Mitoshi Precognitive dreaming

Jul 27th, 2019
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  1. (Family Reunion, Chapter 5)
  3. Latoshi broke down and sobbed once again. Antoshi and Mitoshi looked at each other with equal parts sorrowful and astonished expressions. “I killed them without even thinking about it. I killed them … leaving them thinking I hated them. I never saw them after the blast, they were just … gone. Once I realized what I did, I—”
  5. “You fell to your knees,” Antoshi interrupted. Latoshi looked over at him in surprise.
  7. “Lazarus' voice,” Mitoshi added, “it said, … 'it was what needed to be done.'”
  9. Latoshi's jaw hung, completely bewildered. “How—how did you both know that?”
  11. “Mitoshi and I,” Antoshi replied, “we both saw it play out in our dreams. We saw … the entire thing, starting from that point. I remember it felt so real, like I was actually there. I could feel your emotions inside me.” Mitoshi nodded in agreement.
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