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  1. 8438 N Eldorado st.
  2. Stockton Ca 95210
  3. 209-473-4132
  4. Eric Rodriquez
  6. Victimizes his neighbors, starts long lasting harassment, tries to stare into neighbors houses like a
  7. pervert, has broken into a few houses, for money he tells thieves what house has what alarm systems,
  8. tells them the floor plan of the house, tries to cheat on his wife while she works for the county
  9. he does not work, no reason he can't, he taught his oldest son whom is an adult the same things,
  10. oldest son is said to cam with young girls on many websites, they contain three stolen laptops
  11. from the local college, constantly watches neighbors to know when they leave the house to call for a break in,
  12. told he watches children at park across the street from his house, not sure if for sick reasons
  13. he remains home alone during mid morning spying on neighbors to watch for routines, told he abused
  14. elderly neighbor physically: she was alone widow of war veteran he walked in the house and found her on the
  15. couch bleeding from her head, police did not know how it happened, victim did not remember anything for a few days
  16. incident unsolved, after she passed he asked son for some of the items left by the lady, he was told no, two days later
  17. window was broke and items wanted destroyed, unsolved.
  18. looking for i.p. will have it soon, cam sessions need to be recorded and given to authorities
  19. connect crimes to Eric as friends, Eric senior claims disability for mental problems, complete lie, for money from break ins.
  20. Eric tries to make everyone around him afraid, same with his oldest son.
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