rabbit troll

May 30th, 2015
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  1. BS: bouncyScamp
  2. Name: Jaidre Lepori
  3. Race: toll
  4. Age: 6.5 sweeps
  5. Blood color: olive
  6. Lusus: large rabbit and rat like beast with a rat's tail and front paws and a rabbit's back legs and ears
  7. Strife Specibus: Bootkind, Shovelkind
  8. Symbol:
  9. Title: Heir of life
  10. Height: 5'10
  11. Gender: Female
  12. Horns: bunny ear like horns the left one's tip bent forward some
  13. Appearance: lean with oddly long legs, shoulder long black messy hair, big wonder-filled green eyes, very large buck teeth, baggy worn out looking dark green sweatshirt with her symbol in black on the front of it, dark gray cargo pants, knee-high steel toe combat boots
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