Cinnamon Hand Stand push ups

Darkgenerallord Jul 16th, 2019 78 Never
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  1. You step into a handstand slowly, keeping your body tight and your legs pointed into the air, letting the blood rush to your head and keeping your status screen open, one eye on your stamina bar. Slowly you lower your body until your nose touches the floor, then, equally slowly, you push yourself back up until your arms are fully extended, doing a single handstand push-up.
  3. Normally, that would drop you about four points of stamina. Now… yes, now you’ve only lost two points. That Endurance trait has basically added yet another boost to your ability to gain stats, less stamina loss meant more time performing physically intensive activity, which meant more exercise overall. A shame no one in the bunker has any training classes. You guess you can’t have everything.
  5. 9: A sin of preparation
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