Willing and Able (Pt. 7, Crossing of Sanri-toes, Able Sisters foot stuff)

Nov 16th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Fenneko's scene begins: Line 291
  3. Retsuko's scene begins: Line 403
  5. After tormenting and abandoning the unfortunate victim of Fenneko's wrath, the three accomplices decided to wander the island for the next few hours.
  7. Every tree, rock or flower that they came across had quite a number of bugs hiding in or on them. Despite Retsuko's and Fenneko's...apprehension towards insects, they were able to learn how to catch each one, no matter the size or shape.
  9. "Now...stay calm...STOP," Flick demanded quietly. Fenneko immediately froze, and she firmly grasped the net in her hands, raising it up above her head.
  11. "Good...c'mon, use those toes of yours...slooowly sneak up..." the enthusiastic chameleon instructed. Fenneko's toes tensed up, quietly making her way closer to the coconut tree in the sand.
  13. "Now!" Flick said, and over her head the net swung, capturing the striking turquoise insect. "There you go Fenneko, you got it! Show it to the world!"
  15. The fennec cringed slightly as her claws gently grasped onto the bug, thrusting it forward like Retsuko's first giant snakehead catch.
  17. "You caught a blue weevil beetle, Fenneko! It's the lesser of the blue weevils!" Flick laughed.
  19. Fenneko's head slowly turned towards him, menacingly. "'d better see yourself out of here."
  21. Retsuko giggled, pointing at her scrunched, but slightly upward curved muzzle and maw and angry eyes. "Awww c'mon Fenneko, you're smiling!"
  23. "I AM, AND I HATE IT," she shouted, slapping the bug into Flick's little plastic cage.
  25. Flick then happened to look down at his watch, and his eyes widened slightly. "Oh, hey, that fashion show! You'd better go to the Ables now, huh? Don't wanna miss it!"
  27. "FINALLY, as long as I don't have to hear Flick's awful jokes anymore..." Fenneko sighed, but as hard as she tried, she wasn't able to really be angry at him. He did, after all, serve justice to her mortal enemy.
  29. "Ok, we'll see you around, Flick! Thanks for the help!" Retsuko called back, grabbing Fenneko's hand and waving to him.
  31. "Be sure to come back and visit when you can, ok?" Flick said, returning her wave.
  33. Fenneko, of course, was more than happy to visit her new partner-in-crime. "Before we go," she giggled, flashing him her evil grin, much to his delight, "give me your Instagram. We're gonna talk in private. You're the FIRST one I'll ever add, so you'd better feel honoured!"
  35. Flick nodded happily, writing down his social media, 'FlickBuggedLol', and giving her the paper, which she folded and slipped into her pocket.
  37. Both of them continued on their way up to the Able's shop. "Man, I can't believe how big that one beetle was...Blathers would probably soil himself at the sight of it," Fenneko said to her friend.
  39. "What, the horned elephant an hour ago? That thing looked as big as your HEAD!" Retsuko replied.
  41. "It looked like the insect-manifestation of Tsubone's soul," the fennec laughed.
  43. Soon afterwards the two made it to the Able Sisters, letting themselves in, to be greeted by a rather odd sight for the little shop. The lights were dimmed drastically, the two display racks in the center of the store were moved, and a more...flashy, showy version of their normal music was playing over the speakers.
  45. Retsuko ran over to Sable, who was as usual, working behind her desk diligently. "Hi Sable! Your store looks great today!"
  47. Shyly focusing on her duties, she managed to reply, "Uh, thanks...Mabel's coming back soon."
  49. Retsuko stepped in closer to the timid brown hedgehog. "Sooo...Sable, there's a fashion show on? Fenneko and I want to join in, it looks nice!"
  51. A bead of sweat ran down the prickly rodent's brow, and she began to concentrate even harder on her project, trying to forget they were there.
  53. "Oh! Sable, is that the tourists?" a voice called from the fitting room. A similar-looking hedgehog soon stepped out into the shop. Retsuko and Fenneko had to stare slightly in amazement. Unlike the other two hedgehogs they'd seen, she seemed like she took herself more seriously.
  55. She looked almost like Sable and Mabel, but her fur was a deep violet. She had a sky-blue eyeshadow on, and very elegant eyeliner. Instead of a checkered apron like the other two wore, she had on a gingham scarf, and a very fancy black outfit that made her exude the aura of a fashion enthusiast. She even wore a pair of black flats, unlike almost everyone else on the island, who went barefoot.
  57. "Oh, so you two ARE the foreign tourists my sisters...well, sister, spoke of! I am Label, but most in the fashion world call me Labelle. It's a pleasure!" she said, giving the two a delightful smile and shaking Retsuko's hand.
  59. "That's us, alright. This is Retsuko, I'm Fenneko. So, we heard you're trying to get this Gracie woman to sell some of your stuff you make?" Fenneko responded.
  61. "We're going to try, dear! Now, for your participation, I will reward you with any articles of my own branded clothing you like! Don't tell anyone this, but...I have been working on a few new additions to the collection, and I think you two would look great in them..."
  63. Mabel chimed in, "Originally, it was going to be my sister and me modelling quite a few of the pieces we want Gracie to sell, and of course, the things that we want to sell in Gracie's shops. Of course, I was into that whole idea...but we all know it didn't sit well with someone else..." and pointed out Sable in the corner.
  65. "In addition to any of my branded clothing you'd like, my dears, my sister would like to offer you a reward for your time, but she thinks you two would be the best to think of what that is," Label added.
  67. The red panda's face beamed at the compliments, and she looked over at her fennec pal, her choice of reward immediately sneaking its way into her mind. "Would y-"
  69. "We'll do it," Fenneko said, almost a little too eagerly.
  71. Retsuko tilted her head in surprise at her friend. "Fenneko? You ok?"
  73. The social media stalker nodded, folding her arms. "Yup. I said, we're doing it."
  75. "...Why? I mean, I'm not complaining, but why did you just...go with it? You don't like-" Fenneko's hand covered her mouth, and she wagged her finger.
  77. "BUT...there are going to be a few, if any of these photos are publicly shared, then my face is NOT to be shown...or my ears, or anything recognisable about me."
  79. Retsuko chimed in, "Sorry Label, she's a little...against having her face on cam."
  81. "Also, I gotta know who exactly gets to see these photos, even if they're private," the stalker finished.
  83. "Oh ok,'s a shame that you have to hide your simply ADORABLE face, but-" Label started.
