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DartCraft Beta 0.2.14 Changelog

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Dec 14th, 2013
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  1. DartCraft Beta 0.2.14
  2. - Bugfix: Fixed a possible NullPointer when Force Shovels check a block's material.
  3. - Bugfix: Recipes for Force Ingots using IngotBronze, IngotSilver and IngotSteel should now only be added if those resources are available.
  4. - Removed all references to Refined Iron in DartCraft. Refined Iron can no longer be used to make Force Ingots.
  5. - Dart Iron has been added to DartCraft. If enabled in the config Dart Iron can be smelted from an Iron Ingot. The only use for Dart Iron is to make Force Ingots.
  6. - Added a config option to disable entities from rendering inside Force Flasks.
  7. - Added a config option to disable the Force Hammer, for players who prefer to use GregTech.
  8. - The "Picky Force Machines" feature preventing Applied Energistics and Mekanism cables from staying connected to Force Machines is now disabled by default and can be re-enabled under the Hardcore category by setting "Picky Machines" to true.
  9. - Mooch Mode has been renamed to "Coop Mode" in the config. You will have to enable this again manually if you were using it before.
  10. - Added a config option under Hardcore to prevent Ender Rods from being used cross-dimensionally. By default they can still be used in this fashion.
  11. - Added config options for the Treasure Upgrade.
  12. - Added a config option to make the Treasure upgrade cheaper. The cheaper recipe does not require a nether star or blocks of gold, but instead a Diamond some Force Ingots and some Gold Ingots. By default the more expensive material is enabled.
  13. - The Treasure Upgrade can now be configured to drop Spoils Bags instead of Cards that craft them. The tier dropped is still based on the enemy slain. By default Treasure Cards drop instead of Spoils Bags.
  14. - The Treasure upgrade can be configured to not be required for enemies to drop their loot. This same config option also controls whether it is Treasure Cards or Spoils Bags that they drop. By default the Treasure upgrade is required.
  15. - The Treasure Upgrade can now be completely disabled under "hardcore" settings. The upgrade will not function, will not be craftable and Treasure Cards can no longer be crafted into Spoils Bags until the upgrade is re-enabled.
  16. - Cold Cows, Chickens and Pigs can have their EntityIDs set to -1 in the config to make them mod-specific entities. This will remove their spawn eggs, the ability to make spawners for them and may prevent oddities in certain modpacks with conflicting EntityIDs.
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