World War China

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  3. So, the title of this is as alarming as it sounds. It's something that's been becoming more and more apparent: World War III started a long, long time ago.
  5. It seems our government is beginning to take that very premise to heart. So whether we agree or disagree, it seems that's how they'll be treating it.
  7. Thing is though, I don't think it's really China we're fighting. I think it's the globalist banking cartel and elite families. "War with China", "World War III", "Second Civil War" is our DOG LEASH being pulled. It's a threat to keep us from focusing on them, the shadow government of shadow governments, that rules all nations. "We are all One." indeed.
  9. The enemy comes in many forms. Look up and listen to KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov. Cultural Marxism pushes constant, unrelenting "demoralization".
  11. "Demoralization." This is a weapon. A weapon! It's used to erode us slowly from the inside, using our own infrastructure and communication systems against us. That's why values and mindsets have shifted... so drastically...
  13. It's not "progress". This same "progress" befell Germany, Russia, China, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, so on and so forth. It's always accompanied by "anti fascists" and "social democrats". It's not even always called "communism". But what caused Nazi Germany, was WEIMAR REPUBLIC GERMANY.
  15. Nazism was a "dog leash" moment of itself, but it only happened BECAUSE of the debauchery and corruption of Weimar Germany. Weimar Germany was the height of our so-called "modern" "progress". I won't speak on what went on during the Weimar days; I recommend people look it up themselves.
  17. The people roundly rejected it.
  19. What we need to be aware of, is that politics... even during war... is still theatre. Even between enemies. They play their roles absolutely. And I am speaking as literally as possible here. Especially now, in the days of television and instant communication; the illusion has become just as sophisticated. But what I'm saying is, the puppetmasters would sooner initiate "World War III" and "Second American Civil War" than allow the curtain to drop. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!" shouts the mighty wizard.
  21. I say, no war, no violence. Just law and cautious discernment. Trials need to happen. Militias may need to rallied, if only on principle and for discipline. Everyone should want to avoid conflict until we figure out *exactly* what's going on.
  23. I see the methods of the enemy... They push a warped sense of "progress". I am genuinely not saying the things I say just to hurt people. I think it's important that we should be allowed to call out the subversive ways of these "demoralizers", as the KGB would put it.
  25. I believe the law should be simple, straightforward, and allow optimal liberty. I don't think you can legislate morality. Laws can't be substitutes for virtues and morals. And furthermore, since I believe in God, I believe people should be merciful, and allow for small mistakes, and minor trespasses. Now, that's a far cry from thinking people should be able to do whatever they want! "Do what thou wilt" shall not be the whole of the law.
  27. What I mean is, I don't want to come after anyone for their personal choices, as I even do things that I don't consider wholesome or pure. But I'm not going to sit here and be told to take pride in people for dedicating their lives to things I consider vices.
  29. But don't let that be the dividing line that sparks a civil war. Don't let that be the reason you ignore the idea that we're dealing with a Cabal that scripts world events to mislead the various publics.
  31. By all means, I would rather people be united against the common enemy, than get violent over their differences.
  33. Still, we can't keep falling into degeneracy. We have to put a stop to it.
  35. For the sake of our survival.
  37. For the sake of our dignity.
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