  85. "NO. My face has to be SHOWN, but not in public," she demanded. Retsuko grabbed the tip of her friend's tail and held it still, as soon as she heard the word 'adorable'.
  87. Label nodded. "So what you're requesting is that this only goes to Gracie herself? Is there anyone else?"
  89. " is 'FlickBuggedLol'. He can see them too. But that's IT," the fennec finished.
  91. "Flick? Our bug dealer? Ah, yes, I'm sure he would love that. Very well! Only Gracie and Flick will see you in all your glory!" the hedgehog agreed.
  93. Mabel clapped excitedly. "That's great then! Let's get started! Retsuko, Fenneko, my sister prepared a few outfits for you to try on...go ahead into the fitting room, pick them out!"
  95. Retsuko nodded happily, while Fenneko grabbed her hand and led her behind the curtain. Fenneko's eyes suddenly narrowed, and her lips curled up into an evil grin.
  97. "So...what's the huge rush? You didn't have to drag-oh..." Retsuko whispered to her friend, just then noticing her knowing expression.
  99. "Dare I ask what's on your mind? We already got our revenge on Kicks..." Retsuko sighed. Obviously she couldn't help but be amused, though. Whenever Fenneko grinned like that, there was never a dull moment in her life.
  101. The fennec responded, "They said we could think of a reward, right? I think it's time I pay Flick back...and maybe PROFIT off this little venture."
  103. "Profit...? What do you mean?" she responded, curiously.
  105. Fenneko pulled Retsuko's arm so her mouth was up against her ear, and simply murmured, "Hedgehog feet."
  107. "Wha...?"
  109. "Think of it, Retsi. Win-win. We get three new pairs of feet for guys on Instagram to pay us to see...and I fulfil my promise to Flick."
  111. Retsuko giggled, pulling away and browsing the outfits available. "Are you sure you're not just falling in love with him? I certainly hope you're not cheating on me and MY feet."
  113. Fenneko scowled and blushed madly, refusing to look her friend in the eyes. "Don't make me do to you what I did to Kicks...just get into that dumb suit already and lemme change..."
  115. Soon, the two friends threw back the curtains of the fitting room, stepping out into a spotlight that shone onto the floor. Retsuko wore a red and black after-school jacket, a tight pair of red chain-pants, and a black pair of ladder shades.
  117. Fenneko, on the other hand, had on a detective hat. She also wore a tan pleather trench coat, and a pair of khaki chino pants. Neither of the two wore any kind of footwear for the time being.
  119. Mabel started laughing upon seeing Fenneko's outfit, happily taking pictures of the stalker, with her face in the shot for the very first times. "Sh-sheesh Fenneko, you look like you're going out to impress Jack, Czar of Halloween! Looks cute on you though!"
  121. Fenneko's growling was quickly calmed down and replaced by her folding her arms, looking away and blushing. As time went on and more pictures were taken, her blush never left her cheeks, but her evil-looking grin continued to grow. She began to mimic seductive poses she'd seen Retsuko do after the seventh one, specifically as a reward for Flick's assistance.
  123. Meanwhile, Label was studying Retsuko's outfit quite closely, taking photos from all angles.
  125. "You know, Miss Retsuko, I cannot explain look like a heavy metal singer, but that outfit suits you for some reason..." she said, "why not pose like one? Gracie could sell this clothing to all the 'cool' kids."
  127. " this?" Retsuko said. She leaned forward and put on her screamo-face, her hand clasping around an invisible microphone. Label jumped and started taking pictures like her life depended on it.
  129. "Yes! Yes! That's it, you even got the pose down to a T!" Label exclaimed. The metal-loving accountant smiled inside at her remark. If only she knew...if only she knew.
  131. Mabel sat the detective-fennec on a reclining chair next to Sable, and propped her bare feet up on her desk. Sable quite obviously tried to ignore them both and continue working, but Fenneko crossed her legs and scrunched her toes, making a 'deep in thought' face, like she was in a noir film.
  133. Of course, Mabel ate this all up, and got some VERY good shots of Fenneko's exposed feet and the rest of her costume. "You know, Fenneko, I have to say you could really make it as a detective. Those feet of yours look soft enough to never make a sound when you walk! Plus, you have the resting 'detail-oriented' face."
  135. Fenneko's tail began to wag, and Label led the metal red panda over to Sable's desk with her. "Mabel! Look, Gracie is seeing all our photos posted!" the violet hedgehog said, showing her sister their social media.
  137. Fenneko peeked over Label's shoulder at the NookPhone. Sure enough, there was the exact woman that was described to her. A giraffe that soared to double her own height, in a vibrant blue shirt with green and yellow target-patterns all over it.
  139. And she had commented on how cute Fenneko looked.
  141. 'The fox is adorable in that outfit, from head to toe! Perhaps if you were to show me more of your creations...'
  143. Fenneko felt a hand grab her overly-excited tail for the second time, staring back at the intruding hand. Retsuko was standing behind her and giggling, "I think she wants to go for more, Mabel..."
  145. Mabel giggled. "Ok, ok, I'm all ready here, go get on another outfit with your friend Retsuko."
  147. Ever eager to be called cute, but refusing to allow herself to show any signs of it, Fenneko grabbed onto Retsuko's hand and dragged her back into the fitting room before her tail snapped off her body from wagging. She messily began rummaging through more outfits to try on.
  149. "Heh, you ok there Fenneko? You're kinda making a big mess..."
  151. "Not important, Retsi. Let's just hurry up get this show over with..." she murmured in response, digging up a teal layered sleeveless dress. She stripped down completely nude, as she did many times in her friend's presence, allowing Retsuko to see her friend's sexy nude form. Just like the first time she saw it at Diana's place, she couldn't look away. Fenneko was just too sexy for her.
  153. Retsuko managed to snap out of her trance once Fenneko managed to slip on the curve-hugging article of clothing, and began to find an outfit for herself. She settled office uniform. One that was exactly the same style as hers back home, except for a lighter blue.
  155. "Retsuko...Retsi...Rets..." Fenneko began, shaking her head.
  157. "That's my name...?"
  159. "Really? Out of all the things we had in here to office uniform? This is a FASHION show, not a corporate meeting..." she sighed, facepalming.
  161. The red panda shook her head at her friend's words. "But...I got attention on Instagram while wearing this! Don't you remember when we first got into this? We wore this exact clothing, both of us!"
