What Happened? (Moondancer x Twilight, Ongoing)

Sep 11th, 2018
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  1. >Ink pooled onto the page.
  2. >It was an accident.
  3. >She didn't mean to do it.
  4. >Why did she have to be such a fuck up?
  5. >The ink continued to obscure the letter.
  6. >Making the words act like they were never written down in the first place.
  7. >And she did the only thing she could think to do.
  8. >Cry.
  9. >There was nothing in her left but tears.
  10. >But with this letter, maybe there would have been something small.
  11. >Something to give her hope.
  12. >She'll never know now.
  13. >Through blurry vision she glanced over at another picture.
  14. >It was of her, and two ponies who looked like her.
  15. >One male, and one female.
  16. >A memory rushed back to her.
  17. >How her parents always told her she was going places.
  18. >Dad would praise her around as the next Clover the Clever.
  19. >"Smartest mare this side of Canterlot."
  20. >She hiccuped as a shudder swept across her body.
  21. >The cold air seeped into her room.
  22. >Dust and filth caked practically everything she owned.
  23. >Whatever wasn't still boxed up anyway.
  24. >"...Yeah...next Clover the Clever..." her voice a pained whisper as she put her head face down on her desk.
  25. >Sobbing quietly.
  26. >An urge came over her.
  27. >A cold, stinging, uncomfortable sensation traveled down her back.
  28. >Like the cold hands of guilt were racking across her.
  29. >Whatever, she probably deserved it.
  30. >She lifted her head from the desk.
  31. >And wiped her face with her hooves.
  32. >Looking back down at the letter, she saw the ink.
  33. >It had stopped moving down the page, but the only thing still left uncovered was a simple phrase.
  34. "I love you"
  35. >Seeing those words twisted the knots in her stomach even tighter.
  36. >She thought maybe, just maybe, that she could be normal.
  37. >That perhaps something would go her way for once.
  38. >In her heart she felt it was the right thing to do.
  39. >The universe is a cruel and uncaring mistress however.
  40. >As the tearful girl knows first hoof.
  41. >So she thought this is where she belongs.
  42. >Broken, lonely, afraid.
  43. >Instead of the superstar her parents wanted her to be.
  44. >She was a loser
  45. >A failure.
  47. >A broken pile of quills sat by her side.
  48. >Each one snapped into more pieces than the last.
  49. >The ugly thought of taking the jagged edge of one of those quills appeared in her mind.
  50. >How simple it would be to just....
  51. >She mimed a slashing motion in front of her neck.
  52. >Morbid thoughts such as that clouded her thoughts throughout the night.
  53. >Thankfully she always hesitated to act upon them.
  54. >It showed there was still something in her that gave a damn.
  55. >A tiny ember of hope.
  56. >The picture of a beaming smile from a purple, alicorn princess kindled that ember.
  57. >That image always brought some form of joy to her.
  58. >A white cloud amid a sea of black.
  59. >But even that is starting to lose its effect.
  60. >"What would she think if she saw me now?"
  61. >She averted her eyes to the dimming candle.
  62. >Attracted to it's dull light.
  63. >"She wouldn't hate me..." she continued her thoughts.
  64. >Her blurry vision landed once more onto the ruined letter from earlier
  65. >The words "I love you" still the only remaining words that were legible.
  66. >"...She'd pity me" her heart sinking even further at her realization.
  67. *Knock, knock*
  68. >She practically jolted from her seat.
  69. >Eyes widening in shock.
  70. "Knock-Knock-Knoc-Crunch"
  71. >A ray of light breached into the dimly lit room.
  72. "Er...Moondancer?"
  73. >The girl's ears perked up instantly.
  74. >There was no way it was her.
  75. >Not after everything.
  76. >Her scared stiff heart instantaneously turned to stone
  77. >With a quick wipe of her face on the sleeve of her sweater.
  78. >She put her game face on.
  79. >However, she didn't know which one to put on.
  80. >She panicked.
  81. >"What?" she asked harshly as she pried her broken door open.
  82. >"I"m trying to study!"
  83. >She was greeted by a spine-chilling sight.
  84. >Her old friends, but that wasn't what was chilling her spine.
  85. >It was the purple alicorn in the middle.
  86. >Twilight.
  87. >Emotions and urges swirled inside Moondancer's being.
  88. >It was as if she was fighting herself about how to react.
  89. "It's us" she said in that same heartwarming tone.
  90. "Your friends!"
  92. >The nerves in her brain were shot.
  93. >Out of everything she ever expected to happen.
  94. >This wasn't one she thought she would live to see.
  95. >Her insides still felt like they were being ripped in two.
  96. >Maybe that's why she was responding harsher than she meant to.
  97. >Or maybe it was something else.
  98. >She rolled her eyes at Twilight's statement.
  99. >The cascading waterfall of emotions and feelings were traveling their way out of Moondancer.
  100. >Repressed for years.
  101. >She couldn't handle it.
  102. >With a quick movement.
  103. >She yanked the door shut right in their smiling faces.
  104. >She curled up on the floor into a ball.
  105. >Hugging her legs.
  106. >The discomfort from the dirty carpet a price she didn't care about at the moment.
  107. >Soon she heard the sound of hoofsteps walking away from her door.
  108. >Even after the last few steps faded off in the distance she stayed on the floor.
  109. >Wishing she could just disappear.
  110. >"God DAMMIT!" she punched her hoof as hard as she could against her carpet.
  111. >The room became so silent you could hear a pin drop.
  112. >But no more words were needed.
  113. >That ship had sailed.
  114. >Stomping her hoof into the floor once more.
  115. >Damning herself.
  116. >It would have been perfect.
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