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  1. Psychic Predictions and Visions
  2. -
  3. Psychic Prediction
  5. -America's time is up"
  6. -I don't think there will be an election this year. "A 2020 US election simulation just ended with 32 dead and 200 injured." article headline/article
  7. -Danger surrounding the national conventions and caucuses. Mass rigging.
  8. The World of Garrett Ochoa: Mickey Mouse as a pauper.
  9. -The World of Garrett Ochoa: Venus (Perry) may become president. A coronation.
  10. -The World of Garrett Ochoa: Winnie the Pooh the character may become President at some point. Owl. Winnie the Pooh's friends in public office. Rabbit. Roo. Spongebob Squarepants as well. Pearl and Mr Krabs in public office. Listening to the public's voices.
  11. -Garrett Ochoa: #Rebel2020
  12. -lights technology bright flashing like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. the light is like Area 51 technology. reprogramming people. I Did Something Bad intro plucks. menacing feeling.
  13. -sickness is God's greatest weapon" a male elder similar to The World tarot card. The World tarot card 4 creatures as aliens/flying saucers. Mermaid Odyssey by Garrett Ochoa DNA splicing.
  14. -people's minds are being messed with by witchcraft and Palo Mayombe.
  15. -American Horror Story Apocalypse. Back and forth with nuclear weapons playing with nuclear weapons.
  16. "RIP Black people" a divine man's voice says
  17. -"no more black people" a divine man's voice says in regards to welfare but also alluding to something more grim
  18. -"curse the black people" a divine man's voice says like a worker for God, as if setting a plague upon/onto the people
  19. -"black magic will be their downfall" - a dead spirit man says
  20. -I see the N word being used in the future United States government/White House
  21. -Reparations: $20,000 spent on drugs, HBCU's, gas stations/marts
  22. -the 3 Fates in reference to the exposing in 2020, past years and beyond
  23. -Coronavirus cure: "It's right here" like Dissin' Cousins episode of That's So Raven in the way that Cory says when they are looking for Raven during the dinner scene and she her hair is attached to the crab and she is under the countertop the way her head is curved
  24. -HIV Vaccine "2020-2021"
  25. -Codex Seraphinianus and Voynich Manuscript: Voy meaning "I go" in relation to the Voynich Manuscript. Cure for cancer in both. Ladybug page STD free "cure cancer" "HIV/AIDS Free". Translated into multiple languages. Arabic translation.
  26. -kids learning, "very educated" adults educating children without cultural/"intellectual" limitations
  27. -witchery in Mississippi. Yale University. Yale University in spirit.
  28. -Yale University. Sorcery.
  29. -Tidus Duffer Garrett Ochoa came right out of a storybook
  30. -Garrett Ochoa suffering from Mayan civilization witchcraft
  31. -nuclear warning for United States by own President and Iran. African countries. Switzerland involved.
  32. -Africa. Hotep.
  33. -I see black people becoming slaves again. Related to welfare and section 8 housing/projects. Massachussetts. Philadelphia. New York City. Africa. "Become enslaved again" as a warning.
  34. -"Nobody is safe from being exposed" - a dead spirit girl
  35. -Everything is exposed. Everything is being exposed. "Hiding it just makes it worse." - Papa Legba
  36. -"released from welfare/warfare 2016-2020" 2016-2020
  37. -"Hades is very busy"- "demonic" rainbow clown BDSM fantasy creature
  38. -"Democratic voters being released" - Released from slavery in reference to welfare. I heard Papa Legba and Hades say this quote
  39. -Everybody's secret/secrets will be exposed before the end of the year.
  40. -"the animal saves the world" "the animal saved the world" - a dead spirit says "sport" "work" Mariners.
  41. -Flat Earth elephant/turtle/dolphin carrying lobster (the dancing lobster (from the Amanda Bynes show)/spider showing its teeth) animals are what keeps our world moving. Final Fantasy 7 ending. "animals are supposed to reign. Humans aren't supposed to be here" a young fantasy girl's voice says. Animals are keeping our world alive. Animals are taking their world back. Animal (the song) by Ke$ha. "Animals are taking our world back" a dead spirit says
  42. -a large ant spirit larger than a big casino
  43. -Garrett Ochoa: dark hair like Britney Spears original Gimme More music video. What was supposed to be originally shown/the truth/real is shown
  44. -psychics hijacking people's reading
  45. -Garrett Ochoa: Hades. Black hair. Dark hair. Rainbow amulet like a warrior. Beginning of Super Mario Odyssey with stars falling, the sound of the stars falling, Moon crescent Rosalina from Super Mario. fairies, unicorns, turtle/dolphin/elephant carrying a lobster (like the dancing lobsters from the Amanda Bynes Show) Flat Earth in Garrett Ochoa's head. "Others think he's "crazy" or "stupid" but he is correct" - Hades
  46. -in a vision I see in the distance a nuclear explosion just after a nuclear bomb was set off. The location where the nuclear bomb was set off was Washington, D.C. "they did it to themselves" in reference to Washington, D.C.
