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John Kelly Speech Keynote Address Dec 17 2014 Interview 4

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Nov 12th, 2019
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  1. we are very the US
  2. military is very very very good at
  3. anything and everything the US
  4. government the president itíd States
  5. tells us to do we we can do anything we
  6. have a we are our culture is one of of a
  7. bias for action of not being not being
  8. tied down by who's really in charge of
  9. the thing I give you a thousand examples
  10. of my time in Iraq
  11. where you know economic development the
  12. SUNY tried this the SUNY part of Iraq
  13. was a place when I went back as a
  14. commander they said look you can't win
  15. down there it's a hotbed of Sunni
  16. radicalism just don't get too many
  17. people killed on bought province we won
  18. and I bought province and when I say we
  19. won we beat we made common cause with
  20. the sheiks we beat down al Qaeda and we
  21. developed the place in a way that no one
  22. could believe in terms of agricultural
  23. production in terms of industry and all
  24. those kind of so I'm a marine and I'm
  25. going up the normal way to get this kind
  26. of assistance to Baghdad you know people
  27. in Baghdad that never traveled outside
  28. of the Green Zone and didn't understand
  29. what was going on on the ground in a
  30. couple of examples I would give you I
  31. grew up in Boston city kid people came
  32. up to me and said we said you know I'm
  33. Bob Provence used to produce more
  34. chickens for obviously all the things
  35. you use chickens for but more chickens
  36. than anywhere else in the in the Middle
  37. East but because of the oil-for-food
  38. program all of that kind of thing went
  39. away because they pumped oil and they
  40. were given food so the chicken that
  41. employed really large numbers of people
  42. and so the chickens and the in the end
  43. of and the sheep and all of this kind of
  44. thing and so I said to Baghdad I really
  45. need people that know agriculture
  46. because there's things here that with
  47. tremendous potential but I want to
  48. kick-start it and you don't have to
  49. waiting two months I get four or five
  50. people from the Department of
  51. Agriculture that didn't know anything
  52. about agriculture they there were
  53. bureaucrats from Washington but there
  54. were no better at chickens than I am and
  55. and chickens to me you get in in a
  56. grocery store so what we did was I just
  57. bypassed it and I went to the best
  58. agricultural school in the world Texas
  59. A&M; University and I said I need someone
  60. that knows again I'm a city kid I need
  61. someone that knows how to bring back
  62. what was once a very vibrant to
  63. agricultural economy
  64. and they sent nine of ten people cost me
  65. $400,000 they came for three and a half
  66. months and I remember the day they
  67. reported out to me there was a woman
  68. that said we had five million sheep in
  69. the in Anbar province and she said every
  70. one of them's got to be replaced and I
  71. went okay I'm thinking five where do I
  72. buy five million sheep and she she said
  73. you must be from Boston in the city
  74. because no no you don't have to buy five
  75. million sheep
  76. what we need is 15,000 Rams and what you
  77. do is you go around and we did this we
  78. went around and when we start a flock of
  79. sheep people that know what Rams look
  80. like I have a general idea how to
  81. identify a ram but say okay you got
  82. three Rams
  83. cut their throats right now and eat him
  84. obviously and we'll give you three new
  85. ramps we bought these Rams from all over
  86. the Middle East and North Africa what we
  87. were doing is was was replacing the the
  88. DNA stock because they're all inbred and
  89. very sickly and all that so my point is
  90. anyways four hundred grand they come in
  91. a guy that knows soil irrigation better
  92. irrigation techniques a million chicks
  93. we bought in started the a million
  94. chicks to start the the chicken
  95. production program I was criticized
  96. repeatedly over getting outside my lane
  97. but the agricultural industry and Amba
  98. province came back and many many
  99. thousands of young men were were
  100. employed gave him something to do and in
  101. life goes on same kind of comments
  102. economic development I had a lot of
  103. reservists work for me accorded all of
  104. my marine reservist and said does anyone
  105. know anything about business development
  106. you know I had 10 to 12 people who were
  107. very very skilled at it so we sent them
  108. down to Kuwait to a today's man bought
  109. them a couple of cheap suits and sent
  110. them down the cutter Amman Jordan
  111. few other places in that part of the
  112. world and the next thing you know I'm
  113. flying businessmen from other parts of
  114. the Persian Gulf Arab businessmen in in
  115. marine aircraft up to unbar province to
  116. have meetings with with Sunni sheiks and
  117. sue in on bar businessmen the kick
  118. started overnight not overnight very
  119. quickly
  120. the economy started to pick up all of
  121. this outside of my lane all of this
  122. outside of the a ID process and I can't
  123. say enough good things about a ID but
  124. all of it because they're bound by this
  125. this kind of you know they have baggage
  126. a book and I'll end with this a really
  127. really good book that you that I'd
  128. recommend to you if you if you're
  129. interested in economic development that
  130. kind of thing
  131. Paul Brinkley was the name of the book
  132. is war front to storefront Paul was a
  133. very very successful businessman hired
  134. by Rumsfeld he's still a good guy
  135. Brinkley I mean and he came out and for
  136. five years was the DoD business
  137. development guy in what he touched got
  138. better severely criticized by the
  139. establishment because what's DoD doing a
  140. nation-building and economic development
  141. and the answer is because you are not
  142. doing it so we we are very very good at
  143. what we do and I would offer that the
  144. idea that the US military if the mission
  145. is business development like it wasn't
  146. on ball province there was more business
  147. development than killing people we hunt
  148. we're not to do that really well but it
  149. was more business development and
  150. sitting down with sheiks and human
  151. rights issues and all of that we're very
  152. very good at that we're not tied by by
  153. the baggage that the federal bureaucracy
  154. are the other bureaucracies are and at
  155. the end of the day we have this bias for
  156. action we want to put points on the
  157. board and we want to we want to win the
  158. game
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