Moth-chan (series)

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  1. Contents                                        line    comments
  2. Moth-chan's Hot Date                            9      
  3. Moth-chan at the Hot Springs                    51      
  4. Moth-chan's First Night                         97      [arc end]
  5. Original greentext outline                      158
  7.    ***   ***   ***
  9.         Moth-chan's Hot Date
  12. Did she really...? Yes. The little girl did really shout out COCK AND BALL TORTURE in the happiest, most excited tone I could ever imagine hearing those words in. What the hell? I almost choked on my drink.
  14. >I-is that true? W-will c-c-c-cock and b-ball torture really make you addicted to me?
  15. Moth-chan piped up from behind me as the burly man ran off with the girl. She was still sure I'd dump her any day now. She insisted that I'd get bullied if anyone found out we were dating, so we were out for tea with our backs to each other. She sat in the table behind me, in what she called a disguise. She looked like fucking Unabomber, with a hoodie and dark glasses.
  17. >NO! Moth-chan! No! We're not doing that! And I'm already addicted to you!
  18. I don't know if I love or hate her shyness. I mean, it's cute and all, but she's so unconfident that she tried to pimp me out to a mutual friend. I was never sure if she even liked me. She kept blushing and running away from me for a couple of years. I had a crush on her since we met, but I couldn't tell she liked me back. Not before Holst-chan helped us get together.
  22. I finished my tea. This date was pretty lame, but I guessed it went with the territory.
  23. >Hey Moth-chan, wanna go to the movies? I got some spare tickets.
  24. >Y-y-yeeees! Yes please~!
  25. This was maybe the stupidest thing ever. She was madly in love with me, and I with her, but she was too shy to really do anything in public. Very considerate of her, it's just that she was completely wrong about everything.
  26. >Tell you what, let's hold hands on the way!
  27. >N-n-no, I couldn't do that! Everyone would know you like ugly girls! I'll just follow you close...
  29. And she did. As I made my way to the cinema, I kept an eye on her following me. She looked like some middle-aged pervert following a schoolgirl around. She hid behind trees and trash bins very conspicuously, and dashed from one cover to another like an idiot. At least we finally made it to the movies. I picked out the coming-of-age film where a secretly cute girl comes out of her shell. Maybe she'd get the hint. At least she had the guts to sit next to me.
  31. She held on to my arms with both hands for the whole movie. She leaned on me, letting her featherlike appendages tickle my neck and collarbones. I got a boner. No surprise there. She gasped as she saw my pants tighten, and retreated, hiding her face behind her chitinous fingers. Then my coner subsides, and she started her shit again. Another boner, another embarrassment. This went on for like five times during the film. I'm not even sure she was watching it, for fuck's sake.
  35. We did the whole we're-not-together thing on the way home, too. I had time to think, at least. She was giving me the worst blue balls in the world. She would come around to my house to hang out and play games, but she clammed up if I even tried to kiss her. She told me that I'd get ruined for marriage if I did something lewd with a caterpillar-like girl like her. What if I wanted to marry her, I had asked. She flushed red and ran home across the road. There had to be some way to reassure her...
  37. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Moth-chan. I'd been lost in my thoughts - how long ago did I last check for her?
  38. >Hey, Mothie, where are you?
  39. >Heeelp meee...
  40. She sniffled into the phone.
  41. >What's wrong?! Where are you?
  42. >I'm at the police box...
  43. Fuck. I knew this would happen.
  49.    ***   ***   ***
  51.         Moth-chan at the Hot Springs
  53. >Mooo~
  54. There was a faint moan in the wind. I didn't really notice, or care. I could feel Moth-chan's soft flesh on my chest and her cold, chitinous arms on my back. Her feelers trembled with every hot breath, both hers and mine. The hot, sulphurous water only came up to our thighs. The cool evening air flowed between us, making both of us shiver. All very romantic - apart from the throbbing erection pulsating its way up her thighs. It had a certain intoxicating quality to it.
  58. Early Friday afternoon - all three of us were at the usual café. Holst-chan pulled out a stack of free tickets to the best - and only - hot springs resort in town. She was pretending to be all smooth again, but I could see her face turn red as she told us to go together. Jelly as hell. I always wondered why she didn't have a boyfriend. With her cash, looks and gentle nature, she could just pick a boy out. I guess she's just too shy for it.