  47. -Some tarot readers and psychics are "paid liars" on YouTube and the internet websites by billionaires
  48. -Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Returns ending where they are in a spirit form. Final Fantasy 12. The World of Garrett Ochoa
  49. -the It clown dream I had of people "dying" losing their souls/losing their selves
  50. -Rapture. Not what you think. "It has already happened."
  51. -tentacles enslaving us. Annunaki.
  52. -"Rapture". People "disappearing" as in losing their selves
  53. -"we are enslaved" by the people of the world
  54. -freed from welfare/"prison"/prison system
  55. -Nikki Haley and World War 3
  56. -the music industry is no more
  57. -"Inevitable"
  58. -crazy chaotic chaos Hades dark storm brewing energy
  59. -Wake Up by The Vamps in reference to Garrett Ochoa.
  60. -"spirits are possessing our bodies"- Garrett Ochoa higher self
  61. -Garrett Ochoa's title ("Garrett Ochoa (Tidus Duffer) CEO of The World of Garrett Ochoa ©" from himself/other spirits)
  62. -"the Middle East" as a unified whole.
  63. -"Jesus is from Middle East" Middle East as unified whole.
  64. -the picture of Jesus Christ with deep dark blues of him with a halo sitting on the mountainside. The World of Garrett Ochoa. Another picture of Jesus Christ sitting in Iran/Middle East
  65. -"Tidus Duffer" Tidus Duffer! Tidus Duffer's "25" albums. Jesus Christ necklace. We R Who We R lyrics. Jesus Christ toy and the birds sound tusk tusk like from Snow White. The Lion King 90s necklace toy brown orange "blue" colors.
  66. -"white Palo Mayombe" in regards to Harvard University witchcraft
  67. -Garrett Ochoa late January. "I'm tired". Psychic. Paycheck by New Hope Club. the little blond girl from Made In Abyss anime. anime. Anime by Tidus Duffer classical music.
  68. -Kingdom Hearts Alice in Wonderland level. Lotus Forest room.
  69. -men in old suits and pants like from the 1950s/1920s. Zoot Suit riots.
  70. -Horcruxes. Zoot Suit Riots. Latino men.
  71. -Mama Chola spirit
  72. -Mama Chola from the Palo Mayombe religion
  73. -grapefruit and the Durian fruit mixed together
  74. -"House party". "Slytherin" in reference to the House from Harry Potter.
  75. -older teenage Tom Riddle from Slytherin transform into Voldemort. Horcruxes.
  76. -the woman from the World War 2 posters
  77. -the figure of a woman
  78. -"people not afraid anymore" - the figure of a woman
  79. -Artificial Intelligence coming online. Beginning of February 2017 by Charli XCX. Technology. Futuristic cars. Flying cars. Space highways. The lights on the "railways"/space highways. Mississippi/Biloxi, Mississippi.
  80. -the woman from Midsommar. Alice Spencer. the woman in her sweatpants as a figure like Mao Zedong but not communist or fascist in any way.
  81. -"the United States was a stepping stone for "future missionaries" "and then kingdoms" "salons""
  82. -"they're trying to interfere with the election"
  83. -"rioting" unrest across the country like Ferguson after he is impeached and then removed.
  84. -2021: year of celebrities tragedy, 2020 as well
  85. -Marine Le Pen Antichrist energy. "Many systems"
  86. -The Star tarot card from 2017 Economist magazine cover
  87. -as a metaphor: "the woman is Satan", from one of the prostitutes from Saló, or the 120 Days of Sodom female empowerment is Satan, menstrual cycle, female reproductive organ is Satan
  88. -"The Highway to Hell"
  89. -White House sinkhole May 2020/2021, sinkholes all over the country ("wink")
  90. -White House like a TV show then the static plays, like the ending of the movie Irreversible, an Earthquake like vision, I think a sinkhole opens up,
  91. -"there's no more handouts" the spirits, the Divine, dead spirits
  92. -Garrett Ochoa: Mario the plumber from the Super Mario games
  93. -Garrett Ochoa: Love You Like That by Dagny
  94. -people leaving the public in terms of stores shutting down and the like but then coming back to the real world, a mass of people, "timeline jumjumpjumjumppjumjumpjumjumpppp" "timeline skip"
  95. -Garrett Ochoa: glasses like hypnotize spinning prank glasses, real glasses
  96. -Garrett Ochoa: indie energy, similar,
  97. -Garrett Ochoa: Creepypasta during adolescence, childhood horror movies, Katie Paranormal Activity with the missing picture being found(for the future), “all I remember is being scared all of the time” Katie from Paranormal Activity, real fear and terror
  98. -Candle Cove creepypasta, Garrett Ochoa
  99. -creepypasta are not real ("wink")
  100. -memes are not real ("wink")
  101. -suicide, hangings like Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, snuff films, Creepypasta Squidward's Suicide
  102. -"Missed omens"
  103. -"the missing people are found"
  104. -Garrett Ochoa: Saló, the two female characters/prostitutes acting for the children
  105. -"just trash" in regards to a lot of people "they will be gone soon" a dead soul in reference to them crossing over soon
  106. -"flossing is useless" a dead spirit
