Winter's Calling (Slave Pony Thread)

Oct 31st, 2016
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  1. I hope you all end up liking (or passionately hating) this short story by the time you're done with it. If you feel like giving me any feedback for future greens or just have a comment about this one, please feel free to drop me a line at https://masserey.tumblr.com/ask.
  3. ----------
  5. >You love your master.
  6. >He's always so kind to you and he treats you so well.
  7. >Too well, honestly.
  8. >Sometimes you wonder why he even bought you if he wasn't going to use or abuse you.
  9. >(You've heard stories of what some masters do to their ponies, and that only makes you more grateful and loving towards yours.)
  10. >Looking out of the kitchen window and into the wintry blizzard outside, however, you play with the thought.
  11. >The form of your master shoveling snow barely makes it through the early morning light and veils of white.
  12. >You look to the clock, and you chastise yourself for not helping him.
  13. >It's thirty minutes before he would usually leave for work.
  14. >Looking back at the remaining snow outside, you cringe.
  15. >You should've shown *some* want to help when your master started shoveling.
  16. >Even though he never bothered to buy any pony-fitted shovels, even though he specifically told you to stay inside, you could've at least protested and offered your best to help.
  17. >You feel a hole in your chest open, sadness weighing you down.
  18. >Your master has always loved you with all his heart, and this is how you repay him?
  19. >Determination wells up inside of you and you gallop to your master's room to put on some winter gear.
  20. >You wiggle into your boots, slip on a woolen cap, and bury yourself in a thick jacket before making your way outside.
  22. ----------
  24. >It's a bit before master usually comes back from work.
  25. >You still feel guilty for disobeying his order to stay inside.
  26. >He was angry when he saw you, but he didn't make you go back.
  27. >That means he actually wanted you to stay with him then, r-right?
  28. >Either way, you wanted to make it back up to him, and that's why you've started to prepare an extra nice dinner.
  29. >It's his favorite from his childhood, he says -- his mom used to cook this for them on special occasions.
  30. >The two of you have cooked this together in the past, and that's how you picked up on the recipe.
  31. >Coming back from your thoughts, you take a bottle of olive oil in your mouth and drizzle it over what you've prepared so far.
  32. >Oh boy, he's gonna be so happy when he sees this!
  34. ----------
  36. >You wake up to the sound of the garage opening.
  37. >It seems you've fallen asleep on the floor waiting for your master.
  38. >You take a peek at the clock.
  39. >It's 8 PM, three hours after your master usually comes back from work.
  40. >You get up and trot to the kitchen window.
  41. >Beams of light come into view as they cut through the night and pull into the driveway.
  42. >Yay, your master's finally home!
  43. >Oh no, your master's actually home.
  44. >And the food you've prepared is probably cold.
  45. >What're you gonna do, what're you gonna do!?
  46. >You're never gonna make earlier today up to him now!
  48. ----------
  50. >Today has been the shittiest day of recent memory.
  51. >You woke up with no desire or motivation to get out of bed, let alone shovel snow, or drive to work, or actually do work-related things.
  52. >Then, when you finally did get to work, you get your ear talked off.
  53. >They made it seem as if being an hour late -- despite the worst weather of the year, you note -- qualifies you to be the shittiest human being on the planet.
  54. >It's not like you were the shittiest human being on the planet already.
  55. >Fuck your life.
  56. >It takes an eternity for you to work up the energy to take the keys from the ignition and lift yourself out of the car.
  57. >How the fuck you even managed to get yourself home without driving yourself into a tree or something eludes you.
  58. >Finally on your feet, you put one foot down after the other, another foot down after the other, again and again, and somehow you manage to make your way into your house.
  59. >You're ready to collapse on the floor from a lack of care and just sleep everything away.
  60. >Rather than do that though, you pull out your emergency reserves of giving-a-fuck just to make your way to the living room.
  61. >Once there, you let yourself go, falling face first onto the couch.
  62. >With your face buried, hopefully you just won't care enough to breathe and you'll suffocate right then and there.
  63. >What a comforting thought.
  64. >...
  65. >...
  66. >You feel something poke your side.
  67. >...
  68. >...
  69. >It pokes you again.
  70. >You'd sigh if you could.
  71. >You concede defeat and turn your head to see your pony looking at you with utmost concern.
  73. ----------
  75. >It always worried you when you saw your master like he is now.
  76. >He came into the house at the speed of a slug with his arms and head drooping.
  77. >Nothing caught his eyes as he dragged himself to the living room and collapsed onto the couch.
  78. >Your master was like this every so often, and it hurt you deeply every time.
  79. >Sometimes something sad or bad happens to him to make him this way, but other times it's for no reason.
  80. >You try your best every time to cheer him up, and it usually works.
  81. >Today, you're gonna make sure that that is exactly what you're gonna do.
