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  1. <lisac> Hello
  2. * [VaultyTowers] ( realname
  3. * [VaultyTowers] :Paris, FR, EU
  4. * [VaultyTowers] is using a secure connection
  5. * [VaultyTowers] idle 00:00:21, signon: Fri May 26 22:55:27
  6. * [VaultyTowers] is logged in as VaultBoy
  7. * [VaultyTowers] End of WHOIS list.
  8. <VaultyTowers> hello
  9. <lisac> Dealt how? :)
  10. <VaultyTowers> lets just say I brought it up to the attention of the government or police officials
  11. <VaultyTowers> and if they find it, you know "threatening" action will ensue
  12. <lisac> Are you a member of the Minetest community?
  13. <VaultyTowers> more or less yes
  14. <lisac> you are not Grandolf/halt, are you?
  15. <VaultyTowers> nah
  16. <VaultyTowers> I hide in my own wing of MT
  17. <VaultyTowers> I normally am focused on Minecraft then Minetest
  18. <lisac> Alright, thanks.
  19. <VaultyTowers> yup np
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