  107. -malevolent "anxiety in the hearts of the collective" from a prophet
  108. -anxiety again in regards to the little boy
  109. -a tired "little" boy
  110. -"just terrible" in regards to the Earth
  111. -Kurt Cobain flipping me off
  112. -"the White House and the Congress are in terrible danger" from dead, crossed over spirits
  113. -kids K.I.D.S. like the controversial movie "just terrible"
  114. -cultures mixing "where they don't belong" an old mentality in regards to interracial and intercultural mixing/diversity
  115. -the gated communities are in terrible danger, in reference to South Florida, New York/New York City, Harvard, Yale, Connecticut,
  116. -Durarara Ikebukuro, everyday life, "a nice, big city"
  117. -something big happens in South Florida "Martial Law", also Marital affairs and "Mary" marriages, "even in Orlando, Florida"
  118. -social security nonexistent "it's all a part of the plan"
  119. -in regards to "a lot of people" "you'll be working forever" including the elderly and the young people of today"
  120. -Garrett Ochoa: Kia Soul "it's coming"
  121. -an alternate reality in which Venus is my mother and we both have the "demon" of gluttony, there is a song I love and i'm emphasis "addicted" to, the reality is everything the opposite of what I am "down here"
  122. -Garrett Ochoa: Tarot by Tidus Duffer, Saló or the 120 Days of Sodom, type energy
  123. -the south becomes the new north - 2020 and 2021
  124. -money turns to dust in regards to 2021
  125. -Tarot by Tidus Duffer (English culture, Egyptian/("Asian") culture and European cultures seperated but "never" together, kind of like segregation in the 1950s)
  126. -Garrett Ochoa: Pakistan, 'Hindi'/Hindu, India
  127. Garrett Ochoa: Hawaii/Hawaiian, A Million Lights (written by Tidus Duffer)
  128. -Final Fantasy 13, introduction video, Serah and the phone technology device she is holding with her fiancé, the holographic technology device is what's coming to the Earth "our world"
  129. -Alice In Wonderland (1951), ending, chaotic, back to normal after waking up from bad dream, nightmare
  130. -"you/we have already died multiple times" "hundreds, thousands" - Garrett Ochoa
  131. -Garrett Ochoa: Egyptian energy. King Tut. Hathor. Kek(frenemies, arch nemesis), goddess Isis together like a storybook or play, titled "A Magical World" ("separate from "A Magical World" by Garrett Ochoa" - King Tut
  132. -the funerals are
  133. -"the pyramids are sacred, stop using them, please" - Hathor, Tut a little
  134. -"Tut is a liberal" in terms of relaxed "easy going way" - Hathor
  135. -Black Arabic energy, Arabic language, Arabic is a black language
  136. Garrett Ochoa: Harry Potter, Harry Potter tarot characters,
  137. -"Les Aristochats" cats, French cats. the cats will take over the world.
  138. -Garrett Ochoa French cuisine/French culture
  139. -2 of Cups tarot card Garrett Ochoa and Venus joining together as a family/partnership of genuine love.
  140. -Eau by Tidus Duffer: Serial Experiments Lain. Lain <-> Garrett Ochoa. lyrics. Grey. Cactus. "Cactus. Tidus Duffer. Made by Platinum Fragrances. Cactus. Tidus Duffer. Created by Platinum Fragrances." and "Feeling grey in the winter feeling grey in the spring in the summer in the fall" lyrics from Eau representing the state of our/people's consciousness.
  141. -sushi in England. Czech Republic. India?. Potential Coronavirus?
  142. -Czech. Hindi/Hindu.
  143. -Grand Theft Auto video game series hides the truth of our world and "universe", the game hides the truth of our planet,
  144. -Garrett Ochoa psychic predictions
  145. -Tidusism (religion)
  146. -I keep seeing the 3 Fates for 2020 and even beyond
  147. -getting ready to release Purple and Blue by Garrett Ochoa. November 2020. "all year"
  148. -"a new way of releasing and publishing books and music, even sports"
  149. -Puffy by Garrett Ochoa (story). Puff ball Fantasy character. The future is dirty like dustmites.
  150. -people switching bodies like Freaky Friday.
  151. -there are aliens watching and communicating with us, they are interdimensional and some people can communicate directly with them. In relation to the communication I see the Zarabanda spirit (the spirit medium used to communicate with the other spirits) from the Palo Mayombe religion
  152. -The aliens are malevolent but it has to be this way for some reason
  153. -I see alien/spiritual "pimps", kind of like sell outs to God
  154. -sick puking spirits, they make people's stomachs feel sick and car sick. kind of like the spiritual alien pimps, they come from a breeding alien technology (The Black Knight Satellite) near the planet Jupiter. Their purpose is to corrupt people's spirits/souls and become sellouts just like them. I see the Black Knight Satellite being exposed and then destroyed in the future
  155. -the locusts. There have been locust invasions since 2011. It is not biblical and is just a "regular ocurrence"
  156. -the Bible was written by occultic hermits and pedophiles to "control populations". The word invasion.
