Seeding Midnight, Part One

Sep 8th, 2013
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  3. Or, a Drow and her Desires
  6. Relan Bauer staggered deeper down the winding tunnels, clutching the bleeding wound at his side, a dripping trail marking his path. He leaned heavily on his gleaming mithril sword with weakening fingers, wondering why he was wandering deeper, when he should have turned, gone back the way he came, sought the surface. Behind him, far behind him now, lay the dead remnants of his party, ripped apart by Umber Hulks. Even that might not have finished the party off, had the Umber Hulks not been slaved to a Duergar Mage, who had laughed as the heroes writhed in pain. Relan had watched as the Mage forced them to kill each other. It was luck and his own will that had enabled him to defeat the Mage, running and thrusting his bloodied sword through the dark dwarf's guts.
  8. No, the way back was sealed to him in blood and gore. He was going into Darkness, to die. Far from the Light, deep where noone would find him. Let none seek the sword he carried, or the cursed destiny with it, he decided. This treasure was not worth the price he had paid for it.
  10. He stumbled, and fell, and screamed as the wind whipped around him, as he fell through a hole into the pitch black, blacking out as he hit deep, cool water, the hazy luminescence of cave fungi in his blurred vision.
  13. Hours later, he awoke, his eyes adjusting to the gloom, an eerie glow around, various lichen and fungi providing some luminiscence. He coughed, his lungs adjusting to the stale air in these deep caverns. He was on dry land, and his shirt was off. Someone had bandaged his wound. He groaned, trying to rise, but found heavy manacles kept him shackled to the cot he was in.
  15. "Ah. The manling awakens. You have fallen far, intruder. This is our realm." A voice, dusky, alluring, powerfully feminine. She walked into his line of sight, revealing a tall, powerful, black-skinned woman, with long, flowing white hair in tresses and a truly impressive bust, covered over with gauzy purple silks and linen. She gazed down at him. "I will not kneel for you, but I suppose you must rise a little from your bed if you are to truly address me, worm. Slave! Attend!" She commanded.
  17. A meek, scrawny half-orc girl, one fang jutting from her lip and her hair a ragged mess, came at the mistress's call. She wore a thick ornate iron collar around her neck, and a ragged shirt and loincloth, which hid her swollen dark nipples not at all.
  19. "Raise this man from his bed, and bring him into my main tent. There is no reason our Journey back to Menzoberranzan need pass so...drearily, after all." She smiled cruelly.
  21. The slave nodded blankly, kneeling, carefully unshackling his wrist gauntlets, but not his legs.
  23. Relan pushed himself up a little, groaning, aware that his side was still sore, yet the pain seemed to be fading. Powerful healing magic indeed. Yet it was clear he had fallen into the clutches of the Drow. He moaned, wondering what cruel fate had in store for him now.
  25. "Do not try to resist her. It will go easier for you, I think. She has not had a good male to play with for some time. And perhaps- no, I will not raise your hopes. Obey, live." The half-orc girl pleaded, her voice strained.
  27. Relan nodded, his spirits sinking into a grim mood. Clearly this Drow Matron planned foul tortures. He hoped his will would be strong enough to endure.
  29. Another slave entered, this one wearing a thick black mask, and much more muscular. He seemed to also be a Drow, but clearly one disgraced, though in an elevated position amongst the other slaves. He sneered at the half-orc, and shooed her away with a hard thwack to her shapely rear.
  31. He carried a huge, ornate iron collar, more intricate than the girls, and inscribed with Arcane Runes. "You get the Special Collar. Lucky boy." The slavemaster drooled. He clamped it tight around Relan's neck, double-checked to make sure it was secure, then left.
  33. "I'll be seeing you later, missy." He sneered lewdly at the half-orc girl.
  35. Relan felt at the collar around his neck, felt his power coursing into him, felt his wound healing quicker, his stamina growing. He also felt parts of his mind growing dim, his wits slowing, as blood flowed from his head to his nether regions. He groaned as his cock began to stiffen against his will, becoming shockingly hard, cresting from his tattered longpants.
  37. "Mistress will want you ready and clean for her enjoyment." The half-orc girl said, bringing a basin of water and a sponge, aswell as a red-silk loincloth. She stripped him of his trousers, and his huge cock sprung up proudly like a flagpole. The half-orc blushed, but continued her work undisturbed. "You have a fine sword, human. Mistress may let you live longtime."
  39. The half-orc began to clean the grime and blood from his wound and his body, soaping him down delicately, taking care to scrub around his genitals. He reached out with one hand. "Wait, I can do it myself. No need to debase yourself, friend."
  41. The Half-Orc smiled, sadly. "You are kind, but no debasement. Light chores like this fun compared to usual work."
  43. "Oh, well-"
  45. "But I will stop if you want, human."
  47. "No! I mean, well, continue if you think its best. Uh, I'm Relan by the way."
  49. "Relan." She said, rolling the word on her tongue as she soaped and squeezed his hard cock, sending tingles through his body. "Keep name to self, precious. Mistress might take name away if you give it to her."
  51. "Do you have a name?"
  53. "I am Thing, or You, or Come Here to Mistress. To others of my kin, I am Thrali. A slave-name. I wish I had free-name, like you."
