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  1. 9:44 PM] Windy🐉🐢/🍎: The above world was not a place for spirits, especially when they were spirits banished to Hell. Yet the feudalist Beast Realm was so overlooked by the management there, being a place for animals who had done no noble deeds rather than a prison for horrible criminals, it was easy enough to slip into the realm of the living. Yachie wouldn't normally make the trip herself. She was no explorer; she was a tactician, and tacticians stay near their troops.
  3. Recent events, however, had given the jidao spirit little choice in the matter.
  5. That is why Yachie Kicchou was walking through the rural outskirts of a village she had never been to before, red eyes trained onto the clusters of buildings ahead. Judging from the creatures that stared suspiciously at her from their rice paddies, this village was home to living humans. The hostility in the air told Yachie that the humans wanted to brandish their pitchforks at her, or run for help, or wave talismans in her face. None of these outcomes were acceptable. The solution? To offer them a pleasant smile mixed with a calm aura that muffled their hostile intent, giving them no real option but to stare until she left (to their credit, there was a lot to stare at— branched horns and dark green scales screamed 'dragon'). And Yachie did intend to leave. Her business wasn't with these simple people making an honest living.
  7. No. Her business was in the nicest part of this village, where the information she sought surely lied...
  9. [9:58 PM] ɹǝʌo ǝɯɐu ʎɯ pǝddᴉlɟ ɐɾᴉǝs dlǝɥ: Indeed, the villagers were either too uncomfortable to confront Yachie, or easily warded off by her ability. Once she made her way into the village proper, though, Yachie's presence finally drew the attention of someone who didn't have hostile intent.
  11. Hieda no Akyuu had been on her way back home from a visit to Suzunaan, when she happened to notice the tall spirit heading through the streets. A dragon tortoise, in the human village, being noticed but not confronted? What... was going on here?
  13. She carefully approached, curiosity driving her ahead. She hadn't seen this youkai before, and she certainly wasn't going to let something this interesting escape her notice.
  15. [10:08 PM] Windy🐉🐢/🍎: Yachie took all of the stares directed at her in stride. Her placating smile was upkept with all the love and care one would give a masterpiece; something to gawk and marvel at, and on some level, something to be appreciated. Hostilities wavered in the presence of the spirit's dominating calm.
  17. Yachie's forked tongue flickered in the open air, tasting it for negative energy. There was plenty beyond her calming barrier— yet oddly enough, there was a presence that stood out from the fear and wariness. Slowly, she turned, blinking once and whisking that magnificent green tail off to one side.
  19. "Hm. You have a different presence about you than these others," she commented in a voice with no inflection, tilting her head, "you wish to speak with me?"
  20. [10:11 PM] ɹǝʌo ǝɯɐu ʎɯ pǝddᴉlɟ ɐɾᴉǝs dlǝɥ: "Yes, I do. It's not every day that I see a youkai I haven't met before walk into the village so boldly. In broad daylight, no less." Akyuu had to tilt her head up to make eye contact with Yachie, but even though she was simply a short human in an ornate outfit, she held herself in an incredibly composed way given who she was talking to. "My name is Hieda no Akyuu. May I ask for yours?"
  21. [10:17 PM] Windy🐉🐢/🍎: Yachie hummed a single note. Though she had faced living humans before (in life and in death), she would never fail to be astounded by how bold some of them could be. And this one seemed to be mostly powerless. The jidao readily decided that while talking to this human might not further her goal, it would be incredibly enlightening for other reasons. Her slitted pupils constrict slightly as she answers,
  23. "I'm honored to meet you, Hieda no Akyuu. I am Yachie Kicchou. From the way you carry yourself... You are an important figure in this village, yes?"
  25. [10:23 PM] ɹǝʌo ǝɯɐu ʎɯ pǝddᴉlɟ ɐɾᴉǝs dlǝɥ: Akyuu gave a polite nod. "A pleasure to meet you as well. Important... Well, that depends how you define important, I guess." She tilted her head slightly, clasping her hands together behind her back. "I'm a writer. The most important thing I do is compiling the Gensokyo Chronicle. Essentially, a bestiary, atlas, and historical record, all in one. What of you, then? What brings you here?"
  27. 7:57 PM] Windy🐉🐢/🍎: "Ah. A historian." Yachie nodded, satisfied with this explanation. Historians were often regarded as important figures in human society for preserving their species' history. Thus, despite her lack of physical prowess, the status given to her by her profession made her fear no youkai— no matter how beastly... Perhaps. Yachie knew spirits like that among the Kiketsu; scholars who blustered their way to the top. Held their heads high even against the most powerful warriors. But when you applied a tactical amount of pressure, they were the first to crumble.
  29. That wouldn't be necessary in this instance, of course.
  31. "I have come here seeking... information on recently awakened gods," Yachie answered, examining her claws. "Gods that haven't been seen on the surface in some time. I figured what passes as civilization in the above world would be the best place to ask around, no matter the populace. Do you know anything about that, Miss Hieda?"
  33. [8:57 PM] ɹǝʌo ǝɯɐu ʎɯ pǝddᴉlɟ ɐɾᴉǝs dlǝɥ: "Hm." Of course, what Yachie said immediately made Akyuu think of not just one, but two recent incidents where gods who hadn't been seen in a long time had been relevant.
  35. She wasn't sure just what a dragon tortoise would want with either of them, though.
  37. "Well, yes. I write records of incidents, so it is my business to know about recently reawakened gods. I haven't had the opportunity to speak to either of the ones who have been involved in recent incidents personally yet, but I have a contact who keeps me informed." Akyuu maintained a pleasantly curious expression, even as she stayed alert for any trace of danger.
  39. [9:12 PM] Windy🐉🐢/🍎: As Akyuu spoke, Yachie continued to look down at her claws, flexing and drumming each one lightly against her open palm. She noted how she could see her delicate 'skin' through each finger— how the sun did not deem her body worthy of casting a shadow. Down in the Beast Realm, in Hell, that was commonplace. In the company of the living human Hieda no Akyuu, it was... noticable.
  41. Yachie would have gone on to remember the glory days of her life, with rippling muscles hiding underneath a scaly green pelt and teeth that could tear the throat out of even the most powerful warriors, but this information was far more interesting. And relevant.
  43. The dragon tortoise gives the human her full attention once more, keeping her lips drawn in a faintly interested frown. "I see. If there is one that is more recent than most— two weeks' allowance— then you have information of value. Could you be swayed to part with that information? I can exchange information of my own, or even earthly riches if you deign to part me with some of my hoard. ...Though," Yachie says with a soft chuckle and a thin smile, "as a historian, I can imagine that one will be more valuable to you than the other."
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