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Apr 23rd, 2013
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  1. Valon
  2. Written by: Voyd211
  3. Nicknames: Val, V, That Bastard With The Accordion
  4. Age: 21
  5. Species: Human
  6. Home Continuum: Real World
  7. Department: DMS
  8. Division: Freelance
  9. Response Center: 211
  10. Partner: (TBD)
  11. Fandoms: Far too many.
  12. Lust-object(s): As long as they're on the right side of average, he doesn't care.
  13. Weapons: Blunt objects, firearms, high explosives when permitted, accordion
  15. "A Sue? Is she annoying, can I torture her, and does she have a hat?"
  17. Appearance
  19. Valon considers his appearance to be that of a stereotypical nerd, minus the glasses and about 200 pounds. He's mostly correct. Valon is tall and slender, with short, greasy and untamed brown hair. He has a thin beard and (much to his annoyance) an even thinner mustache. As far as outfits, he prefers cool and dark colors, such as green, gray and blue. He's slightly bucktoothed, and also very pale-skinned.
  21. Personality
  23. Valon is incredibly lazy and easygoing. He is incredibly tolerant of others, but takes prejudice and arrogance personally. He's somewhat weak-willed, and buckles readily under stress. He dislikes interacting with the Flowers, or indeed any authority figure, for this reason.
  24. At least, that's how he is when he's off-duty. On missions, Valon turns off his sense of empathy, and becomes almost psychotic when dealing with Sues. He typically takes out his frustration on them personally, rather than feeding them to some monster or another. His somewhat extensive collection of random knowledge assists him in this regard; he studies biology to better keep the Sue alive while he's administering karma to her.
  26. On-duty or off,, he's a bit of a perv, and spends a lot of time ogling female Agents and canonicals. He likes singing and playing the accordion, for whatever reason, and he sometimes isn't aware that people don't necessarily want to hear him. No matter what, he likes hats. He collects hats, wears hats, attacks with hats signed by authors, and collects them from deceased Sues that happen to have them.
  27. He does have a rather extensive collection of knowledge; he primarily wants to learn how to speak any language. His first language is English, and he knows bits and pieces of German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Latin, and Korean. Besides that, he reads about almost everything. The chances of bringing up a subject that he has no knowledge of whatsoever are slim, mostly pertaining to sports and psychology.
  29. He dislikes sunlight, cold, and being outdoors in general. He really, really, REALLY hates things being rubbed in his face.
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