  55. "I am sorry to hear that. But Thrali is not such a bad name." Relan gasped, as she began to work his shaft with her fingers, delicately, expertly, like a trained professional. "Ah! what are you doing?"
  57. "Must check to see all parts working."
  59. "Oh. Ah! Thrali, you're good at this."
  61. Thrali smiled. "Thank you, Relan. Perhaps we can both enjoy this yes?"
  63. The slave began to finger Relan's prostate, causing him to jolt and shudder, and without much hesitation she began to go down on him, her tongue warm and supple, coiling around his long, arcanely enhanced cock, gently suckling him.
  65. He groaned, and the runes in his collar flared, enhancing and increasing his lust and power, but restraining his orgasm. She flicked her eyes up at him, a spark of warmth there. Despite all she had been through, she seemed to be somewhat enjoying this. Perhaps she sensed a kindred spirit in Relan.
  67. For his sake he reached out, and pulled her closer onto him, gently gripping her head, feeling her deepthroat him with expert precision, shuddering as her mouth caved around his cock, pulling and lubricating.
  69. He cried out, begging for released, but the runes flashed, denying him release, keeping him at the brink of ecstasy.
  71. "Please...ah...I need...I need to come..." He felt her face-fucking him harder and harder, his balls scraping her chin, his long shaft pistoning into her long throat, her tongue writhing and sliding along its length as it did so, making him desperate, grunting his animal need.
  73. "Aaaaaaah..." He cried, feeling his orgasm reaching truly explosive levels, but still something stopped the release. He felt as if he was going mad, and he felt short of breath, some invisible pressure on his chest and throat, as his balls began to swell, drawing energy into them.
  75. "So...the beast from above is functioning. Good. You may go now, Thing. I will take over from here." Thrali looked almost disappointed, as she meekly slowed and ended her intense blowjob, wiping the precum and saliva from her mouth, her own juices flowing down her leg. She ached badly for some release herself.
  77. She wandered off, determined to give herself a good jilling in private, and not let the slavemaster get any joy from her.
  79. The Drow Matron circled her new toy, admiring how powerful and hard his well-lubricated cock was. "Impressive. Even more so than that Mithril blade you fell with. Oh? I see in your eyes some spark of defiance. You'd like to shove that sword of yours into me, wouldn't you?" She smiled cruelly, taunting him, her long-nailed hand coiling around his shaft, as she effortlessly straddled him, her heaving breasts jutting in front of him.
  81. He grunted, barely able to vocalise his feelings, so great was the roaring fire of lust in him. He needed to cum, and badly. He would do anything to feel that release.
  83. "I know what you are thinking. Good little slave. Obey your Mistress and I will reward you."
  85. He whimpered, his huge cock throbbing in her delicate ebony hands. She began to pump him gently, before undoing her clasp, her gauzy brassiere falling away, revealing her midnight breasts and hard nipples.
  87. "My skin feels dry, slave. You will help moisten me. N'DRAT!" She commanded, voicing an arcane command. Immediately he felt like a dam breaking, a torrent of semen spewing forth like a hose, splattering the Drow Matron's bountiful breasts, rivulets of cum seeping down between her cleavage.
  89. The Drow moaned with unearthly delight as Relan soaked her with his cum, and she began to rub into her skin, moistening her nipples and rubbing it up and down her chest, enjoying the splatter.
  91. He shouted his own joy, his balls shrinking, as the torrent died away to a small patter before dripping to its conclusion.
  93. The Matron greedily scooped up every last drop, rubbing it into her arms and every part of her upper body, and all over her face.
  95. Relan panted, falling back, his collar glowing, his cock shrinking, a drying river of sperm leaking from his spent hose.
  97. The Drow grinned, and licked up every last drop, licking her lips and gurgling some drops greedily.
  99. "You are a wonderful toy, man-thing. Such power and such seed! I will reward you with a good name. You are now Bolo, my Cock-Slave. Do as I tell you, when I tell you, and I may reward you with orgasms. As long as you wear that collar, Only I have the power to grant you release from your Lust. And You will feel much Lust, of that I am sure." She grinned wickedly, revealing her sharp, perfect white teeth.
  101. "You will address me always from now on as Mistress. Fail to obey me and well...." She smiled. "Imagine being unable to cum for a whole year, always on the cusp but never recieving true release. It is not something you ever want to experience."
  103. She rose, her breasts moist and sticky from the cum-shower she had recieved. She refastened her brassiere, content, and knowing that anyone who dare criticised her strange choice of lotion would die. "Tonight, if you are lucky Cock-Slave, I will allow you to moisten my lower-half with your seed aswell."
  105. Relan groaned, feeble, but feeling his strength returning once again. He needed to escape, to recover that sword. However dire things had been before, he had a second chance. Then again, the pleasure she had given him...it was beyond anything he had ever imagined before. And there was Thrali...he felt a pang of guilt for the half-orc girl. Clearly he would have to free her aswell, if he was to escape.
  107. Perhaps, in time, an opportunity would present himself.
  109. He rested on the bed, for now. Things could certainly be worse.
  111. ==END OF PART ONE==
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