  157. -There are no Annunaki
  158. -the Flat Earth kind of like after Laputa is destructed in Castle In The Sky (1981). 1981 is important and 1971 as well.
  159. -space is not real. its like the ocean from The Fool tarot card
  160. -travel to other worlds through witchcraft like Palo Mayombe, Wicca, Santeria, and other forms. Tidusism as well.
  161. -Tidusism is not witchcraft with a wink
  162. -Tidusism: pen and paper from Pen and Paper from The Power of 10 by Garrett Ochoa. Harvard and Yale scholarly academia and studying. God and Harvard
  163. -God and Harvard. Yale just a little bit.
  164. -Mama Odie. Mama Odie and Mama Chola from the Palo Mayombe religion.
  165. -the white man
  166. -There is no Hell. I hear "and Heaven" as another sentence not related to there being none at all.
  167. -"and Heaven" Spirit realm. Not all are going there after as there are "many worlds"
  168. -I see people going to different worlds in the future through witchcraft or some other form of medium. The worlds fit who these people are. The Earth does not fit and meet everybody's needs anymore.
  169. -I see a world coming out of a sea of worlds and it fits the individual person. like the sea (which can also be interpreted as a mountain) from The Fool Rider-Waite tarot card.
  170. -Blue Waves energy (physically, spiritually, figuratively, metaphorically)
  171. -Green Emerald energy comes after. (family, generational, generations, wealth, "generational" (New) wealth. People who have never been rich will become billionaires. This is not for a while 2020-2040 but not "too long". Country clubs will get/are getting a rehaul. old wealth is lost.
  172. -I hear a computer saying "You will become a billionaire" like from the Let It Die video game after you die
  173. -an Artificial Intelligence that will "span across worlds" in relation to the world's I was talking about
  174. -Chipmunks, like Chip and Dale and the Splash Mountain ride. I see the two chipmunks in front of the ride and like a Southern/Briar Patch snapshot/vision. train from the rock titan boss battle in Kingdom Hearts 3. Disney.
  175. -creative tarot cards, tarot cards, arts and crafts
  176. -The State of Palestine
  177. -The Mall. It's making a comeback. Anxiety
  178. -Anxiety
  179. -"don't have kids" said in a similar way to The Uninvited "don't go home"
  180. -multiple wars coming. I see World War 2 when women entered the workforce. In the future during these wars "work, food, and sleep". Current priorities
  181. -Yang, Chinese culture
  182. -Tik Tok the app (occult references). Tik Tok is in terrible danger.
  183. -Animals are very angry
  184. Megan Thee Stallion and Madame CJ Walker. MCJW's real name Sarah Breedlove. Mississippi.
  185. -past lives. Nikola Tesla. The working class from the French Revolution. Ancient Egypt.
  186. -I hear "the mob is fake"
  187. 2019 Psychic Predictions
  188. -an "amazing" year and quotes are emphasized strongly
  189. -a little boy spirit. He is a metaphor that children need to be taken care of and not abandoned.
  190. -I don't like Palo Mayombe anymore. There is a slavery energy with it and even its practicers "don't" like it.
  191. -a slave mentality like Wall-E.
  192. -"Santeria is much better"
  193. -"life is better without black magic/magick"
  194. -People are tired. "sick and tired"
  195. -The old practicers of Palo Mayombe dont even like the new practicers practicing it. "find something else" I heard. I also hear "make your own religion"
  196. -straight men and witchcraft, color witchcraft like red purple green orange black in relation to candles and candle magic
  197. -color witchcraft like red purple green orange black in relation to candles and candle magic
  198. -"don't practice black magic". "white magic" in relation to white magic and other colors of magic in relation to candle magic/magick but also witchcraft
  199. -witchcraft but not a witch
  200. -people can't be defined anymore. people can't be touched. "nobody cares" in relation to the elders and being told what to do and how to live your life by the elder. people don't care what the elders have to say and they are better off ignoring others and going on their own path and what feels right to them. "its fine" in relation to doing whatever you want. Aquarius. "there are no more rules"
  201. -"there are no laws" in all ways,  there are no laws in "all states"
  202. -"pyramid" like period from Lizzo. It's cursing and there is Egyptian dark energy/black magic tied to it. the pyramid from The Grammy's logo. Young people are saying it not knowing what it means. "Staying enslaved" energy. The Grammy's is evil. "stop watching, please" "go outside and do something else"
  203. -thermometer bursting from The Twilight Zone Midnight Sun episode
  204. -The Twilight Zone in a bad way
  205. -the future, technology, February 2017 by Charli XCX (the coming Artificial Intelligence that will span worlds, also a sound of coming online) 2099 by Charli XCX song and music video. Riding on jet ski's the weather is tropical wet and hot. The future music may be glitchy and incoherent but there are decoding headphones
  206. -Lizzo. Rainbow hair. Biblical. The days before Noah's Flood. Prostitution and Whore of Babylon type energy. Her Grammy's performance was suppossed to be a hot mess but there is anger and a Devil/witchcraft/Satanic energy in relation to The Grammy's.
