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  1. - Source code is *only* available as a gzipped tar file from the creator's website
  2. - Three directories on untaring: "extras", "setup", and "src"
  3. - Within "setup" is a bunch of ".i" files and "tool.c"
  4. - "gcc tool.c -o tool.exe" (or the compiler of your choice)
  5. - Look at to determine what options you want to set
  6. - From the source root, "setup/tool.exe -t wx64 >"
  7. - Get a bash prompt, somehow (Git for Windows is decent)
  8. - Bash will complain about an "exec format error" if you try and run
  9. - This is because the file is encoded in UTF-16...
  10. - Open "" in a text editor like Notepad++ and convert it to UTF-8
  11. - It will produce a Makefile, "bld/", and "cfg/"
  12.     - "cfg/" has a bunch of header files with the options you specified
  13.     - "bld/" is empty.
  14. - If compiling for Windows, remove "cfg/main.r" from the "bld/:" line.
  15. - Additionally, remove "bld/" from the gcc command in the minivmac.exe section
  16. - Then, and only then, will it compile. Without an icon. I still don't know how to fix that.
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