  163. "Retsi, no one ACTUALLY likes the office's so bland and boring, they only liked our feet!" Fenneko replied, earning a determined glare from her friend.
  165. "Watch and learn," Retsuko said, bursting out of the fitting room and confidently striding over to Mabel. Immediately, the spiky seamstress began snapping photos of her, making sure to catch her body and bare legs in the best light possible.
  167. "Retsuko, I know you came to the island in that sort of outfit, but truth be told, that looks adorable on you! Gracie will love it!" the hedgehog said, posting the pictures of Retsuko and tagging Gracie.
  169. "HEY. That's OFFICE attire...I'm actually dressed CORRECTLY over here," Fenneko called out, leaving the fitting room in her tight dress. She walked over and once again sat at Sable's desk, placing her bare feet right next to the sewing machine.
  171. Label shrugged and stood in front of the desk to take more pictures of Fenneko. One in the same pose as her detective outfit. One with her body facing away while sitting on the desk, while she stared behind herself, eyes half lidded in her trademark malicious grin. One of the fennec standing straight up on Sable's desk, a hand on her curvy hip, and slightly on her tiptoes.
  173. Every now and again, though, Fenneko could swear that she saw Sable's timid eyes taking the barest of glances at her lower body. It was especially noticeable when her eyes traveled downwards when she was sitting on the hedgehog's desk, facing away from the camera.
  175. Not that Fenneko could blame her, of course. She WAS splaying and curling her toes out of habit, of course they would capture attention.
  177. "Heh, Miss Fenneko, I bet Gracie would l-oh! Look!" Label cut herself off, showing the stalker her phone. Yet more compliments from Gracie, of course, and FlickBuggedLol began to comment as well.
  179. 'It's Retsuko1106! Hi Retsi! You look beautiful in that uniform!'
  181. 'I cannot believe how well that business-casual attire fits the red panda! Practical AND fashionable!'
  183. "Hah, see? Told you Fenneko," Retsuko giggled.
  185. "Hmmph...well, Flick's just some horny lizard, it's not thousands of your followers..."
  187. Label chimed in. "Hold on a moment...'thousands of your followers'? What does that mean?"
  189. Chills ran down Fenneko's spine as she realised what she just said, looking over at her now-blushing accountant friend.
  191. Retsuko scratched the back of her head, sheepishly replying, "What she means is...I uhh, I guess I run a now-famous Instagram account, it's called night my coworker told me to post pictures of my body for likes, and my fans hooked onto my feet out of all things." She then showed the designer her phone, allowing her to see just how many followers Retsuko had.
  193. Label's eyes lit up. "Why did you not inform me of this? Us, working with 'Retsuko1106'...this could be our ticket into GracieGrace!"
  195. The red panda felt a bubble of happiness rise up from her toes to her entire body.
  197. "Retsuko, I have an idea...if you both were to model footwear for could be a win for both of us! Your fans would be pleased, and Gracie would be more than willing to accept our merchandise!" Label continued.
  199. "Ohhhhh no no no no NO, I will NOT get into I said before, I WON'T be recognised on camera!! EVER," Fenneko protested.
  201. Label placed a calming claw on Fenneko's shoulder. "It is quite alright, dear Fenneko, I've been informed of your camera shyness...but I do have an idea involving your feet only, Miss 'Faceless Fennec'. Has quite a ring to it, yes?"
  203. "...The Faceless Fennec? And only my feet will be in the shots? Nothing else?"
  205. "That's right," Label responded, "My sister and I will conceal every one of your defining features, except your hind paws. It will be glorious, I assure you."
  207. "...She's right," they heard a quiet voice say. All of them turned to the corner where Sable was working, in complete shock.
  209. "Yes, thank you Sable! Retsuko1106 and the Faceless Fennec introduce a new fashion collection!"
  211. "Wait, did she just...speak?" Fenneko asked.
  213. Upon hearing Sable of all people agree, Retsuko had made up her mind. "Fenneko, go pick out some cute footwear for us. We're gonna get so many followers..." Fenneko shrugged and ran back into the fitting room, Retsuko soon following.
  217. Over the next hour, the two accountants had changed into many different outfits. Each and every one of them, lovingly made by claw, was approved by Gracie herself, despite how stuck-up she was.
  219. Perhaps the fact that Retsuko's feet were so famous helped the fact. Even Fenneko agreed to sit with Retsuko and try on various kinds of footwear, just like they did on the day of their arrival. This time, though, the photos were made available to the public. And the public certainly approved of every one.
  221. Retsuko had Label take closeups of her bare feet, and despite her slight embarrassment, she complied with her request. Then, the fashionable accountant had pics taken with her feet in embroidered shoes, flower sandals, and gray high-tops. Of course, there were many more pairs of shoes that she tried on for the designer.
  223. Fenneko, meanwhile, under the supervision of Mabel, engaged in the sock side of the show. All of the pairs the stalker wore were just slightly too small for her little feet, which accentuated the curves of each toe slightly more than normal. A pair of vivid tights here, ultra no-show socks there, as well as sequin leggings.
  225. The two were often placed side by side, their feet intertwining and rubbing against one another as they showed off their pairs of footwear in various sexy poses. Their sheer expertise brought explosive growth to the Able Sisters Instagram, as well as Bells flowing into Retsuko's account.
  227. -
  229. Retsuko made one last pose for the camera, winking and flashing the peace sign for Label.
  231. "Yes, Retsuko, excellent! As the kids say nowadays, you look 'fire' in that bolero coat!" Label exclaimed. She then vigorously took pictures once again, like she did many times that day.
  233. Meanwhile, Fenneko was sitting with her bare legs and feet hanging over the arm of a chair, posing with a clipboard and pencil, and making a 'bored' face. After that picture was taken, Mabel had to check her social media for Gracie's comments.
  235. And then her eyes popped open.
  237. "Gracie said yes! Gracie said yes!!" Mabel cheered, throwing her phone into the air by mistake. She jolted and snatched it back out of the air before it was damaged. Label was beside herself with pure joy, now that her brand could finally be sold in the big city.
  239. Even SABLE had a small smile on her face as she watched her sisters and the tourists cheer.
  241. "Ahhh...thank you, Retsuko, you too Fenneko...I truly am impressed by you two. You are a remarkable pair, without a doubt! When you decide to leave, please do not forget to select any clothing you'd like from my branded pile over there," Label said, gratefully pointing out a small table full of her merchandise.
