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  1. Do you want to listen to a radio?
  2. Kayak.
  3. Playing your favourite playlist.
  4. Kayak.
  5. Now playing the next track.
  6. Kayak.
  7. Repeating the last track.
  8. Kayak.
  9. Skipping the current track.
  10. Kayak.
  11. Skipping the current song.
  12. Kayak.
  13. Your four favourite radio stations found. Please pick one.
  14. Kayak.
  15. Listening to Tales of the City audiobook purchased on June nineteenth, twenty fourteen.
  16. Kayak.
  17. Should I put Pandora option on?
  18. Kayak.
  19. Showing all your playlists.
  20. Kayak.
  21. The three students have to join forces to form a dance group called the "Rainbow Crew" to have a dance off to win the radio back.
  22. Kayak.
  23. After winning the radio back, Eric then apologizes to the other two for the way he behaved earlier and the three become friends.
  24. Kayak.
  25. He left Vision Montreal and sat as an Independent, but refused to resign from the Executive Committee.
  26. Kayak.
  27. One popular database included in the TranStats collection is the airline on-time performance database, which includes the on-time performance of every flight, airline, and airport in the United States.
  28. Kayak.
  29. It is one of the oldest and most successful programs in the history of college basketball.
  30. Kayak.
  31. Clothing companies in the United States supported the program by buying the first lot of one million buttons, with other companies soon joining the program.
  32. Kayak.
  33. A global antipathy to the trade in elephant ivory has led the renewed interest in the sustainable resource of vegetable ivory.
  34. Kayak.
  35. The King's original foundation followed Bridget's rule and consisted of eighty-five persons.
  36. Kayak.
  37. Edgegrain Mountain is a mountain in the Northern Rockies of British Columbia, Canada, located between the headwaters of Jarvis and Kithi Creeks.
  38. Kayak.
  39. This would be the first time in Iceland's history that a body had reviewed broad areas of the constitution.
  40. Kayak.
  41. You have an alarm set for seven thirty AM.
  42. Kayak.
  43. I have set your alarm for five PM.
  44. Kayak.
  45. You have three alarms which are on.
  46. Kayak.
  47. You wanted an alarm for six fifteen AM, right?
  48. Kayak.
  49. You don't have any alarms set for today.
  50. Kayak.
  51. Your repeat alarm has been set.
  52. Kayak.
  53. Okay, your alarm is cancelled.
  54. Kayak.
  55. I cannot set an alarm that far in advance.
  56. Kayak.
  57. Your alarm is snoozing.
  58. Kayak.
  59. Setting your repeat alarm for Tuesday at three PM.
  60. Kayak.
  61. Checking today's weather forecast.
  62. Kayak.
  63. Do you want to check the weather forecast for today?
  64. Kayak.
  65. Weather forecast for Shimla this coming Tuesday.
  66. Kayak.
  67. Current weather conditions in Uttarakhand.
  68. Kayak.
  69. Chandigarh currently temperature is thirty degrees celsius.
  70. Kayak.
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