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  1. Dream Journal
  3. Jan 5th ,2012
  4. - my friend jeremy wanted an xbox controller so he asked my other friend for it. then out of no where he started running and I was trying to give him the controller but he was too far away so me and my friend went to my house and I noticed that it was different now. Then I put the controller down and then I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I was outside the school in the morning. After that I saw my friend mario so we was walking to the stair case and then we realized bird shit was falling and we saw a girl getting shitted on. Afterwards we ran up the stairs inside the school. Another weird thing happened ,he disappeared and the stair case was different as well , I looked at my hand and my fingers were placed in different directions so I knew I was dreaming. Then I ran up the stairs and saw my 8th grade gym teacher on the top floor checking on 1 of his students . Luckily it was a girl so I tried to have sex but she was persistent so I yelled out " Mr. Acosta disappear and you -looks at girl- act horny " . And it worked , my gym teacher disappeared and the girl started acting horny and she was on top of me but I got too excited and woke up.
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