  243. "You two have no idea how BIG this is for us. Seriously. Is there ANYTHING, we can do to pay you both back?" Mabel continued.
  245. The two accountants looked at each other. Fenneko's eyes narrowed menacingly, and Retsuko's closed gently as she nodded to her stalker friend.
  247. "We want...a private little fashion show from all you three. Just for us, and we want to...document it," Fenneko said. Sable visibly tensed at the implication of being recorded, but Label and Mabel stared at her curiously.
  249. "An...unusual request, my dears, but I see no harm in it. Would you like to do this as well, Mabel?" Label asked. Mabel instantly nodded.
  251. "Yeah, of course! Fair's fair, right? Sable, you in?"
  253. Sable's claws tensed and fidgeted slightly, and her feet curled slightly, which was visible under the desk. She blushed and replied, "Um...thanks, but you guys have fun, ok...?"
  255. Mabel shook her head. "I guess Sable's staying out of it...but is there anything in specific you want us to wear for you?"
  257. Retsuko opened her mouth, but Fenneko spoke before her, pointing at Mable's bare feet and Label's shod ones. "Same sort of things we wore towards the end of the show..."
  259. Label began to feel ever so slightly nervous at the thought of her feet being as bare and carefree as her sisters. She was a fashion designer, so was that not unbecoming of her? To...fulfil a couple tourists' deeper desires? She knew this wasn't just for innocent fun.
  261. But Mabel, on the other hand, nodded happily. "Sure! Label, c'mon in with me, we have to get dressed up!"
  263. "Um...hold on Label, before you go...could you sit down for a second and cross your legs? We want a picture of your trademark outfit first," Retsuko said quickly.
  265. The hedgehog gulped slightly, but took a deep breath, obeying the red panda's request. Label sat down on one of the chairs near Sable's desk, crossing her legs and letting one of her fancy flats dangle off her toes. She then batted her eyelashes at Retsuko's camera while she took photos of her, even as she got closer and closer to her bare legs.
  267. Retsuko's hand gently held Label's left leg by the calf, carefully taking the most professional photos that she could. Her face leaned in as close as possible to her concealed cream-coloured feet, so she could define every curve and inch of fur that wasn't hidden by her flats.
  269. Retsuko even laid on her back and took a photo of her slightly-exposed sole, caused by one of her dangling flats. It was slightly curled, and had a single pawpad in the center, the same colour as her spikes and fur.
  271. Retsuko's followers were obviously quite pleased by that.
  273. 'Gotta nut fast!'
  275. 'Saving this for November!!'
  279. As Retsuko's forefinger slid along the length of Label's supple sole, Mabel went into the fitting room, digging through the piles of clothing and pulled out several articles of footwear. The hedgehog placed on a pair of green outdoor sandals, stepping out of the fitting room.
  281. "How do they look?" Mabel asked, curling her bare toes for Fenneko to see.
  283. Fenneko grabbed her phone, holding one of her ankles and began taking pictures. "Gotta be honest with you, Mabel, they're preeeetty soft..."
  285. She blushed and looked away as Fenneko's hand grabbed her legs to cross them, taking another pic of her from above.
  287. "But not TOO soft. Don't get any funny ideas, Mabel, MINE are at the top," the stalker finished. The fennec walked over to Sable's desk to sit down, while Retsuko began to take pictures. Label slowly walked into the fitting room to get changed as well, her foot still tingling slightly from Retsuko's touch. She tried not to think about how...odd it made her feel, and began to look for appropriate clothing...
  289. "Hey, Fenneko, aren't you coming over here to help out?" Retsuko said as her friend turned to face Sable, shyly working at her desk.
  291. "Nah, I'll be taking pics from, Sable and I have...things to discuss," Fenneko responded. She rubbed her feet together and winked at the red panda, who then realised what exactly her friend was up to. She nodded, and waited for Label to leave the fitting room...
  293. -
  295. Fenneko the Temptress
  297. Fenneko decided to prop up her feet on Sable's desk, across from her, as to make sure she had a good look at the naked toes splaying and curling.
  299. Fenneko had spied Sable's eyes wandering to Retsuko's feet more than enough times for her to know that Sable couldn't ignore such a sight. And since Retsuko had decided to take photos of the others' feet, she took it upon herself to tease the poor hedgehog.
  301. The tiny fennec stretched herself out, shifting her feet to be side by side. Of course, that earned another glance from Sable. But she still continued to concentrate on her work.
  303. "Ugghh, my feet ache," Fenneko moaned, causing Sable's ears to perk up slightly, "I spent a few hours earlier running around and catching bugs..."
  305. Sable focused intensely on her work, and simply responded, " hear that..."
  307. "You know...I wish there was a place to get my soft adorable feet tended to...they're just BEGGING for someone's touch, their claws running over them..." she teased, pulling one of her feet back. She then slowly extended her foot under Sable's desk, gently brushing her toes along her lower leg. This caused her to visibly tense, blushing furiously.
  309. "U-um...can you...move your foot off my desk? I'm trying to work here..." the hedgehog stuttered, pushing Fenneko's bare foot to the side.
  311. Big mistake on her part.
  313. As soon as her claws brushed the silky warm fur of the fennec's soles, she became...curious. Curious, and addicted. That, coupled with her unusually monotone giggle, was enough to draw her eyes back to Fenneko's feet, and for her to touch them. Just once, she told herself.
  315. "Hahahahaha," Fenneko giggled as Sable placed the back of her hand on her sole. She couldn't look the stalker in her soulless eyes, but she found herself stroking the bare foot up and down.
  317. Fenneko knew she had truly captured the hedgehog's attention, but she needed to ensure that she wasn't going too rough. Sable was far more reserved than her, even in private. So she slowly began to move her foot in circles, carefully running her tender sole along her claws to allow her a better feel.
  319. "There you go," Fenneko said, slowly slipping out her phone and activating the camera, "Was that so hard, Sable? To give into your little secret desires?"
  321. Sable cleared her throat, her other hand wrapping itself around the foot on her desk. "Please...don't tell anyone..."
  323. The stalker pulled her foot off the warm fur of the spiky seamstress, raising it back up to the desk for her to look at. The heel of one foot worked its way between two of her toes on the other foot, causing them to splay, and the curves of her soles to be slightly more defined. She slowly rotated the top foot in circles, splaying them and giving Sable an inviting wink.