  207. -people are writing the future but it won't come true. some will come true and others won't
  208. -everything will be exposed in the future
  209. -The Grammy's is run by lizards. Billie Eilish is a puppet
  210. -becoming a ghost like energy for the future. Nobody is safe in terms of being exposed and abandoned. People abandoning their identities (I was about to type people "abandoning their energies")
  211. -coastal city Boca Raton. an admirable kind of city in terms of geographical location, tropical, and by the water. more cities should be like coastal cities
  212. -Harry Potter later on in the series when Harry steps up as an adult to take on and destroy Voldemort. The train going to Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows when the Death Eaters stop the train looking for Harry Potter.
  213. -Voldemort stealing the Elder Wand from Dumbeldore's grave and the lightning bolt in the night sky in regards to the ISIS terrorist group
  214. -Harry vs Voldemort from the Deathly Hallows book where Harry casts "expelliarmus", only a single word to disarm Voldemort. "Baluz" from Laputa: Castle In The Sky as well. Only one word ,"Love", can save us.
  215. -emphasized quote on quote "everybody will become slaves"
  216. -American Horror Story: Apocalypse
  217. -"We will never die" Humanity will never die.
  218. -everything blown out into the open
  219. -LGBT wins
  220. -LGBT+ wins
  221. -welfare being attacked but it's not working. It's protected by the Divine/a force field of light. It is impenetrable.
  222. -the United States a third world country. It is a third world country in relation to the United Nations ranking
  223. -What they (the elite) are planning will never come true. In relation to the Georgia Guidestones and the population number, I see the number of people on Earth doubling. 14 Billion people. There is enough for "1000 Billion" people. Also in relation to the Guidestones being translated into multiple languages, I see people "sticking with one language" and staying in their comfort zone but all is not lost
  224. -United States: English and Spanish as the language and then only Spanish becoming the National Language.
  225. -Duolingo and Minerva. The Minerva/owl makes it easier to learn multiple languages. Minerva.
  226. -Minerva and Harvard. Yale. A go back to school energy and a piece of small paper like a list of classes. Education is the key to happiness/success. Minerva Minerva McGonogal from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince "fitting another class in during a break period". Potions at Harvard and Yale. Witchcraft taught at Harvard and Yale.
  227. -Harvard and Yale becoming Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Partying and trashy behavior is taking a back seat.
  228. -People need to learn and educate themselves more
  229. -future presidents using streaming on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other outlets (I almost said outfits. Streaming outfits?)
  230. -The World of Garrett Ochoa. Biloxi, Mississippi. Becoming its own world away from the United States. Boca Raton, Florida. Orlando, Florida. Czech Republic. New York and California as well. I don't see myself ever running for President. I don't want to run for President. Also I see my life is scripted out all except for running for President which I will never do. "I am my own President" I am my own President.
  231. -missionaries and Kingdoms in the future United States. The United States of America was the groundstone/Ground Zero for future smaller "societies" and kingdoms. I see salons from the Medieval time as if they were planning the future
  232. -the future was planned from the past. "You and I were there". You and I by One Direction. Emotion and intelligence.
  233. -Ground Zero. 9/11 was planned. It will eventually come out. 2020s/2030s. I was typing 2020s but typed 2020.
  234. -My cat Venus leaving me. Cats are their own selves with their own societies, schools, work, psychics, personalities. The Animal kingdom (from taxonomy systems).
  235. -The World of Garrett Ochoa. Me box set cover with my eyes closed. I see young, youthful energy and euphoric sounds and colors, and Boca Raton South Florida  tropical beaches and ocean waves, tropical, Boca Raton Skull and Bones album energy and the song Pearl. Mermaid Odyssey Moon by Garrett Ochoa book in relation to the Pearl song. Pearl equals The World of Garrett Ochoa in relation to its passion and energy. Kind of like Till The World Ends. Dancing till the world ends. I also see young people, the youth, and young creators
  236. -glamour comes back
  237. -"Turn the technology off and go outside"
  238. -the celebrity is evolving. in the future celebrities will work at McDonalds and normal jobs. Creators, people running their own business, books, music, and creativity and working an everyday job will be the norm
  239. -famous people, actors, musicians, even sports players don't need all that money. Then I see the homeless and the spikes on benches used to keep them away. I see the spikes being dismantled.
