MLP /rgm/ prompt: Las Pegasus Vice

Oct 15th, 2018
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  1. "Las Pegasus Vice"
  2. A story prompt for /mlp/ Royal Guard Mare General
  3. by The Man From Another Time
  5. Inspired by (safe for work)
  7. “So honey, how was your day?”
  8. > “We busted a meth lab. Pearly Gates is in the hospital; he took a bullet to the liver during the op. Doctors are giving him good odds, thank Celestia.”
  9. > Tango Down collapses on the sofa next to you, still wearing her helmet.
  10. > That was always a sign the day had been rough, but the fact that it was almost 8 PM made it even more obvious.
  11. > The raid would have been scheduled for dawn to try to catch the drug lords half awake; she must have spent the rest of the day at the hospital, worried about her teammate.
  12. > Most of the squad would have been there as well.
  13. > The spaghetti Bolognese you’d made for dinner had long since gotten cold.
  14. > It’d been a long day worrying if your Tango was gonna come home, or if you were going to get a morose visit from one of the Pegasus officers, asking you to go to the hospital yourself.
  15. > Such was life married to a pony serving in the Los Pegasus Police Department’s notorious Spring Valley division.
  16. > Undocumented griffon immigrants running underground “feather” parlours with underage mares, minotaur & zebra street gangs dealing drugs, yokel earth ponies cooking meth, unicorn mobsters loansharking gambling dens — this side of Las Pegasus had all the sin and vice anypony could ever want.
  17. > The stress of it was hard to deal with, sometimes — for both of you
  18. > But After a long day working in the blistering heat — you made some money doing landscaping work — there was comfort to be found each others’ arms.
  19. “I’m sorry, baby. Did you get anything to eat? There’s pasta, but it’s gotten cold now...”
  20. > She shakes her head
  21. > “I got a sandwich at the hospital, thanks. I just need to hit the hay.”
  23. > That could mean different things depending on her mood...
  24. > “... I wouldn’t mind some company.”
  25. > Lifting her butt off the sofa, she stretches her forelegs up.
  26. > How she managed to stuff that jiggly thing and the meaty thighs attached to it into the SWAT cargo pants you’re not quite sure
  27. > All you really knew was how it made your *own* clothes suddenly feel a size too small.
  28. > “... You coming, or do I need to get the cuffs?”
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