Mono's Inventory

Mar 3rd, 2019
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  3. Silken Singer’s Robe- A common garb back on Munis for her and her sisters, Mono was wearing this when she was transported to the Intersection. It means a great deal to her, although she admits that it'd likely only come in handy on specific jobs.
  4. (+1 Otherworldly/-1 Plainness)
  6. Walkabout's Robe
  7. A long leather robe that has a lot of straps, pouches, and pockets, traded by an ancient, semi-wise wanderer who was in dire need of foodstuffs. Why he didn't think to bring non-perishable food with him on his journey is a mystery.
  8. (Humor +2 / Hothead -3)
  10. Summertime Sandals
  11. A pair of sandals worn by a strange hero who was able to surf on air. They're surprisingly comfortable, and don't dig into your toes, while still fitting the feet. Amazing!
  12. (Humor +2/Plainness +2/Otherworldy -3)
  14. Superhero Scarf
  15. (Humor +2 / Plainness -1)
  17. WEAPONS:
  18. Whitefang Blade- A blade that she managed to purloin during her first solo job, it's a wickedly impressive blade, gleaming white and with ornate designs on the hilt. She's come to utilize it more often than not when in melee range, and feels that despite it's origins, it fits her well. (+1 Otherworldly/+1 Intimidation/-1 Hothead)
  20. Blooddrinker Sword- A vicious short blade with wavy edges that feeds on spilled life force and rejuvenates the holder of exhaustion and small wounds. Bigger the cut, better the healing. Found in the same place that she got the Whitefang Blade, she considers it a sidearm of sorts, using it in close quarters. (+2 Intimidation/+1 Hothead/-1 Plainness)
  22. Triplicate Crossbow- A strange crossbow that's designed to fire three bolts in quick succession, it's a brutal weapon, but requires a great deal of ammunition to use to its fullest and doesn't reload easily. (+1 Intimidation/+1 Otherworldly)
  24. N5 Plasma Carbine (Fire Element)- Picked this up for a specific job from the Intersection. It's lighter than it looks, and fits her rather well. Although she has zero clue how the heck it works, she appreciates the ease of use.
  26. Single Shot Grenade Launcher- She had this developed for her on the job by an Artificer of local renown. It does its job beautifully, with accuracy and power that can match even modern launchers. However, it is, at the end of the day, a simple grenade launcher.
  29. TOOLS:
  30. Metronome- As a singer, Mono gets more use out of this than your average person, timing beats to new songs she would otherwise have difficulty with.
  32. Hourglass- More of a souvenir than anything else from her first solo job, she nonetheless has found it useful in her hobbies.
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