  325. Slowly but surely, her easygoing approach to the hedgehog began to work its magic. Sable then began to squeeze both of the fennec's soft feet, inspecting both of them closely, her eyes studying every detail of the long-eared accountant's little soles.
  327. The Instagram cop slid her foot out of Sable's grasp, clearly disappointing her. Especially since she was allowing her to explore them to her heart's content, not even a minute ago. "Now, now, that's enough...but, I guess I could let you feel 'em a little more...if, I was to get a little recording of YOUR feet. For...PERSONAL use," she quietly offered.
  329. Sable immediately backed off. ", Fenneko...I'm sorry, but...I just don't want anyone finding out who i am over the internet...I...want to, but-"
  331. Fenneko quickly put a finger to her lips. Although she was a less-than-comforting person to confide in, she wasn't a monster. She placed a hand on the timid hedgehog's shoulder and whispered, "I'm not gonna put you on any social media. Believe me Sable, you got nothing to worry about. Why do you think they call me 'Faceless Fennec' now?"
  333. Sable nodded softly to Fenneko's reassurances. “Oh, I...guess you could be right there…just...promise me you'll only get my feet on camera?"
  335. She responded, "I kept a coworker's crush on Retsi secret for five years. I think I got this," and using some yarn and a bit of tape on Sable's desk, mounted her camera at the perfect angle for the brown hedgehog's feet to be recorded.
  337. After pressing record, Fenneko promptly pressed both her feet around Sable's nose. This caused her to jolt, and inhale Fenneko's scent deeply.
  339. Sable's claws then had one of her feet in a greedy grip, and her sharp claws were exploring the surface with only the greatest enthusiasm. This caused ticklish sensations to make their way up the fennec's body.
  341. "Hahahahahaha," the stalker giggled as her toes pinched the very tip of her nose, and her sole dragged down over her lips. Fenneko could feel the slightest slimy sensation slide over the soft underside of her foot, and she struggled to keep her feet still for Sable.
  343. "A-are wanna lick them, don't you...weirdo, hahahaha...go ahead and perv out here...prove the quiet ones are always the freakiest," Fenneko said quietly.
  345. Sable started off slow and apprehensive with her tongue's motions, but as Fenneko's adorable evil grin grew, she took that as a sign to continue. And continue she did, inserting her nose between each of Fenneko's toe spaces, swirling her tongue lustfully.
  347. Fenneko decided to return one of her feet to under her desk, having spied Sable's feet curling enticingly. She was quite pleasantly surprised when her free foot slid against Sable's, by how pristine they were. Then again, perhaps she shouldn't have been, given that Sable sat down indoors all day and barely put them to use.
  349. This new sensation of the fennec's foot gently rubbing against and intertwining with hers, caused her to bury as much of her face into the single foot as possible. Sable's lips made their way around each toe of hers, the top of her foot, as well as the center of her soles. The passionate kissing on her one foot slowly turned Fenneko's face completely red, and sent her tail into a wagging that threatened to have it come right off her backside.
  351. Her little hands slowly, discreetly made their way under her office attire and began to rub...gently, but just firmly enough to cause her legs to tense, as well as her toes to curl so hers interlocked with Sable's.
  353. Sable's supple little toes scrunched up against the fennec's, the top of her other foot resting under Fenneko's sole and dragging back and forth. The slightly coarser cream fur on her foot dragging across her sole, combined with the warm feeling of Sable's tongue, was enough to put Fenneko in hysterics.
  355. Of course, she couldn't let the other two sisters see what exactly she was getting Sable into. So she covered her mouth and giggled. But it wasn't quite as empty as her normal laugh, it was more...bubbly, full of life.
  357. Sable began to enjoy herself a little more. Thanks to Fenneko's actions, she felt obligated to go a little harder, and she placed all of the soft toes in her mouth. Her tongue slid out from between her lips and made its way across the length of the sole, causing Fenneko to tense up harder to keep her giggles down.
  359. "You''re REALLY into this, huh...heh, I understand...go however hard you want..." Fenneko quietly whispered. Sable's legs tensed up, her feet crossing over one another and sandwiching Fenneko's foot between them.
  361. The Instagram stalker had seen how worked up Sable was. She knew exactly what would come next out of her, so she curled her toes in her mouth, sliding her other foot up the soft hedgehog fur, pressing it up between her legs. Immediately, this caused a jolt of pleasure to run through Sable's body, her thighs clasped together almost tight enough to crush the delicate foot of the fennec.
  363. One of Sable's claws let go of the stalker's foot on her face, trailing down her slightly pudgy body and slipping into the lower part of her apron. Fenneko felt a nip on her toes as the seamstress attempted to bite her lip, letting out a very quiet, reserved moan.
  365. Sable's claws worked in tandem with Fenneko's small sole, causing her to leak heavily at the blissful sensations. Of course, Fenneko didn't want to be left out of what was coming, so she briefly reached under the desk with her one free hand, grabbing Sable's right foot and sneaking it under her office skirt. She placed a finger to her lips, and began to grind herself intensely against the slightly coarse sole.
  367. Sable couldn't believe what was happening. She had a set of the sexiest toes she'd ever laid eyes on in her mouth, another set of them pleasuring her, and her partner actually loved her feet right back. Her face became a bright red as her right foot curled up tightly, slipping between the soaking folds of Fenneko. This caused the fennec to moan, as quietly as could be, and her claws pleasuring herself to trace over her sole.
  369. "Mmmmnnghhhehehehe..." the spiny seamstress giggled as her foot was tickled. The sharp sensation running along her sole caused her to shut her eyes tightly, letting out a silent, yet unbelievably pleasured grunt.
  371. Fenneko's nethers quivered and leaked even more, as she ground against Sable's ticklish foot while her thighs were crossed. Her fingers working to pleasure herself were then able to tease her foot without her trying to pull away, and she slipped her toes out of the hedgehog's mouth, pushing her silky sole up against her lips once more.
  373. An incredible orgasm rocked Sable's body, her toes splaying and curling at the teasing of Fenneko's claws. The fine fur of Fenneko's small foot quickly became soaked as the arch ground up against Sable's clit. She pushed her lips up against the sole on her face, her tongue swirling around the direct center in a heated, passionate manner.
  375. At the same time, Fenneko's fingers continued stimulating her own rapidly-heating nethers. This brought about a burning, blissful feeling that overwhelmed her senses, one that caused her muscles to tighten and tense through a torrential flood of pleasure.