  60. I turned to Moth-chan to see her, too, red as a beetroot, edging her fingers towards me under the table. Two peas in a pod. No wonder they were old friends. I'd only drifted in a couple of years earlier, after we all happened to get seats near the corner. It's a wonder Moth-chan ever managed to speak to me. She used to whisper her lines to Holst-chan for months.
  62. I snapped out of the memories and took the pair of tickets Holst-chan was waving in my face. The rest of the afternoon was a blur. She had arranged a car for us in advance. Moth-chan and I were whisked away from the café and right to the resort. I tried to ask her about a change of clothes, but she just nudged my side and winked.
  66. We arrived to a full dinner. The menu was a little off, though. Oysters and bananas? What the hell? I'd have understood them separately, but together? Sheesh. Moth-chan was red as a bell pepper. She barely ate anything. She was just poking at the pile of oyster-banana salad on her plate. She even kept getting redder and redder even after we were left alone. She almost steamed when we got to our room. Our double room.
  68. By the time we got out, I was steaming too. A heart-shaped bed with red sheets, a pile of YES-pillows, a crate of condoms? It was getting obvious what Holst-chan was up to with this little resort weekend. This was supposed to be a traditional hot springs resort, for that matter! The atmosphere was stifling, so we decided to have a nice soak before the night. Maybe get our heads clear about all this. There was just one problem with it.
  70. They only had a mixed bath. It was reserved for a private event. A private event for two people. My mind was about to break. My groin was about to burst. Only one dressing room, only one shower room, only one door outside. I barely kept myself under control with a freezing shower and actively averting my eyes from Moth-chan. After it failed, I walked out first. That shy girl? She'd faint if she saw what she did to me.
  74. I barely had time to sit down before I felt her chitin on my shoulders.
  75. >You can stop hiding it, already...
  76. I should have known she'd notice it. It wasn't like we were in grade school anymore. I felt her breath on me. I felt chitin wander down my back and around to my front.
  77. >I-i know I'm moving too fast. I just can't control myself anymore!
  78. Her hard fingers wrapped around me under the warm water.
  80. >Mooooo~
  82. I could feel her cold chitin on both sides, her warm, slimy flesh on top, the cool summer air evening at the tip.
  83. >Moth-chan, we can't do it here... You'll get pregnant...!
  84. >T-there was a box of m-m-morning a-after pills in the room! It's okay!
  85. Weren't they sorta dangerous? Not that it mattered. All the blood in my body was in physical contact with her.
  86. >Moth-chan, I...
  87. Her cold fingers guided me to her slimy orifice.
  89. >Mooooooooo~
  95.    ***   ***   ***
  97.         Moth-chan's First Night
  99. >TZICH
  100. The moment I entered her, she puffed a weird noise out of her nose.
  102. I froze in place. The cool draft caressed me all over.
  103. >TZICH
  105. I looked down to her embarrassed, tense face. I had her arms pinned to the rock above her head.
  106. >Don't look at me! I-I can't help it! It's a moth thing!
  107. I had give my all to suppress my laugh. I embraced her tight, instead.
  109. >Wha- What are we going to do?
  110. >Just... Let's just keep going. I mean... We can't just stop midway!?
  111. I could feel my tip sliding deeper into her almost by itself.
  112. >TZICH
  113. I leaned in to kiss her.
  114. >moo~
  117. The moment was finally here. I was balls-deep in Moth-chan, the taste of her lips on mine. The position might have been a little awkward, but other than that, perfect. I could feel her heartbeat inside her contrast with the cool evening air. I pulled almost all the way out of her, and then slammed myself back inside.
  118. >TZICH
  119. Oh shit.
  121. >Uh... Wanna get in the water?
  122. >I-i... I'm sorry...
  123. I kissed her again and pulled her down into the hot water. Her smooth, perfect chitinous hands felt even more exquisite in the water. I caressed her arms all over. I searched for her entrance under the water. As I positioned myself for a new entry, she did it again.
  124. >TZICH
  126. I ignored her noises and pumped into her again and again. I hugged her tight as her smooth, hard limbs wrapped around me. She was like a cocoon, wrapped all around me. I kissed the base of her antennae. Her noises became even louder. I stroked the other antenna with my fingers as I kissed and licked the left one.