  82. >You tiptoe to his side and gently set yourself down before him.
  83. >You cock your head and slowly lift your hoof.
  84. >Poke.
  85. >He doesn't move.
  86. >Maybe he didn't feel it?
  87. >Poke.
  88. >Ah, that did it.
  89. >He turns his head, his face slowly dragging against the surface of the couch.
  90. >You look up to him and try to make all your love and care for him show in your eyes and voice.
  91. "Master, are you okay?"
  92. >He sighs heavily and he buries his head into the couch again.
  93. >A frown forms on your face.
  94. >Poke.
  95. "Master, please say something. Are you okay?"
  96. >He turns his head to you again, but he doesn't say anything.
  97. >His eyes are empty, and it scares you.
  98. >You've never seen him this bad before.
  99. "Master, please. I cooked some dinner for you, and I think you'll like it."
  100. >He opens his mouth, but he closes it before he lets a voice come out.
  101. "I know it's a bit cold now, but I can heat it up for you. I promise!"
  103. ----------
  105. >You see the side of your master's mouth twitch up slightly.
  106. >He blinks and his eyes seem to shine just a little bit more than before.
  107. >You're making progress!
  108. "Master, can you say something please? I love you very very much and want to know that you're okay."
  109. >The small smile on his face fades and he closes his eyes.
  110. "Master, please..."
  111. >He opens his eyes and his expression is pained.
  112. >"I'm okay, it's okay."
  113. >The sound of his voice unsettles you.
  114. >Usually, hearing his voice makes you feel safe.
  115. >You especially love it when he praises you as it makes you feel lighter than air.
  116. >But now, his voice is neither comforting or praising.
  117. >It's dry and hollow.
  118. >Your master picks up on your discomfort and clears his throat.
  119. >"I'm just tired is all. Trust me."
  120. >He pauses for a second.
  121. >He adjusts his position on the couch and then holds out his arms for you.
  122. >You hesitate, wanting to say something, but he puts on the most welcoming smile he could manage.
  123. >It's not much, but who are you to deny your master?
  124. >You climb onto the couch and give him the biggest hug you can ever give.
  125. >To your glee, he reciprocates.
  126. >After a few moments of sharing warmth, you release the hug and ball up as close to your master as possible.
  127. >His arms wrap themselves around you and your body melts into butter.
  128. >The two of you lie there forever, enjoying each other's presence.
  129. >A voice nags at the back of your head, but it's drowned out in the flood of feel-good your master's giving you.
  131. ----------
  133. >Your pony's fallen asleep now.
  134. >You lie there and try to relish the blissful feeling she gives you.
  135. >Her warm coat tickles your skin as you run your hand across her belly.
  136. >The slightest smell of herb and olive oil lingers in her mane.
  137. >You relax and sigh to yourself.
  138. >Sometimes you wonder how you could be so miserable with such a sweet little thing to keep you company.
  139. >Unfortunately, that's just how life bid you to be.
  140. >Although you feel as though you're in heaven with her snuggled up to your body, your heart still cries a soul-crushingly empty beat.
  141. >You hoped that buying her for company would help you, and it's worked to some degree, but you can't help but constantly feel the painful weight of life on your back.
  142. >The fact that you can't be happy with what you already have only serves to make you even more frustrated with yourself.
  143. >A nice home, a well-paying job, a perfect pony for you to love and care for.
  144. >And still you refuse to be happy.
  145. >Suddenly, you're dunked into an ice cold pool, all feeling draining from your body.
  146. >Your senses refuse to function -- the once comforting pony in your arms is gone, leaving you without any warmth or joy.
  148. ----------
  150. >You slowly get up, careful not to wake your pony.
  151. >Heh.
  152. >Even when you've lost all feeling and all care for the world, your love for her somehow holds out.
  153. >You cringe, knowing that that love only makes what you've earlier decided for tonight all that more difficult.
  154. >You pause for a second to give yourself one last chance.
  155. >You think of your pony's beautiful laugh.
  156. >Her little antics of always trying to make sure you were happy.
  157. >The way she purrs whenever you scritch her ear.
  158. >How she'd beam every time you'd give her the slightest of praise.
  159. >You think about how you're throwing that all away.
  160. >You droop a little more, knowing that the effort's to no avail.
  161. >You've thought about this a thousand times before, and now's not going to change anything.
  162. >Though you knew that there was no going back on this, what you were doing felt right in the most wrong of ways.
  164. ----------
  166. >Cold.
  167. >All you feel is cold.
  168. >Your body shivers as if something was missing.
  169. >You snap awake, finding that you're no longer curled up with your master.
  170. >You hadn't realized how cold it was without your master next to you.
  171. >He must've head to bed.
  172. >You're a bit disappointed in yourself that you weren't snugly enough for him to stay.
