Baking Pasta

May 13th, 2019
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  1. ==STEPS TO BAKE:==
  2. A. '''Get the Dough'''
  3. 1. copypasta the pastebin link into your browser
  4. 2. click "clone"
  5. 3. copypasta the text into a text editor
  6. (I suggest to NOT copypasta the notables section until you're about to bake; edit it in the pastebin, then copypasta it when you're about to bake; the others will and SHOULD NOT be changed)
  8. B. '''Notables'''
  9. 1. open a different text editor page
  10. 2. collect notable posts like you see bakers do (first post at the top, last post at the bottom; chronologically):
  11. [post link] [short description]
  12. 3. if you want, do updates for anons around 200, 400, and 600 posts
  13. 4. have a list of the notables in your text editor
  15. C. '''Prepare the Bake'''
  16. 1. around 680 posts, or before that if you want moar time to bake, post the all the notables as a "notable bun"
  17. 2. like you see in the dough, put the link to that "notable bun" with the bread number as the description as the last post in the notable list:
  18. #XXXX
  20. [post link] [short description]
  21. [post link] [short description]
  22. [post link] [#XXXX]
  23. 3. add the current bread number to the notable's section of the dough, like you see in the notable's section of the dough
  24. 4. copypasta the notables from the current bread under that bread number in the dough
  26. D. '''Bake'''
  27. 1. open the catalog (or index) and press "Create a thread"
  28. 2. add a title __in the format of all the other breads__ into the SUBJECT section, but change the number to 1+ the current bread's number (suggest to copypasta the title from the current bread, then changing the number then changing the title)
  29. 3. save the pic at the top of the bread, then upload it
  30. 4. copypasta the FIRST section of the dough ONLY (everything before the first break) into the comment section
  31. 5. press "New Thread"
  32. 6. open a new catalog a few seconds after pressing "New Thread" (unless the bake loads then you don't have to)
  33. 7. copypasta the SECOND section of the dough ONLY as the 2nd post of the bread
  34. 8. copypasta the THIRD section of the dough ONLY as the 3rd post of the bread
  35. 9. copypasta the FOURTH section of the dough ONLY as the 4th post of the bread
  36. 10. in the pastebin, press "Create New Paste" at the bottom of the pastebin page (fill out the captcha)
  37. 11. post the link to that new pastebin as the fifth post of the bread
  38. 12. you're done, see A
  40. ==If you want, you can practice bake here, and ask a baker to help if needed. It should look EXACTLY like normal breads:==
  41. >>>/comms/
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