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  1. # oc logs pods/sample-phpinfo-2-deploy
  2. I0211 12:43:55.895193       1 deployer.go:190] Scaled down prior deployment fvi/sample-phpinfo-1
  3. I0211 12:43:55.945098       1 deployer.go:196] Deploying fvi/sample-phpinfo-2 for the first time (replicas: 5)
  4. I0211 12:43:55.945540       1 recreate.go:105] Scaling fvi/sample-phpinfo-2 to 1 before performing acceptance check
  5. I0211 12:43:57.981535       1 recreate.go:110] Performing acceptance check of fvi/sample-phpinfo-2
  6. I0211 12:43:57.981653       1 lifecycle.go:391] Waiting 600 seconds for pods owned by deployment "fvi/sample-phpinfo-2" to become ready (checking every 1 seconds; 0 pods previously accepted)
  7. F0211 12:53:57.981918       1 deployer.go:65] update acceptor rejected fvi/sample-phpinfo-2: pods for deployment "fvi/sample-phpinfo-2" took longer than 600 seconds to become ready
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