakasagihime-exclusive I think) is Megami
  17. +Drake and Dragon are Snake
  18. +Funnily enough, Divine and Beast are considered DIFFERENT Races by the compedium, even if Fallen-Race Demons can only be obtained with the Goetia Software (Fallen in general gets really fucked, they don't even have a Meguca/MB character to represent them)
  19. +Vile and Deity are male versions of Lady and Megami (not that sure about this one, I'll have to check it Later)
  22. Fairy:
  23. x Foul: Beast
  24. x Flight: Divine/Fallen
  25. x Lady: Yoma
  26. x Yoma: Brute
  27. x Beast: Megami
  28. x Brute: Holy
  29. x Rumor: Brute
  30. x Snake: Brute
  31. x Megami: Brute
  32. x Divine: Megami
  33. x Fallen: Megami
  34. x Tyrant: Snake
  35. x Zoma (Incubator Sotware): Magica Yuma
  36. Flight:
  37. x Foul: Yoma
  38. x Lady: Beast
  39. x Yoma: Rumor/Foul (seems based on level/"additional Name" [Ex: Result of Hatate + Reisen is called "Spirit" but is considered a Foul])
  40. x Beast: Snake
  41. x Brute: Yoma
  42. x Rumor: Rumor
  43. x Snake: Beast
  44. x Megami: Fairy
  45. x Divine: Megami
  46. x Fallen: Megami
  47. x Tyrant: Divine/Fallen
  48. x Zoma: None
  49. Foul:
  50. x Lady: Tyrant
  51. x Yoma: Fairy
  52. x Beast: Snake
  53. x Brute: Flight
  54. x Rumor: Lady
  55. x Snake: Megami
  56. x Divine: Brute
  57. x Fallen: Brute
  58. x Tyrant: Lady
  59. x Zoma (Kaleidoscope Software): (Maid?) Kohaku
  60. Lady:
  61. x Yoma: Tyrant
  62. x Beast: Yoma
  63. x Brute: Foul
  64. x Rumor: Megami
  65. x Snake: Holy/Beast (Level-reliant?)
  66. x Megami: Divine/Fallen
  67. x Divine: Megami
  68. x Fallen: Megami
  69. x Tyrant: Foul
  70. x Zoma (Incubator Software): Magica Homura
  71. Yoma:
  72. x Beast: Flight
  73. x Brute: Fairy
  74. x Rumor: Fairy
  75. x Snake: Tyrant
  76. x Megami: Divine/Fallen
  77. x Divine: Lady
  78. x Fallen: Lady
  79. x Tyrant: Brute
  80. x Zoma (Both Software): Magica Mami/Alchemist Sion
  81. Beast:
  82. x Brute: Tyrant
  83. x Rumor: Flight
  84. x Snake: Flight
  85. x Megami: Fairy
  86. x Divine: Flight
  87. x Fallen: Flight
  88. x Tyrant: Yoma
  89. x Zoma (Incubator Software): Magica Kirika
  90. Brute:
  91. x Rumor: Snake
  92. x Snake: Foul
  93. x Megami: Snake
  94. x Divine: Foul
  95. x Fallen: Foul
  96. x Tyrant: Fairy
  97. x Zoma (Incubator Software): Magica Kyoko
  98. Rumor:
  99. x Snake: Beast
  100. x Megami: Tyrant
  101. x Divine: Yoma
  102. x Fallen: Yoma
  103. x Tyrant: D/F
  104. x Zoma (Kaleido Software): Satsuki
  105. Snake:
  106. x Megami: Flight
  107. x Divine: Yoma
  108. x Fallen: Yoma
  109. x Tyrant: Beast
  110. x Zoma (Kyubey Software): Sayaka
  111. Megami:
  112. x Divine: Lady
  113. x Fallen: Lady
  114. x Tyrant: Lady
  115. x Zoma (Kyubey Software): Madoka
  116. Divine/Fallen:
  117. x Tyrant: Snake
  118. x Zoma (Kaleido Software): Ciel (But only Divine. Fallen sadly gets nothing)
  119. Tyrant:
  120. x Zoma (Kyubey Software): Oriko
  122. -Any 2hu from the Sixth (first in Windows) game x Zoma: Sakuya
  123. -Any Magician + Nitori x Zoma: Marisa
  124. -Any Buddhist x Zoma: Byakuren (This girl was kind of a headache to get. First of all Kyoko does NOT work despite being part of the buddhists, but Mamizou and Kogasa DO work. Second, despite her race being Meta and Meta being a race registered in the compedium, she's actually HERO-RACE. Also she's level 45 unlike the rest of the Zomahus wich are between 20-30)
  125. -Any Taoist x Zoma: Miko (I'm actually guessing this one, I haven't gotten any Taoist yet. If somebody gets the fusion tell me [or edit the Pastebin])
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