  131. She shuddered and contorted under me. I felt her strong limbs tighten around me. The noises grew stronger and stronger as we almost tried to pull the other one inside ourselves. I almost bit down on her shoulder as I rammed my hips into hers faster and faster. Finally I could feel myself knocking on heaven's door. I kissed her again as I came inside her.
  133. I pulled her over onto me. With every tired breath she let out another sharp noise. Her modest breasts pressed into my abdomen. Her antennae tickled my face as she lay her head on my chest. She was perfect to me. The dark bags under her eyes, the scraggly eyebrows, the home-cut hair... Even her usual awkward expression and usually downturned eyes were an image of beauty.
  135. I kissed her hair.
  136. >TZICH
  144. >MOOO~!
  145. We lied on our backs, faces red, as the deep moans and incessant creaking filled the night air.
  147. We both knew what was happening.
  148. >W-wanna do it again...?
  149. I didn't answer. I rolled over on top of her, my glans settling in her delicate navel.
  150. >We might as well keep going raw. You'll have to take the pill tomorrow anyway.
  151. >I-i-i wouldn't mind... You know...
  152. I looked her in the eyes. She kept my gaze.
  153. >J-j-just maybe not so soon, okay!?
  154. I smiled and stroked her antenna.
  156.    ***   ***   ***
  158.         Greentext outline
  160. >There's no way MC-kun could like me
  161. >I'm sure he wants that busty Holstaurus that sits in front of him
  162. >She's so beautiful and gentle, and I'm so frumpy and gloomy
  163. >I-i-i hope they're happy together...
  166. >She then tries to pimp MC-kun and Holst-chan together
  167. >She slinks behind the corner to cry after pushing him at her
  170. >Holst-chan is actually in their group of friends and knows that Moth-chan and MC-kun love each other
  171. >She immediately drags MC-kun back behind the corner and hugs Moth-chan tight making her sobs motorboat her
  172. >After she calms down, Holst-chan makes the two of them tell each other how they really feel about each other
  175. >She thinks his reputation will suffer if she's seen with him so she stalks him when they go on dates
  176. >The cops see a creepy girl in a hoodie and surgical mask following some schoolboy around all day
  177. >They arrest her and hijinks ensue
  180. >Holst-chan is actually a pervy shipper fujo
  181. >She gets annoyed that Moth and MC aren't getting as lewd as fast as she'd like
  182. >She's a rich ojou and gets them a weekend hot springs retreat with all sorts of aphrodisiac delicacies on the menu
  183. >There's only a mixed bath
  184. >She spies on them with binoculars from a tree, hoping that they'll get all steamy in the steam
  187. >They hear a weird sound on the wind every time they touch each other
  188. >Interlocking fingers
  189. >>moo~
  190. >A kiss on the waterline
  191. >>moo~
  192. >They start getting suspicious
  193. >Holst-chan realizes they're looking around and panics
  194. >She almost falls from the tree
  195. >When she recovers herself they've disappeared
  196. >>SHIT
  199. >She climbs down to look for them
  200. >She looks through a peephole into the pool
  201. >They're in a dark corner between the wall and a big rock
  202. >They're kissing each other all over
  203. >MC-kun's rock hard penis is lodged in Moth-chan's cute navel
  204. >>Oh god this is hot~
  205. >Holst-chan starts leaking all sorts of liquids
  206. >Her drool drenches her generous bust
  207. >She can feel her panties getting wetter and wetter
  208. >She's panting like an old man
  209. >>Oh, oh! It looks like it's going to go in!
  212. >She fingers herself furiously as MC-kun's dick slowly enters Moth-chan
  213. >Moth-chan's cute frumpy face tenses as her hymen is torn
  214. >Holst-chan is leaning on the wall by her horns, both hands down her pants
  215. >She's gasping for air, her back arching and her bust swinging with it
  216. >Finally she reaches a shuddering orgasm as MC-kun and Moth-chan kiss deeply, their finger interlocked and her arms pinned to the rock
  217. >She's on the verge of fainting, when she hears a crack from behind her
  220. >She turns around in panic, her udders swinging like a whip
  221. >Her childhood friend, the innkeeper's son, is staring at her with a red face
  222. >He can barely register that her chin is covered in drool and her crotch is wet down to her knees before the whipcrack of her breasts throws a spray of milk into his face
  223. >He can taste the fat on his lips as he watches her collapse in tears on the ground
  224. >>I'm sorry, we got a report that there was a peeping tom on the grounds...
