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  1. elleToday at 20:52
  2. heya, saw your post on ERC; is your group still looking for a healer by any chance? :CleoPeek:
  4. MerikoToday at 21:00
  5. Hiya, yeah we're still looking
  6. Could you tell me a bit about yourself and past raiding history playing at a high level? (can be any mmo that has some kind of hard content, eg mythic wow raiding etc)
  8. elleToday at 21:10
  9. ooh so in XIV i started raiding in sigmascape, somewhat recent i suppose. the only other mmos i did seriously raid in were Echo of Soul & Aion, you had to do pretty competitive endgame pvp and pve for gear in those games so i think that'd probably qualify. no WoW raid exp sadly :(
  11. as for myself i'd like to think i'm pretty fun person to be around, when it comes to raiding i'd say i learn relatively quick, naturally i can get pretty competitive so i'm always trying to improve how i play my jobs.
  13. MerikoToday at 21:14
  14. Did you raid past tiers hc/shc, and clear times of those?
  16. elleToday at 21:20
  17. my old static cleared eden's gate late week 2, we set out to be sHC but only ended up getting 3hrs/day, 3-4days/week in due to people being busy so i guess that qualifies as MC. in the previous tiers i was more on the casual side sadly
  19. MerikoToday at 21:22
  20. And what is your current exp in TEA and hours invested into the fight?
  22. elleToday at 21:26
  23. got around ~45 hours of actual prog in since the release of TEA, my old static saw the final word properly a week before christmas, then since 1 person left i didn't get any further prog in from there
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