  377. Both of the foot lovers panted, slumping back into their respective seats. Fenneko, however, quickly recovered like nothing even happened (or at least her smug expression made it seem so) and her claws gently trailed along Sable's now-slickened sole one last time. This caused her to giggle softly and slip her foot away.
  379. "Yeah, I was right. You DID need that, you don't even look HALF as tense as when we came here," Fenneko remarked, reaching down to retrieve her mounted camera, turning it off.
  381. Sable sighed deeply, as both of the fennec's soles left her body. She couldn't help but miss them already, but she managed to push herself to sit up straight once again. "I...heh, guess I did...just please, don't post my face anywhere..."
  383. She nodded, uploading the video of their feet rubbing together under the desk. "You know I already promised you that. Just promise me this, though...take a break every now and then. Trust me, you don't wanna end up like Retsi over there, I predict she'll look fifty at age thirty with all the stress she goes through."
  385. "...Maybe. While we wait for my sisters to finish...could I see if they liked my feet or not...?"
  387. Fenneko chuckled, showing her their social media. "Ha, 'if' they liked your feet or not..."
  389. 'Faceless Fennec and a new creature?! I feel sooo blessed'
  391. 'It's like they see my dreams! I wanna hug those new feet and have em on my face!!'
  393. 'The brown one's giggle is soooo cute, I wanna tickle those feet of hers so baaaaad'
  395. Sable's eyes locked onto the phone and the comments. She slowly took it into her claws, delicately, and scrolled through the feed. There were too many comments on the video coming in for her to read properly.
  397. She couldn't believe how many expressed desire to love and worship her feet.
  399. "Hahahahahahahaha. You're into it now too, aren't you? Even I couldn't resist...there's no shame in it, though, just enjoy the comments while we wait for Retsi, huh?"
  401. And that's exactly what the timid seamstress did, while the Faceless Fennec sat back in her chair and simply enjoyed the show going on across the room, awaiting the cue to return to her friend's side.
  403. -
  405. Retsuko the Ravenous
  407. And out Label came. She felt slightly awkward and exposed, despite the compression tights covering more fur than her usual bare-legged, flats-style. She had also removed her flats, allowing her well-kept soles to be shown under the tights. Retsuko knelt down and immediately began to take pictures, instructing Label to do various poses.
  409. "Like this?" Label said, laying down on her belly and facing away.
  411. "Almost, yeah, but...cross your feet and give me a smile? I think that'd do it..." Retsuko replied. The violet hedgehog followed her direction to the letter, and Retsuko took a quick full-body shot. "Yeah, there you go!"
  413. She also made sure to cup one of Label's silky-furred feet in her hands, capturing only her tightly-clad legs and soles.
  415. "Ohh, Label...your feet are even softer than Whitney's, how'd you do that?" Retsuko asked, gently exploring the cream sole with her thumb.
  417. Label's toes twitched at the accountant's touch, and she responded, "Perhaps not running around barefoot all day like most of the residents here had something to do with it? I do ensure that they are shielded from the elements..."
  419. Mabel, meanwhile, had gone back into the fitting room, and stepped back out with a pair of white fishnet tights. They blended with the colour of her legs so well, it was hard to tell she was even wearing them in this light.
  421. Retsuko looked over in the middle of posting Label's photos in amazement. "Oh...Mabel, my followers will love those!! Why didn't I think of that before?"
  423. Mabel shrugged and laid down on her belly, much like Label before her. Unlike her sister, though, Mabel only wore a checkered apron. Everything from her feet encased in the tights, to her thighs and backside, was completely on display. "You want me to do this too?"
  425. "U-uh, yeah, sure Mabel..." Retsuko stammered, as Label decided to walk back into the fitting room for a new outfit. One of her hands found itself unable to leave behind Label's left foot, so she began to take pictures with one hand. Only of her toes. Her soles, one on top of the other. Her entire legs, lewdly exposed in their fishnet tights.
  427. 'Is this even ALLOWED here? Not that I can whine about it...'
  429. 'What's it gonna take for THE BOY? YOU KNOW THE ONE'
  431. 'Gotta buy these for my GF!!'
  433. Retsuko continued to take pictures, ones that got her closer and closer to the cheery seamstress. One of her grabbing both inner toes to hold Mabel's feet together, which caused her to look back at the camera curiously. One of her flashing the peace sign, with her tongue out next to Mabel's left foot.
  435. When Retsuko grabbed both of Mabel's feet with greed, her claws pressing into the holes in her fishnet stockings, the hedgehog had to pipe up to avoid giggling. "Hey Retsuko, mind telling me what you're doing there?"
  437. Label stepped back out of the fitting room, wearing a pair of purple socks of her own brand. She recoiled in surprise as she noticed Retsuko leaning down with her tongue out. "What, may I ask, is going on between you two? Was I truly gone for so long that you-"
  439. "U-um," Retsuko began, her face beginning to burn, "T-trust me, Label, this is just for the fans...I swear..."
  441. The elegant fashion designer sighed slightly, shaking her head. Judging by how hungrily Retsuko was staring at her sister's feet, she could tell that the accountant had greater goals than taking photos. "I...suppose I did see this coming, given your rather odd niche your account well as the history of your posts."
  443. "I-I um...well..." Retsuko began, her eyes glancing everywhere but Label's own.
  445. "Please, my dear, do not try to deny what you were truly after. As a fashion designer, I have worked with quite a few men...and I have learned what they would enjoy in bed, simply by following their eyes."
  447. "I's not just about me feeling them...d-don't get me wrong, they're soft, yes, but this is for art, for showing off! ...Mostly..." the red panda sighed.
  449. The violet hedgehog giggled. "Miss Retsuko, have you even the slightest idea how many male designers invited me to their studios for this 'artistic' nudity? Perhaps this is not entirely nudity, but you certainly see my point here. I was and am more than ready to witness an unruly tourist obsessing over a pair of my sister's feet."
  451. Mabel scrunched her toes gently in Retsuko's grip, giving her a look of reassurance as she chimed in. "So what if you wanna play with 'em? You didn't have to disguise it as some sort of weird photoshoot. Go on, give 'em a whirl!"
  453. Retsuko's palms rested against both soles, teasingly dragging upwards. She couldn't help but enjoy the sight of the soft skin giving into her touch, and she leaned down a little further to get a closer look.
  455. Label shook her head, grinning in slight amusement. "I will make sure to document this, 'only for your fans', Retsuko. If this is needed for our deal..."