  173. >A yawn takes hold of you as you hop off the couch.
  174. >Giving your body a bit of a shake to drive away the sleepiness, you remember the dinner that you had prepared earlier and decide to tend to that.
  175. >It's such a shame for a nice dinner to go cold.
  176. >You cover it with some plastic wrap and shove it into the fridge.
  177. >Looking at the clock, you find out that it's only 8:30 PM.
  178. >Huh, you couldn't have been asleep for all that long.
  179. >You wonder if there's anything else to take care of, but grogginess finds its way back into your limbs.
  180. >Guess you're gonna be going to bed early tonight.
  181. >You contentedly hum to yourself.
  182. >Unable to wait to cuddle with your master again, you quickly trot into the bedroom where you and your master sleep every night.
  183. >To your dismay, you find that he's not in bed.
  184. >You rub your eyes and search for him in the room.
  185. >The bathroom lights are off.
  186. >His desk is empty.
  187. "Master?"
  188. >Your heart skips a beat.
  190. ----------
  192. >You find yourself scrambling to the kitchen, eyes darting for anything to cut a rope.
  193. >Your trembling hooves desperately reach for a knife, knocking everything over in the process.
  194. >Barely able to see through your tears, you manage to put a knife in your mouth.
  195. >Your whole body shakes as you gallop back to where your master's strangled himself.
  196. >The knife tumbles and goes clattering across the floor.
  197. >You have no time to curse yourself as you clumsily pick the knife up in your mouth again.
  198. >You're in the bedroom trying to climb your master's limp, lifeless body.
  199. >He's hanged himself on the closet rod with a noose that's barely out of your reach.
  200. >Tears stream down your face as you work in vain to cut the rope.
  201. >Your mind cries out for him, wanting this all to be a bad dream.
  202. >You push the bed up against the closet and climb to reach the knot.
  203. >After enough work, the knife makes it through the noose and you and your master fall to the ground.
  204. >The knife cuts you in the process, but you don't care.
  205. >You loosen the rope's death-grip on your master's neck and you cry.
  206. >What did you do for him to do this?
  207. >Where did everything go wrong?
  208. >You run to the house phone and fumble with the number pad, your hooves desperately trying to dial for help.
  209. >You hear noises coming from the speaker, but you're a quivering heap of wailing and sobbing, unable to respond.
  210. >Soon enough, lights, bright lights.
  211. >Exhaustion takes hold of your body and you succumb to darkness.
  213. ----------
  215. >You loved your master.
  216. >He was always so kind to you and he treated you so well.
  217. >You would've done anything for him.
  218. >But now he's gone and all you feel is cold.
  219. >Why does everything feel so cold?
  221. ----------
  223. >You sit alone at your master's dining table, your appetite lost once again.
  224. >You push away your plate of food and sigh.
  225. >Not eating has become a bit of a routine ever since... your master...
  226. >A chill takes hold of your body and you shiver.
  227. >Nothing seemed to be the same since what your master did.
  228. >The home you live in, the things you used to enjoy, your entire life...
  229. >They all felt empty and soul-crushingly sad.
  230. >You drag yourself off the dining chair and go to the living room.
  231. >You climb onto the couch and curl up into a tight ball.
  232. >This also has become routine.
  233. >You pull a blanket over your bare body and try to sleep your sorrow away.
  234. >You try to imagine your master with you on the couch like old times.
  235. >His body warmth and love lingering with yours.
  236. >His hands gliding across your body, making your heart go aflutter.
  237. >His knowing smile filling your heart with joy.
  238. >Imagination gives you no satisfaction, however.
  239. >If anything, it makes you long for something you'll never have ever again.
  240. >You frown.
  241. >With enough time, you find yourself drifting away into an unhappy and restless realm where reality thankfully escapes you.
  243. ----------
  245. >Snowflakes drift gently through the air, covering the ground in a thick blanket of white.
  246. >A satisfying crunch comes from beneath your hooves as you step outside.
  247. >It almost seemed a shame to disturb the untouched snow.
  248. >You take a deep breath of the fresh air and close your eyes to revel in the chill it gives you.
  249. >By now, you've learned to appreciate the cold.
  250. >After a moment passes, you open your eyes and take in the weight of this picturesque day.
  251. >It entrances you, teleporting you to a place where time stands still and nothing really matters.
  252. >A gentle smile forms on your face and you feel at peace.
  253. >You search for a spot where you can get a good view of the world and it's overwhelming magnitude.
  254. >Once you find it, you lie down and relax.
  255. >You look up to the skies and see the snowflakes dancing without a care.
  256. >You smile again, a tear rolling down your face and freezing.
  257. >You have no idea why you're crying -- you're as happy as can be.
  258. >Content with life, you rest your head down into the snow and close your eyes one last time.
  259. >You accept winter's calling and drift off to sleep.
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