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About the #ShadowBrokers crowdfunding

x0rz Jun 1st, 2017 3,436 Never
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  2. Hash: SHA1
  4. Due to legal reasons I'm now retracting from the crowdfunding started to
  5. acquire the #ShadowBrokers dump.
  7. Bitcoins at 1Crowd7HcL54mfHdkgwBDaCP8hegirqra2 shall be refunded given you can
  8. cryptographically prove the transaction is yours (drop me an e-mail).
  9. All the remaining bitcoins will be given away to the EFF within the next days.
  11. It's been very interesting to see all the debate on Twitter, the infosec
  12. community is filled with smart people with good intentions, so props to you
  13. guys ;-)
  15. I personally expect the Shadow Brokers to release the dump because that's their
  16. agenda. They are not here for the money and are really just seeking media
  17. coverage, as we previously witnessed.
  19. What we tried with @hackerfantastic was a bet we could somehow get early access
  20. to help vendors and open-source software fix the bugs before any public
  21. release, that means making the 0days a little less toxic that it could have
  22. been if released (from 0day to 1day, still powerful but less efficient).
  23. I guess now we should only spectate what will happen next, like we did before.
  24. It's unfortunate but that's the way it ought to be, we just can't play at this
  25. game between (*cough* allegedly) powerful countries.
  27. Again, it was very interesting talking with all regarding this crowdfunding. As
  28. it is new territory we should be very cautious, hence my retraction from this
  29. project.
  31. @x0rz
  32. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
  33. Version: GnuPG v1
  35. iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJZL88yAAoJEN0RkKZWchxKS+wP/jeCulhFZpEfKx40IUoy+bnO
  36. X6U6pLuv5ty0p+8nNxfJCejOmEZ8hZeH2Cj96mo/GvfvU3Ej8DXLxaTu5Jns3QUP
  37. W2wICi+K6HkkcoIkm5D872sA9SqWxSl4QjZgKyVSiNF7/YZfA/TJ9dM066DZ0VHd
  38. ml5PRSLvOrQEcgaHz+a7PPJEox9f6kaatUeIXVzVfu1e8E9xS2P43+H4LYGQ4WCf
  39. vCNZao3elKX//HNa4fyMZbzfo/Zm9wS7I+RSWIQqJL7qDz2/1Vmz1y0n2k8e0uX+
  40. lJo/tU1dMTzTqEEkJLuLmPYz2hkA3cvL4ohBjtJlE8Hl/6y2IqPr1aX/gzRumptt
  41. IFJc7NcPyY4LtSxOZp4MMpbVNLdVOqt0afdGYwl4ykA+NTxpa0FtLBNmPZUMFGHG
  42. slvJK4i1TgQ63Az1xTwYsmRhu9EONiaveCT13keVvUP59q5N6nsqE5bfBmq6Vdp7
  43. O6f3AXmq38dxYLaZeF/QoCa83H/MXxH7StG+fkWE0f1P4q4+zo12z+6aUWai2/lj
  44. majR9W2/FsHhWmKR2lyMaib5F6yrUGnx6dpJWVH3tY7sX2KDTWH5ICDHihycA0rM
  45. CeFyKAo6Ht0cK0c/rpIDzPjKUsgS7r0C99hLmfgXpPk128s+WDMdyUp9+RxAU9bt
  46. r/OPhm2Cap7L3DdCkrZK
  47. =bJjG
  48. -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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