  457. Retsuko's head leaned down further, her tongue finally connecting with Mabel's right sole. Over and under the strings of her tights her tongue went, causing gentle ticklish sensations wherever it slid. Mabel immediately started to giggle, trying to kick her legs free from Retsuko's surprisingly strong grip.
  459. The designer hedgehog took it upon herself to take Retsuko's camera, beginning to record a video of the two. Retsuko sat on Mabel's bare behind, lifting up one leg to lick her tighted cream sole, and tickling the other foot.
  461. Mabel seethed and took a deep breath, letting out another adorable stream of giggles. Due to having a fair amount of experience (including the recent session with a certain skunk) Retsuko was able to use her claws to pinpoint the weak spots in Mabel's feet.
  463. When her sharp claws pressed in and around the single pawpad in the center of her left sole, Mabel threw her head back and clenched her fist up to distract herself from the sensations. Retsuko felt the spikes on Mabel's head poke into her soft behind, causing her to jolt and scoot forward.
  465. She came to rest on Mabel's lower legs, holding both tongue-slickened feet together. All of her free fingers dug under the netting of her tights, causing red marks to appear on her soles wherever the red panda tickled. Label quickly sidestepped the kicking feet, moving to get Mabel's now tear-stained face in the video. She then decided to zoom in closely on Retsuko's hand digging into her cheery sister's feet, right as they were tracing little hearts into the soft flesh.
  467. Retsuko was enjoying the hedgehog's cute, sexy giggles, and the feeling of her soft soles...but she wasn't quite satisfied yet. Label's much softer feet, which she had groped and felt up earlier for 'artistic' purposes, were beginning to worm their way into her mind again. So the red panda hatched a plan, both for her viewers, and for herself.
  469. Retsuko decided to focus only on the left one of Mabel's feet with her fingers, pressing her pointy claws deeply into the flesh and just barely moving them back and forth. She was able to do this quickly enough that it caused a tingly, vibrating sensation on Mabel's sole. Her free hand, however, pointed the designer hedgehog over to a nearby chair, and beckoned her to scoot towards the tickle-expert accountant.
  471. Label blushed slightly, sitting herself down in front of the foot-crazed red panda, pointing her camera downwards to catch all the tickling. What she didn't expect, however, was for Retsuko to stare up at her with such lust. She reached out with her free hand, grabbing the tip of Label's branded sock and slowly, deliberately, peeled it off in front of the camera.
  473. Label steeled herself and held the phone steady, as her bare foot was revealed. She crossed her legs and gently swayed her one bare foot back and forth, catching the attractive little show on camera. Coupled with Mabel's chortles and pleas for mercy, this made for quite the lewd scene for Retsuko's followers.
  475. The red panda's eager hand grasped onto the bare foot of Label, the claw on her thumb circling the bottom, causing her to shut her eyes and tense. Still, the camera was held steady enough to capture Retsuko exploring the entire foot.
  477. Label's eyes opened back up when she felt something warm and wet wrap around all three of her exposed toes. She bore witness to Retsuko's soft thighs tightening around Mabel's ankles to hold them in place, and her eager tongue sliding in between each of her own toe spaces.
  479. The taste of Label's foot was so fresh, yet so intoxicating, to the crazed red panda. It had a taste of hint of lavender and tiny amounts of sweat from being locked in her flats for extensive periods. The fur was a brighter white than her sisters, due to how well she took care of her feet. Her foot had not a blemish or mark on the sole or toes, either.
  481. The fashion designer was shocked at how well Retsuko could multitask, being precise and calculating with Mabel's ticklish toes, while also working her lips and tongue over each of Label's. Retsuko grabbed onto the supple foot like her life depended on it, pulling her mouth off Label's toes and pressing her lips directly in the center of her bare foot.
  483. Label bit her lip and swallowed down the giggling building up in her throat, taking a deep breath. Years of treatments and pedicures had built up a defence against most tickling, so she was able to concentrate well enough to slowly trail her silky foot down the face of Retsuko.
  485. Retsuko's eyes went half lidded as she moaned, losing focus on tickling the blue hedgehog's tightly-netted feet. Label's toes pinched her nose teasingly, and she decided to place her still-socked other foot on Retsuko's rosy cheek.
  487. "Ah...hahaha...a-all done with my feet, Retsuko?" Mabel panted, placing one foot over her other. But Retsuko didn't respond. Label then decided to pull her socked foot off of her face. She reached down in front of the camera, making sure to turn her foot sideways so the viewers saw the brand...and slowly pulled the fabric off, exposing her other foot to Retsuko's followers.
  489. Both of her now-bare feet pressed into Retsuko's cheeks, her toes splaying in front of her beady black eyes. Retsuko peeked through the toe spaces and groaned softly, reaching one hand downwards and sneaking it under the hem of her bolero dress. She couldn't help it, the scent and flavour of Label's soft feet placed her head in a dense haze of pleasure.
  491. Retsuko's other hand, however, found its way to Mabel's feet again. By pure instinct, her fingers tightened around the tightly netted foot, and dug under the various strands of fabric to tickle the poor hedgehog again. They instantly reacted to her tickling, crossing over one another to try and shield themselves. But Retsuko's hand was far too strong, and much better at tickling than the unfortunate seamstres could take.
  493. She began to squeal for mercy, her legs kicking back and forth under the red panda's bolero coat. Retsuko's thighs clenched up every time she felt Mabel's toes or soles touch anywhere between her legs, a bead of sweat dripping down her face. So she decided to make the hedgehog laugh harder than she did to Kicks, jamming her claws between her adorable cream toes, skating her fingers all the way down the hedgehog's adorable soles.
  495. Mabel may have been crying out in hysterics, but Retsuko tuned her out after a few seconds. That was because both of Label's feet slid all the way down her face, and rested under her chin.
  497. "Oh, now THIS is quite the precious shot here, Retsuko...come now, show your adoring fans that wonderful smile of yours..." Label cooed. She raised one foot for a short period, tracing Retsuko's greedy lips with one toe.
  499. Retsuko let out a soft groan, giving her audience a shaky, pleasured grin. Mabel's feet were struggling harder than ever before, and the warm sensations of her beautiful feet were becoming too much for Retsuko to handle. Label took note of how tense Retsuko was, knowing exactly what was to come momentarily. She had seen it countless times in her career, when fashion became a little too...intimate.
