Anonymous in Celestia 3

Apr 30th, 2013
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  1. AiC 3
  3. >You yawn, rolling your neck and stretching your joints one by one. As you do so, you notice some of your joints are stiffer than you remember.
  4. >"Oh, he's awake!" you hear Celestia chirp.
  5. >Before you can speculate about whom she's addressing, Twilight's voice answers.
  6. >"Oh wow, he is‽ This is so fascinating; we're dealing with so many firsts here. Celestia, how long exactly has he been asleep?"
  7. >Celestia's answer of 12 days doesn't seem unreasonable to you anymore. You've grown accustomed to taking extremely long naps.
  8. >Twilight continues her excited rambling. "There are so many questions I'd like to ask him about where he comes from!"
  9. >"Of course, Twilight. Just remember he's not just a specimen to be poked at."
  10. > "Oh, sure, right. Though I couldn't resist doing a quick scan of his anatomy. The transformation spell has already begun, but extrapolating back two months I can deduce what his original form was. I'm actually quite shocked at how similar his anatomy is to ours! Apart from an extra bone across his withers, our skeletons are homologous, just with different proportions."
  11. >That vaguely sounds like something you learned in high school.
  12. >"Can he hear me?" Twilight asks.
  14. >You kick, and Celestia relays your response with a "mhmm".
  15. >"Oh, wow. I can't believe I'm talking to a real live alien. Um, how are you feeling in there? I never imagined that foaling could be a two-way process. Are you comfortable?"
  16. >You think for a moment, and answer.
  17. >C-R-A-M-P-E-D
  18. >Celestia giggles. "He says he feels cramped."
  19. >After a pause, Twilight addresses you directly. "Cramped? Anon, you don't *have* to stay bunched up like that. I don't know much about your world, but I doubt you could stretch yourself far enough to do any damage to Celestia."
  20. >Celestia had mentioned to you at the start that Equestrian life was more elastic when you'd brought up fitting inside her, but you'd assumed that to be the limit.
  21. >Timidly, you start to extend one of your legs, noticing as you do so that your foot seems to have gotten longer.
  22. >As your leg extends, Celestia's flesh offers resistance, but you don't seem to be reaching any kind of limit.
  23. >You start to stretch out fully, but find that you still can't get all the way, as Celestia's womb pulls inwards like a stretched rubber band.
  24. >Nevertheless, you get the best stretch you've had in… months? Has it been two months already?
  25. >With that out of the way, you feel amazing. At the moment, you can't imagine why you'd ever want to leave the safe comfort of the Sun Princess's womb.
  27. >In Celestia's womb, you feel safer than you can remember ever feeling before.
  28. >Her warm, soft flesh cradles you securely, but not tightly, hugging you from all angles.
  29. >Her steady heartbeat comforts you and grants you a sense of stability.
  30. >Celestia is directly providing for all of your physical needs, so you don't have to worry about eating, drinking, or even breathing. You are faintly aware of the changes that have been occurring to your body, but you've mostly stopped noticing your body altogether.
  31. >You realize that once you are born, as a normal citizen of Equestria, you will hardly ever get to see Celestia in person (in pony?).
  32. >In addition, you will have to constantly worry about supporting yourself, while you also try to blend in to Equestrian society.
  33. >Celestia's joke about not letting you out is seeming more appealing by the day.
  35. -–—–-
  37. >Celestia stands in Twilight Sparkle's basement laboratory, hooked up to miscellaneous sensors, mostly on her expanded midsection.
  38. >Being alone apart from her student, she had dropped her illusion spell, revealing her full pregnant form.
  39. >Due to her size compared to the human, her belly actually doesn't seem much bigger than a slightly overdue mare's.
  40. >Despite her stretched proportions, she keeps her regal looks. The curve of her belly joins smoothly into her frame, and she holds herself with the same grace and poise that seems to come as second nature to her.
  41. >As she stands still to let Twilight take her readings, her mind wanders to the subject of her student's fascination.
  42. >She had originally planned to give birth to him after his transformation completed, but she realizes that she had grown accustomed to having a constant companion, someone to share her life with.
  43. >The feeling of having another living creature nestled safe and protected inside her womb was a very satisfying one for the motherly princess, and she certainly wasn't looking forward to it ending.
  44. >Perhaps instead of her releasing him into Equestria, his outsider's perspective would be most useful directly available to her.
  45. >Of course, this justification was a transparent one, even to her. But the fact remained that she was starting to consider not giving birth to him. She didn't want to hold him captive, but at the same time she didn't want this to end.
  47. >In any case, it doesn't matter. Mares don't initiate labor; their foals do.
  48. >Once the transformation is complete and Anon is ready, labor will begin automatically.
  49. >Celestia makes a mental note to ask him about this when they are alone.
  50. >"What are you thinking about, Princess?" Twilight asks curiously.
  51. >Celestia blushes, and quickly comes up with a cover story. "Oh, I was just admiring how you can look at any situation from a scientific perspective."
  52. >This seems to satisfy Twilight. "Of course. I think more ponies ought to think more scientifically. If somepony is curious about something, the best thing to do is study it. If somepony isn't curious about anything, I feel sorry for them." She ends with an adorkably small giggle at her own quip, before turning back to her instruments.
  54. >"This is really very fascinating magic. There's nothing too high-level or powerful about it, but it's incredibly precise and nuanced. It's actually hard to tell how much is magical and how much is biological."
  55. >Celestia beams proudly at her faithful student. "Yes, the line is rather fuzzy, and it takes a keen mind and horn to discern that."
  56. >Twilight nods. "It's actually hard appreciate a lot of it, because it's very low-level, not very far above the ambient magikon density. If you don't mind, I'd like to take more measurements at regular intervals."
  57. >Celestia nuzzles her most faithful student. "Of course, Twilight. You stand to learn a lot from studying this. How strong a unicorn is often pales in importance compared with how well she knows how to use her power. A magikon, a single quantum of magic, applied by an expert magicist can do amazing things."
  59. >Twilight thought for a moment, and then approached Celestia and asked another question.
  60. >"Um, Princess? Something just occurred to me. Anonymous has an entirely unique perspective on gestation and foaling. I can only just barely remember my birth, and my time in utero is almost entirely a blur. I certainly wasn't making scientific observations at the time."
  61. >Celestia playfully poked at Twilight's shoulder. "I'm afraid you'll have to wait your turn, okay?" she teased.
  62. >Twilight Sparkle blushed beet red. "No, nonono. That's not what I meant. I just wanted to know if I could… interview him every once and a while."
  63. >Celestia thought for a moment. "I'd be happy to bring him to you every so often, but I'm afraid your interviews couldn't go too in-depth. We've been getting by on Horse code because there's not much he needs, but that wouldn't be practical for writing a thesis."
  64. >"Ah, yes. And a telepathy spell would be a bad idea for obvious reasons. I'm sure I can think of something. Give me a week, and I'll've figured it out."
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