  240. -famous people salaries being cut in half, incrementally and so forth
  241. -Mississippi is the future with a wink. Futuristic cars, flying cars, space highways in Mississippi in the future and even now. The energy is there/here and is not going away. Kia Soul energies and Kia Soul self driving. People don't like self driving cars but "to each their own". One size doesn't fit all
  242. -digital groceries and digital food
  243. -old energy stays in Georgia. Slavery and black magic(Palo Mayombe and Santeria, Hoodoo, Voodoo all combined and mixing, "bad") and it's completely dark. "hundreds of years", I see the toys from Toy Story 3 being carried to the incinerator unwillingly and it's related to the black magic and spirituality
  244. -Atlanta/Georgia "dead broke" in the future, Waterfalls by TLC
  245. -TLC. the band. Waterfalls by TLC
  246. -Texas like its own country
  247. -California rainbow energy like The World of Garrett Ochoa.
  248. -"Your birthplace is who/what you are" energrtically.
  249. -New York rich aristocrat energy. The Aristocats. Cats. Cats living in dumpsters but they like it there. Raccoons. Skunks.
  250. -Raccoon Skunk hybrid. In New York City and worldwide. Scientist labs and mad scientists.
  251. -energy of ghettoes and what they truly mean. Black American "ghettoes" are not "ghettoes" at all. I see Jabba the Hutt with a gun. more violence and "attacks" (in relation to psychic attacks and attacks) in government housing. Psychic energy brewing in government housing which is important for the future of the United States. People being kicked out of government housing permanently. "It's time to get a job". also "It's easier/life is so much easier with a job"
  252. -writers of the past coming back and came back. The arts (also in reference to Tidusism) will be revolutionized
  253. -Zarabanda from Palo Mayombe religion
  254. -"it is wise never to touch black magic"
  255. -black magic attacks are not working on Mississippi and other states
  256. -people who work and contribute to society "are not to  be touched by other's witchcraft" I hear "hoodrat" in terms of energy and people
  257. -"moving on with a job". also related to World War 2 and women entering the workforce, a war/'the' war is coming!
  258. -emphasized 'the' war is coming, Kentucky Derby, spoken in a valley girl way, they know what's coming in the future/near future
  259. -babies crying in regards to the war, babies being taken care of during the war 2024
  260. -an excited for war energy like a World War 2 and 1 reunion as if the people of today were around during the first two wars specifically World War 2
  261. -WW2 women entering the workforce
  262. -sadness in relation to the upcoming
  263. -Salo or the 120'Days of Sodom storytelling way of explaining. "People know what they are talking about" spoken by Willy Wonka
  264. -Tidus Duffer/Garrett Ochoa with  glitter/diamonds on eyes like Clearest Blue music video by CHVRCHES, Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter and Attack On Titan anime. Made in Abyss anime two main characters, representing Garrett and Venus. The journey down the "Bottomless Pit" (The World of Garrett Ochoa) Clowns from AHS Cult and the scene where the woman is in the store and freaking out and madness
  265. -spiritual hijackers and then the Pokemon Rodents Illuminati Card. "Demons" are not what you think
  266. -Demons are humans
  267. -"my journey is not your journey"
  268. -"the earth doesnt mean Hell. and Hell doesn't mean Earth" I see ram's horns, bull horns, cat ears, cornucopia and Medieval England, France (France!) and Germany, Italy. Emphasis on Capricorn. Virgo. Taurus. and Santa Claus energy. "Worship Santa Claus" "Keep your tree up all year long" "Christmas Tree Lights song from A Million Lights album written by Tidus Duffer
  269. -Garrett Ochoa is a Virgo and then Garrett Ochoa is a Taurus. "No Libra here (wink) except in the arts and even then". I am a Libra sun and Libra rising, Virgo moon, and Cancer midheaven. I am a Virgo in the Ophiucus version of the Zodiac.
  270. -Ophiucus zodiac is the "right" zodiac. Stars and constellations and zooming past like Biophilia album app by Björk
  271. -Eyes, skeptical, magical, zoning out, 'The Last Day' and 'Online Classes', 'Volcano' from Hawaii album by Tidus Duffer. Aliens.
  272. -trying to cause health problems with witches. Witchrs trying to kill and cause health problems. Melodrama and pure drama for the sake of drama. "Nobody goes to Hell". Witches are getting a rehaul and I see a magical rainbow glitter light alien energy
  273. -Garrett Ochoa/Tidus Duffer is an alien
  274. "Don't call me Tidus Duffer or Garrett Ochoa" and then I see the multitude of other names that I have. Slavery like Wall E.
  275. -"the Higher Self" in relation to Garrett/Tidus
  276. -my "soul" is tired
  277. -"it's not a soul at all", the soul is not what you think it is"
  278. -Christmas 2019 and then Christmas 2020 right after. "This year will be very fast "quick"".