  501. Retsuko suddenly started tracing her free claws under Label's pedicured foot under her chin, catching her completely off guard. This caused the designer to jolt and almost kick her upwards. She fumbled with the camera, trying to keep her giggles as quiet as possible to regain her composure. She shut her eyes tight, attempting to keep both of her silky feet from going absolutely wild, instead opting to move them from side to side, or have them rub together in front of the camera.
  503. Label's right foot pressed up against Retsuko's face while the left one continued to endure her tickling, and dragged halfway down her pudgy trembling body. Her other foot braced itself by curling the toes, because the violet hedgehog could tell exactly what was about to happen. So her foot forcibly pressed down onto the accountant's chest, to maximise her both her pleasure and the fans' viewing pleasure.
  505. Retsuko let out a loud, adorable grunt of pleasure as Label's foot pressed up between her breasts, her claws suddenly intensifying their torment on Mabel's wiggling soles. Her body was not able to handle the pleasure anymore, and her fingers made sure to torture both Mabel's and Label's feet as vigorously as they could all throughout her intense bout of bliss.
  507. Label's entire body tightened up as she concentrated on keeping her soft foot in place. She certainly wouldn't have wanted to be on the receiving end of the tourist's wrath in that way. Even with her years of pedicures, she'd never felt such wild, yet somehow calculated and expert tickling come so close to forcing her to break down in hysterics like her sister.
  509. Retsuko gasped and blushed furiously, riding the high of her orgasm, and then collapsing in exhaustion for a few minutes. Her thighs loosened up enough for Mabel to remove her trapped feet, and she gasped for breath desperately. The ticklish hedgehog managed to wobble to her feet, wiping tears from her eyes.
  511. "D-didn't you...hear me, Retsuko? You tickled me for like, eighteen hours there...sheesh, y-you gotta learn to have a bit of mercy," Mabel panted, smirking.
  513. She offered her hand to the worn out red panda, who gladly accepted it and managed to get back up herself. "Y-yeah...I uhh, didn't hear you all that much...I tend to get really into it, I guess..."
  515. Label cleared her throat, getting out of her chair and slipping her usual flats back onto her feet, once again concealing them. She handed Retsuko her camera, saying, "I believe your audience will appreciate this...I certainly hope I've done a good job, DESPITE your over-the-top antics with my feet..."
  517. With shaky hands, a sheepish Retsuko accepted her phone back. "Sorry about that, hehehe...but, thank you...thank you both for helping me, I hope you all get big in the future...maybe open up a shop in my hometown?"
  519. The hedgehog sisters sighed dreamily. "Maybe that can actually happen now, thanks to your efforts, Retsuko1106...perhaps you and your friend would like to come tomorrow and help us again? ...For any, ahem, reward you may like..."
  521. ------
  523. Retsuko scratched the back of her head, placing on a pair of nearby flats in the same style as Fenneko's office attire. "Yeaaahhh, uhhh, I think we both have to pass on's our last day here, sorry..."
  525. Label shook her head sadly. "Ahh, that certainly is a shame...well, I do hope to see you two visit our corner of the world again. Do keep the outfits you are wearing right now, and feel free to pick up a Labelle bikini or wetsuit on the way out. As promised."
  527. Fenneko got up from her chair next to Sable. She waved to the shy seamstress and joined Retsuko, picking up one of the navy bikinis on a table, while Retsuko took a wetsuit. "Thank you Label! You two, Sable and Mabel! We'll be sure to come back someday, ok?" Retsuko called back.
  529. "Keep in touch, and we'll let you have first crack at all our new stuff!" Mabel cheerfully called, as the two accountants closed the door to the outdoors behind them.
  531. "Wow, it's been hours, huh...hey, looks like you and I got only a few hours left before we go back to hell. You wanna do anything?" Fenneko said, walking alongside her friend.
  533. Retsuko replied hopefully, "First things first, Fenneko...what did you 'have to discuss' with Sable? Did you get it on video?"
  535. "Hahahahahahaha. She's never gonna tell you this, but she went even harder than Kicks on my feet. Who woulda known, a quiet one like her? Anyway, I already uploaded it on our account. Wanna check out some of the comments?"
  537. Retsuko leaned in close to Fenneko's phone, watching her friend's and Sable's feet rub together lovingly and intertwine with great interest.
  541. 'My soul BELONGS under that desk now!!'
  543. 'C'MON, STEP IT UP! ...on my face'
  545. "You know...I honestly bet, at this rate, you could FORCE a foot fetish onto someone, Fenneko..." Retsuko sighed, rather amused. She felt something hit the back of her head with force, stumbling a little.
  547. "Agh, what th-ohhhhhh, hehehehe...there it is..." she giggled. Her creepy little friend's tail was swishing back and forth with enough force to knock down one of the trees around the two.
  549. The long eared stalker scrunched her face in response. "Retsi, I could get anyone to do ANYTHING with the three F's: Fear, Feet and Food, in that order. Now, are you gonna upload your little escapade too?"
  551. Less than a minute later, the video was uploaded. And in less than thirty seconds, comments were beginning to flood in, as well as more funding than ever before. This time, it wasn't Fenneko's tail that was wagging at all the 'cute' comments. Retsuko's actually began to swish back and forth excitedly.
  553. 'Foot HEAVEN'
  555. 'God I wish I was her, and her, and ALSO HER, I DUNNO'
  557. 'Looking FIRE in that bolero coat v a v a > v > v'
  559. "RETSUKO. What is with your tail?!?" Fenneko shouted, gripping the tip of the wagging striped appendage.
  561. "Oh...oh no...d-don't tell me,'re rubbing off on me..." Retsuko said.
  563. "I've created a monster, haven't I...hahahahaha..." she chuckled, darkly.
  565. The two friends soon arrived at their tents, sighing. "What time does our flight leave again, Retsi? I just want to sit in my existential dread, awaiting the awful fate that I have to return to tomorrow."
  567. "The Nook Miles Tickets say we have to leave at 10 PM. We'll be back in Tokyo tomorrow, and we have work the next day. So...maybe we can go to KK's concert tonight at 6 before we leave?" the red panda accountant suggested.
  569. "Huh, yeah, I guess that's a good idea...watching a naked guy play guitar is probably the most normal thing we've done so far here," Fenneko replied.
  571. "We've got a little while till the wanna take some pics of me in our new swimwear?"
  573. Fenneko sighed and took out her camera. "After all that stuff with the Ables? Agh, you're lucky I love you..."
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