  225. >>But I never thought it would be you, Holst-chan!?
  226. >Her eyes glaze over as he walks her to the staff door
  227. >There's no way her life won't be ruined now
  228. >He desperately tries to avoid touching her milk and drool-stained shirt with his face as he has to hold her up
  231. >>Holst-chan, you know that peeping is a crime, right?!
  232. >This is far from the first time he's had to scold her, despite being more than a head shorter even when they were kids
  233. >>If you do this sort of thing, you might end up in trouble!
  234. >Holst-chan is sitting quietly, sipping at her hot cocoa
  235. >>Anyway, if you're this horny, why don't you get some internet porn or something? Geeze!
  236. >She stands up, still gloomily silent
  237. >>A-are you listening to me, Holst-chan?
  238. >>This is something I should have done a long time ago...
  239. >She walks up to him, towering over him, blocking the light
  240. >She picks him up by the armpits and pins him to the wall at her face height
  241. >>Holst-chan...?
  242. >>I'm sorry... I'm so stupid...
  243. >She kisses him
  244. >His world swims as her horns prick his head and her tongue violates his mouth
  245. >Holst-oneechan had always looked like a cool, mature girl, but it had never been true
  246. >He thought back to grade school, when she had lactated the first time
  247. >He had been the one to suggest sanitary pads in her bra to keep it a secret
  248. >Since then he had secretly desired Holst-chan every day and every night, but she was too rich and beautiful for him
  249. >Slowly they had stopped playing together as his repressed lust became too awkward
  250. >>I'm sorry, but you don't get a choice anymore~
  251. >Holst-chan's beautiful face is twisted in a lewd sneer, her tongue hanging out, both their saliva dripping from the tip
  254. >She effortlessly carries him upstairs to his room
  255. >>Ah~ It's so nostalgic~
  256. >>I've wanted to come here for so long...
  257. >She throws him on the bed and rips off his pants
  258. >>I know you hate how big I got... This monster body and these huge udders
  259. >>I remember how you said I was perfect back then
  260. >>B-but I'm not cute and slender like that anymore
  261. >She strips herself halfway, only bothering to remove her own pants and pull aside her panties
  262. >>You're going to get violated by this lewd body.
  263. >She squats down on his raging erection as he wonders if this could be true
  264. >Her massive body slowly slides down his shaft, until it has been swallowed whole
  265. >She bends down to kiss him again
  266. >>You'll have to be my husband for the night~
  269. >The morning dawns on a dried-up husk of a man, buried under a mountain of soft, but firm flesh
  270. >Holst-chan's crotch slowly seeps out his semen onto his knee and the blanket
  271. >He drinks her milk as he wait for her to wake up
  272. >Finally she opens her eyes and realizes what happened
  273. >>Oh god, I'm so sorry...!
  274. >>T-this is r-r-rape, isn't it?! I forced you to do something horrible...
  275. >>I just... I just remembered how you promised to marry me when we grew up...
  276. >She still thinks about that? He had thought she'd forgotten all about it by now
  277. >>Holst-chan, do you... Still love me?
  278. >>Yes! I've never forgotten you...!
  279. >She's on the verge of tears
  280. >>A-and you still want to marry me?!
  281. >>Yes...
  282. >>Holst-chan! I've always loved you too!
  283. >Her eyes widen
  284. >Now she does cry out loud as she crushes him with her hugs
  287. >As MC-kun and Moth-chan arrive to breakfast, they see a familiar back already at the table
  288. >She's holding hands with someone under the table
  289. >>Holst-chan, why didn't you tell us you were coming too?!
  290. >>I-i-i just happened to visit an old friend, that's all!
  291. >They think they have an idea what Holsty did with her little friend, after all the creaking and mooing all night
  292. >But it's better to leave it at that
  293. >Even if her embarrassed face would be a sight to behold
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