  279. -an urge for Christmas to come again right after Christmas last year
  280. -January 2020: a January Christmas, "Christmas is still going on which is why there's a January "slump"", "relax and enjoy the holidays but also work"
  281. -a strong desire to get back to work, people like working in 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024("a little"), 2027, 2028, 2029("a little")
  282. -homeless chic from celebrities, the homeless are offended
  283. -alien futuristic rich psychic force energy in Boca Raton, Florida, the Dance studio
  284. -"people living forever", death shouod not even be a worry
  285. -Nostradamus predictions, people predicting like Nostradamus, a cop out/fake out
  286. -Days of Our Lives psychic storyline from the 1990s, Days of Our Lives ending soon, Days of Our Lives reflected in our own world
  287. -Days of Our Lives and Beach House by Garrett Ochoa reflections. Passions. Soap opera energy
  288. -lice Fall 2020, head lice Fall 2020
  289. -War around 2024, earlier, 2023-24. 2020.
  290. -Peace is made up/non existent
  291. -I see a multitude of Republican Presidents but it's not what you think
  292. -"white" Republicans doing Palo Mayombe to "keep people in check" but it's not working. the forces are working against them and also because they are just bad people, Democrat 2020
  293. -we live forever
  294. -Democrat 2020
  295. -Tidus Duffer 2020/Garrett Ochoa 2020. Democrats and not Republicans. Related to The World of Garrett Ochoa. Presidency Leader type energy.
  296. -Coronavirus in Mississippi
  297. -Nikki Haley will never be President.
  298. -"no comment" in regards to the Ascension, Woke, "street trash" (the glorification of hood culture) "New Earth" ("the New Earth is here") "movements", cult energy
  299. -"straight to The World of Garrett Ochoa" by God in regards to where i'll be going after I leave the Earth. Flowers album by Tidus Duffer. my funeral. asian woman.
  300. -"classism doesn't exist. Racism doesn't register with the youth. Too busy creating and evolving"
  301. -Garrett Ochoa, the poor people of "Ancient" France, Medieval France, All In A Single Instant by Garrett Ochoa book where the mother tells her children there is something greater
  302. -Garrett Ochoa/Tidus Duffer tired energy. "I'm tired" spoken by Whoopi Goldberg
  303. -old people becoming musicians, 'authors', book writers, celebrities, everybody's story will be told
  304. -narcissism and glamour are not what they used to mean
  305. -"the people of the past are the same as now" from Lime Soda by Tidus Duffer
  306. -Lime soda drink
  307. -black magic attacks being turned into billions "another billion dollars", "low life losers" who attack other people who want to contribute to society will become "homeless"
  308. -adult film stars helping people
  309. -wealth doesn't mean wealth, a backwards view of wealth by Americans and parts of the world, China, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Russia
  310. -Russian lost people, "Russia are lost people", "materialism" young business people
  311. -Garrett Ochoa career: the fireworks from Crazy Rich Asians being shot and then falling into the water
  312. -Italian people in regards to Garrett Ochoa
  313. -Crazy Rich Asians book cover and glamour and luxury in regards to Garrett Ochoa. Sunglasses.
  314. -"ISIS is out of fashion" dead spirits in regards to the terrorist group
  316. 2020 Psychic Predictions
  318. General
  319. -Xi Jingping
  320. -I see Final Fantasy 3 introduction movie
  321. -A Million Lights album. lights, flowers, and Hawaii.
  322. -Fairies and lights
  323. -the end of the music industry
  324. -music industry plants, like the new artists came out of a factory
  325. -clones and the Us movie
  326. -I saw "the last Golden Globes" as a synchronicity recently
  327. -Flat Earth/the truth of our world
  328. -other psychic's 2020 predictions
  329. -the turtle and Flat Earth
  330. -Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: the memory pool (called the Pensieve) used to look at past memories. Memories.
  331. -Winnie The Pooh in relation to Xi Jingping
  332. -The World of Garrett Ochoa. (the planet). Doomsday.
  333. -2020 Russian Election
  334. -a spirit says "I like that" to Russia hacking of Election
  335. -2016 Election is blurry and cloudy
  336. -Doomsday
  337. -2010 was supposed to be what we imagined the future to be but something happened
  338. -the tunnels under the United States
  339. -insecurity
  340. -Arabica (the spanish word for "Arabic" the language)
  341. -3rd Party in 2020 is a legitimate option people are turning to
  342. -Garrett Ochoa Moana crab
  343. The World of Garrett Ochoa: Doomsday. Ragnarok. "The Apocalypse". "The End of the World". Jennifer's Body movie. Garrett Ochoa 15 Years old. Devil's Kettle. Devil's Kettle High School. Jennifer Check. Needy. Low Shoulder. Time song. Through The Trees song. "Time does not apply." "Reality does not apply". "Fantasy does not apply". It and Pennywise the Clown. The Shining. The Uninvited. "Dark psychic force" being cleansed from "that world".
  344. The World of Garrett Ochoa: 3 statues of Garrett Ochoa in Livermore, California. Washington D.C., and Biloxi, Mississippi. (Boca Raton, Florida). Different musicians and bands. Different American history/history. Different Presidents. The White House is vacant. The corn/phallus symbol.
