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  1. Sure. I'll just give you my general opinions on the game right now. I haven't obviously gotten to put much time in CBT3, so this is coming from a CBT2 perspective.
  2. Leveling/Questing - Very monotonous. Not necessarily "grindy" as much as other parts of the game, but VERY monotonous. They haven't strayed far from the "X person wants you to kill Y number of Z things and collect B amount of C item" model. Questing right now takes a LONG time, everything is VERY hard to kill, things do a LOT OF FUCKING DAMAGE OH MY GOD. Unless you're a warrior, be prepared to kite. A lot. Nonstop. Be prepared to slam the same button literally over 100 times to finish 1 quest. The recent esper changes? Yeah, those changes came from multiple beta forum posts of people complaining about their carpel tunnel acting up from slamming 1 button to generate focus points so much. That's how bad it is. The mob is 1 level higher than you? Well it's going to feel like its 15 levels higher. Mobs auto can auto attack you for over half your health white damage. The rate at which you unlock action buttons and are given spells is atrocious, the game SERIOUSLY lacks that "hook" that it NEEDS TO HAVE IN THE FIRST 10 LEVELS if it's ever going to actually get anyone to want to play it that's not already a die hard fan.
  3. Crafting - I haven't gotten to do a ton of it as they haven't implemented a whole lot yet, but it's pretty confusing as of right now. You farm things by actually attacking them, which just adds to the monotony of it all (tired of questing and pushing 1 5billion times? Great, go farm some mats and push 1 5billion times).
  4. Housing - Probably the best part of the game so far in my opinion, but what it takes to earn things for your house and to learn new plugs and such is pretty poorly implemented. You either buy somethings with gold, or you go out and farm rare house drops off mobs.
  5. PvP - Haven't actually participated in any yet, so I can't comment on this. If I had to guess, you probably push 1 5billion times, that seems to be the general design for the entire game whether it be class mechanics or crafting farming or dungeons or paths or anything really. A lot of pushing 1 button way too much.
  6. Dungeons - Pretty much what you'd expect, even at 30 there wasn't much to them, but I understand they're still implementing more mechanics and such. But the idea of Wildstar is supposed to be about engaging telegraphs and epic feelings, and they really don't give that right now. It can't feel any more like a wowclone than it already does at this stage in the development, which scares me.
  7. Raids - They haven't allowed for any non in-house testing for this, so I can't comment.
  8. Really, the theme so far is you push 1 button far far far far too often, and everything just takes forever to get done, even walking around the smaller zones just takes so ungodly long to get anywhere or do anything. Add that to very poorly designed classes (at the levels we got to play them, I can't comment on endgame) and the terrible job they do at introducing you to the class and giving you abilities and such, it just isn't in a good spot right now. And without a proper talent system, there's nothing at all to give you that enjoyment for leveling. Oh you got another ability? Who cares, your actionbar is full and it's probably not worth trading your 2 spammable dps buttons and your 2 survivability or your 2 major cds for, so it's not like you'll use it. Since you don't get talent points, you don't feel like your character is growing or developing at all, the "milestone" system is all about stats, and it isn't hard to stack main stat and call it gg.
  9. At the state it's in right now, no one in their right mind is going to want to pay money for this game, let alone spend time playing it. The telegraphs at low levels fall flat, they're not engaging, they're not fun, and the class design is just really really spammy and monotonous, and not at all intuitive or innovative.
  10. And before anyone says it, yes, this is all things that have already been said and talked about in the beta forums, but I can assure you, if you're a die-hard Wildstar fan right now, you don't want to be in beta, because it'd crush every desire you have to play the game at launch. And I can also assure you, unless they have some secret plan up their sleeve, at the state it's in, don't expect a 2013 launch, no where near it, unless Carbine really wants this game to just fail.
  11. That being said, I'm still testing to the best of my ability, giving feedback and bug reporting as much as I can, and hoping that they do listen to their players on the beta forums and turn this game into what it should be, what they promised it would be. CBT3 looks like a great step in the right direction, but it has a long way to come before it's not just Vanilla WoW: Carbine Edition.
  12. EDIT: Add in a FUCKTON of bugs since it is beta and you get one hell of a headache as a tester.
  13. EDIT 2: Forgot Paths. Paths - Really pointless, really repetitive, and really fucking hard if you're a soldier. Like stupid hard.
  14. EDIT 3: Forgot Challenges - Really really fucking hard, to the point where a challenge that you can be given as a solo player is sometimes not even possible with a group of 4 players, they're that hard. And the rewards you get do not match the effort put in at all, not even close.
  15. EDIT 4: Also the game is on a closed tag system which just fucks up a whole other bunch of their mechanics, such as challenges. Example? CHALLENGE STARTED! KILL 9 GROUPS OF MOB X BEFORE THE TIME RUNS OUT! As you read this, you get to watch 2 different players tag 2 different sets of the mobs you need when there was only ever 7 groups in the area to begin with and now there is no way on earth to finish your challenge, and you're not even sure if you could've done it in the first place, as you only were given 2 minutes but it takes roughly 30 seconds to kill 1 enemy, let a lone a whole group, let a lone NINE FUCKING GROUPS. It's just stupid. The whole system needs to be completely redesigned from the ground up to resemble guild wars 2 public events more, or they're wasting your time and just bogging down the already monotonous and grindy questing experience and pushing players away from each other.
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