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  1. usage: [-h] [-C <config.txt>] [-f [<input file> [<input file> ...]]]
  2.                [--target] [--ip <local IP>] [-v] [-s SAFE_LEVEL]
  3.                [-x EXCLUDE_TYPES] [--listmodules]
  5. optional arguments:
  6.   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  7.   -v, --verbosity       increase output verbosity
  8.   -s SAFE_LEVEL, --safelevel SAFE_LEVEL
  9.                         set min safe level for modules. 0 is unsafe and 5 is
  10.                         very safe. Default is 4
  11.   -x EXCLUDE_TYPES, --exclude EXCLUDE_TYPES
  12.                         specify a comma seperatec list of module types to
  13.                         exclude from running
  15. inputs:
  16.   -C <config.txt>       config file
  17.   -f [<input file> [<input file> ...]]
  18.                         one of more input files seperated by spaces
  19.   --target              initial scan target(s)
  21. advanced:
  22.   --ip <local IP>       defaults to
  24. misc:
  25.   --listmodules         list out all current modules and exit
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