  346. January 2020
  347. Xi Jingping
  348. "2020 Psychic Election"
  349. The World of Garrett Ochoa: as a tagline "Fantasy and reality does not apply." - Garrett Ochoa
  350. "timelines are not real" - Garrett Ochoa
  351. February 2020
  352. -love
  353. -hearts as a phallus/phallic symbol
  354. -Love by Tidus Duffer (album)
  355. -Red and love symbols
  356. -Red Republicans are getting their karma/"hey day"
  357. March 2020
  358. -slow moving like a turtle
  360. April 2020
  362. May 2020
  364. June 2020
  366. July 2020
  368. August 2020
  369. Call Me By Your Name (dark evening blue and summer, the TV commercial with Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens)
  370. -white light and fairies, Purple and Blue by Garrett Ochoa. white light and then fairies played like a movie. A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare. Literature. Words on paper. Reading books.
  372. September 2020
  373. -"September"
  374. -A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare. Like summer goes over into the fall.
  375. -Call Me By Your Name (dark evening blue and summer, the TV commercial with Mystery of Love by Sufjan Stevens)
  376. October 2020
  377. "money turns to dust" - King Tutankhamen, a precursor to the year 2021
  378. November 2020
  379. -black and then caveman and nuclear weapon (like the 2020 spoilers meme)
  380. -insecurity
  381. -Arabica (the spanish word for "Arabic" the language), Arabica coffee beans
  382. -Coronavirus in Mississippi
  383. -Arabic culture
  384. -Arabic language
  385. -coffee beans. Arabic coffee beans
  387. "money turns to dust" - King Tutankhamen, a precursor to the year 2021
  388. December 2020
  389. -my cat Venus, she is happy, I see her smiling and she is where she wants to be. She is at the perfect place.
  390. "money turns to dust" - King Tutankhamen, a precursor to the year 2021
  391. 2021 Predictions
  392. -Medieval and Royals, like Marie Antoinette's time, Baroque music
  393. -Death energy
  394. -the end of the old but there is a royalty time period feeling
  395. -Coronavirus (everybody is in terrible danger)(population control but I see the people dying from it destroying the Kremlin, United States Capitol, White House, China Government with a psychic force/brick wall, the "government houses" are in terrible danger and in the future they will be gone, "The White House will be gone in the future"
  396. "Money turns to dust" as a precursor to the year
  397. October 2021
  398. -Coronavirus or another virus/ plague ("Bubonic Plague") in Mississippi, United States
  400. The Future Psychic Predictions
  401. -The Flintstones and the Jetsons
  402. -Final Fantasy 7 and its ending with the animals running the Earth instead of humans where humans roamed the Earth. Green and nature scenery. The Earth is healed.
  403. -Why is Flat Earth in the news? "because people are sick" "mentally in the head"
  404. -clones and the Us movie
  405. -the tunnels under the United States
  406. -people moving to Florida
  407. -Puffy by Garrett Ochoa (story). Fantasy character. The future is dirty like dustmites.
  408. -A night when all is returned, kind of like a Homecoming. Aliens and space ships like Star Wars
  409. -"don't have kids"
  410. -multiple wars coming. I see World War 2 when women entered the workforce. In the future during these wars "work, food, and sleep". Current priorities
  411. -Yang, Chinese culture
  412. -Tik Tok the app (occult references). Tik Tok is in terrible danger.
  413. -Animals are very angry
  414. Megan Thee Stallion and Madame CJ Walker. MCJW's real name Sarah Breedlove. Mississippi. Dr Strangelove Stanley Kubrick movie (also "How I Learned To Be Without My Body" by Garrett Ochoa)
  415. -"How I Learned To Be Without My Body" by Garrett Ochoa, P!nk What About Us song and music video, *lyrics*
  416. -2021 Garrett Ochoa Tidus Duffer "I am "All"(in reference to the All box set by Garrett Ochoa, "all of the All laptops playing whatever we want")ready dead" in reference to Santa Muerte and life after death. I don't die in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2031, or beyond. Santa Muerte for all.
  417. -"people can die without leaving their bodies", "some people are already dead but are very much alive (in terms of physically)(Alice Spencer)
  418. -making music after death - Garrett Ochoa in reference to Call Me By Your Name (a song about death)(Flowers album by Tidus Duffer) by Tidus Duffer and then Venus Water Slide (Venus) by Tidus Duffer I hear Heart Shaker by TWICE. Dance The Night Away by TWICE and the music video, dead people dancing with the alive
  419. -I live till I'm 99
  420. -a dream I had
  421. -we all died in 2016, like 2012 belief that we all died and "changed timelines" but it was in 2016
  422. -Venus Water Slide by Tidus Duffer. French culture.
  423. -"He knows French and Spanish and the others"- in regards to Garrett Ochoa's languages. Language ("Languages") by Tidus Duffer
  424. -flat earth and the turtle/elephant carrying the Earth, Grand Theft Auto hiding the secrets of our world
  425. -"we may already be dead"
  427. -Rainbow Sunshine
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