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Dragon Age 4 leak

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Jan 14th, 2018
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  1. Hello, everyone!
  2. Not so long ago I managed to get some data about a new DA game, Bioware. And here's what I found out. [Information is a half-a-year old!]
  3. Developers have several ideas for the title… something like, ‘Imperium’/‘Empire’, ‘Revolution’, ‘Retribution’, ‘Legend.
  4. And I’ve also heard that the fifth game will be called 'Vengeance' because of the V(5).
  5. So… DA4 will have less gameplay hours than Inquisition or Origins. Thanks Anthem.
  6. The plot’s set in 9:51 Dragon and it will take 3 years.
  7. We'll see such characters as
  8. - Tallis (from ‘The Mark of the Assassin’). Her role is somehow connected with the Iron Bull or Sten, who’s now the Arishok. It depends on your choices in previous games.
  9. - Fenris. He’s awesome and he can die in the end of the game.
  10. - Dorian. He’s planning a revolution.
  11. - Vivienne (only if she's not the Divine). Madame de Fer is now a mage-ambassador from Orlais (like Dorian in ‘Trespasser’).
  12. - Maevaris Tilani. She'll be the first romanceable transgender character in the series. I know for sure that this storyline is written by Patrick Weekes.
  13. - Isabela. She has her own fleet now. Varric wrote a cycle of novels about pirates with Isabela in the title role.
  14. - Sandal, who's gonna play a large part in the Titans/Darkspawn/Red lyrium storyline. Bodan Feddic is dead (ENCHANTMENT!).
  15. - Yavana (from ‘The Silent Grove’). She's alive and she’ll join your group in the Tellari swamps, Antiva. Her personal quest’s about dragon cult in Nevarra.
  16. - Vaea (from ‘Knight Errant’). She’s boring. Only female romance option.
  17. - Marius (from ‘Magekiller’). He’s personal quest is connected with the assassination attempt on the Archon.
  18. - Scout Harding. She’s new the Inquisition's spymaster.
  19. - Sera. She’s Andruil, yep.
  20. Your role in the revolution is big but not much.
  21. We’ll see Fex, the nation of Par Vollen.
  22. One of your party member will be the female qunari. The writers still can’t decide on her story.
  23. Your mother will try to revive your sibling with blood magic.
  24. Zevran (only if he’s alive) is now the head of the Antivan Crows.
  25. Your character will have to go to Kal-Sharok. There’s eluvian.
  26. THE INQUISITOR WILL BE IN THIS GAME! but he/she will have less screen time than Hawke in the DAI. It's all because of the financing problems.
  27. Solas tried to dominate the Void but he was too proud. The Void is possessed him – that's why he sometimes calls himself Salos. It’s like one hell of a split personality.
  28. Morrigan won't appear. Her story is over.
  29. Leliana (if she's not the Divine) will join the Hero of Ferelden in her/his journey. Leliana’s story is over too.
  30. Cassandra/Cullen still might appear. It also depends on your previous choices.
  31. A part of Flemeth has been reborn in the body of her third daughter Cailleach, also known as Fury of the Planasene Forest, Nevarra. Another part of her soul is owned by Solas.
  32. Solas (mostly Salos) and Qunari are not the only ‘threat’ – the Executors and Those Across the Sea are going to capture the whole Thedas.
  33. The Augur of Mystery controls the First Warden in Anderfels.
  34. You’ll have to choose between the Architect and the Augur, otherwise the Grey Wardens will ruin themselves in civil war.
  35. Hawke/Alistair/Loghain/Stroud is possessed by Nightmare. You can save her/him (but then you’ll release the demon) or kill her/him once and for all.
  36. Towards the end of the game the Black Divine will declare a hunt for elves.
  37. The final mission in Arlathan is similar to the end of Dungeon Siege III.
  38. Inquisitor won’t survive the decisive battle if you drank from the Well.
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